Incoming Links

My previous system for managing link information has turned out to be practically useless. One of these days I need to fix that. In the meantime I'm collecting new links here, so I don't forget them when/if I get around to reŽngineering this.

Organizers' Collaborative
Networking and resources for social change.

Record Store Review
Keys: music:retail
Database of 750+ record stores, with user-submitted reviews.

Tomorrow Jazz
Keys: music:reviews
Webzine, microtype, minireviews, popup windows, RSS feed, lots of short postings. Looks marginal-to-useless.

The Squid's Ear
Keys: music:news, music:reviews
Self-described as "a NYC music magazine covering improvisational, avant, and experimental music from around the world." Not sure whether there's a print version, but their "features" are organized monthly. Attached to a retailer/web development business (Squidco).

Keys: music:retail
Store specializes in avant-garde jazz and other outrť musics.

Avant Music News
Keys: music:news
Blog by Mike Borella, mostly distilling press releases.

Keys: music:ratings, music:reviews
Database of record ratings contributed by approx. 50 reviewers, typically with large number of ratings per reviewer. Site is of special interest for discographical database and rating/reference systems. Also has a number of reviews.

Aquarius Records
Keys: music:retail
San Francisco record store. Extensive on-line catalog, staff-annotated.