How Did We Get Here?
A History of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

7. From Oslo to the Second Intifada

This is the seventh in a series of eight lectures, sponsored by A Jewish Voice for Peace. This lecture was videotaped on Dec. 2, 2002. The lecturers are George Bisharat and Joel Beinin.

About George Bisharat and Joel Beinin

George Bisharat is Professor at UC Hastings. His study of the impact of Israeli occupation on the Palestinian legal profession of the West Bank, Palestinian Lawyers and Israeli Rule: Law and Disorder in the West Bank, was published in 1989. In recent years, Professor Bisharat has consulted with the Palestinian Legislative Council over the structure of the Palestinian judiciary, reforms in criminal procedure, and other aspects of legal development.

His books include:

Joel Beinin is Professor of Middle East history at Stanford University. He is currently serving as the President of the Middle East Studies Association of North America, and is also involved with the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) and the Middle East Social and Cultural History Association.

His books include:


This chronology is largely derived from Charles Enderlin's Shattered Dreams, with additional material from the MidEastWeb's timeline and other sources. This provides significantly more detail than is provided in the lecture.


Historical Figures:

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This chart is from Johnston's Archive. While it only accounts for Israeli deaths from terrorism, it provides a graphic indication of how hostilities have varied over time: note that the first intifada period (1988-92) is little-if-any elevated over previous averages, that the 1994-96 period corresponds to the early Oslo period saw a sharp rise as Israel escalated its attacks on Hamas (and vice versa), and the tremendous increase in terrorist activity after Sharon came to power.

The following is a table of deaths (killings of Israelis and Palestinians by year, from data collected by B'Tselem.



Oslo II (Taba) Accords

Wye Memorandum, 1998

West Bank Final Status Proposal
Camp David, July 2000

Final Status Proposal
Taba, January 2001