2023 Jazz Year Notes

This listing is far from complete. The intent is to collect all of the EOY lists/articles independently published by critics who voted in the 19th Annual Francis Davis Jazz Critics Poll. Secondly, to collect similar lists published by others: by non-voting critics, and by publications, especially where the pieces aren't individually signed.

End-of-Year Lists and Notes by Voters

Hrayr Attarian [All About Jazz]: [12-15] Hrayr Attarian's Best Jazz Albums of 2023.

Katchie Cartwright [All About Jazz]: [12-19] Katchie Cartwright's Best Jazz Albums of 2023

Nate Chinen:

Troy Dostert [All About Jazz]: [12-05] Troy Dostert's Best Releases of 2023

Chuck Eddy [Eliminated for Reasons of Space]: [01-05] 150 Best Albums of 2023

Phil Freeman:

Filipe Freitas [Jazz Trail]: [] The Best 30 Jazz Albums of 2023

Ludovico Granvassu [All About Jazz/All About Jazz Italia]: [01-03] Ludovico Granvassu's Garden of Jazzy Delights 2023

George Grella:

Tom Hull: The Best Jazz Albums of 2023

Peter Hum [Ottawa Citizen]: [12-23] From swinging bands to intimate balladry to genre mashups, here are 2023's best Canadian jazz albums.

Ammar Kalia [Guardian]: [12-24] The 10 best global albums of 2023

Fred Kaplan [Slate]: [] The Best Jazz Albums of 2023

Glenn Kenny [Some Came Running]: [12-14] 75 or So New Recordings I Enjoyed in 2023

James Koblin [The Necessary Blues]: [12-30] TNB 2023 Year-End Best of List!

Will Layman [PopMatters]: [12-11] The 17 Best Jazz Albums of 2023

Mark Lomanno [The Rhythm of Study]: [12-31] The Year in Review - 2023

Peter Margasak [Nowhere Street]:

Paul Medrano [Best of Jazz]: [11-26] Best Jazz Albums of 2023

Chris Monsen [Chris Monsen's Listening Booth]:

Dan Ouellette [Jazz & Beyond Intel]: [12-22] Best of 2023

Phil Overeem [Living to Listen]: [12-29] It Ends Here: My Favorite Albums of 2023

Bret Saunders [Denver Post]: [12-04] title

Gene Seymour [That Gene Seymour]: [11-30] Gene Seymour's Top Ten Jazz Albums for 2023

John Sharpe [All About Jazz]: [12-27] John Sharpe's Best Jazz Albums of 2023.

Mark Sullivan [All About Jazz]: [01-01] Mark Sullivan's Favorite Albums of 2023

Dave Sumner [Bandcamp Daily]: [12-15] The Best Jazz Albums of 2023

George Varga [The San Diego Union-Tribune]: [12-22] Standout jazz albums of 2023 came from rising young talents and legends alike

Jerome Wilson [All About Jazz]: [12-22] Jerome Wilson's Best Jazz Albums of 2023

End-of-Year Lists and Notes by Publications/Non-Voters

All About Jazz: In addition to voter lists (Hrayr Attarian, Katchie Cartwright, Troy Dostert, Ludovico Granvassu, John Sharpe, Mark Sullivan, Jerome Wilson) above:

AllMusic Guide: Year in Review: Favorite Jazz Albums

The Arts Fuse [Bill Marx]: [12-20] The Best Jazz Albums and Live Shows of 2023: Compiles notes and lists from several writers, including voters Steve Feeney, Jon Garelick, Alan Michie, and Michael Ullman; also Steve Elman and Paul Robicheau.

Brooklyn Vegan [Andrew Sacher]: [12-15] 10 Great Jazz Albums from 2023

CapitalBop: [12-21] CapitalBop's best D.C. jazz albums of 2023

DownBeat: [12-12] Best Albums of 2023.

Free Jazz Collective:

  • Album of the Year 2023 [01-01]
  • Free Jazz Blog's 2023 Top 10 Lists [12-25]: Top 10, plus individual lists from voters: Paul Acquaro, Stuart Broomer, Gary Chapin, Troy Dostert, Lee Rice Epstein, Eyal Hareuveni, Fotis Nikolakopoulos; also: Matty Bannond, Stef Gijssels, Jury Kobayashi, Feruccio Martinotti, Nick Metzger, Gregg Miller, Guido Montegrandi, Nick Ostrum, William Rossi, Martin Schray, Irena Stevanovska. Comments include additional reader lists.

The Guardian [John Fordham]: [12-26] The 10 best jazz albums of 2023

Jazz 24 [Terae Stefon]: [12-21] Terae Stefon's top jazz albums of 2023

Jazz Buffalo [Tony Zambito]: [12-29] 25 Favorite Sensational Jazz Albums of 2023

Jazz Desk:

Jazz.FM91: [12-22] Year in review: 20 of the best jazz albums of 2023.

Jazz Views: [12-14] Jazz Views Albums of the Year 2023: Individual lists by Chris Baber, George Cole, Jack Kenny, Tim Larsen, Nick Lea, Ed Sapiega

Jazzwise: [12-01] Jazzwise Albums of the Year 2023

KLCC Midnight Passages: Doug Anders: [12-19] Doug Anders' favorite jazz albums of 2023

KMHD: [12-18] The year in review 2023

Morning Star: Chris Searle: [12-27] Best of 2023: Jazz albums

New York Times: Giovanni Russonello: [12-08] Best Jazz Albums of 2023

Piero Scaruffi: The Best Albums of 2023

Shatter the Standards: The Best Jazz Albums of 2023.

Something Else [Preston Frazier]: [12-31] Preston Frazier's Best of 2023 Jazz.

Squidco Top Album Lists for 2023:

  • 2023 Top 20 Retail Albums by Customer Sales
  • 2023 Top 20 Distribution & Fulfillment Albums
  • Philz [Phil Zampino] Top 35 Albums for 2023
  • Carl Kruger's Top 23 albums for 2023

There Stands the Glass:

The Times: The best jazz and world albums of 2023

TourMag: Yazar Zekeriya Sen The Best Jazz and World Music Albums of 2023

Treble: The 20 Best Jazz Albums of 2023.

UKVibe.org: Best jazz albums of 2023.

The Wire: 2023 Rewind: Contributors' Charts: individual ballots from voters Phil Freeman, Kurt Gottschalk, George Grella, Peter Margasak, Stewart Smith, and many others.

Miscellaneous Sources

Album of the Year:

Rate Your Music: Top Jazz albums of 2023

Records listed in above lists that did not receive FDJCP votes: