T.J.'s Recommendations

In no particular order other than the order I'm thinking of them (which may or may not be significant):

Artist--Title (additional notes)

  1. Baby Ford--BFORD9 (one of my top three most favorite electronic albums!)
  2. Autechre--Tri Repetae++ (completely changes the way you perceive music...)
  3. Curve--Cuckoo
  4. Brothers and Systems--Transcontinental Weekend
  5. Snog--Lies Inc. (ADVISORY: There were several different versions of this. I know the version that came out under the FUTURIST label is screwed up in that the track listing is in a completely different order than what is on the CD's tray liner, the back of the booklet and the inside of the booklet. Go figure...maybe it fits in with the album title.)
  6. Massive Attack--Mezzanine (if fear and uneasiness had a sound, this would be it.)
  7. 2 Bad Mice--Kaotic Chemistry (basically a best of...all their 12 inch hits plus remixes)
  8. Diamanda Galas--Plague Mass
  9. Recoil--Unsound Methods
  10. The Future Sound Of London--Accelerator (three words: PAPUA NEW GUINEA!)
  11. The Future Sound Of London--Lifeforms (see "Tri Repetae++"--the critics were expecting another "Accelerator" when this came out. Instead it was like a bucket of ice water.)
  12. Lords Of Acid--Voodoo U (ooo! naughty!)
  13. Sun Electric--Present
  14. Aphex Twin--I Care Because U Do (his most definitive work, I think)
  15. Altern 8--Full On Mask Hysteria (ever wonder why ravers sometimes wear the disposable face masks? THESE TWO GUYS. one of the defining albums of the rave movement...)
  16. GWAR--Scumdogs Of The Universe (loud...sick...funny!)
  17. Erasure--Pop! The First 20 Hits (Love them or hate them, there's no denying their importance.)
  18. The Chemical Brothers--Exit Planet Dust (I bet you have this already)
  19. Front 242--Backcatalogue (retrospective leading up to....)
  20. Front 242--Tyranny >For You<
  21. Dance Or Die--Psychoburbia (there is just something about the way the songs on this album are designed....)
  22. Björk--Post (I had to think about this one...but as far as the best example of why Björk is the epicenter of the known universe, this would be that.)
  23. Death In June--NADA! (They're just neat!)
  24. Gorillaz--Gorillaz
  25. The Art Of Noise--The Seduction Of Claude Debussy
  26. Meat Beat Manifesto--Mindstream
  27. Olive--Extra Virgin
  28. Pigface--Gub
  29. Tool--Aenima
  30. Revenge--One True Passion