Unlisted LPs

The following is a list of albums from my old record lists (and what's left of my memory) that I hadn't brought forward into my current list system. In some of these cases I'm changing my mind and adding them to the list system, with grades (noted) as best I can remember. A few may be marked * to indicate that I still have the LP (most LPs were dumped when I moved from NJ back to KS); those cases should disappear from this list and join the list system as grade U until I get around to them.

Regular Albums:

These were albums of newly released material. Usually I didn't evaluate them under the current list system because I didn't remember them clearly enough, or because I didn't consider them sufficiently important to bother with, or because subsequent reissues limited the value of considering them in their original configuration.

Over time, I've added some grades (in brackets), based on subsequent plays (or samples), or sometimes just on recovered memories (dubious as they may be).


These are old LP compilations, virtually all of which have been superseded by bigger/better CD compilations. Given that there's very little reason to ever return to them.

Classical Music

Finally, a list of classical (including some modern or avant or whatever you call that shit these days). This was never an interest in building the database, although some has crept in. I had some interest in 12-tone and serialism at one point, and more so in early electronics, but haven't paid much attention since 1980, so that interest is very rusty. I never could stand classical classical music, and don't expect to ever take it up. Laura is quite fond of mediaeval and baroque musics, so I may add her records to this list at some point, and may even listen to a few.