Metafile: 2013 New Records

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Kacey Musgraves: Same Trailer Different Park (Mercury Nashville) {118}: MC(91/5), AM:80(), AS:90(7), BB(10), BG, CW:100(1), EW:91(4), G:80(16), P:83(20), PM:80(13), RS:80(28), S(17); CM(18), DW(40), JG:**(33), MR:A(3), RC:A-(63), MT:A-(31), TH:A-(39); V:10-489-43
  2. Ashley Monroe: Like a Rose (Warner Brothers) {87}: MC(92/6), AM:90(), AS(14), CW:100(5), Mg, NYT, P:83, PM(26), RS:80(18), S:90(35), Sl:80; CM(49), DW(11), JG:**(3), MR:A-(10), RC:A-(61), MT:A-(16), TH:A-(21); V:23-321-31
  3. Brandy Clark: 12 Stories (Slate Creek) {67}: MC(89/6), AM:90(), AS:80(27), BG, CW:100(2), EW:83, LAT:88(10), PM(), rs:70; DW, JG:**(13), MR:A-(32), RC(17), MT:B+, TH:A-(96); V:45-180-17
  4. Patty Griffin: American Kid (New West) {46}: MC(87/9), AC:67, AM:90, AS:80(2), Bl:100, Ex:80, IS:80, Mg, MO:90, Ob:80, P:90, PM:90(), rs:70, T:80, u:70; TH:***; V:116-62-5
  5. Guy Clark: My Favorite Picture of You (Dualtone) {37}: MC(85/8), AC:78, AM:90, AS:90(4), BG:80, Bl:80, CT:88, CW:91, G:80, M:80, P:80, PM:70(), U:80; MT:**, TH:A-(55); V:1194-7-1
  6. Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell: Old Yellow Moon (Nonesuch) {36}: MC(74/16), ac:67, am:70, AS:80(13), BBC:80, Bl:80, cw:75, i:60, IS:80, M:80, mg:55, P:80, pm:60, Q:80, Sl:80, T, U:80(72); mt:c+, TH:**; V:309-25-3
  7. Steve Earle and the Dukes and Duchesses: The Low Highway (New West) {33}: MC(78/10), ac:78, AM:80, AS:80(31), bl:60, cr:70, cs:70, ex:60, G:80, i:60, M:80, Mg:90, Ob:80, PM:80, q:60, ReC:80, rs:70, T, U:80, ur:60; MT:A-(51), TH:A-(17); V:342-22-3
  8. Pistol Annies: Annie Up (RCA) {33}: MC(88/6), AM:90, CW:91, EW:91, G:80, LAT:88, P:81, PM:80(), rs:70, s:70, sl:70; DW, JG:**(29), MR:A-(20), RC:A-(72), MT:B+, TH:A-(81); V:175-43-6
  9. Brad Paisley: Wheelhouse (Arista Nashville) {27}: MC(76/6), am:60, BB:85, BG:80, CW:83(4), LAT:88, pm:60, rs:60, S:80; DW, JG, MR:A-(64), RC:B+, MT:B+, th:b; V:633-10-1
  10. Holly Williams: The Highway (Georgiana) {25}: MC(69/6), AC:78, am:70, as:60, CW:83, nyt:70, P:82, PM:50(); mt:c, TH:*; V:142-52-5
  11. Vince Gill/Paul Franklin: Bakersfield (MCA Nashville) {20}: MC(84/4), AM:80, AS:80, BG:80, CW:83, Ex:80, PM:70(); TH:***; V:442-18-2
  12. Kelly Willis/Bruce Robison: Cheater's Game (Premium/Thirty Tigers) {18}: MC(80/4), ac:78, am:70, CW:83, PM:80(); TH:***; V:633-10-1
  13. The Lone Bellow: The Lone Bellow (Descendant) {17}: MC(79/4), ac:67, AM:80, P(47), Pf:94, PM:70(33), rs:60; th:b-; V:344-21-2
  14. Sarah Jarosz: Build Me Up From Bones (Sugar Hill) {16}: MC(84/4), AC:89, AM:80, AS(10), nyt:70, PM:80()
  15. Daniel Romano: Come Cry With Me (Normaltown) {16}: MC(86/4), ac:40, as:60, Ex:90, Now:80, PM:90(); MR(73), RC:B+, MT:A-(35), TH:*
  16. Sturgill Simpson: High Top Mountain (Loose Music) {15}: AM:80; V:1260-5-1
  17. Keith Urban: Fuse (Capitol Nashville) {15}: MC(67/4), am:70, CW:100(6), ew:67, nyt:50, RS:70(39)
  18. Gary Allan: Set You Free (MCA Nashville) {12}: MC(78/7), am:70, as:70, bg:70, CW:100(3), EW:83, pm:70, rs:70; TH:*
  19. Lindi Ortega: Tin Star (Last Gang) {12}: MC(80/8), AS:80, bg:70, Ex:80, G:80, IS:80, lbf:75, now:60, U:80; TH:**; V:1160-8-1
  20. LeAnn Rimes: Spitfire (Curb) {11}: AM:80, CW:83; TH:*
  21. The Devil Makes Three: I'm a Stranger Here (New West) {10}: MC(84/4), AM:90, as:60, ex:70, PM:80(30); TH:*; V:296-25-2
  22. Kelly Pickler: The Woman I Am (Black River Entertainment) {10}: MC(82/4), am:70, CW:100, EW:83, PM(), rs:70
  23. Kim Richey: Thorn in My Heart (Yep Roc) {10}: MC(76/5), AM:80, as:60, BG:80, bl:60, PM:80, u:60; TH:**; V:633-10-1
  24. Carrie Rodriguez: Give Me All You Got (Ninth Street Opus) {10}: MC(76/9), ac:78, AM:80, AS:80, bl:70, cs:60, is:60, pm:70, t:70, U:80, ur:60; TH:**
  25. Charlie Worsham: Rubberband (Warner Bros) {10}: AS(41), CW:100
  26. Court Yard Hounds: Amelita (Columbia) {9}: MC(70/7), ac:53, AM:80, BG:80, g:60, i:40, lat:75, nyt:70, ob:60, pm:60; JG:*, MT:***, th:b
  27. Jonny Fritz: Dad Country (ATO) {9}: MC(75/4), AS:70(48), bl:60, p:50; MR:A-(39), RC:A-(27), TH:**
  28. Lori McKenna: Massachusetts (1-2-3-4-Go!) {8}: CW:83, T; V:1138-9-1
  29. Willie Nelson and Family: Let's Face the Music and Dance (Legacy) {8}: MC(64/7), ac:67, am:60, bl:60, CW:83, ex:70, M:80, P:80, PM:70(), q:40, ReC:80, t:50; TH:**
  30. Willie Nelson: To All the Girls . . . (Legacy) {8}: MC(72/6), ac:67, am:70, m:60, Q:80, Rec:80, rs:60, T:80; TH:*
  31. Blake Shelton: Based on a True Story . . . (Warner Bros) {8}: MC(63/4), am:60, BB:79, bg:60, cw:58, ew:67
  32. The White Buffalo: Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways (Unison Music) {8}: AM:80, AS:80; TH:**
  33. Jason Boland and the Stragglers: Dark and Dirty Mile (Proud Souls Entertainment) {7}: AC:89, as:60; TH:**; V:1138-9-1
  34. Luke Bryan: Crash My Party (Capitol Nashville) {7}: MC(55/5), am:50, as:60, bg:50, cw:67, rs:50; th:c
  35. Marshall Chapman: Blaze of Glory (Tall Girl) {7}: AC, AS:80; TH:***
  36. Billy Currington: We Are Tonight (Mercury Nashville) {7}: AM:80, CW:91(8); TH:*
  37. Della Mae: This World Oft Can Be (Rounder) {7}: AM:80, g:60, PM:80(); th:b; V:633-10-1
  38. Alan Jackson: The Bluegrass Album (EMI Nashville) {7}: MC(84/4), am:70, AS:80, CW:100, lat:75, PM:70()
  39. Roger Knox/Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Stranger in My Land (Bloodshot) {7}: AM:80, bl:40, ex:70, PM:80; RC:*, mt:b-, TH:A-(48)
  40. Tim O'Brien/Darrell Scott: Memories and Moments (Full Skies) {7}: pm:60, T
  41. George Strait: Love Is Everything (MCA Nashville) {7}: MC(75/5), am:60, BB:87, bg:70, CW:83, lat:75; mt:c+
  42. Randy Travis: Influence Vol 1: The Man I Am (Warner Bros) {7}: am:60, PM(); MT:**, th:b
  43. The Black Twig Pickers: Rough Carpenters (Thrill Jockey) {6}: MC(72/4), AM:80, bbc:70, du:70, L:80, pf:74, pm:70, u:70, W:80
  44. Dailey and Vincent: Brothers of the Highway (Rounder) {6}: AM:80, PM()
  45. Wayne Hancock: Ride (Bloodshot) {6}: ac:40, am:70, bl:40; TH:A-(12); V:1238-6-1
  46. Lydia Loveless: Boy Crazy (Bloodshot, EP) {6}: AM:80; CM(22), TH:*
  47. Natalie Maines: Mother (Columbia) {6}: MC(66/4), ac:67, am:60, as:70, EW:83, i:60, p:79, pm:70, rs:60, sl:60; mt:b-, th:b-; V:1260-5-1
  48. Tim McGraw: Two Lanes of Freedom (Big Machine) {6}: MC(69/8), am:70, as:70, BG:80, CW:83, ew:75, lat:50, nyt:50, pm:50, rs:60; MT:C+
  49. Maggie Rose: Cut to Impress (RPM) {6}: AM:80, cw:75
  50. Darius Rucker: True Believers (Capitol Nashville) {6}: am:70; DW; V:633-10-1
  51. Eric Church: Caught in the Act: Live (EMI Nashville) {5}: am:70, CW:83; TH:*; V:633-10-1
  52. Randy Houser: How Country Feels (Stoney Creek) {5}: am:60, AS:80, CW:91(9)
  53. Claire Lynch: Dear Sister (Compass) {5}: PM(); V:633-10-1
  54. Cassadee Pope: Frame by Frame (Republic Nashville) {5}: am:60, CW:83
  55. Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants: All Hat and No Cattle (Le Coq Napoleon/Side One Dummy) {5}: AM:80, bl:60, P:83; TH:**
  56. Steeldrivers: Hammer Down (Rounder) {5}: MC(76/4), am:70, cw:75, PM:80(), u:70
  57. Ron Block: Walking Song (Rounder) {4}: AM:80; V:633-10-1
  58. Kenny Chesney: Life on a Rock (BNA) {4}: MC(67/6), AM:80, BG:80, cw:67, ew:75, lat:50, nyt:30, pm:60
  59. Tyler Farr: Redneck Crazy (Sony Music) {4}: am:60, CW:83; V:633-10-1
  60. Mary Gauthier: Live at Blue Rock (In the Black) {4}: AS:80, ex:70, PM:80
  61. Gibson Brothers: They Call It Music (Compass) {4}: PM()
  62. Shooter Jennings: Other Life (E1) {4}: AM:80; jg:x
  63. Justin Moore: Off the Beaten Path (Valory) {4}: AM:80, cw:58
  64. Thomas Rhett: It Goes Like This () {4}: CW(7)
  65. Nora Jane Struthers: Carnival () {4}:
  66. Dale Watson and His Lonestars: El Rancho Azul (Red House) {4}: ac:78, am:70; V:1260-5-1
  67. Gretchen Wilson: Right on Time (Redneck) {4}: AM:80, cw:75; th:b-
  68. Chris Young: AM (RCA) {4}: MC(79/4), AM:80, as:70, CW:83, ew:67
  69. The Boxcars: It's Just a Road (Mountain Home) {3}: PM()
  70. Terri Clark: Classic (Baretrack) {3}: AM:80
  71. Brett Eldredge: Bring You Back (Atlantic Nashville) {3}: am:70, CW:83
  72. Heidi Feek: The Only (Western Pin-Up) {3}: AS:80; TH:***
  73. Max Gomez: Rule the World (New West) {3}: ac:40, am:70; th:b
  74. Lady Antebellum: Golden (Capitol) {3}: am:60; V:633-10-1
  75. Rebecca Pronsky: Only Daughter (Nine Mile) {3}: bl:60, T
  76. Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen: On the Edge (Compass) {3}: PM()
  77. Travis Tritt: The Calm After . . . (Redneck) {3}: AM:80
  78. Brooke Waggoner: Originator (Ingrooves -2012) {3}: AM:80
  79. Hank Williams III: Brothers of the 4X4 (Hank3) {3}: MC(76/4), am:70, cr:70, ex:70, NME:80; V:633-10-1
  80. Trace Adkins: Love Will . . . (Show Dog/Universal) {2}: am:70, CW:83
  81. Zac Brown Band: The Grohl Sessions Vol 1 (EP) {2}: CW:100
  82. Laura Cantrell: No Way There From Here (Shoeshine) {2}:
  83. The Carper Family: Old-Fashioned Gal (South Central Music) {2}: ac:67; TH:**
  84. Kelly Clarkson: Wrapped in Red (RCA) {2}: MC(75/5), am:70, bg:70, CW:100, pm:60, sl:70
  85. John Corbett: Leaving Nothin' Behind (Funbone) {2}: CW:83
  86. The Clinton Gregory Bluegrass Band: Roots of My Raising () {2}:
  87. Hunter Hayes: Hunter Hayes (Encore) (13 Star) {2}: CW:83
  88. Hurray for the Riff Raff: My Dearest Darkest Neighbor (Mod Mobillian/This Is American Music) {2}: TH:**
  89. Mandy Jewell: The Road to Tennessee (EP) {2}: P:82
  90. Joey + Rory: Made to Last () {2}:
  91. Old Man Markley: Down Side Up (Fat Wreck Chords) {2}: am:70
  92. Parmalee: Feels Like Carolina (Stoney Creek) {2}: AM:80
  93. Restless Heart: A Restless Heart Christmas () {2}: CW:100
  94. Nell Robinson/Jim Nunally: House and Garden (Nell Robinson Music) {2}: AS:80; th:b
  95. Scud Mountain Boys: Do You Love the Sun (Ashmont) {2}: am:70, pm:70; V:633-10-1
  96. Thompson Square: Just Feels Good (Stoney Creek) {2}: CW:83
  97. Donna Ulisse: Showin' My Roots () {2}:
  98. Brian Wright: Rattle Their Chains (Sugar Hill) {2}: am:70, as:60
  99. Katie Armiger: Fall Into Me () {1}: cw:75
  100. Luke Bryan: Spring Break . . . Here to Party (Capitol Nashville) {1}: am:60, rs:40
  101. Craig Campbell: Never Regret (Bigger Picture) {1}: cw:75
  102. Jessica Campbell: The Anchor and the Sail (Little London) {1}: as:70
  103. Steven Curtis Chapman: Deep Roots (Cracker Barrel) {1}: cw
  104. Sarah Darling: Have a Merry Little Christmas Darling () {1}: cw:75
  105. The Deadly Gentlemen: Roll Me, Tumble Me (Rounder) {1}: am:70, pm:70
  106. Deadstring Brothers: Cannery Row (Bloodshot) {1}: am:70, bl:40, ex:50, pm:60
  107. Joe Diffie/Sammy Kershaw/Aaron Tippin: All in the Same Boat (Big Hit) {1}: am:60
  108. The Infamous Stringdusters: Silver Sky (High Country) {1}: pm:60
  109. Alan Jackson: Precious Memories Volume II (Capitol Nashville) {1}: am:60
  110. Krystal Keith: Whiskey and Lace (Show Dog) {1}: am:70
  111. Toby Keith: Drinks After Work (Show Dog Nashville) {1}: am:60; th:b
  112. LoCash Cowboys: LoCash Cowboys (Average Joe's Entertainment) {1}: cw:58
  113. Dani Nash: Dani Nash (Blocks) {1}: now:60
  114. Don Rich: Sings George Jones (Omnivore) {1}: am:70
  115. Randy Rogers Band: Trouble (MCA Nashville) {1}: am:60, cw:75
  116. Lulu Roman: At Last (Homesick Entertainment) {1}: cw:58
  117. Tate Stevens: Tate Stevens (Syco Music/RCA) {1}: am:50, cw:42
  118. BJ Thomas: The Living Room Sessions (Wrinkled) {1}: cw:75
  119. Bonnie Tyler: Rocks and Honey (Celtic Swan) {1}: mo:50
  120. Hank Williams III: A Fiendish Threat (Hank3) {1}: am:60
  121. Zane Williams: Overnight Success () {1}: cw:75
  122. Gretchen Wilson: Christmas in My Heart (Redneck) {1}: am:70, cw:75
  123. Wingdale Community Singers: Night, Sleep, Death (Blue Chopsticks/Drag City) {1}: am:70


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