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Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough:
Essays in Honor of Robert Christgau
Edited by Tom Carson, Kit Rachlis and Jeff Salamon

Paperback, 2002, Nortex Press, 253 pages, $15 US.

Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough was privately published on the occasion of Robert Christgau's 60th birthday.

Table of Contents

  • Kit Rachlis: Preface
  • Jeff Salamon: Foreward
  • Tom Carson: Xgau

Part I. Any Old Way We Choose It

  • Joe Levy: Thursday
  • Barbara O'Dair: Bob Is God, or, Two or Three Things You Don't Know About Him
  • Steve Erickson: A Concept of Two
  • Mim Udovitch: A Less Treacherous Place
  • Greg Tate: Coming Through
  • Michaelangelo Matos: The Media Center
Part II. (If He's Acting Like a King, That's Because) He's a Human Being
  • Julian Dibbell: Pink
  • Perry Brandston: Bob's My Uncle
  • Robert Sietsema: Vacation Bob
  • Ariel Swartley: Scenes From a Life (or Lives)
  • RJ Smith: The Talk
  • Joe Gross: Robert Christgau: Behind the Music

Part III. The Academy in Peril

  • Perry Meisel: In Exile
  • Simon Frith: An Essay on Criticism
  • Frank Kogan: Democratizing the Intellect
  • Greg Sandow: Why Classical Music Needs Rock & Roll
  • John Rockwell: Beauty and the Bob
  • Debra Rae Cohen: To Hell With the Great Divide, or How I Became an Academic

Interlude I: A Couple of Young Rock Critics Sitting Around Writing

  • Greil Marcus: Letters From Bob Christgau, 1969-71

Part IV. Edit This

  • Dave Hickey: Blading the Honey Pot
  • Gary Giddins: Unedited by Robert Christgau
  • Ed Ward: Detail Work
  • Holly George-Warren: A Few Thoughts on Father Bob
  • Carol Cooper: "The Rules of Bob Xgau"

Part V. The Hardest Working Man in Show Business

  • Milo Miles: Consumer Guide to Consumer Guides
  • Arion Berger: School Days
  • Eric Weisbard: Too Much, Too Many Promos
  • Glenn Kenny: Bob's Your Uncle
  • Peter Stampfel: Happy Birthday, Bob

Interlude II: Christgau Remembers

  • Barbara O'Dair: A Conversation With Robert Christgau

Part VI. In Theory

  • Jon Dolan & Laura Singara: Wanna Buy a Discourse?
  • John Piccarella: Notes Toward a Phenomenology of Critical Listening
  • Lindsay Waters: Come Softly, Darling, Hear What I Say: Listening in a State of Distraction
  • Jason Gross: Charles Keil Follows His Muse
  • Tom Smucker: My Favorite Song in German

Part VII. In Practice

  • John Morthland: Los Lobos
  • Marshall Berman: The Jazz Singer: Love and Theft
  • Nick Catucci: The Crying of Lot MTV
  • John F. Szwed: Notes on the Occasion of the Banning of 2 Live Crew's As Nasty as They Wanna Be
  • Andrew Ross: The Trouble With Trance
  • Georgia Christgau: Turn Out the Lights
  • Tom Johnson: Hymns

Part VIII. A Rock & Roll Critic Is Something to Be


  • Carola Dibbell: Real Piece of Work (excerpt)

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