Penguin Guide to Jazz Diffs: 6th vs. 7th Editions

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (7th Edition).

Artist Title 6th Ed. 7th Ed.
Leni Stern Like One [Lipstick] ***  
  Words [Lipstick] ***  
Mike Stern Odds and Ends [Atlantic] ***  
Peggy Stern Pleiades [Philology] ***  
  The Fuchsia [Koch] ***(*)  
  Room Enough [Koch] ***(*)  
  Actual Size [Koch] ***(*)  
John Stevens Application, Interaction And . . . [Hi 4 Head]   ***
  No Fear [Hi 4 Head]   ***(*)
  One Time [Incus]   ***(*)
  Blue [That's Jazz]   ***
Bob Stewart First Line [Winter & Winter]   ***(*)
  Goin' Home [Winter & Winter]   ***
Grant Stewart Downtown Sounds [Criss Cross]   ***
  More Urban Tones [Criss Cross]   ***
  Buen Rollo [Fresh Sound]   ***
Louis Stewart Out on His Own [Jardis] ***  
  Acoustic Guitar Duets [Jardis] ***  
  Winter Song [Jardis] ***  
  In a Mellow Tone [Jardis] ***  
  Overdrive [Hep] ***(*)  
Rex Stewart Chatter Jazz [RCA] ****  
Robert Stewart Judgement [World Stage]   ***
  Beautiful Love [Red]   ***
  Nat the Cat: The Music of Nat King Cole [Red]   ***
Sonny Stitt Sonny Stitt 1950-1951 [Classics]   **(*)
  Sax O'Bebop [Proper]   ***
  New York Jazz [Verve]   ***(*)
  Stitt Plays Bird [Atlantic]   ***
St Louis Ragtimers Full Steam Ahead and Loaded Up! [Stomp Off] ***  
Kathy Stobart Saxploitation [Spotlite Jazz]   ***
Irvin Stokes Just Friends [Arbors] **  
Stolen Van Stolen Van [Rufus] ***(*)  
Goran Strandberg Gentle Stream [Dragon]   ***
Co Streiff Twin Lines [Intakt]   **(*)
  Qattara [Intakt]   ***
Marcus Strickland Brotherhood [Fresh Sound]   ***
String Trio of New York With Anthony Davis [Music & Arts] ***(*)  
Frank Strozier Fantastic Frank Strozier [Koch]   ***
  Cool, Calm and Collected [Koch]   ***
  Cloudy and Cool [Vee-Jay]   **(*)
  Long Night/March of the Siamese Children [Milestone]   ***(*)
  Remember Me [Steeplechase]   ***
  What's Going On [Steeplechase]   ***
Dave Stryker Blue to the Bone III [Steeplechase]   ***
John Stubblefield Confessin' [Soul Note] ***  
Idries Sulieman Now Is the Time [Steeplechase] **(*)  
  Bird's Grass [Steeplechase] **(*)  
  Groovin' [Steeplechase] **  
Maxine Sullivan Uptown [Concord] ***  
  Swingin' Street [Concord] ***  
  Enjoy Yourself [Audiophile]   ***
Stan Sulzmann Feudal Rabbits [Ah Um] ***(*)  
  Never At All [Future] ***(*)  
Torbjørn Sunde Meridian [ACT]   ***
  Where Is the Chet [Orchard]   ***
Sun Ra Sound of Joy [Delmark]   ***
  Sun Song [Delmark]   ***
  Music From Tomorrow's World [Atavistic]   ***
  When Angels Speak of Love [Evidence]   ***(*)
  The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra: Volume 1 [ESP/Calibre]   ***
  The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra: Volume 2 [ESP/Calibre]   ***
  The Ark and the Ankh [IKEF]   (***)
  Outer Spaceways Incorporated [Black Lion] ****  
  Calling Planet Earth [Black Lion] ***(*)  
  Black Myth/Out in Space [MPS] ***  
  Nuits de la Fondation Maeght: Volume 1 [Universe]   ***(*)
  Nuits de la Fondation Maeght: Volume 2 [Universe]   ***
  Live in Paris at the 'Gibus' [Universe]   ***
  Concert for the Comet Kohoutek [ESP/Calibre]   ***
  It Is Forbidden [Total Energy] ***  
  Greatest Hits: Easy Listening for Intergalactic Travel [Evidence]   ***
  Live at Montreux [Universe]   ***(*)
  Solo Piano Recital: Teatro La Fenice, Venezia [Golden Years of New Jazz]   ***
  Languidity [Evidence]   ***
  Sunrise in Different Dimensions [Hatology]   **(*)
  Strange Celestial Road [Rounder] ***  
  Live From Soundscape [DIW] ***(*)  
  Nuclear War [Atavistic]   ***
  Cosmo Omnibus Imaginable Illusion [DIW] ***  
  Destination Unknown [Enja] ***(*)  
  A Song for the Sun [El Ra]   **(*)
Monty Sunshine The Full Monty Sunshine [Upbeat]   ***
  In London [Black Lion] ***  
  Gotta Travel On [Timeless] ***(*)  
  South [Timeless] ***  
The Sunshine Boys The Sunshine Boys [Retrieval] ***(*)  
Klaus Suonsari The Music of Tom Harrell [Storyville] ***(*)  
John Surman Where Fortune Smiles/Live at Woodstock Town Hall [BGO] ***  
  Free and Equal [ECM]   ***(*)
  :rarum: Selected Recordings [ECM]   ***
Rowland Sutherland Coast to Coast [FMR]   ***
Ralph Sutton Wondrous Piano [Arbors]   ***
  With Ted Easton's Jazzband [Jazzology]   ***
  In Concert [Nif Nuf]   ***(*)
  Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 30 [Concord] ***(*)  
  The Music of Fats Waller Vol. 2 [Nagel Heyer]   ***
  Revelations [Nif Nuf]   ***
  At Bob Barnard's Jaz Party 1999 [Nif Nuf]   ***
Tierney Sutton Something Cool [Telarc]   ***
Esbjörn Svensson Seven Days of Falling [ACT]   ***
Steve Swallow Damaged in Transit [XtraWatt]   ***
John Swana On Target [Criss Cross]   ***(*)
Steve Swell This Now! [Cadence]   ***
  Poets of the Now [CIMP]   **(*)
  Still in Movement [CIMP]   ***
Duncan Swift The Broadwood Concert [Big Beat] ***(*)  
  The Key of D Is Daffodil Yellow [Duncan Swift] ***(*)  
Lew Tabackin Desert Lady [Concord] ***(*)  
  I'll Be Seeing You [Concord] ****  
  What a Little Moonlight Can Do [Concord] ****  
  Pyramid [Koch International] ***(*)  
  Tenority [Concord] ****  
Richard Tabnik Solo Journey [New Artists] ***(*)  
  In the Moment [New Artists] ***(*)  
  Life at the Core [New Artists] ***  
Aki Takase The Dessert [Leo]   ****
Akira Tana Yours and Mine [Concord] **(*)  
  Passing Thoughts [Concord] ***  
  Moon Over the World [Sons of Sound]   ***(*)
  Looking Forward [Evidence] ***(*)  
John Tank So in Love [TCB] ***(*)  
Francesca Tanksley Journey [Journey]   ***(*)
Horace Tapscott Among Friends [Jazz Friends] ****  
Gregory Tardy Serendipity [Impulse] ***  
Buddy Tate Jumping on the West Coast [Black Lion] **  
  Swinging Scorpio [Black Lion] ***  
  The Texas Twister [New World] **(*)  
Art Tatum Standards [Black Lion] (***)  
  On the Sunny Side [Topaz] ***  
  The V Discs [Black Lion] ***  
  Live 1944-45 [Storyville]   ***(*)
  Live 1945-1949 [Storyville]   (***)
  Live 1949-1951 [Storyville]   (***)
Art Taylor Mr A.T. [Enja] ***  
Billy Taylor Billy Taylor Trio [Prestige]   ***
  You Tempt Me [Taylor-Made] ***  
  White Nights and Jazz in Leningrad [Taylor-Made] ***  
  Solo [Taylor-Made] ***  
  It's a Matter of Pride [GRP] ***  
  Homage [GRP] **(*)  
Cecil Taylor Trance [Black Lion] (****)  
  Conquistador! [Blue Note]   ****
  Air Above Mountains [Enja]   ***(*)
  Nailed [FMP]   ****
  Cecil Taylor/Bill Dixon/Tony Oxley [Victo]   **(*)
David Taylor Doppelganger [CIMP]   **(*)
John Taylor Rosslyn [ECM]   ***(*)
  Insight [Sketch]   ****
Mark Taylor Shakedown [Rufus] ***  
Martin Taylor Sketches - A Tribute to Tatum [P3]   ***
  Gypsy Journey [P3]   **(*)
John Tchicai Hope Is Bright Green Up North [CIMP]   **
Jack Teagarden Mis'ry and the Blues [Verve]   ***(*)
Clare Teal That's the Way It Is [Candid]   **(*)
  Orsino's Songs [Candid]   ***
  The Road Less Travelled [Candid]   ***
Tees Valley Jazzmen Please Tees Me [P.E.K. Sound] *(*)  
Tenor Triangle Tell It Like It Is [Criss Cross]   ***
  Aztec Blues [Criss Cross]   ***
Ten Part Invention Unidentified Spaces [Rufus]   ***(*)
Paul Termos Paul Termos Sessions: Volume 1 [X-Or]   ***
  Paul Termos Sessions: Volume 2 [X-Or]   **(*)
Jacky Terrasson Smile [Blue Note]   **(*)
Clark Terry Spanish Rice [Impulse]   ***
  Live! At Buddy's Place [Universe]   ***
  Live at Montmartre, 1975 [Storyville]   ***
  Live in Chicago: Volume 1 [Monad] ***  
  Live in Chicago: Volume 2 [Monad] ***(*)  
  Funk Dumplin's [Music Mecca]   ***
  Intimate Stories [Challenge]   ***(*)
  Swiss Radi Days Jazz Series: Volume 8 - Lucerne 1978 [TCB]   ***
  Ow Live at E.J.'s [ILR] ***(*)  
  Portraits [Chesky] ***(*)  
  Having Fun [Delos] ***  
  The Clark Terry Spacemen [Chiaroscuro]   ***
  The Hymn [Candid]   ***(*)
  The Good Things in Life [Mons]   ***
  Ritter der Ronneburg, 1998 [Mons]   ***
  Uh Oh! [Nagel Heyer]   ***
  Friendship [Eighty Eights/Columbia]   ***(*)
Eje Thelin At the German Jazz Festival 1964 [Dragon] ***  
  Raggruppamento [Phono Suecia] ***  
Toots Thielemans East Coast West Coast [Private Music] ***(*)  
  Chez Toots [Private Music] ***  
Frode Thingnaes Watch What Happens! [Gemini] ***  
Gary Thomas By Any Means Necessary [Winter & Winter]   ***
  While the Gate Is Open [Winter & Winter]   ***
  The Kold Cage [Winter & Winter]   **
Luther Thomas BAGin' It [CIMP] ***(*)  
  Saxcrobatic Fanatic [CIMP] **  
  Realities: Old and New [CIMP] *(*)  
Barbara Thompson In the Eye of a Storm [Intuition]   ***
Danny Thompson Live 1967 [What Disc] ****  
Don Thompson Winter Mist [Jazz Alliance] **(*)  
  Celebration [Jazz Focus] ***  
Gail Thompson Gail Force [EFZ] ***  
  Jazz Africa [Enja] ***  
  JADU [Enja] ***  
Lucky Thompson Lucky Start [EPM Musique] ***  
Claude Thornhill Autumn Nocturne [Hep]   **(*)
Teri Thornton Devil May Care [OJC] ***  
  I'll Be Seeing You [Verve] ***  
Henry Threadgill Live at Koncepts [Taylor Made] ***  
  Too Much Sugar for a Dime [Axiom] ***(*)  
  Makin' a Move [Columbia] ***(*)  
  Where's Your Cup [Columbia] ****  
Steve Tibbetts A Man About a Horse [ECM]   ***(*)
Bobby Timmons The Prestige Trio Sessions [Prestige]   ***
Keith Tippett You Are Here . . . I Am There [Disconforme]   **(*)
  Dedicated to You, But You Weren't Listening [Disconforme]   ***
  Septober Energy [Disconforme]   ***
  Friday the 13th [Resurgent]   ***
Cal Tjader Plays Harold Arlen & West Side Story [Fantasy]   ***
  Several Shades of Jade/Breeze From the East [Verve] ***  
  Soul Sauce [Verve] ***  
  Soul Burst [Verve] ***  
  Jazz Masters 39 [Verve] ***  
  Talkin' Verve: Cal Tjader [Verve] ***  
  Cuban Fantasy [Fantasy]   ***(*)
  Gozame! Pero Ya . . . [Concord] **  
  The Shining Sea [Concord] ***  
  A Fuego Viva [Concord] **(*)  
  Good Vibes [Concord] **  
Christine Tobin Aililu [Babel] ***  
  Yell of the Gazelle [Babel] ***  
  House of Women [Babel] ***(*)  
Charles Tolliver The Ringer [Black Lion] ***(*)  
  Grand Max [Black Lion] ***  
Viktoria Tolstoy Blame It on My Youth [Kaza/EMI]   ***(*)
  Shining on You [ACT]   ***
Tolvan Big Band Colours [Phono Suecia] ***  
  The Touch [Pep Pop] ***(*)  
Alan Tomlinson Trap Street [Emanem]   ***
Ross Tompkins Celebrates the Music of Jule Styne [Progressive] ***(*)  
  Celebrates the Music of Harold Arlen [Progressive] ***  
  Younger Than Springtime [Arbors] **(*)  
Mel Torme Torme [Verve]   ***(*)
  Ole Torme! [Verve]   ***
  Swingin' on the Moon [Verve]   ***(*)
  Sunday in New York [Atlantic] ***  
  At the Red Hill/Live at the Maisonette [Rhino]   ***
  Reunion [Concord] ***  
  In Concert Tokyo [Concord] **(*)  
  In the Studio and in Concert [Concord]   ***
  Night at the Concord Pavillion [Concord] ***  
  Fujitsu-Concord Jazz Festival [Concord] ***  
  The Complete Concord Recordings [Concord]   ***
Jean Toussaint What Goes Around [World Circuit] ***  
  Life I Want [New Note] **(*)  
  The Street Aove the Underground [Alltone] **(*)  
  Blue Black [Space Time] **  
Tino Tracanna Arcadia [Modern Times] ***  
Stan Tracey Little Klunk/Showcase [Jasmine]   ***
  Suspensions and Anticipations [Psi]   ***(*)
Theo Travis For the Love of Open Spaces [Pillow Mountain]   ***(*)
Trio Nueva Finlandia Ha! - What's Going On? [Leo Lab] ***  
Trio Time How Beautiful Is Night [Calligraph] ***(*)  
Gianluigi Trovesi Fugace [ECM]   ****
Alain Trudel Jericho's Legacy [Naxos] ***  
Erik Truffaz The Walk of the Giant Turtle [Blue Note]   ***
Franie Trumbauer Frankie Trumbauer 1927-1928 [Classics]   ****
  Frankie Trumbauer 1928-1929 [Classics]   ***(*)
  Frankie Trumbauer 1929-1931 [Classics]   ***
  Frankie Trumbauer 1932-1936 [Classics]   ***
  Frankie Trumbauer 1936-1946 [Classics]   **(*)
Vassilis Tsabropoulos Achirana [ECM]   ***(*)
  Akroasis [ECM]   ***
Assif Tsahar The Labyrinth [Hopscotch]   ***
Mickey Tucker Blues in Five Dimensions [Steeplechase] ***  
  Hang in There [Steeplechase] ***  
  Getting There [Steeplechase] **(*)  
Bruce Turner The Jump Band Collection [Lake]   ***(*)
Steve Turre One4J [Telarc]   ***
Stanley Turrentine Blue Hour - The Complete Sessions [Blue Note]   ***
  The Best of Mr T [Fantasy] ***(*) **(*)
Richard Twardzik 1954 Improvisations [New Artists] (****)  
Charles Tyler Autumn in Paris [Silkheart] ***(*)  
McCoy Tyner Bon Voyage [Timeless] ***  
  New York Reunion [Chesky] ***  
  What the World Needs Now [Impulse] ***  
  Land of Giants [Telarc]   ***(*)
Hiromi Uehara Another Mind [Telarc]   *(*)
Federico Ughi The Space Within [Slam]   ***
  Astonishment [577]   ***
  ULERS Two [577]   **(*)
  South of Brooklyn [577]   ***(*)
Gebhard Ullmann Translucent Tones [Leo]   ***(*)
  Variations on a Master Plan [Leo]   **(*)
  Spirals [482 Music]   **(*)
James Blood Ulmer Tales of Captain Black [DIW] ***(*)  
  Are You Glad to Be in America? [DIW] ***  
  The Original Phalanx [DIW] ***  
  In Touch [DIW] ***  
  Black and Blues [DIW] **  
  Harmolodic Guitar With Strings [DIW] ***  
  Music Speaks Louder Than Words [Koch Jazz] ****  
  Reunion [Knitting Factory] ***  
  Forbidden Blues [DIW] ***  
  Blue Blood [Innerrhythmic] ***  
  No Escape From the Blues: The Electric Lady Sessions [Sindrome]   ***
UMO Jazz Orchestra Kalevala Fantasy [Finlandia] ***(*)  
  Ellington Tribute [Finlandia] ***(*)  
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Jazz Ensemble Jazz in Clear Water [Walrus] **  
  In Transit [Sea Breeze] ***  
  Brilliant Corners [Sea Breeze] ***  
  Rhapsody Sea Breeze [Sea Breeze] ***  
Massimo Urbani Go Max Go [Philology]   **(*)
  Live in Ancona at Strabacco '84 [Philology]   ***
  Live at the Supina Jazz Festival 1987 [Philology]   ***
Michal Urbaniak Fusion [Columbia] ***  
  My One and Only Love [Steeplechase] ***  
  Take Good Care of My Heart [Steeplechase] ***  
  Songbird [Steeplechase] ****  
  Some Other Blues [Steeplechase] ***(*)  
  Ask Me Now [Steeplechase] ***  
René Urtreger Jazz in Paris: Joue Bud Powell [Universal/Emarcy]   ***(*)
  Move [Black & Blue]   ***
  Onirica [Sketch]   ***
Allan Vaché Allan and Allen [Nagel Heyer]   ***(*)
Warren Vaché Iridescence [Concord]   ****
  Midtown Jazz [Concord] ***  
  Easy Going [Concord] ***  
  Warm Evenings [Concord] **  
  My Shining Hour [Nagel Heyer]   ***
  Stardust [Zephyr]   ***
  Live at the Vineyard [Challenge]   ***
  Jumpin' [Zephyr]   ***
  Mrs Vaché's Boys [Nagel Heyer]   ****
Warren Vaché Sr Swingin' and Singin' [Jazzology] ***  
Trine-Lise Vaering When I Close My Eyes [Stunt] ***  
  In So Many Words [Stunt] ***  
  When the Dust Has Settled [Stunt] **(*)  
Kid Thomas Valentine At the Tip Top [American Music]   **
  Dancing Tonight [American Music]   ***
  Kid Thomas Valentine's Creole Jazz Band [American Music]   ***(*)
  Kid Thomas and His Algiers Stompers [OJC 1833] **(*) ***
  Kid Thomas and His Algiers Stompers [OJC 1845] ***(*) **(*)
Johnnie Valentino Searching Souls [Nine Winds]   ***
Ken Vandermark Version Soul [Atavistic]   ***
  Airports for Light [Atavistic]   ****
  Crossing Division [Okkadisk]   ****
  Free Jazz Classics Vols. 1 & 2 [Atavistic]   ***(*)
  Trigonometry [Okkadisk]   ***(*)
  Two Days in December [Wobbly Rail]   ***(*)
  Dual Pleasure [Smalltown Supersound]   ***(*)
  Furniture Music [Okkadisk]   ***
  Furnace [Wobbly Rail]   ***(*)
Eric Van der Westen Rush Hour [EWM]   ***(*)
Fred Van Hove FijP [Wimprovier]   ***
Jesse Van Ruller Here and There [Criss Cross]   ***
  Circles [Criss Cross]   ***
Jasper Van't Hof Eyeball [Limetree] ***  
  Dinner for Two [MA Music] ***  
  The Prague Concert [P&J] ***(*)  
  Face to Face [Canossa] ***(*)  
Nana Vasconcelos Saudades [ECM] **(*)  
  Lester [Soul Note] ***  
Dimitrios Vassilakis Secret Path [Candid]   ***(*)
  Labyrinth: Daedalus Project [Candid]   ***
Sarah Vaughan 16 Most Requested Songs [Columbia] ****  
  Sarah Vaughan 1951-1952 [Classics]   ***
  It's a Man's World [Verve]   ***
  Brazilian Romance [Columbia] **  
Charlie Ventura Live at the Three Deuces [High Note]   ***
  Live at the Three Deuces Vol. 2 [High Note]   ***
  Charlie Ventura 1949-1951 [Classics]   ***
  High on an Open Mike [Fresh Sound]   ***
Joe Venuti Stringin' the Blues [Topaz] ***  
  Violin Jazz 1927-1934 [Yazoo] ***(*)  
  Pretty Trix [IAJRC] ***  
  Four String Joe [Jazz Archives] ***  
  Joe Venuti 1928-1930 [Classics]   ***
  Joe Venuti 1930-1933 [Classics]   ****
Vienna Art Orchestra Duke Ellington's Sound of Love [TCB]   ***
  A Centenary Journey [Quinton]   ***
  Art & Fun 25 [Emarcy]   ***
Steen Vig Blue Boat [Storyville]   ***
Frank Vignola Appel Direct [Concord] ***  
  Let It Happen [Concord] ***(*)  
  Look Right, Jog Left [Concord] ***(*)  
  Déjà Vu [Concord] ***  
  Blues for a Gypsy [Acoustic Disc]   ***(*)
Biggi Vinkeloe Maghzen [Slask]   ***
  Desert Sweets [Balance Point Acoustics]   ***
Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson Cleanhead and Cannonball [Milestone]   ***
  Jumpin' the Blues [Black & Blue]   ***
  Jamming the Blues [Black Lion] ***  
  Cleanhead Blues [Camden] ***  
Giulio Visibelli Il Grande Cerchio [Splasc(h)] ***  
  Senza Parole [Splasc(h)] ***  
Miroslav Vitous Infinite Search [Collectables]   ***(*)
  Magical Shepherd [Wounded Bird]   *(*)
  Guardian Angels [Evidence] ***(*) **(*)
  Universal Syncopations [ECM]   ****
Eric Vloeimans First Floor [Challenge] ***  
  Bestiarium [Challenge] ***  
  Bitches and Fairy Tales [Challenge] ***  
  Umal [Challenge] ***(*)  
Peter Vuust The Big View [Storyville] ***  

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