Tom Hull's Ex-Ocston Web Page


Once upon a time, SCO set up a toy web site for their employees to fiddle with. They called it ocston ("not SCO", backwards, get it?). I started piling pages up there, initially to support Ftwalk, then added more things from time to time. In July 2000, SCO was falling apart as a business, and they sold my division off to Caldera. I was laid off in the transition, but SCO or Caldera or whoever let me keep my ocston website up. This came to an end approx. Oct. 25, 2001. Some months prior I had set up a domain, with the intent of taking my ocston pages and rewriting / restructuring them, using new tools that I hadn't been able to use at ocston. I hadn't gotten much done on this conversion, but with ocston off the air, the time to get in gear has come. Expect that over time the web pages under here will wither away.

These are (or were) my personal web pages. They are not necessarily meant to be useful or even interesting to anyone else. Which is not to say that they may not useful or interesting to you -- it's just that if they are that says as much about you as about me.

Ever since I've been acquainted with HTML, I've thought that web pages should be a fine tool for organizing one's thoughts and life. Like most of my ideas, this one mostly just rattles around in my head, but once in a while, I do commit some thought to virtual paper. This is as good a place as any to file these jottings.