2010 Year End List Mentions

These are records that show up in various year-end lists. Anthologies and reissues have been (mostly) weeded out, moved here. Those in blue are ones I have in more/less final form. Those in green I have as stripped down promos or don't have but have managed to hear somehow. The numbers in {} are the number of mentions. Once I've gotten far enough I'll start sorting by mentions. Finally I have some notes. Not every mention is noted, but some of the more significant ones are. To decode them, see the legend at the bottom.

Note: File has been frozen as of Jan. 24, 2011.


Some breakdowns by genre (initially just jazz). In many cases these are incomplete, partly because this was an added feature, partly because they're hard to verify.

Prime Candidates

Minimum 10 mentions.

  1. Arcade Fire: The Suburbs [Merge] {811}: V[3-145-1559] {AS:9, AV, AZ:2, BB:2, BEA:1, CD:4, CL:1, CS:3, DA:1, DS, EU:3, EW:2, EX:1, FLY:2, G:4, GW:1, HP:4, LS:5, MG:2, MJ:2, MO:2, NME:2, NOW:3, NR:2, OTB:2, P:7, PF, PM:5, PMA:4, PX:8, Q:1, RH:3, RS:4, RT, RYM:7, SG:2, SL:8, SP:3, SPK, SPR:5, ST:4, TR:2, U:4, UR:2, ZL:1}; MC(86), AM, AP:89, AS:80, AV:A-, BB:87, BBC:100, BG:90, CL:90, CMG:85, CT:88, DA:100, DM:80, DS:80, DU:90, EW:A-, G:80, HC:90, LAT:88, LS:91, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:90, NOW:100, NR:90, P:83, PF:86, PX:95, Q:100, RKS:80, RS:80, SL:90, SP:90, SPK:80, TMT:80, URB:80; RC:A-, CM, MT:A, TH:A-
  2. Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Island Def Jam] {769}: V[1-266-3250] {AV:1, AZ:6, BB:1, BEA:7, BL:3, CMG:1, CS:2, DA:9, DS, EM:4, EU:1, EW:1, F:2, G:2, GW:2, HP:7, LS, MO, NOW:1, NR:3, OTB:1, P:4, PF:1, PM:4, PMA:2, PX:1, RH:9, RS:1, RYM:1, SG:1, SL:1, SP:1, SPK:2, SPR:3, ST:7, TMT:10, TR:4, V:1, ZL:6}; MC(92*), AM, AP:98, AS:90, AV:91, BB:95, BBC:90, BG:90, CL:90, CMG:90, CT:88, DS:90, EW:A, G:80, HP:80, MO:80, NME:90, NOW:100, NR:80, P:94, PF:100, PH:100, PM:100, PX:95, RR:90, RS:100, SL:100, SP:90, SPK:90, TMT:90, VV:90; RC:A(7), CM, MT:A, TH:A-
  3. The National: High Violet [4AD] {661}: V[8-97-1036] {ATH:3, AV:3, AZ:4, BEA:3, CD:1, CS:6, DA:2, DS:2, EX:7, FL:4, FLY:7, G, GW:3, HP:2, LS:10, MG:3, MO:1, NME, NR:4, OM, OTB:10, PM:2, PMA:1, PX:3, Q:8, RH:2, RS, RT, RYM:3, SG, SPK:5, SPR:2, ST:5, TR:9, U, UR:6, ZL:3}; MC(84), AC:89, AP:90, AV:A, BB:86, BBC:90, BG:80, CMG:85, DA:100, DM:80, DS:90, DU:80, EW:B+, G:80, LAT:88, LS:83, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:90, P:81, PF:87, PM:80, PX:90, Q:80, RS:70, SL:90, SP:80, SPK:100, TMT:90, U:80; RC:A-, CM, TH:A-
  4. LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening [DFA] {588}: V[2-152-1634] {AV:4, AZ:5, BB:6, BEA:9, BL, CD, CL:9, CS, DA:6, DS:9, EU, FB:6, FL:1, FLY:3, GW, HP:3, MO:6, NME:4, NOW:2, NR:1, OTB, P:1, PF:2, PM:6, PMA:8, PX:7, RA, RH:1, RS:10, RT, SG, SP:4, SPR:7, TR:1, U:9, UR, ZL:2}; MC(84), AM, AL:80, AV:A, BB:84, BG:80, CL:90, CT:88, DA:90, DM:80, EW:A, FL:84, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:100, NR:100, P:93, PF:92, PH:88, PM:90, PX:85, Q:80, RS:80, SP:80, TMT:80, UR:90, URB:90; RC:A-, CM, TH:**
  5. Beach House: Teen Dream [Sub Pop] {585}: V[7-111-1143] {ATH:1, BB:5, BEA:2, CD:3, CL:5, CMG:3, CS:7, DA:8, EM:1, EU:6, EX:3, FL:2, FLY:10, G, LS:2, MG:1, MO:5, OM:1, NME:3, NR, PF:5, PM:7, PMA:6, PX:5, Q, RH, RS, RT, RYM:10, SG:3, SL, SP, SPK, SPR:1, TR, UR:3, XL:10, ZL:4}; MC(82), AM, AL:80, AP:90, AV:A-, BB:80, BBC:80, BG:90, CMG:84, CL:80, DA:90, EW:A-, LS:92, MO:80, NME:90, NR:80, P:90, PF:90, PH:100, PM:80, PX:90, Q:80, RS:70, SL:90, SP:80, TMT:80, U:80, UR:80; RC:*, TH:**
  6. Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest [4AD] {519}: V[11-77-878] {ATH, AV, AZ:9, BEA, BL:2, CD:10, CMG, DA:3, EU:2, EX:2, LS:4, MG, MJ, MO:7, NME, NR:5, OM:6, OTB:4, PF:3, PM, PMA:7, PX:6, RH, RYM, SG:10, SL, SP:2, SPK:9, SPR:4, TMT:9, TR:5, UR:4, ZL:5}; MC(86), AL:80, AM, AS:80, AV:A-, AP:90, BB:81, BBC:80, BG:90, CMG:80, DA:90, DS:80, DU:90, FL:90, G:80, LS:90, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NR:100, PF:92, PH:88, PX:80, Q:80, RS:70, SL:80, SP:70, SPK:80, TMT:80, U:80, UR:80; RC:A-, MT:***, TH:**
  7. Vampire Weekend: Contra [XL] {451}: V[5-120-1295] {AV:9, AZ:8, BEA:4, CS:1, EU, FB:2, HP, LS, MO, PF:6, Q:5, RH, RS:6, SG:7, SP, TR, U, ZL:7}; MC(81), AM, AP:87, AV:A-, BB:82, BG:80, CL:80, DA:90, EW:B+, LAT:88, LS:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:80, OMM:80, P:87, PF:86, PM:80, PX:80, Q:80, RS:80, SP:80, U:80, URB:80; RC:A(10), CM, TH:A-
  8. The Black Keys: Brothers [Nonesuch] {446}: V[10-89-900] {AS:1, ATH, AV, AZ:3, BEA:8, CL, DA:7, EM, EU, EW:4, FL:8, GW, HP, MG:9, MJ:5, PM, Q, RH:6, RS:2, RT, RYM, SL:5, SPR, UR:9, ZL}; MC(82), AM, AP:87, AV:B+, BB:87, BBC:80, DA:90, EW:B+, FL:84, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, PF:77, Q:80, RS:80, SL:90, SPK:80, TMT:80, U:80, URB:90; TH:** - added P&J vote
  9. Janelle Monae: The ArchAndroid [Bad Boy] {445}: V[4-134-1448] {AV:6, AZ, BEA, BL, CMG, EM:5, EU:7, EW:8, G:1, HP, MO:3, NOW:5, NR:6, OTB:6, P:2, PF, PM:1, PX, QT, RH:5, RYM:5, SL:3, SP:6, SPK:8, TR:3, UR:5, V:5, ZL:10}; MC(91), AM, AV:A-, BB:83, BBC:90, BG:80, CMG:85, CT:100, DA:100, DS:90, EW:A-, G:100, HP:80, LAT:88, MO:90, NOW:80, NR:90, P:91, PF:85, PM:90, RR:90, RS:70, SL:80, SP:90, SPK:90, UR:80, URB:100; CM, MT:**, TH:**
  10. Big Boi: Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty [Def Jam] {393}: V[6-121-1166] {AV:7, AZ:10, BB:10, CMG:2, CS, DA, DS, EM:10, EW:5, F, LS:7, NOW:10, NR, OTB:7, PF:4, PM:10, PMA:3, PX:2, QT, RH, RYM, SL:7, SP, SPK:7, TMT:5, TR:7, UR, V:8, W, ZL:9}; MC(89), AM, AV:A-, AC:89, BB:81, BBC:90, BG:90, CMG:88, DM:80, DS:90, DU:90, EW:A-, G:80, LAT:88, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:100, NR:90, P:86, PF:92, PH:88, PM:80, PX:90, RR:90, RS:70, SL:80, SP:90, SPK:90, TMT:90, U:80, URB:80, VV:90, W:80; RC:A-, MM, CM, MT:A-, TH:A-
  11. Sleigh Bells: Treats [Mom + Pop] {369}: V[9-86-902] {AZ, CS, EM:7, EW:6, EX, G, LS:3, OTB, P:6, PF, PM, PMA:4, PX:4, SG:6, SL:4, TMT, UR, ZL}; MC(84), AM, AL:80, AP:89, AV:A-, BBC:80, CMG:81, CT:88, DS:90, EW:A-, G:80, LS:100, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:90, NYT:80, P:93, PF:87, PM:90, PX:85, Q:80, RS:70, SL:100, SP:80, SPK:80, TMT:80; RC:A-, MM, CM, MT:A-, TH:***
  12. Sufjan Stevens: The Age of Adz [Asthmatic Kitty] {342}: V[37-34-279] {CD, CL, DA:4, DS:10, EX:8, OTB, P:9, PMA, PX, RYM, SG:4, SL, SPK:3, TR, UR:1, ZL}; MC(80), AM, AP:99, CMG:88, DA:100, DM:80, DS:80, DU:80, EW:A-, FL:88, G:80, NOW:80, P:90, PF:84, PX:90, Q:80, RS:70, SL:90, SP:70, SPK:100, TMT:90, UR:80, URB:100; MT:**, TH:*
  13. Gorillaz: Plastic Beach [Virgin] {332}: V[30-33-327] {AZ, BEA:6, CS:4, FL:6, FLY, GW, HP:10, MO, NR, OTB:3, Q:7, RH:8, SL:10, SPR:10, ST:3, TR, U, ZL}; MC(77), AM, AP:88, AV:B+, BB:90, BBC:100, BG:80, CMG:83, DA:90, DS:80, G:80, MO:100, NOW:80, NR:100, PF:85, PX:85, Q:100, RS:70, SL:100, SP:70, TMT:80, U:80; RC:S, TH:B
  14. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Before Today [4AD] {324}: V[16-52-587] {AZ, CD:8, EX, FLY, G:9, LS,MG:7, MJ, OM:2, NR:9, PF:9, PM, PX, SG, TMT:2, TR:6, U:6, W:7, ZL}; MC(85), AM, BBC:90, BG:80, DA:80, DS:80, FL:86, LS:90, MJ:80, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:90, NYT:80, PH:100, PF:90, PM:90, Q:80, RS:70, SP:70, TMT:90, U:80, UR:80; TH:B-
  15. Joanna Newsom: Have One on Me [Drag City] {313}: V[14-65-754] {BEA, BL:5, CD, EU:9, EX, MJ, MO, OM:7, NR, OTB, PF:7, PM, PMA:10, PX, RT, RYM:6, SG, SPK:10, TMT:7, TR, U:1, UR, W:4, ZL}; MC(85), BB:81, BBC:80, BG:90, CMG:85, DM:90, DS:90, DU:90, EW:A-, FL:84, G:80, LAT:100, MJ:100, MO:100, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:100, NYT:90, PF:92, P:85, PX:90, Q:80, RS:70, SP:80, SPK:90, TMT:80, U:100, UR:90
  16. Caribou: Swim [Merge] {305}: V[27-36-362] {BEA, CL:3, DA:5, DJ:3, DS, G:7, GW:7, HP, MJ, MO:4, MX:1, NME, NOW:4, OTB, PF, RA:1, SPR, RT:1, SL, TR:8, XL:5, ZL:8}; MC(83), AM, AV:A-, BB:82, BBC:80, CL:80, DA:80, DS:90, FL:80, G:80, LS:83, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:100, NR:80, P:85, PF:84, SP:80, SPK:80, U:80, URB:80, XLR:90; TH:*
  17. Yeasayer: Odd Blood [Secretly Canadian] {282}: V[45-24-232] {AS:5, AV, CS, DS:8, EU:4, FB, FLY:8, G, GW, HP, MO, NME, OTB:9, PMA, Q, RH, SP, ST, UR, ZL}; MC(78), AM, AP:88, AV:A-, BB:80, BBC:80, BG:80, DA:80, DS:70, G:80, LAT:88, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:100, OMM:80, Q:80, RS:80, SL:80, SP:80, U:80; TH:B
  18. Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma [Warp] {273}: V[19-53-500] {BEA, BL:4, BW, CMG:4, CS:8, DA, EU, FB, MX:8, OM, OTB:5, NR, PF, PM:3, PMA, PX:10, RA:2, RH, RT, RYM, SG, SL, SPK:6, TMT:4, TR, ZL}; MC(85), AM, AV:A, BB:87, BBC:80, CL:80, CMG:85, DA:100, DB, DS:80, DU:80, G:80, MO:80, NME:80, P:89, PF:88, PM:90, PX:85, SL:90, SP:80, SPK:100, TMT:90, U:80, UR:80; RC:A-, MM, CM, MT:A-, TH:**
  19. Best Coast: Crazy for You [Mexican Summer] {272}: V[22-44-407] {BL:6, EM, EX:6, FLY, MG, NOW:8, PM, PX, RT, SP, SPR}; MC(79), AM, BB:87, BBC:80, FL:85, G:80, LAT:88, LS:80, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, PF:84, PH:88, PM:80, PX:80, RS:70, SP:80, URB:90; MT:A-, TH:*
  20. Titus Andronicus: The Monitor [XL] {264}: V[12-75-852] {ATH:9, CD, CS:5, EX, NR:8, P:5, PF:10, PM:8, PX:9, SP, SPK:4, SPR, TMT, TR:10}; MC(82), AM, AC:89, AL:80, AP:88, AV:B+, BBC:80, CL:90, CMG:81, DA:90, DS:90, FL:84, G:80, MJ:80, NOW:80, NR:100, P:91, PF:87, RS:70, SP:80, TMT:80, U:80; RC:A-, CM, TH:***
  21. The Roots: How I Got Over [Def Jam] {233}: V[18-50-533] {AV:5, CS:10, PX, V:7}; MC(85), AM, AV:A-, BBC:80, CT:88, DS:90, EW:A-, G:80, LS:80, NOW:80, NR:80, NYT:80, OTB, PF:81, PM:80, PX:80, RR:90, RS:70, SP:80, URB:90; RC:A(1), CM, MT:A-, TH:A-
  22. Robyn: Body Talk [Cherrytree/Interscope] {226}: V[13-74-767] {AV:10, BB:3, CS, EM, EU:10, EW:3, FB, G:6, LS, OTB, PF, PMA, RH:7, RS, SG:5, SL:2, SPR, ST, TR, ZL}; MC(84*), AM, BBC:90, EW:A, G:80, MO:90, NOW:80, PF:87, RS:80, SL:80, SPK:80; RC:A-, MT:A, TH:A
  23. Spoon: Transference [Merge] {224}: V[28-38-346] {AZ, BEA:10, DA, EX:9, TR}; MC(80), AM, AP:89, AV:A-, BBC:80, BG:80, CMG:88, DA:80, DM:90, DS:80, EW:A-, G:80, LAT:88, LS:87, NR:90, P:85, PF:78, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70, SL:80, SP:80, U:80, UR:80; RC:A-, CM, TH:***
  24. The Tallest Man on Earth: The Wild Hunt [Dead Oceans] {224}: V[40-23-247] {ATH:2, BEA, CD:7, CS, FL:9, OTB:8, NR:10, RYM, SPK:1}; MC(79), AM, AL:80, AP:91, AV:A-, BBC:80, CL:80, DA:90, FL:82, G:80, MO:80, NOW:80, NR:90, P:80, PF:78, PM:80, SP:80, SPK:90, U:80; MT:C+, TH:B
  25. The Walkmen: Lisbon [Fat Possum] {224}: V[51-22-219] {ATH:8, AV:2, EM:6, EX, FL:5, MG, OM, PX}; MC(83), AM, AV:A, BBC:80, BG:80, CMG:83, DS:80, DU:80, FL:80, G:80, HP:80, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:90, NR:80, PF:86, PH:88, PX:80, Q:80, SP:80, SPK:90, U:80, UR:80, VV:80; TH:B-
  26. Surfer Blood: Astro Coast [Kanine] {214}: V[54-24-211] {ATH, CD, CMG:9, CS, DA, EM, FL:7, MO, PX, RT, UR}; MC(79), AM, AP:81, AV:B+, CMG:84, DA:80, DU:80, FL:83, MJ:80, MO:90, PF:82, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70, SP:80, SPK:80, UR:80; RC:A-, CM, TH:**
  27. Four Tet: There Is Love in You [Domino] {213}: V[35-30-287] {BL, DJ:1, EU, GW, MO:9, MX:7, OTB, PMA, RA:7, RH, SPR, TMT, XL:2}; MC(82), AM, AV:A, BBC:80, CL:90, DA:90, DS:90, LS:88, MJ:80, MO:90, OMM:80, PF:86, PM:80, PX:85, Q:80, RKS:80, SL:100, SP:70, TMT:80, UR:80, URB:80, XLR:90; RC:*, MM, TH:***
  28. Jonsi: Go [XL] {203}: V[49-25-221] {CS:9, DA, MO, P}; MC(76), AM, AL:90, AV:A-, BB:85, CL:90, DA:80, DS:90, EW:B+, FL:82, MO:90, P:80, PF:81, PM:80, SL:90, SP:80, U:80, UR:80; TH:*
  29. Tame Impala: Innerspeaker [Modular] {202}: V[59-20-186] {FB, RT:10}; AM, PF:85, U:80
  30. Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record [Arts & Crafts] {194}: V[74-15-154] {DA:10, EX, LS, SPR}; MC(77), AM, AP:80, AV:B+, DS:80, EW:B+, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, PF:83, PM:90, PX:80, Q:80, RS:70, SP:70, SPK:80, UR:80; TH:*
  31. Grinderman: Grinderman 2 [Epitaph] {194}: V[15-62-640] {BW:4, CD, EM:3, MJ, NME, NOW:8, Q, QT, SP:7, U:10}; MC(83), AM, AL:80, AV:B+, BBC:80, BG:80, CT:88, DA:80, DM:90, DS:80, DU:90, FL:80, K:80, LAT:88, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:80, PF:81, PM:80, PX:95, Q:80, SP:90, SPK:80, U:80, UR:80, URB:100; TH:B-
  32. Foals: Total Life Forever [Sub Pop] {188}: V[170-7-71] {ATH, BEA, CL:7, FLY:1, GW:6, HP, MO:8, NME:6, NR, Q, RH, ZL}; MC(77), AL:80, AP:85, BBC:80, CL:80, DA:80, G:80, HP:80, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:80, PF:76, PM:80, RKS:80, SL:80, SPK:90, U:80; TH:**
  33. Broken Bells: Broken Bells [Columbia] {186}: V[70-15-167] {AZ:7, BEA, DA, MG:4, RH:4, RT}; MC(71), BBC:80, BG:80, DM:80, DS:90, EW:B+, FL:81, LAT:88, MJ:80, PF:72, RS:80, SPK:90, URB:90; RC:**, TH:*
  34. Cee Lo Green: The Lady Killer [Elektra] {184}: V[21-44-414] {EW:7, P, ST}; MC(82), AM, AP:93, AV:A-, BBC:80, BG:80, CT:88, EW:A-, G:80, HC:80, MO:80, NOW:80, NR:90, P:80, PF:73, RR:80, RS:80, SL:90, SP:80, URB:80, VV:90; MT:A-, TH:B
  35. Crystal Castles: Crystal Castles [II] [Fiction/Last Gang/Universal Motown] {181}: V[77-18-146] {DS, MX, OTB, RT, SG, SL:6}; MC(77), AM, BB:89, BBC:80, FL:82, LS:82, MO:90, NYT:80, PF:85, PH:100, PM:80, PX:85, SP:80, URB:80; TH:***
  36. Local Natives: Gorilla Manor [Frenchkiss] {179}: V[148-10-81] {ATH:10, EW:9, PMA, UR:7}; MC(79), AC:89, BBC:80, DA:80, DS:80, FL:83, MO:90, PF:84, PX:80, RKS:80, U:80, UR:80; TH:B-
  37. MGMT: Congratulations [Columbia] {175}: V[53-23-212] {AS, BB:8, BEA:5, MJ:3, NME, Q:10, SP, SPR}; MC(72), AM, AP:82, AS:80, AV:A-, BB:90, BG:80, CT:88, HC:80, MJ:100, Q:80, SP:80, TP:80, U:80, UR:80; RC:C+, TH:B-
  38. Hot Chip: One Life Stand [EMI] {168}: V[46-23-228] {CS, G:3, MX, Q, TR}; MC(79); AP:86, AV:B+, BG:80, DA:90, DM:80, DU:80, G:80, HP:80, MO:80, NOW:100, OMM:80, PF:84, PH:88, PM:90, Q:80, RS:70, SL:80, TMT:80, U:80, URB:80; RC:***, TH:*
  39. Twin Shadow: Forget [Terrible] {161}: V[91-12-127] {PMA, PX, UR}; MC(85), AM, BBC:80, CL:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, PF:84, PH:88, PM:90, SP:70; MT:X, TH:*
  40. Laura Marling: I Speak Because I Can [Astralwerks] {158}: V[80-15-142] {EW:10, G:8, GW, NME:5, Q:4, RT, ST:1}; MC(81), AM, AV:B+, BBC:80, BG:80, CL:90, DM:80, DS:90, G:100, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, P:89, PF:81, PX:90, Q:80, SP:70; TH:**
  41. Warpaint: The Fool [Rough Trade] {158}: V[101-12-120] {CMG, FLY, G, GW:9, LS:8, MO, NME, RT}; MC(76), AV:B+, BBC:80, FL:82, G:80, HP:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:90, NR:80, P:80, PF:72, PH:88, Q:80, RS:70, SP:80, SPK:80; TH:*
  42. Wavves: King of the Beach [Fat Possum] {158}: V[107-12-108] {AV, NR}; MC(72), AM, AL:80, AV:B+, BB:88, DS:80, DU:80, MJ:80, MO:90, NOW:80, NR:90, P:91, PF:84, RKS:80, RS:70, SP:80; TH:B-
  43. Gil Scott-Heron: I'm New Here [XL] {157}: V[47-23-226] {CMG, G, Q, GW, RT:2, U}; MC(78), AM, BB:87, BBC:80, BG:80, CMG:82, DA:100, DS:90, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:90, NOW:80, NR:90, OMM:80, P:82, PF:85, PX:85, Q:80, RR:80, SL:80, SP:70, TMT:80, U:80; RC:*, TH:*
  44. Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More [Glassnote] {154}: V[52-23-216] {AS:2, AZ:1, BB:4, FL:3, P:3, RH:10, SPR:9}; MC(68), AP:90, MO:80, P:91, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70, UR:80; MT:B-, TH:**
  45. No Age: Everything in Between [Sub Pop] {153}: V[36-27-280] {CL, EM, LS:6, PF, NR, SP}; MC(79), AM, BBC:80, BG:90, CL:80, CMG:81, DA:80, FL:91, G:80, LS:82, MJ:80, MO:80, NOW:80, NYT:80, P:82, PF:88, PM:80, SP:80, TMT:80, U:80, UR:80, URB:80; CM, MT:A, TH:A-
  46. The Gaslight Anthem: American Slang [Side One Dummy] {146}: V[62-17-175] {EX, K:2}; MC(80), AM, AC:89, AL:80, AP:93, AV:A-, BB:82, BBC:80, CL:90, DM:80, DS:80, EW:B+, K:80, MO:90, NOW:80, PF:73, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70, SP:80, SPK:80, U:100; MT:X, TH:*
  47. Wild Nothing: Gemini [Captured Tracks] {140}: V[95-12-125] {ATH, CD:6, OM:8, RT:9, SG:9}; PF:82, PX:80; MT:X, TH:B
  48. Band of Horses: Infinite Arms [Columbia/Fat Possum] {137}: V[66-13-171] {BEA, CL:6, FL:10, P}; MC(69), AM, BB:81, CL:80, DS:80, EW:A-, FL:91, G:80, HP:80, NME:80, P:89, Q:80, RS:70, SP:80, U:80; TH:*
  49. These New Puritans: Hidden [Domino] {136}: V[212-7-56]; {CL:10, DS:6, FB, FLY:4, G:5, GW:8, NME:1, QT:4, RT:3, U}; MC(82), AM, BBC:80, CL:90, DM:80, DS:90, DU:80, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:90, NOW:80, OMM:100, P:89, PF:82, PX:80, Q:80, SP:70, TMT:80, U:80, URB:80; TH:B
  50. Erykah Badu: New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return of Ankh [Universal Motown] {131}: V[23-40-391] {EU, PF}; MC(83), AM, AV:A-, BB:81, BBC:90, BG:80, DS:90, DU:80, EW:A-, G:80, LAT:88, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:80, SL:80, SP:80, TMT:90; RC:**, CM, TH:*
  51. Neil Young: Le Noise [Reprise] {128}: V[38-28-277] {AS:8, RS, U:2}; MC(81), AC:89, AS:80, BBC:80, BG:80, CT:100, FL:88, G:80, JL, LAT:88, PF:76, PM:90, Q:80, RS:80, SL:80, SP:80, TMT:80, U:100; MT:**,TH:***
  52. Menomena: Mines [Barsuk] {126}: V[131-9-88] {AZ, CMG}; MC(74), AM, AL:80, BB:83, BBC:80, CMG:84, DS:80, DU:80, FL:87, MO:90, NME:90, NR:80, P:85, PF:82, PM:80, PX:80, SL:80, SPK:80, UR:80
  53. Belle and Sebastian: Write About Love [Matador] {124}: V[73-19-169]* {ATH}; MC(75), AM, BBC:80, CL:90, G:80, NOW:80, NR:90, PF:82, PH:88, PM:90, Q:80, SP:70; MT:A, TH:A- - added P&J vote
  54. Frightened Rabbit: The Winter of Mixed Drinks [Fat Cat] {124}: V[113-10-103] {AV, FLY, P:10}; MC(78), AM, AV:A, BB:83, BBC:80, DM:80, DS:80, DU:80, FL:80, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, Q:80, RKS:80, SL:80, U:80; TH:*
  55. The Radio Dept: Clinging to a Scheme [Labrador] {124}: V[87-10-131] {MG}; MC(78), AM, BBC:80, CMG:82, DS:80, NME:80, NOW:80, PF:83, PM:80; TH:***
  56. The New Pornographers: Together [Matador] {123}: V[56-22-199] {MG:10}; MC(71), AM, AV:A-, BG:80, CMG:82, DA:80, MO:80, NOW:100, NYT:80, P:80, PF:73, PH:88, PM:90, RS:70, SP:70, UR:80; RC:*
  57. Drake: Thank Me Later [Cash Money/Universal] {122}: V[24-42-388] {BB:7, EU, F:7, G, GW:4, RH, RS:7, SP, V:3}; MC(75), AM, AP:85, AV:B+, BB:90, MO:80, P:81, PF:84, RS:70, SP:80, V:80, VV:80, XXL:80, ; MT:***, TH:***
  58. Owen Pallett: Heartland [Domino] {121}: V[102-11-118] {EX:5, SG, SL}; MC(76), AM, AV:A-, CMG:82, DS:80, DU:80, LS:83, MO:80, PF:86, PM:80, PX:80, SL:90, UR:80, XLR:85; TH:*
  59. Liars: Sisterworld [Mute] {118}: V[100-12-120] {NME:9, NR:7, QT:1, RT}; MC(78), AM, AV:A, BB:81, BBC:80, DM:80, DS:80, FL:81, LS:85, MO:80, NME:90, NR:90, PF:81, SL:70, SP:70, TMT:90, U:80, XLR:80; TH:C+
  60. The Morning Benders: Big Echo [Rough Trade] {115}: V[240-5-50] {RT}; MC(72), AM, AP:89, DA:80, FL:84, MO:80, NYT:80, PF:82, SP:80, SPK:80; TH:B-
  61. Superchunk: Majesty Shredding [Merge] {114}: V[17-49-563] {ATH:6, AV:8, MG:5, NOW:7, SP}; MC(82), AM, AC:89, AL:80, AV:A, BBC:80, BG:80, DS:80, G:100, MJ:80, NYT:80, PF:80, PM:80, PX:85, RS:80, SP:70, SPK:80, VV:80; MM, MT:**, TH:*
  62. Eminem: Recovery [Interscope] {113}: V[57-21-204] {AZ, OTB, RS:9, V:4}; MC(62), AP:87, EW:B+, RS:80, SP:70; RC:A-, MT:A, TH:*** - added P&J vote
  63. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings: I Learned the Hard Way [Daptone] {113}: V[39-27-253] {BL, EU, OM, P, PMA}; MC(81), AM, AV:A-, BB:90, BG:80, CT:88, DA:90, DU:80, EW:A-, FL:82, MJ:80, MO:80, NOW:80, NYT:80, P:86, PF:80, PH:100, PX:85, PM:80, SP:70, TMT:80, UR:80, URB:80, XLR:90; TH:*
  64. Swans: My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky [Young God] {112}: V[29-29-332] {BW:1, F, NR, QT:3, TMT:3, W:3}; MC(83), AV:A, BBC:80, CMG:84, DA:80, DS:80, DU:80, MJ:80, NEM:90, NR:100, PM:90, RKS:90, SL:80, SP:80, SPK:80, TMT:90, U:80, W:80; TH:*
  65. Avi Buffalo: Avi Buffalo [Sub Pop] {109}: V[441-3-25] {AV, FLY:6, MJ, NR, RT, UR}; MC(81), AV:A-, BBC:80, DS:80, DU:80, FL:86, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:90, PF:79, U:80
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  67. Mount Kimbie: Crooks & Lovers [Hotflush] {105}: V[274-6-42] {DJ:6, DS, MX:6, OM:5, RA:9, RT, XL}; AM, DS:90, MO:80, U:80, URB:90
  68. Gonjasufi: A Sufi and a Killer [Warp] {104}: V[58-19-191] {CL:2, W} MC(78), AM, BBC:90, DA:90, DU:80, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NR:90, PF:84, RR:85; TH:C-
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  70. The Drums: The Drums [Moshi Moshi] {102}: V[104-11-113] {FLY, HP:8, NME:10}; MC(73), AM, DS:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NYT:80, PF:75, PH:100, Q:80, SL:80, SP:80, UR:80; TH:**
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  72. Emeralds: Does It Look Like I'm Here? [Editions Mego] {96}: V[50-20-220] {BW, CMG, DS:1, F:8, OM:4, RT, TMT:8, W, XL}; AM, DS:80, PF:83, PX:90, U:80
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  77. Jamey Johnson: The Guitar Song [Mercury Nashville] {93}: V[20-48-466] {AS:4, RH, RS:5, SP:5}; MC(90), AM, BG:90, EW:A-, LAT:100, PM:90, RS:90, SP:90; MT:B-, TH:**
  78. The Besnard Lakes: The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night [Jagjaguwar] {92}: V[233-5-50] {QT}; MC(80), BBC:80, CT:88, DA:80, DS:80, MO:80, MJ:80, NME:90, NR:80, PF:78, Q:80, RS:70, SL:80, SP:70, U:80, UR:80, URB:80; TH:B
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  82. Villagers: Becoming a Jackal [Domino] {90}: V[566-2-20] {CL, HP:1, RT}; MC(78), CMG:81, DS:80, G:80, HP:90, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NYT:80, Q:80, RS:70, U:80
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  89. Toro y Moi: Causers of This [Carpark] {82}: V[174-7-69]; MC(71), FL:76, NME:80, PF:76; TH:*
  90. Mavis Staples: You Are Not Alone [Anti-] {81}: V[41-27-246] {BL:8, MJ, P, PM, ST}; MC(80), AV:A-, EW:A-, BB:85, BG:80, DU:80, HC:80, P:91, PF:82, RS:70, U:80, UR:80; MT:***, TH:***
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  94. Two Door Cinema Club: Tourist History [Kitsune] {79}: V[383-3-30] {HP}, MC(67), MO:80, NOW:80; TH:**
  95. The Books: The Way Out [Temporary Residence] {78}: V[140-7-84]; MC(81), AM, AV:A, BG:90, CMG:83, DU:80, FL:83, NOW:80, P:84, PF:77, PX:90, SP:70, TMT:80, URB:80, W:80, XLR:90; MT:A-, TH:A-
  96. How to Dress Well: Love Remains [Lefse] {78}: V[84-15-136] {PF, PMA:9, SL, SPK}; MC(82), AM, AV:A-, NOW:80, PF:87, SP:80, SPK:90; MT:C-
  97. Aloe Blacc: Good Things [Stones Throw] {77}: V[108-12-108] {CL}; MC(81), AM, MJ:80, NME:80, Q:80, SP:80, UR:80, URB:80; TH:B
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  100. Midlake: The Courage of Others [Bella Union] {76}: V[156-8-79] {MJ:7}; MC(72), AV:A, BBC:80, BG:80, CT:88, DA:80, DS:80, FL:82, G:80, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, NYT:90, P:91, PX:80, Q:80, TMT:80
  101. Baths: Cerulean [Anticon] {75}: V[217-5-54]; AM, DS:80, PX:80, URB:80; TH:***
  102. Delorean: Subiza [True Panther Sounds] {74}: V[193-7-62] {XL:1}; MC(79), AM, AV:B+, DA:80, DS:80, FL:82, MO:80, PF:84, PM:80, PX:90; TH:*
  103. Kings of Leon: Come Around Sundown [RCA] {73}: V[236-4-50] {AS, CL, HP,RS}; MC(64), AV:B+, BB:82, CL:80, Q:80, RS:80, SP:70, UC:80
  104. Perfume Genius: Learning [Matador] {73}: V[283-5-41] {CD, DS:4, RT}; AM, MO:80, DS:90
  105. John Legend and the Roots: Wake Up! [Columbia] {71}: V[79-13-143] {Q, ST:8}; MC(76), AP:87, AV:B+, BBC:80, BG:80, DM:90, DS:80, MJ:80, MO:80, P:80, PM:80, Q:80, RR:85, RS:80; MT:B-, TH:B
  106. Oneohtrix Point Never: Returnal [Editions Mego] {71}: V[60-19-180] {BW:5, F:10, PF, RA, TMT:6, U, W:2, XL:4}; DS:80, U:80
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  108. Kid Cudi: Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr Rager [GOOD/Universal Motown] {70}: V[136-12-86] {SP:9}; MC(70), AM, CT:88, EW:A-, NME:90, PH:88, Q:80, RR:80, SP:80, SPK:80; TH:*
  109. Los Campesinos!: Romance Is Boring [Arts & Crafts/Wichita] {70}: V[154-6-79]; MC(75), AL:80, AP:83, AV:B+, BBC:80, CL:80, DS:80, FL:82, MO:80, MJ:80, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:80, PF:83, PM:90, PX:80, RKS:80, RS:70, SP:3.5; RC:***, TH:***
  110. Zola Jesus: Stridulum II [Souterrain Transmissions] {70}: V[230-9-69] {NME:7, OM:3, QT}; PX:80; TH:* - combined Stridulum {V[230-7-51]} + Stridulum II {V[615-2-18]}
  111. John Grant: The Queen of Denmark [Bella Union] {69}: V[97-10-122] {EU:5, G:10, MJ:1, MO:10, Q:6, RT, U:7}; FL:87, MO:90, NME:80, U:80; TH:B
  112. Harlem: Hippies [Matador] {69}: V[352-4-33]; MC(70), AM, BBC:80, FL:86, NME:80, PF:81, SP:70; TH:**
  113. Das Racist: Sit Down, Man [mixtape] {68}: V[32-28-299] {CMG:7, DA, PM, PX}; DS:90, PF:87, SP:80; RC:A-, MT:A-, TH:***
  114. Field Music: Field Music (Measure) [Memphis Industries] {68}: V[139-9-84] {MO, ST, U}; MC(79), AM, AV:B+, BBC:80, DM:80, DS:80, MJ:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NR:90, NYT:80, PF:75, Q:80, SP:70, U:100; CM, MT:*, TH:*
  115. Rick Ross: Teflon Don [Def Jam] {68}: V[34-32-287] {BB:9, V:2}; MC(79), AM, BB:90, EW:B+, LAT:88, NYT:80, PF:80, RS:70, SP:80, VV:80, XXL:80
  116. Justin Townes Earle: Harlem River Blues [Bloodshot] {67}: V[105-13-111] {BL:1, P}; MC(82), AM, BBC:80, MJ:80, NOW:80, PM:80, Q:80, SL:80, SPK:90, U:80; TH:*
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  118. Dr Dog: Shame, Shame [Anti-] {66}: V[171-8-70] {MG}; MC(77), AM, AP:85, AS:80, AV:B+, DS:80, NOW:80, NYT:80, P:82, Q:80, RS:70, SP:70, URB:90; TH:*
  119. Lower Dens: Twin Hand Movement [Gnomonsong] {65}: V[242-7-49] {OM:9}; AM; TH:A-
  120. Taylor Swift: Speak Now [Big Machine] {65}: V[26-35-362] {AS, LS:9, RS}; MC(75), AM, EW:B+, HC:80, RS:80, SP:70, SPK:80; RC:A-, CM, MT:A-, TH:A-
  121. Gayngs: Relayted [Jagjaguwar] {64}: V[439-2-25] {NME, QT}; MC(76), AV:B+, MO:90, NME:90, Q:80, U:80; TH:*
  122. Rudresh Mahanthappa/Bunky Green: Apex [Pi] {63}: V[720-2-15]; AM, DB, JL; CM, TH:***
  123. Massive Attack: Heligoland [Virgin] {63}: V[246-5-48] {MX}; MC(72), AL:80, BB:82, BBC:90, BG:90, CL:80, G:80, MO:80, P:85, RKS:80, RS:80, SP:70, U:80, URB:90; TH:*
  124. Robyn: Body Talk Pt 1 [Cherrytree (EP)] {63}: {SP:10}; MC(76), AM, AV:B+, BB:81, BG:80, CMG:83, DM:80, G:80, PF:85, MO:90, PF:85, PX:80, RS:70, SL:80, SP:80; MT:***, TH:**
  125. Laura Veirs: July Flame [Raven Marching Band] {63}: V[143-8-83] {AS:10}; MC(81), DS:80, EW:91, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, P:85, PF:75, PM:90, Q:80, U:80
  126. The Fall: Your Future Our Clutter [Domino] {62}: V[183-6-66] {NME, QT:5, U}; MC(81), AV:A-, BBC:80, DM:80, DS:90, DU:80, FL:80, G:80, HP:80, MJ:80, NME:80, PF:80, PM:90, Q:80, SL:80; RC:**, TH:*
  127. Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs: God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise [RCA] {62}: V[116-11-101]; MC(71), AP:91, BG:80, G:80, LAT:88, MO:80, Q:80, SP:70, U:80; TH:**
  128. Josh Ritter: So Runs the World Away [Pytheas] {62}: V[313-4-37]; MC(81), AM, AP:88, AS:80, BG:80, DS:80, G:80, HP:80, MJ:80, MO:80, P:83, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70, SP:80, U:80
  129. Marnie Stern: Marnie Stern [Kill Rock Stars] {62}: V[72-14-164] {CD}; MC(83), AM, AV:B+, CL:80, DA:90, DS:80, DU:80, FL:82, MO:90, NYT:80, PF:79, PX:85; MT:*,TH:**
  130. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists: The Brutalist Bricks [Matador] {60}: V[68-16-170] {ATH:5, MG}; MC(74), AL:80, AP:91, AV:B+, BBC:80, DA:80, DS:80, DU:80, NME:80, PF:79, PX:80, SP:70, U:80; MM, TH:B
  131. Male Bonding: Nothing Hurts [Sub Pop] {60}: V[204-5-59] {EM}; MC(77), AM, BBC:80, DS:90, FL:80, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, PF:85, PM:80, PX:80, SL:80, TMT:80
  132. Drive-By Truckers: The Big To-Do [ATO] {59}: V[122-9-94] {BL:7, U}; MC(78), AM, AV:A-, EW:A-, NR:90, PF:74, PM:80, RS:70, SP:70, U:100, UR:80; RC:***, TH:***
  133. Roky Erickson/Okkervil River: True Love Cast Out All Evil [Anti-] {59}: V[81-16-141] {BL, EU:8}; MC(82), AM, AS:90, AV:A-, BBC:80, BG:80, CT:88, DS:90, FL:84, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:90, PM:90, PX:90, Q:80, RS:70, SP:70, U:80; TH:**
  134. High on Fire: Snakes for the Divine [Koch] {59}: V[162-7-76] {K}; MC(81), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, CT:88, PF:80, PM:80, NR:80, PH:100, RKS:100
  135. Actress: Splazsh [Honest Jon's] {58}: V[99-14-120] {F:3, RA:4, W:1}; MC(71), AM, DA:80, MO:80, PF:83, SP:80, TMT:90, URB:80
  136. The Black Angels: Phosphene Dream [Blue Horizon] {58}: V[288-4-40]; MC(70), BBC:90, FL:82, MO:80, NR:80, PF:72, PM:80, RS:70, SP:70; TH:***
  137. Currensy: Pilot Talk [Roc-A-Fella/BluRoc] {58}: V[92-12-126] {DA}; MC(77), AM, PF:84, PM:90, URB:90; MT:**, TH:**
  138. Sade: Soldier of Love [Epic] {58}: V[75-17-151]; MC(79), AV:A-, BB:82, BBC:80, EW:A, LAT:88, MJ:80, MO:80, NOW:80, P:82, PF:70, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70; RC:*, TH:B
  139. Ty Segall: Melted [Goner] {58}: V[94-10-125] {OM}; MC(77), DA:80, DU:80, PF:75
  140. Johnny Cash: American VI: Ain't No Grave [Lost Highway] {57}: V[348-3-33]; MC(79), AM, AV:A, BB:86, CT:88, EW:A, FL:88, MJ:80, NOW:80, PM:80, RS:70, U:80; RC:A(6), TH:**
  141. Nas/Damian "Jr Gong" Marley: Distant Relatives [Universal Republic] {57}: V[202-8-59]; MC(73), AM, BBC:80, EW:B+, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, RR:100, SL:90, SPK:80; RC:A-, TH:***
  142. School of Seven Bells: Disconnect From Desire [Vagrant] {57}: V[199-5-60]; MC(69), AM, BB:90, BBC:80, HP:90, MO:80, P:82, PF:80, RS:70, SP:70; TH:**
  143. Autechre: Oversteps [Warp] {56}: V[268-5-44] {BW:7, W}; MC(76), AM, BBC:80, CMG:80, DS:90, NME:80, NR:80, PF:72, PM:90, RKS:80, TMT:80, URB:80, XLR:80
  144. Holy Fuck: Latin [XL] {56}: V[272-4-42]; MC(75), AM, BBC:80, CL:80, DS:80, FL:83, MO:80, PF:78, Q:80, TMT:80; TH:***
  145. Les Savy Fav: Root for Ruin [Frenchkiss] {56}: V[1407-1-10] {ATH}; MC(77), AM, AL:80, K:80, PF:72, MJ:80, PF:72, Q:80, SP:80, U:80; RC:A-, CM, MT:***, TH:***
  146. Black Mountain: Wilderness Heart [Jagjaguwar] {55}: V[356-5-32] {EX}; MC(73), BBC:90, CT:88, FL:82, MJ:80, MO:80, NOW:80, NR:90, PF:74, Q:80; TH:*
  147. Brian Eno: Small Craft on a Milk Sea [Warp] {55}: V[175-8-69] {RT}; MC(76), AM, AL:80, BG:80, FL:87, JL, LAT:88, MJ:80, NR:90, NYT:80, PF:74, PM:90, SP:80, U:80; MT:X - also Collector's Edition
  148. Girls: Broken Dreams Club [True Panther (EP)] {55}: V[270-4-43] {PMA}; P:82, PF:87, RS:70, SP:80; MT:A-, TH:***
  149. Phantogram: Eyelid Movies [Barsuk] {55}: V[307-4-38]; MC(76), AL:80, AP:80, AV:B+, BBC:80, PF:75, SP:80
  150. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse: Dark Night of the Soul [Capitol] {54}: V[192-7-62]; MC(73), AL:80, BBC:80, BG:80, CL:90, DS:80, G:80, LS:89, NOW:80, P:90, PF:74, PM:90, RS:70, SL:80, SP:80, SPK:80; TH:*
  151. Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday [Cash Money] {54}: V[232-4-50] {V:9}; MC(68), AM, RS:70, SP:70; RC:A, MT:A, TH:A-
  152. Paul Weller: Wake Up the Nation [Yep Roc] {54}: V[117-11-98] {MJ:6, Q:9, ST:6, U:3}; MC(85), AM, AV:B+, BBC:80, CL:80, DM:90, FL:83, G:100, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, PM:90, PX:85, Q:100, SL:80, SP:70, U:80
  153. Kylesa: Spirit Shadow [Season of Mist] {53}: V[86-14-134]; MC(85), AM, K:80, PF:84, PM:80, PX:80, RKS:90, RV:80, SP:70
  154. Dillinger Escape Plan: Option Paralysis [Season of Mist] {52}: V[197-6-60] {K:5, SPK}; MC(82), AM, AL:90, AV:A-, BBC:80, MO:80, NME:90, PF:72, Q:80, RKS:90, RV:80, SL:80, SP:70; SPK:90, RC:X
  155. Future Islands: In Evening Air [Thrill Jockey] {52}: V[89-11-129] {CD:2, CMG, TMT}; MC(74), CMG:82, DA:100, PF:76, SPK:80, TMT:80; TH:*
  156. Charles Lloyd: Mirror [ECM] {51}: MC(81), AM, BBC:80, G:100, JL; TH:***
  157. My Chemical Romance: Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys [Reprise] {51}: V[133-8-88] {GW:10; K:7}; MC(70*), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, G:80, NME:80, PH:88, RKS:80, RS:70, SP:70
  158. Mary Halvorson Quintet: Saturn Sings [Firehouse 12] {50}: V[135-8-87]; DB, JL; FD, CM, TH:***
  159. BoB: The Adventures of Bobby Ray [Grand Hustle/Atlantic] {49}: V[189-6-63]; {SPR}; MC(67), AM, AP:84, BB:80, DM:80, XXL:80; TH:B-
  160. Teenage Fanclub: Shadows [Merge] {49}: V[115-11-102] {MG:8}; MC(81), AM, AV:A-, BB:85, BBC:80, CL:80, DS:80, FL:81, MJ:80, PF:74, PM:80, Q:80, SP:70, U:80, UR:80
  161. Tokyo Police Club: Champ [Mom & Pop] {49}: V[320-4-35]; MC(71), AL:80, AV:B+, CL:80, MO:80, NME:80, PF:76; RC:A-, CM, TH:**
  162. The Chemical Brothers: Further [Astralwerks] {48}: V[152-8-79] {MX:2}; MC(70), AV:83, BBC:80, DA:80, DM:80, FL:82, MJ:80, NOW:80, PF:80, Q:80; MT:*, TH:***
  163. Junip: Fields [Mute] {48}: V[238-5-50]; MC(75), BBC:80, DU:80, G:90, MJ:80, NOW:80, PF:75, Q:80, RS:70, SP:70, URB:90; MT:X, TH:B
  164. Daft Punk: Tron: Legacy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Walt Disney] {47}: V[596-2-20]; MC(76*), AM, BB:82, DS:90, MO:80, NME:80, PH:88, PM:80, SP:70; TH:B
  165. Free Energy: Stuck on Nothing [Astralwerks/Caroline] {47}: V[186-7-64]; MC(76), AM, AV:B+, DU:80, PF:81, PM:80, PX:85, RS:70, TMT:80, U:80; TH:**
  166. Interpol: Interpol [Matador] {47}: V[1471-1-10] {FLY:9, GW}; MC(66), EW:B+, FL:81, NR:80, Q:80, RS:70, U:80, URB:80, VV:80
  167. Jenny and Johnny: I'm Having Fun Now [Warner Bros] {47}: V[200-7-60] {MG:6}; MC(72), EW:B+, LAT:88, MJ:80, NOW:80, NYT:80, SP:70, U:80; CM, MT:A, TH:A-
  168. Avey Tare: Down There [Paw Tracks] {47}: V[1054-1-10]; MC(75), AM, BBC:80, CL:80, DS:80, G:80, MJ:80, PF:79, Q:80, SL:80, SP:70, TMT:80, U:80; MT:*, TH:*
  169. Fang Island: Fang Island [Sargent House] {46}: V[255-4-45]; DS:80, NR:90, PF:83, U:80; TH:B-
  170. The Sword: Warp Riders [Kemado] {46}: V[177-8-67]; MC(72), AV:A, FL:83, K:80, PM:80, Q:80, RKS:80, RS:70, SP:70
  171. Beach Fossils: Beach Fossils [Captured Tracks] {45}: V[337-4-35] {CD:5}; MC(73), AM, MO:80, PF:78; TH:**
  172. Steve Coleman and Five Elements: Harvesting Semblances and Affinities [Pi] {45}: V[1595-1-7]; DB; TH:B
  173. Delphic: Acolyte [Dangerbird] {45}: V[513-2-20]; {UR}; MC(72), BBC:80, DS:80, MO:80, NME:80, Q:80, UR:80
  174. Vijay Iyer: Solo [ACT] {45}: V[301-3-39]; MC(81), BBC:80, BG:90, DB, G:80, DU:80, PF:77, PM:90, VV:80, W:80; JM, TH:***
  175. Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden: Jasmine [ECM] {45}: V[216-5-55]; DB, EW:A; JM, TH:**
  176. Kelis: Flesh Tone [Polydor] {45}: V[137-8-85] {DS, G}; MC(77), AM, BB:83, BBC:80, BG:80, EW:B+, G:80, MO:90, NME:80, URB:90, VV:80; TH:*
  177. The Magnetic Fields: Realism [Nonesuch] {45}: V[436-3-26]; MC(72), AV:A-, BB:82, CMG:81, DS:80, EW:A, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:80, PM:80, SP:80, UR:80; RC:***, TH:A-
  178. Marina & the Diamonds: The Family Jewels [Atlantic] {45}: V[267-4-44]; SP:70; TH:**
  179. Black Milk: Album of the Year [Fat Beats] {44}: V[224-7-53]; MC(82), AM, CMG:83, DU:80, PF:75, PX:90, RR:85, SP:70, SPK:80; TH:**
  180. Bonobo: Black Sands [Ninja Tune] {44}: V[198-6-60] {DJ:8, RA}; MC(73), BBC:80, CMG:82, MO:80, URB:80; TH:**
  181. Yellow Swans: Going Places [Type] {44}: V[82-15-141] {BW:3, CMG}; MC(81), AM, DU:80, PF:83, PX:80, TMT:80; TH:*
  182. Damien Jurado: Saint Bartlett [Secretly Canadian] {43}: V[185-7-64]; MC(77), AM, BBC:80, DU:80, MO:80, PF:79, Q:80
  183. Lindstrom & Christabelle: Real Life Is No Cool [Smalltown Supersound] {43}: V[103-11-118] {QT:7, SL:9, XL}; MC(80), AM, AV:A-, BBC:80, CMG:82, G:80, DS:80, MO:80, NOW:80, PF:81, PX:90, SL:80, SP:70, U:80, URB:100, XLR:95; TH:***
  184. Anais Mitchell: Hadestown [Righteous Babe] {43}: V[222-4-54] {G, ST:9}; AM, DS:100, NME:90, PM:90, U:100; TH:B-
  185. Robyn: Body Talk Pt 2 [Cherrytree] {43}: MC(76), AM, AV:A-, BBC:90, BG:80, DM:80, EW:A, G:80, NME:80, NOW:80, PF:80, Q:80, RS:70, UR:80; MT:A-, TH:B
  186. Die Antwoord: $0$ [Cherrytree/Interscope] {42}: V[258-6-45]; MC(67), AM, SP:70; RC:A-, MT:***, TH:**
  187. Geri Allen: Flying Toward the Sound [Motéma] {41}: V[735-2-15]; AM, DB, SG; TH:*
  188. Sam Amidon: I See the Sign [Bedroom Community] {41}: V[172-7-70]; MC(84), AM, DS:80, DU:80, MO:80, NYT:80, PF:81, PH:88, PX:80, Q:80, SP:80, SPK:80, U:80
  189. James Blake: CMYK|Klavierwerke|The Bells Sketch [R&S (EP)] {41}: V[98-13-121] {EM:8, PF:8, TMT, XL:3}; PF:83, TH{2}:* - any or all {4, 8, 2}
  190. Edwyn Collins: Losing Sleep [Heavenly] {41}: V[292-4-40] {MJ:4, MO}; MC(79), BBC:80, DS:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, PF:70, Q:80, U:80
  191. Everything Everything: Man Alive [Geffen] {41}: V[945-1-10] {FLY:5, GW:5}; MC(72), BBC:80, MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, Q:80
  192. Woods: At Echo Lake [Woodsist] {41}: V[229-5-51]; AM, PX:85, U:80
  193. Against Me!: White Crosses [Sire] {40}: V[67-16-170] {K:8, LS:1}; MC(76), AP:83, AV:B+, BBC:80, EW:B+, LS:94, RV:80, SL:80, SP:70, SPK:80, VV:80; CM, MT:**, TH:B-
  194. Darkstar: North [Hyperdub] {40}: V[530-3-20] {BL:9, F:5, RA, RT:6}; MC(76), DS:80, DU;80, MJ:80, Q:80, SL:80; MT:X
  195. Lissie: Catching a Tiger [Fat Possum] {40}: V[1835-1-5]; MC(69), AM, P:88, SP:70, U:80; TH:B
  196. Manic Street Preachers: Postcards From a Young Man [Columbia] {40}: V[487-3-23] {MJ, Q, ST, U}; MC(76), AM, BBC:80, CL:80, G:80, K:80, NME:80, PF:75, U:80
  197. John Mellencamp: No Better Than This [Rounder] {40}: V[169-8-72] {AS, RS}; MC(78), AM, AS:90, AV:A-, BG:80, CT:88, EW:A-, LAT:88, NYT:80, PM:90, RS:70; TH:*
  198. Mark Ronson: Record Collection [RCA] {40}: V[237-5-50] {UR:8}; MC(70), AM, AV:A-, EW:B+, MJ:80, SP:70, UR:80; TH:B
  199. Scissor Sisters: Night Work [Downtown/Universal] {40}: MC(71), BB:84, EW:A-, FL:83, MJ:80, PF:76, Q:80, SL:80; RC:A-, TH:A-
  200. Shearwater: Golden Archipelago [Matador] {40}: V[1427-1-10]; {DS:7}; MC(74), BBC:80, CT:88, DA:80, DS:80, P:82, PF:79, SL:90, TMT:80
  201. Stars: The Five Ghosts [Vagrant] {40}: V[363-4-31]; MC(70), AL:80, AP:92, NYT:80, P:86, Q:80, SPK:80
  202. Crocodiles: Sleep Forever [Fat Possum] {39}: V[557-2-20] {RT}; MC(69), FL:83, MO:80, NME:80, PH:88, SP:70
  203. El Guincho: Pop Negro [XL] {39}: V[561-3-20]; MC(73), BBC:90, NME:80, NR:80, PM:80, PX:80; MT:A-, TH:A-
  204. Steve Mason: Boys Outside [Double Six] {39}: V[397-4-30]; MC(80), AM, DU:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, PF:71, PM:80, Q:80, TMT:80, U:80, UR:80
  205. Sufjan Stevens: All Delighted People [Asthmatic Kitty (EP)] {39}: V[304-4-39] {SPK}; MC(63), DA:90, PF:75, SP:70, SPK:80; MT:X, TH:B
  206. Tracey Thorn: Love and Its Opposite [Merge] {39}: V[55-17-199] {SPR}; MC(77), AM, BB:85, BBC:80, BG:80, DU:80, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NYT:80, U:80; TH:**
  207. Hurts: Happiness [Sony] {38}
  208. Rihanna: Loud [Island/Def Jam] {38}: V[265-6-44]; MC(70), BG:80, EW:A-, SP:80; MT:***, TH:***
  209. Ali Farka Toure/Toumani Diabate: Ali & Toumani [Nonesuch] {38}: V[203-6-59] {U:8}; MC(88), AM, BB:84, BBC:80, DU:90, G:100, LAT:88, MJ:80, MO:90, PF:83, PM:90, Q:80; TH:***
  210. Agalloch: Marrow of the Spirit [Profound Lore] {37}: V[48-16-225] {RYM:2}
  211. CEO: White Magic [Sincerely Yours] {37}: V[1137-2-10]; MO:80, PF:85, PX:80; MT:X
  212. Elizabeth Cook: Welder [Thirty One Tigers] {37}: V[83-15-140] {AS, NS:5, P}; P:84; CM, RC:A(2), TH:A-
  213. Eels: End Times [Vagrant] {37}: V[1736-1-5] {ST:10}; MC(71), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, CL:80, DS:80, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NR:80, PX:80, Q:80, SP:70, U:80, UR:80
  214. Bryan Ferry: Olympia [Astralwerks] {37}: V[211-7-57]; MC(73), AM, EW:B+, BG:80, FL:82, MO:80, PF:75, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70, SP:70; MT:***, TH:**
  215. Mystery Jets: Serotonin [Rough Trade] {37}: V[1212-1-10] {ATH}; MC(77), BBC:80, CL:90, DS:80, G:80, HP:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, Q:80, U:80
  216. Henry Threadgill Zooid: This Brings Us To: Volume II [Pi] {37}: V[845-2-21]; TH:A- - added P&J vote
  217. Dierks Bentley: Up on the Ridge [Capitol] {36}: V[831-1-11]; MC(80), AM, BB:90, EW:B+, PM:80, SL:90; TH:B
  218. Das Racist: Shut Up, Dude [mixtape] {36}: V[151-9-80] {SL, PX}; DS:90; RC:A-, MT:B+, TH:**
  219. Goldfrapp: Head First [Mute] {36}: V[316-5-37] {AZ}; MC(68), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, MJ:80, SL:80, SP:80; TH:***
  220. The Love Language: Libraries [Merge] {36}: V[291-4-40]; NR:80, PX:80, SP:80; TH:B
  221. Corinne Bailey Rae: The Sea [Capitol] {36}: V[158-7-78]; MC(77), AM, BB:86, BBC:80, BG:80, DM:80, EW:B+, G:80, LAT:100, MO:90, Q:80, RS:70, U:80
  222. The Budos Band: The Budos Band III [Daptone] {35}: V[157-7-78]; MC(83), AM, AV:B+, BG:80, CMG:83, DU:80, PF:76, PM:90, U:80, URB:80; TH:B-
  223. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Hawk [V2/Vanguard] {35}: V[145-7-82] MC(75), AM, AS:80, AV:B+, BBC:80, CL:80, MJ:80, MO:80, PF:75, U:80; MT:X
  224. Forest Swords: Dagger Paths [Olde English Spelling Bee] {35}: V[317-4-37] {F:1}; U:80
  225. The Fresh & Onlys: Play It Strange [In the Red] {35}: V[123-9-94] {ATH:4, BL}; MC(77), AM, AV:A-, NOW:80, PF:80; TH:*
  226. Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier [EMI] {35}: V[277-4-42] {K:3}; MC(71), BBC:90, K:80, MO:80, NME:80, PM:80, RKS:80
  227. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream [Capitol] {35}: V[336-5-35]; MC(52); TH:B
  228. Plan B: The Defamation of Strickland Banks [679/Atlantic] {35}: V[1261-1-10] {Q:3}; MC(73), BBC:80, DM:80, Q:80
  229. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross: The Social Network [Soundtrack] [Null] {35}: {LS, RYM}
  230. Angus & Julia Stone: Down the Way [Nettwerk] {35}: MC(80), AP:84, BBC:80, FL:82, G:80, MJ:80
  231. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Beat the Devil's Tatoo [Abstract Dragon] {34}: V[358-3-31]; MC(63), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, BG:80, DS:80, FL:80, SL:80, SP:70
  232. Klaxons: Surfing the Void [Polydor] {34}: MC(67), BBC:80, CL:80, FL:76, NME:80, NR:80, PF:72, PM:80, Q:80, SP:70; TH:B-
  233. Mountain Man: Made the Harbor [Partisan] {34}: V[1012-1-10] {EM}; AM, DS:80, MO:80, SP:70
  234. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Mojo [Reprise] {34}: V[114-10-102]; MC(72), BB:84, BG:80, MJ:80, P:80, PM:80, Q:80, RS:80; TH:B
  235. Sun Kil Moon: Admiral Fell Promises [Caldo Verde] {34}: V[562-3-20]; MC(77), AV:B+, BB:87, NR:90, PH:100, RS:70, U:80
  236. Allo Darlin': Allo Darlin' [Fontana] {33}: V[128-8-92] {EM:2}; MC(70), AM, MO:80,PF:79; RC:A-, MT:**
  237. Blitzen Trapper: Destroyer of the Void [Sub Pop] {33}: V[319-4-36]; MC(76), AV:B+, DA:80, DU:80, MO:80, PF:75, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70, SP:70, U:80, URB:80
  238. The Claudia Quintet/Gary Versace: Royal Toast [Cuneiform] {33}: V[338-3-35]; MC(83), AM, BBC:80, BG:80, DB, DU:80, G:80, NYT:80, PF:71; SG, JM, TH:***
  239. The Nels Cline Singers: Initiate [Cryptogramophone] {33}: V[289-3-40]; AM, DB, PX:80; SG, CM, TH:A-
  240. Sia: We Are Born [Jive] {33}: V[1511-1-9] {AZ}; MC(68), AM, BB:83, BG:80, EW:B+, RS:70, SL:80
  241. Elvis Costello: National Ransom [Hear Music] {32}: V[271-6-43] {AS}; MC(79), AM, AS:80, AV:B+, EW:B+, MJ:80, NOW:80, P:84, PM:80, RS:70, SL:80, SP:70, U:80; MT:X
  242. Alejandro Escovedo: Street Songs of Love [Fantasy] {32}: V[249-5-47] {BL}; MC(76), AM, AS:80, BB:90, BG:80, EW:A-, PM:90, SP:80, U:80; MT:**, TH:B-
  243. Maximum Balloon: Maximum Balloon [DGC/Interscope] {32}: MC(76), DS:80, FL:82, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, RS:70, SP:70, U:80, URB:80; MT:**, TH:*
  244. Ra Ra Riot: The Orchard [Arts & Crafts] {32}: V[1821-1-5]; MC(73), AP:80, BB:82, DA:80, FL:85, NOW:80, PM:90, SL:80, SPK:80
  245. Bonnie "Prince" Billy & the Cairo Gang: The Wonder Show of the World [Domino] {31}: V[311-3-38] {AS}; MC(80), AM, AS:80, AV:A-, BBC:80, DS:80, PF:74, PM:80, Q:80, U:80
  246. Deer Tick: The Black Dirt Sessions [Partisan] {31}: V[378-4-30]; MC(72), AM, AL:80, AP:81, BBC:80, DU;80, NYT:80, P:82, SP:70; RC:*, TH:B
  247. Delta Spirit: History From Below [Rounder] {31}: V[777-2-13]; MC(74), BBC:80, MO:80, P:80, SPK:80, U:80
  248. Dave Holland Octet: Pathways [Dare2] {31}: V[961-1-10]; DB, PM:8; TH:***
  249. Konono No. 1: Assume Crash Position [Crammed Discs] {31}: V[430-3-26] {RT}; MC(85), AM, AV:A-, BBC:80, DU:80, LAT:88, MJ:80, MO:90, PM:90, SP:70, U:80; TH:A-
  250. Marc Ribot: Silent Movies [Pi] {31}: V[223-5-53]; MC(89), AM, DU:80, JL, PH:100, PM:90; FD:3, TH:**
  251. Shining: Black Jazz [Indie/The End] {31}: V[527-2-20]; MC(83), AM, AL:90, NR:80, PF:77, PM:80; TH:*
  252. Weezer: Hurley [Epitaph] {31}: V[708-2-15] {DS}; MC(68), AM, AL:80, AP:80, BG:80, DM:80, EW:B+, NME:80, NYT:80, RKS:80, SP:70
  253. Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses: Junky Star [Lost Highway] {30}: V[269-5-43]; MC(71), AM, AS:80, BB:80, EW:A-, MJ:80, PM:80; MT:X, TH:**
  254. Chromeo: Business Casual [Atlantic] {30}: MC(68), AV:B+, FL:84, SP:70, URB:80; MT:A-, TH:A-
  255. Dungen: Skit I Allt [Mexican Summer] {30}: V[455-2-25]; MC(75), AM, AV:A-, BBC:80, DS:80, DU:80, FL:83, SP:80, U:80
  256. Ben Folds & Nick Hornby: Lonely Avenue [Nonesuch] {30}: V[247-6-48]; MC(63), BBC:80, BG:80, MO:80, SL:80, SP:70
  257. Elton John/Leon Russell: The Union [Decca] {30}: V[125-9-94] {RS:3}; MC(73), AM, BG:80, CL:80, G:80, RS:100, U:80; MT:X, TH:B
  258. Matt and Kim: Sidewalks [Fader] {30}: V[711-2-15]; MC(66), BG:80, NR:80, RS:70, SP:80; MT:X, TH:B
  259. Brad Mehldau: Highway Rider [Nonesuch] {30}: V[346-4-33]; AM, DB; TH:**
  260. Stornoway: Beachcomber's Windowsill [4AD] {30}: V[228-5-52]; MO:80
  261. Rufus Wainwright: All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu [Decca] {30}: V[1566-1-8] {DS}; MC(72), AM, AV:A-, BB:81, BBC:80, CL:80, FL:86, G:80, MO:80, NOW:80, Q:80
  262. Alcest: Ecailles de Lune [Prophecy] {29}: V[173-6-69]; PM:90
  263. The Bad Plus: Never Stop [E1 Entertainment] {29}: V[612-2-19]; AM; MT:**, TH:**
  264. Regina Carter: Reverse Thread [E1 Entertainment] {29}: V[361-3-31]; AM, P:82; TH:*
  265. Freelance Whales: Weathervanes [Frenchkiss/Mom + Pop] {29}: V[314-5-37]; MC(65), AL:80, EW:A-, URB:90
  266. Fred Hersch Trio: Whirl [Palmetto] {29}: AM, DB; TH:A-
  267. The Knife: Tomorrow, in a Year [Rabid/Brille/Mute] {29}: V[227-4-52] {DS:5}; MC(67), BBC:80, DS:100, FL:86, MO:90, SPK:90, U:80; RC:X
  268. Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth: Deluxe [Clean Feed] {29}: V[489-2-22]; DB, TH:*
  269. Paul Motian: Lost in a Dream [ECM] {29}: V[830-1-11]; JM; FD, TH:***
  270. Caitlin Rose: Own Side Now [Names] {29}: V[871-1-10] {NS:1, RT:4}; MC(75), BBC:80, DS:80, G:80, MO:80, NME:80, Q:80, U:80
  271. Skream: Outside the Box [Tempa] {29}: V[478-2-24] {MX:10}; MC(76), AM, CL:80, G:80, MJ:80, PF:79, Q:80, SP:70, U:80
  272. Suckers: Wild Smile [French Kiss] {29}: V[393-3-30] {ATH:7, P}; MC(77), NR:90, PF:77, PX:80, UR:80
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  274. Yelawolf: Trunk Muzik 0-60 [Interscope] {29}: V[144-10-82]; RS:70; CM, TH:** - includes Trunk Muzik mixtape
  275. Circa Survive: Blue Sky Noise [Atlantic] {28}: V[865-1-10]; MC(83), AL:90, AP:90, K:80, RKS:90, SP:70, SPK:90
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  283. Christian Scott: Yesterday You Said Tomorrow [Concord] {28}: V[282-4-41]; JM, TH:B
  284. 65daysofstatic: We Were Exploding Anyway [Hassle (EP)] {27}: DS:80, MO:90
  285. Afrocubism: Afrocubism [World Village] {27}: V[132-9-88]; MO:100, U:100; MT:**, TH:***
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  288. The Coral: Butterfly House [Deltasonic] {27}: {MJ:9}; MC(73), BBC:80, Q:80, SL:80, U:80
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  292. Kvelertak: Kvelertak [Indie] {27}: V[124-7-94] {FB:8, K:6}
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  297. Thee Oh Sees: Warm Slime [In the Red] {27}: V[411-4-29]; MC(70), DS:80, U:80
  298. Big KRIT: Wuz Here [self-released] {26}: V[281-5-41]
  299. Demdike Stare: Forest of Evil|Liberation Through Hearing|Voices of Dust|Symbiosis [Modern Love] {26}: V[508-2-20] - any or all {2, 5, 0, 0}
  300. Eluvium: Similes [Temporary Residence] {26}: V[205-6-58]; MC(76), AP:90, CMG:81, DA:80, DU:80, PM:90, URB:80
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  313. Brandon Flowers: Flamingo [Island] {25}: V[650-2-16]
  314. Michael Formanek: The Rub and Spare Change [ECM] {25}: DB, JL; FD, JM, TH:**
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  322. Bruno Mars: Doo-Wops & Hooligans [Elektra] {25}: V[375-3-30]; MC(67), EW:B+, RS:70; MT:A-, TH:A-
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  325. Mostly Other People Do the Killing: Forty Fort [Hot Cup] {25}: V[715-2-15]; DB; CM, JM, TH:A-
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  344. Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday [Sub Pop] {23}: V[1703-1-5] {LS}; MC(75), AM, DA:80, LS:90, PF:78, PM:80, U:80
  345. Magnetic Man: Magnetic Man [Columbia] {23}: {MX:4}
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  348. Weekend: Sports [Slumberland] {23}: V[660-2-15]; AM, DS:80, MO:80
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  351. Currensy: Pilot Talk II [Roc-A-Fella/Blue Roc] {22}: V[160-9-77]; AV:B+; MT:X, TH:**
  352. The Divine Comedy: Bang Goes the Knighthood [self-released] {22}: V[462-3-25]; MO:80
  353. Errors: Come Down With Me [Rock Action] {22}: MC(76), DS:90, MO:80, Q:80, RKS:90
  354. Grass Widow: Past Time [Kill Rock Stars (EP)] {22}: V[473-3-24] {OM}; MC(73), AM, DU:80, NYT:80; TH:*
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  357. Kesha: Animal [Jive] {22}: V[64-17-172] {}; MC(54), EW:B+, MO:80; RC:S, TH:*** - V includes Cannibal
  358. Love Is All: Two Thousand and Ten Injuries [Polyvinyl] {22}: V[798-1-12]; MC(74), AM, AP:84, AV:B+, BBC:80, DA:80, DS:80, FL:85, MO:80, NR:80, PF:80, SP:80, UR:80; RC:A-, TH:***
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  360. Phantom Band: The Wants [Chemikal Underground] {22}: {CL}; DS:80, MO:80
  361. Esperanza Spalding: Chamber Music Society [Heads Up] {22}: V[1221-2-10]; AM, DB; TH:B-
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  365. Trombone Shorty: Backatown [Verve Forecast] {22}: V[425-3-27]; AM, RS:70; TH:C+
  366. Twin Sister: Color Your Life [Infinite Bear (EP)] {22}: V[818-1-11]
  367. Hans Zimmer: Inception [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] {22}
  368. Zac Brown Band: You Get What You Give [Southern Ground] {21}: {AS}; MC(80), AM, HC:80, SL:80
  369. Kisses: The Heart of the Nightlife {21}
  370. The Like: Release Me [Downtown] {21}: V[543-2-20]; MC(72), AM, MJ:80, MO:80, Q:80; TH:B
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  373. Mike Reed's People, Places & Things: Stories and Negotiations [482] {21}: V[771-1-13]; DB; CM, TH:***
  374. Frankie Rose and the Outs: Frankie Rose and the Outs [Memphis Industries] {21}: V[793-1-12]; MC(71), AM, DS:80, G:80, NME:80, PF:74
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  376. Shit Robot: From the Cradle to the Rave [DFA] {21}: {DJ:7}; MC(66), CL:80, MO:90, NME:80, PF:71, URB:80; MT:X
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  378. Tamaryn: The Waves [Mexican Summer] {21}: V[938-1-10]; SP:80
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  381. Jason Adasiewicz: Sun Rooms [Delmark] {20}: TH:***
  382. Mose Allison: Way of the World [Anti] {20}: V[252-6-46]; MC(78), AM, BB:90, BG:80, CT:88, PM:90, RS:70; RC:B+, TH:***
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  384. Autolux: Transit Transit [TBD] {20}: V[600-2-20]; MC(75), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, BG:80, FL:84, NME:80, NR:80, Q:80, URB:100
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  386. Bad Religion: The Dissent of Man [Epitaph] {20}: V[330-3-35]; MC(77), AL:80, AP:86, K:100, RKS:80, SP:70
  387. Daughters: Daughters [Hydra Head] {20}: V[406-3-30]
  388. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Rush to Relax [Goner] {20}: V[334-3-35]; MC(77), AM, PF:75, SP:70; TH:**
  389. Envy: Recitation [Temporary Residence] {20}: V[880-1-10]; MC(70), AM, NME:80, RKS:80, RV:80
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  393. Dylan Leblanc: Paupers Field [Rough Trade] {20}: V[1181-1-10] {AS:3, RT}
  394. Maps & Atlases: Perch Patchwork [Barsuk] {20}: V[369-1-30] {CL}; MC(70), FL:80, PF:74, SP:70, SPK:80, U:80
  395. Roc Marciano: Marcberg [Fat Beats] {20}: V[61-15-176]
  396. Mogwai: Special Moves/Burning [Rock Action] {20}: V[440-1-25]; MC(78), AM, DS:80, DU:80, K:80, MJ:80, PF:82, RKS:80, RYM
  397. Pulled Apart by Horses: Pulled Apart by Horses [Transgressive] {20}: {FLY}; DS:80, MO:80
  398. Strange Boys: Be Brave [In the Red] {20}: V[536-2-20]; MC(69), MO:90, Q:80, SP:70
  399. Marty Stuart: Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions [Sugar Hill] {20}: V[404-3-30]; TH:***
  400. The Vaselines: Sex With an X [Sub Pop] {20}: V[335-4-35]; MC(65), AM, BB:81, BBC:80, NOW:80, SP:70; MT:***, TH:***
  401. Xiu Xiu: Dear God, I Hate Myself [Kill Rock Stars] {20}: V[535-3-20]; MC(74), AM, AV:B+, BBC:80, MO:80, P:81, PF:73, SL:80, SP:80, TMT:80
  402. Randy Weston and His African Rhythms Sextet: The Storyteller [Motema] {20}: V[1050-1-10]; AM, DB; TH:***
  403. Bring Me the Horizon: There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret [Epitaph] {19}: {K:4}; MC(80), AL:80, AP:91, BBC:80, K:100, Q:80, RKS:90
  404. Clinic: Bubblegum [Domino] {19}: MC(72), AM, AV:B+, BBC:80, FL:82, MO:80, PM:80, SP:70; MT:X
  405. Frog Eyes: Paul's Tomb: A Triumph [Dead Oceans] {19}: V[166-5-75] {CMG:5}; MC(80), AM, AV:B+, CMG:89, DU:80, NME:80, PM:80, SP:70, TMT:80, U:80
  406. Here We Go Magic: Pigeons [Secretly Canadian] {19}: V[412-3-29]; MC(70), AP:80, BBC:80, FL:82, MO:80, NYT:80, PF:75, PX:80, U:80, UR:80
  407. Jaill: That's How We Burn [Sub Pop] {19}: V[423-3-27]; MC(71), AV:B+, SP:70
  408. Guillermo Klein: Domador de Huellas [Sunnyside] {19}: FD, TH:B-
  409. Lady Antebellum: Need You Now [Capitol Nashville] {19}: V[370-3-30]; MC(63), BB:80, EW:B+; RC:X, TH:B-
  410. Grace Potter & the Nocturnals: Grace Potter & the Nocturnals [Hollywood] {19}: V[1408-1-10]; MC(63), U:80
  411. Quasi: American Gong [Kill Rock Stars] {19}: V[178-5-67]; MC(71), AP:80, DA:80, DS:80, FL:83, PH:88, SP:70, UR:80; RC:A-, TH:**
  412. Eli "Paperboy" Reed: Come and Get It [Capitol] {19}: MC(68), AM, AP:90, BBC:80, MJ:80, MO:80, SP:70; TH:**
  413. Shed: The Traveller [Ostgut Ton] {19}: V[331-5-35] {OM:10, RA:3, XL:7}
  414. The Steeldrivers: Reckless [Rounder] {19}: V[940-1-10]; MC(80), AM, AS:80, SL:80
  415. Jazmine Sullivan: Love Me Back [RCA] {19}: V[150-8-80] {V:10}; MC(84*), AM, BBC:90, EW:B+, SP:80; MT:X, TH:B
  416. Teengirl Fantasy: 7AM [Merok] {19}: V[528-2-20] {F:4, XL}; AM, PX:85, SP:70; TH:**
  417. Violens: Amoral [Friendly Fire] {19}: V[881-1-10]; MC(66), MJ:80
  418. Waka Flocka Flame: Flockaveli [Asylum/Warner Bros] {19}: V[65-15-172] {}; RS:70, SP:70; TH:B-
  419. Wildbirds & Peacedrums: Rivers [The Control Group] {19}: MC(77), AM, BBC:80, DA:80, FL:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, SP:70, U:80, W:80; TH:*
  420. Bombay Bicycle Club: Flaws [Island] {18}: {FLY}; MC(65), NME:80, U:80
  421. VV Brown: Travelling Like the Light [Island] {18}: V[357-3-32]; MC(67), AM, EW:B+, G:80, RS:70, SP:80, Q:80, SP:80; RC:***, MT:A-, TH:A
  422. Diamond Rings: Show Me Your Stuff [One Big Silence] {18}: V[510-2-20]; {EX}; NOW:80
  423. Jakob Dylan: Women + Country [Columbia] {18}: V[250-5-47]; AM, FL:87, MO:80; RC:X
  424. Ed Harcourt: Lustre [Piano Wolf/Nice] {18}: V[531-2-20] {ST}; MC(76), AM, DS:80, G:80, PM:80, Q:80, U:80
  425. Javelin: No Mas [Luaka Bop] {18}: V[593-3-20]; MC(77), AM, AV:B+, DU:80, PF:72, URB:80, XLR:80,
  426. Motion City Soundtrack: My Dinosaur Life [Columbia] {18}: V[1346-1-10] {K}; MC(79), AM, AL:100, AP:92, AV:B+, DS:80, EW:A-
  427. The Mynabirds: What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood [Saddle Creek] {18}: V[109-9-107]; MC(77), AM, DS:80, MJ:80, NME:80, PF:80, PM:90, UR:90
  428. John Roberts: Glass Eights [Dial] {18}: V[298-5-40] {F, RA:5}; JL
  429. Shackleton: Fabric 55 [Fabric] {18}: V[472-2-25] {F, RA, XL}
  430. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Let It Sway [Polyvinyl] {18}: V[559-2-20]; MC(74), DS:80, MO:80, PM:80; TH:***
  431. Earl Sweatshirt: EARL [OFWGKTA] {18}: V[146-8-82]
  432. Torche: Songs for Singles [Hydra Head] {18}: V[367-4-30]; MC(74), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, PF:74, RV:80, SP:80
  433. Tunng: . . . And the We Saw Land [Thrill Jockey] {18}: MC(74), AM, AP:85, BBC:80, FL:86, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, Q:80
  434. Butch Walker and the Black Widows: I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart [One Heaven] {18}: V[424-3-27]; MC(80), AM, AL:80, AP:95, BB:80, PM:80, RS:70
  435. White Denim: Last Days of Summer [White Denim] {18}: V[1474-1-10]
  436. Woven Hand: The Threshingfloor [Sounds Familyre] {18}: V[632-2-17]
  437. Avenged Sevenfold: Nightmare [Warner Bros] {17}: MC(62), K:80
  438. Archie Bronson Outfit: Coconut [Domino] {17}: MC(72), AM, FL:82, MO:80, NME:80, PM:80, U:80
  439. Basia Bulat: Heart of My Own [Secret City] {17}: V[1536-1-9]; MC(72), DS:80, FL:84, PF:70, PX:80, Q:80
  440. First Aid Kit: The Big Black and the Blue [Wichita] {17}: V[932-1-10]; MC(70), NME:80, Q:80, U:80
  441. Bill Frisell: Beautiful Dreamers [Savoy Jazz] {17}: V[1374-1-10]; MC(74), BBC:80, DB, G:80; FD, TH:A-
  442. Galactic: Ya-Ka-May [Anti-] {17}: V[176-6-68] {PM}; MC(80), AM, EW:B+, FL:81, NYT:80, PM:80, SP:70, U:80
  443. Mary Gauthier: The Foundling [Razor & Tie] {17}: V[619-2-18]; MC(87), AM, BBC:80, MJ:80, U:100; MT:A-, TH:***
  444. Ray Wylie Hubbard: A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint: There is No C) [Bordello] {17}: V[420-2-28]; MC(78), AM, AC:89, SL:90; TH:***
  445. Jon Irabagon: Foxy [Hot Cup] {17}: SG, CM, TH:A-
  446. Lil Wayne: I Am Not a Human Being [Cash Money/Universal Motown] {17}: V[1426-2-10]; MC(65), AM, EW:80, RS:80; TH:**
  447. Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns [Machine Shop/Warner Bros] {17}: V[435-3-26] {K}; MC(67), K:80
  448. Serena Maneesh: No 2: Abyss in B Minor [4AD] {17}: V[1800-1-5]; MC(65), AM, DS:80, FL:84, U:80
  449. James Moody: 4B [IPO] {17}: V[1370-1-10]; TH:***
  450. Moon Duo: Escape [Woodsist] {17}: V[898-1-10]
  451. Strong Arm Steady: In Search of Stoney Jackson [Stones Throw] {17}: V[953-1-10]; MC(75), AM, AV:A-, FL:84, PF:71, Q:80, SP:70; TH:**
  452. Tarbaby: The End of Fear [Posi-Tone] {17}: CM, TH:***
  453. The Corin Tucker Band: 1,000 Years [Kill Rock Stars] {17}: V[333-4-35]; MC(73), AL:80, DS:80, DU:80, NME:80, NR:80, SP:70, UR:80; RC:A, CM, MT:***, TH:*
  454. Luke Abbott: Holkham Drones [Border Community] {16}: V[1649-1-5]; DS:90, MO:80
  455. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: III/IV [Pax-Am] {16}: V[445-4-25]; EW:B+, RS:70
  456. Billy Bang: Prayer for Peace [TUM] {16}: V[778-1-13]; DB; FD, TH:A
  457. Black Breath: Heavy Breathing [Southern Lord] {16}: V[207-6-58] {K}; DS:80
  458. S Carey: All We Grow [Jagjaguwar] {16}: V[1588-1-7]; MC(73), BBC:80, MO:80, PF:75, Q:80, SL:80, SPK:80, U:80
  459. Bill Charlap/Renee Rosnes: Double Portrait [Blue Note] {16}: V[807-1-12]; TH:B
  460. The Chieftains/Ry Cooder: San Patricio [Hear Music] {16}: V[1741-1-5]; MC(78); AM, BB:85, BBC:80, BG:80, G:80, MJ:80, NYT:80, PM:80; TH:B
  461. Coheed and Cambria: Year of the Black Rainbow [Sony] {16}: MC(71), AM, AL:80, AP:85, AV:B+, BG:80, EW:B+, RKS:90, SPK:80
  462. Crowded House: Intriguer [Fantasy] {16}: V[371-3-30]; MC(75), AM, BB:85, EW:B+, MJ:80, MO:80, SP:70
  463. Deathspell Omega: Paracletus [Norma Evangelium Diaboli/Season of Mist] {16}: V[354-4-32] {RYM:9}
  464. Darwin Deez: Darwin Deez [Lucky Number] {16}: V[1214-1-10]; MO:80
  465. The Foreign Exchange: Authenticity [Foreign Exchange Music] {16}: V[573-2-20]; MC(86), AM, AV:B+, PF:76, PX:80, URB:90
  466. High Places: High Places vs. Mankind [Thrill Jockey (EP)] {16}: V[1117-2-10]; MC(73), BBC:80, DA:80, DS:80, PM:80, PX:80, SP:70, U:80
  467. Megafaun: Heretofore [Hometapes (EP)] {16}: V[1215-1-10]; MC(77), AV:A-, PF:77, PM:80, PX:80, TMT:80
  468. Pat Metheny: Orchestrion [Nonesuch] {16}: MC(75), AM, BB:80, DB, MJ:80; TH:**
  469. The Microscopic Septet: Friday the Thirteenth: The Micros Play Monk [Cuneiform] {16}: V[1049-1-10]; DB; FD, TH:A-
  470. Danilo Perez: Providencia [Mack Avenue] {16}: TH:*
  471. Pernice Brothers: Goodbye, Killer [Ashmont] {16}: V[315-4-37]; MC(71), AM, AS:80, AV:B+, BG:80, DU:80, MO:80, PH:88; RC:A-, CM, TH:***
  472. Retribution Gospel Choir: 2 [Sub Pop] {16}: V[293-4-40]; MC(78), AP:80, AV:B+, DA:80, DU:80, MO:80, PF:73, PM:80, PX:80, Q:80, U:80
  473. Screaming Females: Castle Talk [Don Giovanni] {16}: V[213-6-55]; MC(78), LS:85, MO:80, PF:79, PH:100, SP:80
  474. Scuba: Sub:stance [Ostgut Ton] {16}: V[1628-1-6] {RA:8}; AM, PX:80, URB:90
  475. Shout Out Louds: Work [Merge] {16}: MC(68), AM, AV:B+, DA:80, FL:83, PM:80; RC:*
  476. Slash: Slash [Roadrunner] {16}: V[372-3-30]; MO:80
  477. Solar Bears: She Was Coloured In [Planet Mu] {16}: V[1501-1-10] {F}
  478. Kelley Stoltz: To Dreamers [Sub Pop] {16}: V[243-5-49]; MC(71), MJ:80, SP:70, URB:80
  479. Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band: Kollaps Tradixionales [Constellation] {16}: V[1716-2-10] {BW}; MC(78), AM, LS:88, MJ:80, MO:90, PF:73, PM:90, U:80 - added P&J vote
  480. Underworld: Barking [Cooking Vinyl/Om] {16}: V[239-5-50] {MX:9}; MC(66), FL:83, SP:70, U:80, URB:80
  481. Watain: Lawness Darkness [Nuclear Blast] {16}: V[390-3-30]
  482. Brian Wilson: Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin [Walt Disney] {16}: V[285-4-41]; MC(66), AM, BB:83, BBC:80, EW:B+, RS:70, SL:80, SP:80; MT:***, TH:C+
  483. Zs: New Slaves [The Social Registry] {16}: V[93-8-126] {TMT:1}; AM; TH:A-
  484. The Acorn: No Ghost [Bella Union] {15}: V[391-4-30]; MC(73), DS:80, FL:83, MJ:80, SL:80, U:80
  485. Anika: Anika [Stones Throw] {15}: V[999-1-10]; AM; TH:**
  486. James Blackshaw: All Is Falling [Young God] {15}: V[452-3-25] {BW}; MO:80, SP:80
  487. Blood Red Shoes: Fire Like This [V2/Co-operative] {15}: MC(66), CL:80, DS:90, NME:80, U:80
  488. Chicago Underground Duo: Boca Negra [Thrill Jockey] {15}: MC(81), AM, BBC:80, CMG:84, DA:80, DU:80, NYT:80, PM:80; SG, TH:**
  489. Nels Cline: Dirty Baby [Cryptogramophone] {15}: V[324-3-35]; AM, DB, JL; SG, TH:***
  490. Dr John and the Lower 911: Tribal [429] {15}: V[426-3-27]; MC(79), AM, BBC:80, EW:B+, NYT:80, RS:70, U:80; MT:**, TH:**
  491. Fear Factory: Mechanize [Candlelight] {15}: V[607-2-19]; MC(70), RKS:80, SPK:80
  492. Foxy Shazam: Foxy Shazam [Sire] {15}: V[1755-1-5]
  493. Guido: Anidea [Punch Drunk] {15}: V[709-2-15] {F}; DS:90
  494. Ideal Bread: Transmit: Vol. 2 of the Music of Steve Lacy [Cuneiform] {15}: DB, SG
  495. Lone: Emerald Fantasy Tracks [Magic Wire] {15}: V[733-2-15] {DJ, F, XL:8}
  496. Loscil: Endless Falls [Kranky] {15}: V[842-2-11]; MC(80), AM, DA:80, DS:80, PF:75, PM:80
  497. Mark McGuire: Living With Yourself [Editions Mego] {15}: V[206-7-58]
  498. Natalie Merchant: Leave Your Sleep [Nonesuch] {15}: V[575-2-20]; MC(75), AM, EW:B+, HP:80, Q:80; MT:X
  499. Tift Merritt: See You on the Moon [Fantasy] {15}: V[194-6-61]; MC(73), AM, AV:B+, BG:80; TH:**
  500. Miniature Tigers: Fortress [Modern Art/ILG] {15}: V[381-3-30]; MC(69), AL:80, EW:A-
  501. The Orb/David Gilmour: Metallic Spheres [Columbia] {15}: MC(72), BBC:80, MJ:80, NOW:80, PF:70, Q:80, SL:80, U:80, URB:80
  502. Polar Bear: Peepers [Leaf Label] {15}: MC(78), BBC:80, DS:90, MJ:80, MO:80, U:80; JM, TH:**
  503. Catherine Russell: Inside This Heart of Mine [World Village] {15}: AM; FD, TH:**
  504. The School: Loveless Unbeliever [Elefant] {15}: V[726-2-15]; AM
  505. Seabear: We Built a Fire [Morr Music] {15}: MC(69), AP:89, FL:84, MO:80, Q:80
  506. Tinie Tempah: Disc-overy {15}: {GW}
  507. Tyvek: Nothing Fits [In the Red] {15}: V[342-3-34]
  508. Uffie: Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans [Ed Banger/Because/Elektra] {15}: MC(48), BBC:80, MO:80, RS:70; RC:***, TH:**
  509. Ufomammut: Eve [Supernatural Cat] {15}: V[345-2-33] {FB:1, QT:10}; NME:80
  510. J Roddy Walston & the Business: J Roddy Walston & the Business [Vagrant] {15}: V[568-2-20]
  511. Anberlin: Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place [Republic] {14}: V[795-1-12]; MC(71), AL:80, AP:90, RKS:80, SPK:80
  512. Olof Arnalds: Innundir Skinni [One Little Indian] {14}: MC(78), DS:80, MJ:80, P:85, PF:80, SP:80, U:80
  513. ARP: The Soft Wave [Smalltown Supersound] {14}: V[522-2-20]; MO:80
  514. Autre Ne Veut: Autre Ne Veut [Olde English Spelling Bee] {14}: V[583-1-20] {F}
  515. Sara Bareilles: Kaleidoscope Heart [Epic] {14}: MC(67), AM, BB:81, NYT:80
  516. Justin Bieber: My World 2.0 [Island] {14}: MC(68), AM, BB:84
  517. The Body: All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood [At a Loss] {14}: V[326-3-35] {QT}
  518. Cancer Bats: Beras, Mayors, Scraps and Bones [Hassle] {14}: MC(82), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, NME:80, Q:80, RKS:90
  519. Rose Elinor Dougall: Without Why [Scarlett Music] {14}: MO:80; TH:*
  520. Dave Douglas & Keystone: Spark of Being [Greenleaf Music] {14}: V[897-1-10]; TH:***
  521. Amir ElSaffar/Hafez Modirzadeh: Radif/Suite [Pi] {14}: DB; FD, SG, TH:**
  522. Johnny Flynn: Been Listening [Transgressive] {14}: V[591-2-20]; DS:80
  523. Zach Hill: Face Tat [Sargent House] {14}: V[253-3-46]; MC(80), AM, AV:A-, NYT:80, PF:75, TMT:80
  524. Horse Feathers: Thistled Spring [Kill Rock Stars] {14}: V[773-1-13]; MC(69), DA:80, PF:75
  525. Ghostface Killah: Apollo Kids [Def Jam] {14}: V[251-6-47]; AM; TH:A-
  526. Alan Jackson: Freight Train [Arista] {14}: MC(68), PM:80; TH:**
  527. James: The Morning After the Night Before [Mercury] {14}: V[846-1-11]; MC(76), BBC:80, DA:80, FL:85, MJ:80, PM:80, UR:80
  528. Jose James: Blackmagic [Brownswood] {14}: V[676-2-15]
  529. The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Who Killed Sgt Pepper? [A] {14}: MC(61), AM, FL:80, MO:80, NME:80
  530. Tim Kasher: The Game of Monogamy [Saddle Creek] {14}: V[1413-1-10]; MC(68), AL:80, BBC:80, DS:80, FL:80, SP:70
  531. Mi Ami: Steal Your Face [Thrill Jockey] {14}: V[1066-1-10]; MC(81), AM, DS:80, DU:80, NME:80, PF:81, XLR:80
  532. Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory: Far Side [ECM] {14}: V[1302-1-10]; DB, JL; TH:***
  533. New Young Pony Club: The Optimist [The Numbers] {14}: V[1267-2-10] {FB:10, QT:9}; MC(61), BBC:80, NME:80, NR:90
  534. Scout Niblett: The Calcination of Scout Niblett [Drag City] {14}: V[1498-1-10]; MC(78), AM, AV:B+, BBC:80, DU:80, MO:80, PF:73, SP:80, TMT:80, U:80
  535. Nneka: Concrete Jungle [Decon] {14}: V[208-5-57]; MC(77), BB:88, P:87, PM:80, RS:70; RC:*, TH:*
  536. Oceansize: Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up [Superball Music] {14}: DS:80
  537. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark [OMD]: History of Modern [Blue Noise] {14}: V[1660-1-5]; MC(62), AP:88, Q:80, SP:70; TH:**
  538. Plants and Animals: La La Land [Secret City] {14}: {UR}; MC(70), BBC:80, FL:82, NOW:80, P:85, UR:80
  539. Joe Pug: Messenger [Lightning Rod] {14}: V[494-2-22]
  540. Alasdair Roberts & Friends: Too Long in This Condition [Drag City] {14}: V[384-3-30]; AM, MO:80
  541. The Sadies: Darker Circles [Outside] {14}: V[215-5-55]; NOW:80
  542. Sambassadeur: European [Labrador] {14}: MC(72), AM, DA:80, MJ:80, MO:90, PF:70, UR:80
  543. Secret Cities: Pink Graffiti [Western Vinyl] {14}: {CD:9}; MC(72), DA:90, DU:80, FL:82, P:80, TMT:80; TH:*
  544. Shakira: Sale El Sol [Epic] {14}: V[257-4-45]; MC(95), AM, BB:91, BG:80, EW:A, RS:70; MT:A-, TH:A-
  545. Strand of Oaks: Pope Killdragon {14}
  546. Rolo Tomassi: Cosmology [Hassle] {14}: DS:80, MO:80, NME:80
  547. Trash Talk: Eyes & Nines [Trash Talk Collective] {14}: {K}; MC(83), AL:80, AP:85, PF:78, Q:80, RKS:100, RV:80
  548. Underoath: Ø (Disambiguation) [Tooth & Nail] {14}: MC(90), AM, AP:90, AP:94, SPK:80
  549. Chucho Valdes: Chucho's Steps [Four Quarters] {14}: AM; TH:***
  550. The War on Drugs: Future Weather [(EP)] {14}: V[885-1-10] {ATH}; PX:85
  551. Keith Fullerton Whitman: Disingenuity b/w Disingenuousness [Pan] {14}: V[1754-1-5] {W:9}
  552. Cassandra Wilson: Silver Pony [Blue Note] {14}: V[1530-1-9]; AM, DB; TH:B
  553. The Wonder Years: The Upsides [Hopeless/No Sleep] {14}: V[751-1-14]
  554. Alkaline Trio: This Addiction [Heart & Skull/Epitaph] {13}: {K}; MC(70), AV:A-, Q:80, RKS:80, SP:70
  555. Bear in Heaven: Beast Rest Forth Mouth [Dreamboat] {13}: DS:80, SP:80, URB:90
  556. Boston Spaceships: Our Cubehouse Still Rocks [Guided by Voices] {13}: V[480-2-23] {MG}; MC(78), AM, PF:80
  557. Calle 13: Entren Los Que Quieran [Sony Music Latin] {13}: V[415-3-29]; MT:A, TH:A-
  558. Cloud Control: Bliss Release [Ivy League] {13}: V[731-2-15]
  559. CocoRosie: Grey Oceans [Sub Pop] {13}: V[649-2-16]; MC(60), FL:76, MO:80
  560. J Cole: Friday Night Lights [mixtape] {13}: V[769-2-13]
  561. Kris Davis/Ingrid Laubrock/Tyshawn Sorey: Paradoxical Frog [Clean Feed] {13}: V[993-1-10]; SG; TH:*
  562. El DeBarge: Second Chance [Interscope] {13}: V[1626-1-6]; AM; RC:A-, MT:B+, TH:**
  563. The Demon's Claws: The Defrosting of Walt Disney [In the Red] {13}: V[1704-1-5]; URB:90
  564. Diddy Dirty Money: Last Train to Paris [Bad Boy] {13}: V[155-8-79]; AM; TH:B-
  565. Dirty Projectors/Bjork: Mount Wittenberg Orca [Domino (EP)] {13}: V[163-6-75] {TMT}; DS:80
  566. Karen Elson: The Ghost Who Walks [XL] {13}: V[933-1-10]; MC(68), AM, Q:80, SP:70; RC:X
  567. John Escreet: Don't Fight the Inevitable [Mythology] {13}: DB; FD, TH:*
  568. Far: At Night We Live [Vagrant] {13}: V[988-1-10] {K:10}; MC(82), AL:90, AP:89, BBC:80, RKS:80, RV:80, SPK:80,
  569. Futurebirds: Hampton's Lullaby [Autumn Tone] {13}
  570. Health: Disco2 [Lovepump United] {13}: V[1688-1-5]; MC(75), BBC:80, NME:80, PF:78, PX:80, SP:70
  571. Dave Holland/Pepe Habichuela: Hands [Dare2] {13}: JL; TH:**
  572. Freedy Johnston: Rain on the City [Bar/None] {13}: V[295-3-40]; MC(79), AM, BG:80, EW:B+, LAT:88, SP:80, U:80; RC:*, TH:**
  573. Cotton Jones: Tall Hours in the Glowstream [Suicide Squeeze] {13}: V[1253-1-10]
  574. Seu Jorge: Seu Jorge and Almaz [Now-Again] {13}: AM
  575. Kings Go Forth: Outsiders Are Back [Luaka Bop] {13}: V[201-4-60]; SP:80; TH:B
  576. Lost in the Trees: All Alone in an Empty House [Anti-] {13}: V[492-3-22]; FL:81
  577. Holly Miranda: The Magician's Private Library [XL] {13}: V[1279-1-10]; MC(68), MJ:80, MO:90, NME:80, Q:80
  578. Nina Nastasia: Outlaster [Fatcat] {13}: V[332-4-35] {FB}; DS:80, MO:80, NME:80
  579. Oriol: Night & Day [Planet Mu] {13}: V[1006-1-10] {XL}; DS:80, MO:80
  580. Benoit Pioulard: Lasted [Kranky] {13}: V[963-2-10]; AM
  581. Portugal, the Man: American Ghetto {13}
  582. PVT: Church With No Magic [Warp] {13}: {RT}; MC(73), BBC:80, NME:80, PF:71
  583. The Ruby Suns: Fight Softly [Memphis Industries] {13}: MC(71), AM, AV:A-, BBC:80, DS:80, G:80, U:80
  584. Richard Skelton: Landings [Type] {13}: {W}; PX:80
  585. The Whitefield Brothers: Earthology [Now-Again] {13}: MC(73), MO:80, PX:80, U:80; RC:A-, CM, TH:A-
  586. Dustin Wong: Infinite Love [Thrill Jockey] {13}: V[254-5-46]; MC(79), DA:80, NYT:80, PM:80, TMT:80
  587. Admiral Radley: I Heart California [The Ship] {12}: V[741-1-15] {MG}; FL:81
  588. The Album Leaf: A Chorus of Storytellers [Sub Pop] {12}: MC(69), AL:80, BBC:80, MO:80, U:80
  589. Anathema: We're Here Because We're Here [Kscope] {12}: V[625-2-18]
  590. Candy Claws: Hidden Lands [Twosyllable] {12}: V[1162-1-10]; NR:90
  591. Cloud Cult: Light Chasers [Earthology] {12}: V[661-2-15]; MC(72), AV:B+, FL:80
  592. Easton Corbin: Easton Corbin [Mercury Nashville] {12}: V[1235-1-10]; MC(75), BB:89, EW:B+; RC:*, TH:**
  593. Disappears: Lux [Kranky (EP)] {12}: AM, DS:90; TH:***
  594. Endless Boogie: Full House Head [No Quarter] {12}: SP:70
  595. Eskmo: Eskmo [Ninja Tune] {12}: MC(63), AM; RC:A-, CM, MT:A-, TH:***
  596. Fitz and the Tantrums: Pickin' Up the Pieces [Dangerbird] {12}: V[294-3-40]; MC(73), AP:90, RS:70, SP:70
  597. Brooke Fraser: Flags [Wood & Bone] {12}: V[629-1-17]
  598. Frontier Ruckus: Deadmalls and Nightfalls [Ramseur] {12}: V[787-1-12]
  599. Games: That We Can Play [Hippos in Tanks] {12}: V[916-1-10]
  600. Ghost: Opus Eponymous [Rise Above] {12}: V[259-3-45]
  601. Chilly Gonzales: Ivory Tower [Arts & Crafts] {12}: V[1418-1-10] MC(68), NME:80, URB:80; TH:*
  602. The Greenhornes: Four Stars [Third Man] {12}: V[1702-1-5] {NS:8}; AM, SP:70
  603. Guster: Easy Wonderful [Republic] {12}: V[290-3-40] {MG}; MC(80), AM, HC:80, SL:80, U:80
  604. Tom Harrell: Roman Nights [High Note] {12}: TH:*
  605. Hellogoodbye: Would It Kill You? [Rocket Science] {12}: V[1720-1-5]; AM
  606. R Kelly: Love Letter [Jive] {12}: V[130-8-89]; AM, AV:B+; MT:**, TH:**
  607. Kesha: Cannibal [Kemosabe/RCA] {12}: MC(64), EW:B+, RS:70; TH:*
  608. Let's Wrestle: In the Court of Wrestling Let's [Merge] {12}: MC(79), AV:B+, CL:90, DS:80, MJ:80, PF:76, NME:80, RKS:80; TH:**
  609. Mike Mainieri: Crescent [NYC] {12}: DB; TH:***
  610. Motorpsycho: Heavy Metal Fruit [Rune Grammofon] {12}: V[429-2-27] {FB:4}
  611. Nedry: Condors [Monotreme] {12}: MC(82), AM, BBC:80, DA:80, MO:90, PM:80, U:80, URB:80
  612. Nobunny: First Blood [Goner] {12}: V[785-1-13]
  613. Oval: O [Thrill Jockey] {12}: V[602-3-30]; TH:** - added P&J vote
  614. William Parker: I Plan to Stay a Believer: The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield [AUM Fidelity, 2CD] {12}: V[1522-1-9]; DB, JL; TH:A-
  615. PS I Love You: Meet Me at Muster Station [Paper Bag] {12}: V[1618-1-6] {EX:4}
  616. Rogue Wave: Permalilght [Brushfire] {12}: V[875-1-10]; MC(64), AV:B+, FL:70
  617. Roots Manuva & Wrongtom: Duppy Writer [Big Dada] {12}: {MJ}; AM, DS:80, SP:70, U:80
  618. Rova & Nels Cline Singers: Celestial Septet [New World] {12}: DB; SG, TH:***
  619. Rumer: Seasons of My Soul [Atlantic] {12}: V[592-2-20] {MJ}; U:80
  620. Sky Larkin: Kaleide [Wichita] {12}: MC(69), DS:80, NME:80, RKS:80
  621. Sleepy Sun: Fever [ATP] {12}: MC(73), CL:80, FL:80, MJ:80, MO:80, U:80, URB:80
  622. Standard Fare: The Noyelle Beat [Bar/None] {12}: RC:A-, TH:***
  623. Tomasz Stanko Quintet: Dark Eyes [ECM] {12}: TH:A-
  624. Clive Tanaka y Su Orquesta: Jet Set Siempre 1° [Tall Corn Music] {12}
  625. KT Tunstall: Tiger Suit [Virgin] {12}: V[1397-1-10]; MC(73), AM, EW:B+, G:80, MO:80, U:80
  626. Tyler the Creator: Bastard [Odd Future] {12}: V[403-5-30]
  627. UNKLE: Where Did the Night Fall [Surrender All] {12}: MC(68), AM, AL:80, BBC:90, NME:80, Q:80
  628. White Hills: White Hills [Thrill Jockey] {12}: MC(72), DS:80, MJ:80, PF:77
  629. King Sunny Ade: Baba Mo Tunde [Indigedisc] {11}: V[256-4-45]; AM, SP:80, TMT:80; TH:A-
  630. Angles: Epileptical West: Live in Coimbra [Clean Feed] {11}: SG+, CM, TH:A
  631. Lucian Ban & John Hébert: Enesco Re-Imagined [Sunnyside] {11}: V[1739-1-5]; JL; FD, TH:*
  632. Bun B: Trill OG [Rap-a-Lot] {11}: V[409-2-30]; SP:70
  633. Chew Lips: Unicorn [Family] {11}: MC(77), BBC:80, DM:80, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, Q:80
  634. Citay: Dream Get Together [Dead Oceans] {11}: V[678-2-15]; MC(73), AM, AV:B+, DU:80, PF:76, SP:80
  635. Eric Clapton: Clapton [Reprise] {11}: MC(72), AM, BG:80, LAT:88, MJ:80
  636. Anat Cohen: Clarinetwork: Live at the Village Vanguard [Anzic] {11}: TH:A-
  637. The Concretes: WYWH [Friendly Fire] {11}: MC(64), BBC:90, DU:80, FL:84, MJ:80, MO:90, U:80
  638. Crime in Stereo: I Was Trying to Describe You to So [Bridge Nine] {11}: MC(89), AL:90, AP:88, DA:80, RKS:90
  639. Fyfe Dangerfield: Fly Yellow Moon [Geffen] {11}: V[899-1-10]; MC(63), BBC:80, DM:80, G:80, MO:80
  640. Darker My Love: Alive as You Are [Dangerbird] {11}: V[418-3-29]; MC(66), AM, AV:B+, FL:80, MO:80, NME:80
  641. Deepchord Presents Echospace: Liumin [Modern Love] {11}: V[526-2-20]; URB:90
  642. The Depreciation Guild: Spirit Youth [Kanine] {11}: MC(77), AM, AV:B+, PF:76
  643. Either/Orchestra: Mood Music for Time Travellers [Accurate] {11}: JL; TH:**
  644. Electric President: The Violent Blue {11}
  645. Fabolous: There Is No Competition: The Funeral Service [mixtape] {11}: V[284-4-41]
  646. Buddy Guy: Living Proof [Silvertone] {11}: V[646-2-16]; MC(75), AM, RS:70; TH:B
  647. Micah P Hinson: . . . And the Pioneer Saboteurs [Full Time Hobby] {11}: MC(81), BBC:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NR:90, Q:80, U:80
  648. Hole: Nobody's Daughter [Mercury] {11}: V[680-1-15]; MC(57), BBC:80, NOW:80, SP:70; RC:A-, TH:***
  649. Jesca Hoop: Hunting My Dress [Vanguard] {11}: MC(78), AP:88, DS:80, MJ:80, MO:80, Q:80
  650. The Hotrats: Turns Ons [Fat Possum] {11}: V[736-2-15]; MC(71), AM, BBC:80, MJ:80, Q:80, SP:70
  651. The Jim Jones Revue: Burning Your House Down [Punk Rock Blues/PIAS] {11}: V[541-2-20]
  652. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba: I Speak Fula [Next Ambiance/Out Here] {11}: V[210-5-57]; DB
  653. Little Women: Throat [AUM Fidelity] {11}: V[180-6-66]; SG, TH:B
  654. Lostprophets: The Betrayed [Sony] {11}: MC(67), DS:80, Q:80, RKS:80, SPK:80
  655. Ludacris: Battle of the Sexes [Disturbing Tha Peace] {11}: MC(68), AV:B+, XXL:80; RC:*, TH:B
  656. Shelby Lynne: Tears, Lies and Alibis [Everso] {11}: V[302-5-39]; MC(72), AM, AS:90, BBC:80, U:80; RC:X, TH:A-
  657. Jesse Malin and the St Marks Social: Love It to Life [Side One Dummy] {11}: V[263-5-45]; AM, FL:80
  658. Meth-Ghost-Rae [Method Man-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon]: Wu-Massacre [Def Jam] {11}: MC(73), AV:B+, EW:B+, RS:70, URB:80; RC:X
  659. Meursault: All Creatures Will Make Merry [Song, by Toad] {11}: MO:80
  660. Murder by Death: Good Morning, Magpie {11}: V[1276-1-10]
  661. Neon Indian: Psychic Chasms [Lefse] {11}: MO:80
  662. NERD: Nothing [Star Trak] {11}: V[434-3-26]; MC(62), AP:81, EW:B+; TH:**
  663. The Ocean: Heliocentric [Metal Blade] {11}: V[685-1-15]; AM
  664. Pan Sonic: Gravitoni [Blast First Petite] {11}: V[664-2-15]; {BW, QT}
  665. Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton + Peter Evans: Scenes in the House of Music [Clean Feed] {11}: TH:***
  666. Rangda: False Flag [Drag City] {11}: V[153-8-79]; DS:80
  667. Rangers: Suburban Tours [Olde English Spelling Bee] {11}: V[308-3-38] {W:6}
  668. Ratt: Infestations [Roadrunner] {11}: V[396-4-30]; MO:80
  669. Kurt Rosenwinkel and OJM: Our Secret World [Word of Mouth] {11}
  670. Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore: Dear Companion [Sub Pop] {11}: V[687-1-15]; FL:88
  671. Stone Temple Pilots: Stone Temple Pilots [Atlantic] {11}: MC(70), BB:88, BG:80, EW:B+, RKS:80, RS:70
  672. Mark Sultan: $ [Last Gang] {11}: V[1583-1-7]
  673. Ralph Towner/Paolo Fresu: Chiaroscuro [ECM] {11}: DB; TH:**
  674. Tricky: Mixed Race [Domino] {11}: V[245-5-49]; MC(63), AM, BB:82, FL:81, MO:80, Q:80; RC:A-, MT:**, TH:*
  675. The Unthanks: Here's the Tender Coming [Rough Trade] {11}: MC(81), AM, BBC:80, G:80, MJ:80, OMM:80, PH:88, PM:80, SP:80, U:80
  676. The Vandermark 5: The Horse Jumps/The Ship Is Gone [Not Two] {11}: JL; CM, SG+
  677. Walls: Walls [Kompakt] {11}: {QT:6}; MO:80, NME:90
  678. David S Ware: Onecept [AUM Fidelity] {11}: V[1689-1-5]; JL; SG, CM, TH:A-
  679. Active Child: Curtis Lane [Filter (EP)] {10}: V[1569-1-8]
  680. Christina Aguilera: Bionic [RCA] {10}: MC(56), AM
  681. Gary Allan: Get Off on the Pain [MCA Nashville] {10}: V[783-1-13]; MC(84), AM, BB:82, NYT:80, PM:80, SL:80; TH:B-
  682. Bad Books: Bad Books [Favorite Gentlemen] {10}
  683. Balmorhea: Constellations [Western Vinyl] {10}: MC(71), PF:79, TMT:80
  684. The Black Crowes: Croweology [Silver Arrow] {10}: V[502-3-21]; MC(69), RS:80, U:80
  685. Black Dub: Black Dub [Jive/RED] {10}: V[464-3-25]; RS:70
  686. Black Label Society: Order of the Black [E1] {10}: MC(67), BB:85, RKS:80
  687. Geof Bradfield: African Flowers [Origin] {10}: AM; TH:*
  688. Cherry Ghost: Beneath This Burning Shoreline {10}: MO:80, U:80
  689. Christian Mistress: Agony & Opium [20 Buck Spin] {10}: V[1496-1-10]
  690. Ciara: Basic Instinct [LaFace] {10}: V[748-1-14]; EW:B+
  691. Clogs: The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton [Brassland] {10}: V[589-2-20]
  692. Club 8: The People's Record [Labrador] {10}: {UR:10}; MC(67), AM, PM:80, UR:80
  693. Cornershop: Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast [Ample Play] {10}: V[309-4-38]; MC(73), DM:80, MJ:80, PF:73, SP:80, U:80; RC:A-, TH:A-
  694. Digital Mystikz: Return II Space [DMZ] {10}
  695. B Dolan: Fallen House, Sunkey City [Strange Famous] {10}: MC(81), AL:80, PH:88, PM:80, URB:80
  696. Electric Wire Hustle: Electric Wire Hustle [BBE] {10}: AM; TH:*
  697. El-P: Weareallgoingtoburninhell-megamixxx3 [Gold Dust] {10}: MC(75), AV:A-, BBC:80, DU:80, PF:76, SP:80, URB:90
  698. Everybody Was in the French Resistance . . . Now!: Fixin' the Charts, Vol. 1 [Cooking Vinyl] {10}: V[1629-1-6]; MC(60), AP:80, SP:70; RC:A-, CM, TH:A-
  699. Exodus: Exhibit B: The Human Condition {10}
  700. Fennesz/Tony Buck/David Daniell: Knoxville [Thrill Jockey] {10}: MC(74), BBC:80, DS:80, DU:80, PF:80
  701. Adam Green: Minor Love [Fat Possum] {10}: V[1222-1-10]; MC(70), AM, BG:80, DA:80, DS:80, FL:78, PM:80, Q:80
  702. The Henry Clay People: Somewhere on the Golden Coast [TBD] {10}: V[1684-1-5]
  703. Randy Houser: They Call Me Cadillac [Show Dog/Universal] {10}
  704. Intronaut: Valley of Smoke [Century Media] {10}: V[610-2-19]
  705. Jukebox the Ghost: Everything Under the Sun [Yep Roc] {10}: MC(78), AV:91
  706. Wiz Khalifa: Kush & OJ [mixtape] {10}: V[449-3-25]
  707. Kno: Death Is Silent [QN5] {10}: {RYM}; URB:90; TH:***
  708. Lee Konitz New Quartet: Live at the Village Vanguard [Enja] {10}: DB
  709. Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra: Ashcan Rantings [Clean Feed, 2CD] {10}: V[1338-1-10]; SG, CM+, TH:A
  710. Las Robertas: Cry Out Loud [Art Fag] {10}
  711. LA Vampires/Zola Jesus: LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus [Not Not Fun (EP)] {10}: V[1145-1-10]
  712. Azar Lawrence: Mystic Journey [Furthermore] {10}: DB
  713. Little Boots: Hands [Elektra] {10}: MC(68), BB:80, BG:80, EW:B+, FL:83, MO:80, PM:80, ; TH:***
  714. Lorn: Nothing Else [Brainfeeder] {10}: V[1561-1-8]
  715. Ludicra: The Tenant [Profound Lore] {10}: V[138-9-85]
  716. Maserati: Pyramid of the Sun [Temporary Residence Limited] {10}: V[427-3-27]; PX:80
  717. Javiera Mena: Mena [Jabalina] {10}: V[63-8-173]
  718. Allison Miller: Boom Tic Boom [Foxhaven] {10}: V[496-2-22]; AM; TH:A-
  719. Allison Moorer: Crows [Rykodisc] {10}: V[1624-1-6]; MC(79), AM, AP:90, BB:85, BBC:80, BG:80, LAT:100, PM:80, SL:90, SP:70; TH:B
  720. Nada Surf: If I Had a Hi-Fi [Mardev] {10}: V[634-2-17]; MC(75), AP:80, AV:B+, BBC:80, DS:80, U:80
  721. Sam Newsome: Blue Soliloquy [Sam Newsome] {10}: DB; SG, TH:*
  722. Overkill: Ironbound [Nuclear Blast] {10}: V[1250-1-10]
  723. William Parker Organ Quartet: Uncle Joe's Spirit House [Centering] {10}: V[912-1-10]; TH:***
  724. Parkway Drive: Deep Blue [Epitaph] {10}
  725. Odean Pope: Odean's List [In+Out] {10}: DB, TH:**
  726. Preservation Hall Jazz Band: Preservation: An Album to Benefit Preservation Hall [Megaforce] {10}: V[463-3-25]
  727. Quest for Fire: Lights From Paradise [Tee Pee] {10}: MC(78), NOW:80, PF:73, PM:80
  728. Royal Baths: Litanies [Woodsist] {10}: V[1000-1-10]
  729. Stereolab: Not Music [Drag City] {10}: MC(72), AM, BG:80, CL:80, PF:75, PM:80
  730. Take That: Progress [Polydor] {10}: {Q, ST}
  731. Andreya Triana: Lost Where I Belong [Ninja Tune] {10}: V[1721-1-5]; URB:90
  732. Voice of the Seven Thunders: Voice of the Seven Thunders [Tchantiler] {10}: V[579-2-20] {RT}; NME:90
  733. David S Ware: Saturnian (Solo Saxophones, Volume 1) [AUM Fidelity] {10}: SG, TH:***
  734. Pete Yorn: Pete Yorn [Vagrant] {10}: V[519-2-20]; MC(67), FL:81, SP:80

Separated out the 10+ jazz releases here, which are either over- or underrepresented, depending on your point of view.

The Rest of the List

  1. 3ology: With Ron Miles [Tapestry] {2}: TH:A-
  2. 6 Day Riot: On This Island
  3. 7L & Esoteric: 1212 [Fly Casual Creative] {2}: TH:A-
  4. 7 Walkers: 7 Walkers [Response] {2}
  5. 10 Ft Ganja Plant: 10 Deadly Shots Vol 1
  6. 10 Years: Feeding the Wolves {4}
  7. 22-20s: Shake/Shiver/Moan {2}
  8. 22: Flux
  9. 30H!3: Streets of Gold [Photo Finish]
  10. 30 Seconds to Mars: This Is War [-09]
  11. 36 Crazyfists: Collisions & Castaways [Roadrunner] {3}
  12. 80kidz: Weekend Warrior [Kidz]
  13. The 88: The 88 [88 Records]: V[587-2-20]
  14. 8Ball and MJG: Ten Toes Down [Grand Hustle] {2}: NOW:80, SL:80
  15. The 1900s: Return of the Century [Parasol] {7}: V[501-2-21]; MC(78), AM, AV:B+, SP:80
  16. Juhani Aaltonen Quartet: Conclusions [Tum] {3}: TH:A-
  17. Eivind Aarset: Live Extracts [Jazzland] {2}: V[964-1-10]
  18. Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet: Natural Selection [Sunnyside] {9}: DB; TH:**
  19. Aboombong: Asychronic [self-released] {3}
  20. Abraham Inc: Tweet Tweet [Table Pounding] {8}: RC:*, TH:***
  21. Chris Abrahams: Play Scar [Room 40] {5}
  22. Joshua Abrams: Natural Information [Eremite] {4}: V[965-1-10]; DB
  23. Muhal Richard Abrams/Roscoe Mitchell: Spectrum [Mutable Music] {2}
  24. Absolute Ensemble: Absolute Zawinul [Sunnyside] {3}: DB; TH:B
  25. Accept: Blood of the Nations [Nuclear Blast] {9}: V[353-4-33]
  26. Acid Mothers Temple: In {2}
  27. Action!: Friend Weakend [The Music Fort]: {NS:2}
  28. Action Action: The Ones Who Get It Are the Ones Who Need Not to Know
  29. John Adams: I Am Love [A Film by Luca Guadagnino] [Nonesuch] {4}: V[1264-1-10]; TH:**
  30. Jason Adasiewicz's Rolldown: Varmint [Cuneiform -09]: TH:***
  31. Phil Ade: The Letterman
  32. Adebisi Shank: This Is the Second Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank [Richter Collective] {6}
  33. Thomas Ades: Trevot
  34. Trace Adkins: Cowboy's Back in Town [Show Dog]: V[1015-1-10]; MC(71)
  35. Dan Adler/Joey DeFrancesco: Back to the Bridge [Emdan]
  36. Antonio Adolfo/Carol Saboya: La e Ca/Here and There [AAM]: TH:U
  37. Adriel y Su Orquesta: Como Debe Ser [Mojica]
  38. Aeroplane: We Can't Fly [Eskikmo/Ultra] {8}: {MX}; SP:80
  39. Aeroplane Trio: Naranja Ha [Drip Audio] {2}: SG, TH:***
  40. AFCGT: AFCGT (LP) [Sub Pop]: V[879-1-10]; NR:90
  41. Africa Hitech: Hitecherous
  42. Afterfall: Afterfall [Clean Feed]: TH:***
  43. AGF: Filter [AGF]: URB:80
  44. Aias: A La Piscina [Captured Tracks] {5}: V[637-2-17]; AM
  45. Aida Severo: Aida Severo [Slam -09]: TH:***
  46. Airbourne: No Guts, No Glory [Roadrunner] {7}: MC(64), BBC:80, Q:80
  47. Airliner: None [self-released]
  48. Air Waves: Dungeon Dot [Underwater Peoples]
  49. Jason Ajemian's Daydream Full Lifestyles: Protest Heaven [482] {2}: SG+
  50. Jason Ajemian & the High Life: Let Me Get That [Digital Sundmagi]
  51. Akala: Doublethink [Illastate] {3}: TH:***
  52. Akira the Don: Superhero Music
  53. Alaturka: Tamam Abi [Tzigane]
  54. Alberta Cross: Broken Side of Time [ATO] {6}: MC(75), BB:86, MJ:80, NME:80, Q:80
  55. Melissa Aldana: Free Fall [Inner Circle Music]
  56. Jason Aldean: My Kinda Party [Broken Bow] {3}
  57. Howard Alden: I Remember Django [Arbors]
  58. Gabriel Alegria: Pucusana [Saponegro] {3}: DB
  59. Algernon: Ghost Surveillance [Cuneiform]
  60. Ralph Alessi: Cognitive Dissonance [CAM Jazz] {8}: V[1650-1-5]; DB; TH:***
  61. Rahim AlHaj: Little Earth [Ur Music] {5}
  62. Harry Allen: New York State of Mind [Challenge -09] {5}: TH:**
  63. Marc Almond: Varieté {2}: MO:80
  64. Geri Allen & Timeline: Live [Motéma] {9}: DB; TH:**
  65. Lina Allemano Four: Jargon [Lumo] {3}: V[1538-1-9]
  66. Hoodie Allen: Pep Rally
  67. Marshall Allen/Matthew Shipp/Joe Morris: Night Logic [RogueArt] {2}: TH:***
  68. Tony Allen: Secret Agent [Nonesuch] {5}: V[386-3-30]; SL:90; RC:**, TH:***
  69. Ellen Allien: Dust [BPitch Control] {3}: V[1546-1-8]
  70. Luther Allison: Songs From the Road [Ruf]
  71. All Love: Love Harder
  72. All That Remains: For We Are Many [Razor & Tie] {3}: MC(70), K:80, PM:70, RKS:70
  73. Aloha: Home Acres [Polyvinyl] {7}: V[788-2-12]; MC(74), AL:90, AP:83, FL:81, SP:70
  74. Alphabeat: The Beat Is . . . {3}
  75. The Alps: Le Voyage [Type] {7}: V[1604-1-7]
  76. Altar Eagle: Mechanical Gardens [Type] {5}
  77. Alter Bridge: III [Roadrunner] {8}: V[1384-1-10]
  78. Altered Natives: Tenement Yard Vol 1 [Eye4Eye] {5}: {DJ:2, F:9, XL}
  79. Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son: El Son de Altura [BIS]
  80. Remi Alvarez/Mark Dresser: Soul to Soul [Discos Intolerancia] {2}: SG; TH:***
  81. Helio Alves: Musica [Jazz Legacy]: DB
  82. Aly & Fila: Generation Hexed [Greco Roman]
  83. Am: Future Sons and Daughters
  84. Amabutho: Sikelela [Alma] {2}: TH:**
  85. Rodrigo Amado: Searching for Adam [Not Two] {2}: SG, TH:A-
  86. Oren Ambarchi/Keiji Haino/Jim O'Rourke: Tima Formosa [Black Truffle]: PF:73
  87. Scott Amendola: Lift [Sazy] {5}: SG
  88. American Aquarium: Small Town Hymns {3}
  89. American Hi Fi: Fight the Frequency {2}
  90. The Ames Room: In [Monotype] {2}: SG
  91. Amia Venera Landscape: The Long Procession
  92. Amiina: Puzzle {4}
  93. Amira & Merima Kljuco: Zumra [World Village]
  94. AMM: Sounding Music [Matchless] {6}: SG+
  95. Marcos Amorim Trio: Portraits [Adventure Music]: TH:**
  96. Amplifier: The Octopus {3}
  97. AM Taxi: We Don't Stand a Chance
  98. Amusement Parks on Fire: Road Eyes {3}
  99. Anané: Anané's World [Nervous]: URB:80
  100. Anarbor: The Words You Don't Swallow
  101. Trey Anastasio: TAB at the TAB
  102. ANBB [Alva Noto/Blixa Bargeld]: Ret Marut Handshake [Raster Music] {4}: DS:80
  103. The Ancients: The Ancients 2 {3}
  104. Dave Anderson Quartet: Clarity [OA2]: TH:U
  105. Fred Anderson: A Night at the Velvet Lounge: Made in Chicago 2007 Festival, Poland [Estrada Posnanska]
  106. The Ray Anderson-Marty Ehrlich Quartet: Hear You Say: Live in Willisau [Intuition] {9}: JL; SG, TH:**
  107. Vijay Anderson: Hardboiled Wonderland [Not Two]: SG, TH:U
  108. Jacob Anderskov: Agnostic Revelations [ILK] {2}: DB
  109. Benny Andersson Band: Story of a Heart [Decca]
  110. Leny Andrade: Alma Mia [Microchoice Brazil]
  111. Horace Andy: Serious Times [Groove Attack]
  112. Angels & Airwaves: Love {5}
  113. Angelus Apartrida: Clockwork [Century Media]
  114. Thomas Ankersmit: Live in Utrecht [Ash International] {3}: V[1433-1-10]
  115. Amy Annelle: The Cimarron Banks [High Plains Sigh] {2}
  116. Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening [Comedy Central] {9}: AM
  117. Artificial Intelligence: Stand Alone [V]: {DJ}
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  1128. Curtis Fuller: I Will Tell Her [Capri] {6}: DB; TH:***
  1129. Tia Fuller: Decisive Steps [Mack Avenue] {3}: TH:**
  1130. Champian Fulton: The Breeze & I [Gut String]
  1131. Roel Funcken: Vade [Ad Noiseam]
  1132. Fundament: Go In!: NOW:80
  1133. Funki Porcini: On [Ninja Tune] {3}: CL:80, MO:80, URB:80
  1134. The Fun Years: God Was Like, No [Barge] {6}
  1135. Fursaxa: Well of Tuhala {2}
  1136. Fursaxa: Mycorrhizae Realm {3}
  1137. Nobuyasu Furuya: Stunde Null [Chitei]: SG
  1138. Future Perfect: Dirty Little Secrets {2}
  1139. G9 Gipfel: Berlin [Jazzwerkstatt]
  1140. Bill Gagliardi: Mr Fubar, I Presume [CIMP]
  1141. Gaida: Levantine Indulgence [Palymra] {2}: TH:***
  1142. Dan Gailey Jazz Orchestra: What Did You Dream? [OA2] {2}: TH:U
  1143. Alastair Galbraith: Mass {2}
  1144. Ricardo Gallo: The Great Fine Line [Clean Feed] {2}: JL; TH:***
  1145. Hal Galper: E Pluribus Unum [Origin]: TH:*
  1146. Gamelan Madu Sari: Hive [Songlines]: TH:*
  1147. Ganelin Trio: Visions: Live at Vision Festival, NYC 2007 [United One]: JL
  1148. Gang Gang Dance: Kamakura [Latitudes]: DS:80
  1149. Ganglians: Monster Head Room [Souterrain Transmissions]: DS:80
  1150. Gangrene: Gutter Watter {3}: SP:70
  1151. Garaj Mahal: More Mr Nice Guy [Owl Studios]: DB; TH:B-
  1152. Jan Garbarek/The Hilliard Ensemble: Officium Novum [ECM] {6}: JL; TH:*
  1153. Ruth Garbus: Rendezvous With Rama [Autumn] {2}
  1154. Javi Garcia & the Cold Cold Ground: A Southern Horror
  1155. Garotas Suecas: Escaldante Banda [American Dust] {3}: SP:70
  1156. Nick Garrie: The Nightmare of JB Stanislas {2}: MO:80
  1157. Michael Garrick Jazz Orchestra: Tone Poems [Jazz Academy]: JM
  1158. Cochemea Gastelum: The Electric Sound of Johnny Arrow [Mowo!] {2}: V[1281-1-10]; TH:*
  1159. Gate: Republic of Sadness [Ba Da Bing]: V[1681-1-5]
  1160. Gatekeeper: Giza [Merok]
  1161. Gatlin Elms: Carry Me Home
  1162. Gato Libre: Shiro [Libra] {2}: SG, TH:*
  1163. Stephen Gauci/Kris Davis/Michael Bisio: Three [Clean Feed] {3}: SG, TH:***
  1164. The Gay Blades: Savages [4Never] {5}
  1165. Gazpacho: A Night at Loreley
  1166. Gazpacho: Missa Atropos
  1167. Tobias Gebb & Unit 7: Free at Last [Yummy House]: TH:**
  1168. Gianni Gebbia/Eiko Ishibashi/Caniele Camarda: Maboroshi [FMN -09]: SG
  1169. John Geggie Trio/Donny McCaslin: Across the Sky
  1170. Geggietrio + Donny McCaslin: Across the Sky [Plunge]
  1171. Howe Gelb and a Band of Gypsies: Alegrias [Eureka]
  1172. Gem Club: Acid & Everything [(EP)]
  1173. Gentle Friendly: Ride Slow [Upset! The Rhythm]: AM
  1174. Gentleman: Diversity [Bush House Music/Universal]
  1175. Geographer: Animal Shapes {6}
  1176. Hannah Georgas: This Is Good {2}
  1177. Lisa Germano: Familial [Bella Union] {2}: MC(66), AV:B+, MJ:80
  1178. Klaus Gesing: Heartluggage [ATS]
  1179. Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly: Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly: MO:80
  1180. The Get Up Kids: Simple Science {3}
  1181. Get Well Soon: Vexations [City Slang/PIAS] {3}
  1182. Ghostkeeper: Ghostkeeper {3}
  1183. The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger: Acoustic Sessions {2}: RS:70
  1184. Giant Sand: Blurry Blue Mountain [Fire] {5}: V[1024-1-10]
  1185. Gerry Gibbs and the Electric Thrasher Orchestra: Play the Music of Miles Davis 1967-1975 [Whaling City Sound, 2CD]: V[1293-1-10]; TH:**
  1186. Otis Gibbs: Joe Hill's Ashes
  1187. Philip Gibbs/Paul Dunmall/Tony Hymas/Paul Rogers/Neil Metcalfe/Tony Levin: Mumuksuta [Duns]: SG
  1188. Gift of Gab: Escape 2 Mars [Quannum]: FL:86
  1189. Gifts From Enola: Gifts From Enola {2}
  1190. Gigi: Maintenant [Tomlab] {9}: V[529-2-20]; AM
  1191. Gilberto Gil: BandaDos {2}
  1192. The Gilded Palace of Sin: You Break Our Hearts, We'll Tears Yours Out [Central Control] {2}: V[1766-1-5]; MC(67), CL:80, MJ:80
  1193. Joe Gilman: Americanvas [Capri]: TH:***
  1194. The Girl and the Robot: The Beauty of Decay
  1195. Rosario Giuliani: Lennie's Pennies [Dreyfus Jazz]: TH:**
  1196. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie: Reinterpreting Black Flag [Secret to Life]: RC:*
  1197. Gin Blossoms: No Chocolate Cake
  1198. Gin Club: Deathwish {3}
  1199. Ginger Ninja: Wicked Map {2}
  1200. Michael Gira: I Am Not Insane: {BW}
  1201. Girls in the Eighties: Faceless Sonic Boom [self-released] {2}: V[1812-1-5]
  1202. Girls Names: You Should Know by Now [Tough Love (EP)] {2}: DS:80
  1203. Frode Gjerstad/John Edwards/Mark Sanders: Bergen [FMR]: SG
  1204. Frode Gjerstad/Paal Nilssen-Love: Gromka [Not Two]: SG
  1205. Frode Gjerstad: Sekstett [Conrad Sound]: SG
  1206. Philip Glass: The American Four Seasons
  1207. The Glass: At Swim Two Birds [Plant Music]: URB:80
  1208. Dave Glasser: Evolution [Here Tiz] {2}: TH:***
  1209. Glee: The Music: The Power of Madonna [Columbia (EP)]: TH:*
  1210. Glee: The Music: The Christmas Album [Columbia]: EW:B+
  1211. Glee: The Music: Journey to Regionals
  1212. Glee: The Music: Volume 4: EW:A-
  1213. The Glenious Inner Planet: The Glenious Inner Planet [Blue Bamboo]: TH:**
  1214. The Glimmers: Whomp That Sucker [Gomma] {2}
  1215. Glitch Mob: Drink the Sea [Glass Air] {4}: URB:80
  1216. Glossary: Feral Fire [The Rebel Group] {9}: V[563-2-20] {NS:9}
  1217. Gnaw Their Tongues: L'Arrivee de la Terne Mort Triomphante [Crucial Blast] {6}
  1218. God Is an Astronaut: Age of the Fifth Sun {6}
  1219. The Go Find: Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight [Morr] {2}: AM
  1220. Jared Gold: Out of Line [Posi-Tone]: TH:**
  1221. Aaron Goldberg: Home [Sunnyside] {2}: TH:*
  1222. Ben Goldberg: Go Home [BAG -09] {4}: DB; TH:***
  1223. Ben Goldberg Quartet: Baal: The Book of Angels, Vol. 15 [Tzadik] {2}: TH:***
  1224. Goldbug: The Seven Dreams [1k]: TH:**
  1225. The Golden Age of Steam: Raspberry Tongue [Babel] {2}: JM
  1226. The Golden Dogs: Coat of Arms [Nevado]: NOW:80
  1227. The Golden Filter: Voluspa [Brielle] {5}
  1228. Golden Triangle: Double Jointer [Hardly Art] {5}: MC(69), NR:80
  1229. The Goldheart Assembly: Wolves and Thieves [Fierce Panda] {5}: V[829-1-11]; DS:80
  1230. Larry Goldings/Harry Allen: When Larry Met Harry [Cafe Society] {2}
  1231. John Goldman: Outside the Box [JG Music]
  1232. Gold Motel: Summer House [self-released] {5}
  1233. Goldmund: Famous Places [Western Vinyl] {5}
  1234. Vinny Golia/Mark Dresser: Live at Lotus [Kadima] {2}: JL; SG
  1235. Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: Medicine County [Transdreamer] {8}: MC(73), MJ:80, PM:80
  1236. Mac Gollehon: Mac Straight Ahead [American Classic] {2}
  1237. Selena Gomez and the Scene: A Year Without Rain {2}
  1238. Ernesto Gonzales: Been Meaning to Tell You [Friends of Friends] {2}: MC(73), URB:80
  1239. Benito Gonzalez: Circles [Furthermore] {3}: DB, JL
  1240. Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels: Cape of Storms [Ayler] {3}
  1241. Luis Gonzalez: Tributo a un Gigante [Tsunami]
  1242. Brad Goode: Tight Like This [Delmark] {6}: AM; TH:**
  1243. Good Kids Sprouting Horns: Give Up the Ghost
  1244. The Goodnight Loving: The Goodnight Loving Supper Club [Dirtnap] {7}: V[1657-1-5]; AV:A-
  1245. Good Old War: Good Old War [Sargent House] {5}
  1246. The Good Ones: Kigali Y' Izahabu [Dead Oceans] {2}: AM
  1247. Good Shoes: No Hope No Future [Brille] {3}
  1248. Mike Gordon: Moss
  1249. Gotan Project: Tango 3.0 [XL] {4}: MO:80; TH:**
  1250. Helena Gough: Mikroklimata
  1251. Gozu: Locust Season [Small Stone] {2}
  1252. Graffiti6: Colours [NWFree]
  1253. Jon Dee Graham & the Fighting Cocks: It's Not as Bad as It Looks [Freedom] {3}: V[350-3-33]
  1254. Grandchildren: Everlasting [Green Owl]: V[1381-1-10]
  1255. Grand Magus: Hammer of the North {6}: {K}
  1256. Grand Trine: Sunglasses [Divorce]: NOW:80
  1257. Grand Valley State University: New Music Ensemble in C Remixed [Innova]
  1258. Tom Grant: Delicioso [Nu-Wrinkle]
  1259. The Grascals: The Famous Lefty Flynn's [Rounder] {4}
  1260. The Grass: Rogue Waves: NOW:80
  1261. Grasscut: 1 Inch/½ Mile {2}: MO:80, U:80
  1262. Grass House: Plough More Sky EP [Smackjaw, EP]: NR:90
  1263. Grass Widow: Grass Widow [Make a Mess (EP)]: AM
  1264. Frank Gratkowski/Hamid Drake: Frank Gratkowski & Hamid Drake [Valid] {2}: SG; TH:**
  1265. Frank Gratkowski/Jacob Anderskov: Ardent Grass [Red Toucan]
  1266. David Gray: Foundling [Downtown] {2}: MC(62), EW:B+
  1267. Macy Gray: The Sellout [Concord] {6}: MC(58), BBC:80; RC:A-, TH:A-
  1268. Gord Grdina Trio with Mats Gustafsson: Barrel Fire [Drip Audio] {2}: TH:U
  1269. Great Elk: Great Elk [(EP)]
  1270. Great North: Newfoundland
  1271. Professor Green: Alive Till I'm Dead {5}: MO:80
  1272. Chris Greene: Merge [Single Malt]: TH:**
  1273. JJ Grey & Mofro: Georgia Warhorse [Alligator] {7}: AM
  1274. Earl Greyhound: Suspicious Package [Hawk Race]: V[303-3-39]
  1275. GreyMatter: GreyMatter
  1276. Grid Mesh: Coordinates [FMR]: SG
  1277. Johnny Griffin: Live at Ronnie Scott's [In+Out]: TH:**
  1278. Vittorio Grigolo: The Italian Tenor
  1279. Grigoryan Brothers: Distance
  1280. GR+LLGR+LL: GR+LLGR+LL [Disaro]
  1281. Alexandra Grimal: Owls Talk [Hôte Marge]: SG
  1282. Henry Grimes/Rashied Ali: Spirits Aloft [Porter] {8}: JL; SG, CM, TH:A-
  1283. Rachel Grimes: Book of Leaves
  1284. Grimes: Halfaxa [Arbutus] {5}: V[447-2-25] {CMG} - V also includes Geidi Primes
  1285. Grimes: Geidi Primes [Arbutus] {3}: V[447-2-25] {CMG} - V also includes Halfaxa
  1286. Nana Grizol: Ruth [Orange Twin] {4}: V[692-1-15]
  1287. Josh Groban: Illuminations [143/Reprise] {2}: V[1589-1-7]; EW:B+
  1288. Grooveman Spot: Change Situations
  1289. Group Doueh: Beatte Harab [Sublime Frequencies] {3}
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  1291. Mark Growden: Saint Judas [Porto Franco]: V[296-2-40]
  1292. Growing: Pumps [Vice] {5}: MC(75), AM, PH:88
  1293. Grown Ups: More Songs {2}
  1294. Grum: Heartbeats [Ultra] {5}: AM
  1295. George Gruntz: Matterhorn Matters [Misuques Suisses]: JL
  1296. Grupo Fantasma: El Existential [Nat Geo] {5}: V[1217-1-10]; TH:B
  1297. Guards: Guards [self-released (EP)] {2}
  1298. Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40: A Son de Guerra [EMI] {3}
  1299. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts: Breaking the Fourth Wall [Circus Company]: {MX}
  1300. Guitar Shorty: Bare Knuckle [Alligator]
  1301. Gun Outfit: Possession Sound [Post Present Medium] {5}
  1302. Sameer Gupta: Namaskar [Motema Music] {3}
  1303. Gush: Everybody's God
  1304. Mats Gustafsson: Needs! [Dancing Wayang] {2}
  1305. Tord Gustavsen Ensemble: Restored, Returned [ECM]: TH:***
  1306. Robin Guthrie: Sunflower Stories [Soleil Apres Minuit]
  1307. Jim Guttmann: Bessarabian Breakdown [Kleztone] {2}: TH:**
  1308. A Guy Called Gerald: Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions [Laboratory Instint]
  1309. Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky: In Search of a Standard [Leo] {2}
  1310. Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky: Pieces for String Trio and Trumpet [Leo]: SG
  1311. Gypsy & the Cat: Gilgamesh {2}
  1312. Gypsyhawk: Patience and Perseverance [Creator-Destructor] {2}
  1313. Gyptian: Hold You [VP] {6}: AM, NOW:80
  1314. Hackman: More Than Ever [PTN (EP)]
  1315. Meklit Hadero: On a Day Like This . . . [Porto Franco]: V[1022-2-18] - added P&J vote
  1316. Hilary Hahn: Higdon & Tchaikovsky: Violin Concertos [Deutsche Gramophon] {2}
  1317. Greg Haines: Until the Point of Hushed Support [Sonic Pieces] {3}
  1318. Haji P: Neighborhood Kid
  1319. Cindi Hall: Sleepin' With the Window Open
  1320. Crystal Monee Hall: River Train
  1321. Dana Hall: Into the Light [Origin -09]: TH:*
  1322. Jim Hall & Joey Baron: Conversations [ArtistShare] {2}: DB; TH:**
  1323. Robert David Hall: Things They Don't Teach You in School [Robert David Hall Music]: TH:***
  1324. Rich Halley Quartet: Live at the Penofin Jazz Festival [Pine Eagle] {3}: JL; TH:***
  1325. Halves: It Goes, It Goes (Forever and Ever) {5}
  1326. Thomas Hamann & Gerd Janson: Live at Robert Johnson [Robert Johnson]: {RA}
  1327. Tigran Hamasyan: Red Hail [Plus Loin]
  1328. Jeff Hamilton Trio: Symbiosis [Capri]
  1329. Scott Hamilton/Alan Barnes: Hi-Ya [Woodville]: TH:**
  1330. Scott Hamilton/Rossano Sportiello: Midnight at Nola's Penthouse [Arbors]
  1331. Joseph Hammer: I Love You, Please Love Me Too {2}
  1332. Hammeriver: Hammeriver [Mikroton] {2}: SG
  1333. Hammock: Chasing After Shadows . . . Living With the Ghosts [Hammock] {9}: V[1517-1-9] {NS:7}
  1334. Ham Sandwich: White Fox {4}
  1335. Herbie Hancock: The Imagine Project [Hancock] {5}: V[714-2-15]; DB; TH:B
  1336. James Hand: Shadow on the Ground [Rounder -09]: TH:***
  1337. Hangai: Juan Zou De Rem
  1338. Darren Hanlon: I Will Love You at All [Yep Roc] {4}: V[684-2-15]
  1339. Mark Hannaford: Polar [Extreme -09]: SG
  1340. Hanoi Janes: Year of Panic {2}
  1341. Susie Hansen: Representante de la Salsa [Jazz Caliente]
  1342. Hanson: Shout It Out [3CG] {2}: MC(67), BB:83
  1343. Eric Harland: Voyager Live by Night [Space Time] {2}
  1344. Sarah Harmer: Oh Little Fire [Zoe] {7}: MO:80
  1345. Francis Harold and the Holograms: Who Said These Were Happy Times [Agitated]: DS:80
  1346. Twig Harper & Daniel Higgs: Clairaudience Fellowship [Thrill Jockey] {3}: V[1781-1-5]
  1347. Twig Harper: Intuitive American Esoteric Volume Three [HereSee] {2}
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  1351. Joel Harrison: The Music of Paul Motian [Sunnyside -11] {2}: TH:U
  1352. Curtis Harvey: Box of Stones
  1353. Harvey Milk: Harvey Milk [Hydra Head] {2}: MC(73), AM
  1354. Taylor Haskins: American Dream [Sunnyside]: DB, TH:B
  1355. Erik Hassle: Pieces {4}
  1356. Haste the Day: Attack of the Wolf King
  1357. Hat: Local [Hatmusic]: TH:**
  1358. The Haters/Hal Hutchinson: Xylowave 2010/Amplification II
  1359. Juliana Hatfield: Peace and Love [Ye Olde] {5}: MC(60), AM, MJ:80
  1360. Carl Hauck: Windjammer
  1361. Hauschka: Foreign Landscapes [Fatcat] {9}: MC(66), DA:80, MO:80
  1362. Haunted Houses: The Invisible War of the Mind [Bathetic]: V[951-1-10]
  1363. Mayer Hawthorne: Strange Arrangement [Stones Throw -09]: TH:*
  1364. Claude Hay: Deep Fried Satisfied [Ingot Rock]
  1365. Rodney Hayden: Tavern of Poets {3}
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  1368. Kevin Hays Trio: Live at Smalls [Smalls Live]: DB
  1369. Hayvanlar Alemi: Guarano Superpower [Sublime Frequencies]: V[740-2-15]
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  1371. The Head & the Heart: The Head & the Heart [CDBaby] {8}
  1372. Fran Healy: Wreckorder [Rykodisc] {5}: MC(65), AP:86, FL:83
  1373. Jeff Healey: Last Call [Stony Plain] {3}: TH:***
  1374. Heart: Red Velvet Car [Sony Legacy] {6}: V[1068-1-10]; MC(71), LAT:88, RS:70
  1375. The Heart & Brain: Mbodiment
  1376. Heartbeater: Slow Waves [Meltface]: {NS:4}
  1377. Heathen: The Evolution of Chaos {2}
  1378. John Hebert Trio: Spiritual Lover [Clean Feed] {7}: TH:**
  1379. Hedzoleh Soundz: Hedzoleh
  1380. The Heligoats: Goodness Gracious [Greyday] {2}: V[1701-1-5]
  1381. Rene Hell: Porcelain Opera [Type] {6}: V[729-2-15]
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  1383. Hello Morning: Self Titled EP [Timber Carnival]: URB:90
  1384. Helloween: 7 Sinners {2}
  1385. Hakan Hellstrom: 2 Steg Fran Paradiset {9}
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  1388. Tamir Hendelman: Destinations [Resonance] {4}
  1389. Eddie Henderson: For All We Know [Furthermore]
  1390. Matthew Herbert: One Club {2}: MO:90
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  1392. Herculaneum: Olives and Orchids [EF]
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  1394. Yaron Herman Trio: Follow the White Rabbit [ACT]: JM
  1395. Her Name Is Calla: The Quiet Lamb {4}
  1396. Vincent Herring & Earth Jazz: Morning Star [Challenge]: TH:**
  1397. Kristin Hersh: Crooked [Harper Collins] {3}
  1398. Matt Herskowitz: Jerusalem Trilogy [Justin Time] {2}: TH:***
  1399. Joe Hertenstein/Pascal Niggenkemper/Thomas Heberer: HNH [Clean Feed] {2}: SG; TH:**
  1400. Conrad Herwig: The Latin Side of Herbie Hancock [Half Note] {7}: TH:B
  1401. Herzog: Search [Transparent]
  1402. He's My Brother She's My Sister: Self Titled EP
  1403. Fred Hess: Hold On [Dazzle]
  1404. Hey Champ: Star {3}
  1405. Hey Marseilles: To Travels & Trunks {3}
  1406. Hezekiah: Conscious Porn [Fat Beats/Select-O]
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  1409. Hidden Orchestra: Night Walks {2}
  1410. Fay Hield: Looking Glass
  1411. Daniel Higgs: Say God [Thrill Jockey] {8}: V[511-2-20]
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  1414. Higuma: Den of the Spirits [Digitalis]
  1415. Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen: At Edwards Barn [Rounder]: V[816-1-11]
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  1418. Hinder: All American Nightmare {2}
  1419. Brandon Hines: In Search Of [self-released]
  1420. Hip Hatchet: Men Who Share My Name {2}
  1421. Hiromi: Place to Be [Telarc] {3}: V[1774-1-5]
  1422. HISD: The Weekend
  1423. Hiss Golden Messenger: Bad Debt [Black Maps] {4}
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  1427. The Hoa Hoa's: Pop/Drone/Pedals [Magaphone Music]: DS:80
  1428. Steve Hobbs: Vibes Straight Up [Challenge]
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  1430. Robin Holcomb & Wayne Horvitz: The Point of It All [Songlines]
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  1437. Homeboy Sandman: The Good Sun [High Water Music] {7}: V[520-2-20]
  1438. Home Blitz: Out of Phase [Richie] {3}: V[925-1-10]
  1439. Home Video: The Automatic Process {2}
  1440. HoneyChild: Nearer the Earth [self-released] {3}
  1441. Robert Hood: Omega [M-Plant] {5}: {OM}
  1442. William Hooker: Earth's Orbit [No Business] {3}: SG, CM
  1443. William Hooker Trio: Yearn for Certainty [Engine] {2}: TH:**
  1444. Les Hooper Band: Live at Typhoon
  1445. Clutchy Hopkins: The Storyteller [Ubiquity] {3}: URB:80
  1446. Hop on Pop: Chicken on a Bicycle {2}
  1447. Hoquiam: Hoquiam {4}
  1448. Horseback: Invisible Mountain [Utech -09/Relapse] {2}: V[606-2-19]; AM
  1449. Hosannas: Together
  1450. Hostage Calm: Hostage Calm [Run for Cover] {2}
  1451. Hot Hot Heat: Future Breeds [Dangerbird] {5}: V[1021-1-10]; MC(66), AL:90, AP:89
  1452. Hot Panda: How Come I'm Dead {2}
  1453. Hot Toddy: Late Night Boogie [Smoke-N-Mirrors]: {DJ}
  1454. Marc Houle: Drift
  1455. The Hours: It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish
  1456. Houses: All Night [Lefse] {6}
  1457. Owen Howard: Drum Lore [Bju'ecords] {3}: DB; TH:**
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  1460. Howl: Full of Hell {4}
  1461. Howl Griff: The Hum [Recordiau Dockrad]
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  1466. Humanfly: Darker Later [Brew]
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  2144. Nico Muhly: I Drink the Air Before Me [Decca] {4}
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  2146. Munly and the Lupercalians: Petr and the Wolf {3}
  2147. Mural: Nectars of Emergence [Sofa] {2}: SG+
  2148. Murderdolls: Women and Children Last . . . and Revenge Was the Main Course [Roadrunner] {6}: V[1320-1-10]; MC(67), Q:80
  2149. Brendan Murray: Perispirit [Semata Productions/Razors & Medicine (12)]
  2150. Sunny Murray: Boom Boom Cat [Foghorn]: JM
  2151. Murs/9th Wonder: Fornever [SMC] {7}: MC(72), AM, AV:B+
  2152. Music Go Music: Expressions {3}: MO:80
  2153. Michael Musillami Trio: Old Tea [Playscape] {2}: DB
  2154. Musinah: The Oscillations: Triangle
  2155. Charlie Musselwhite: The Well [Alligator] {6}: V[1277-1-10]; DB
  2156. Wolfgang Muthspiel/Mick Goodrick: Live at the Jazz Standard [Material] {2}: TH:**
  2157. Mux Mool: Skulltaste [Ghostly International] {3}: URB:80
  2158. Mycale: The Book of Angels, Volume 13 [Tzadik]: V[1631-1-6]; TH:**
  2159. My Disco: Little Joy [Temporary Residence] {2}: V[1495-1-10]
  2160. My Epic: Yet
  2161. My Jerusalem: Gone for Good: MO:9
  2162. Mystery Twin: Mystery Twin
  2163. Myty Konkeror: I Miss the Future [Twin Lakes] {3}
  2164. Nafa: A Wave Is Rolling
  2165. Nails: Unsilent Death [Southern Lord] {8}: V[721-2-15]
  2166. Tatsuya Nakatani/Forbes Graham: Essences [BLAQ]: SG
  2167. The Naked and Famous: Passive Me, Aggressive You [Somewhat Damaged] {6}
  2168. Napoleon IIIrd: Christiania [Brainlove] {5}: {FB}; DS:80
  2169. Naptali: Long Journey [Oneness]
  2170. The Narrow: You Don't Get to Quit
  2171. Ted Nash: Portraits in Seven Shades [Lincoln at Center Jazz] {7}: TH:**
  2172. Native: Wrestling Moves
  2173. Ken Navarro: Dreaming of Trains [Positive]
  2174. Meshell Ndegeocello: Devil's Halo: MO:80
  2175. Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I Love [Nonesuch] {6}: V[825-1-11]; AM; RC:A-, TH:A-
  2176. Youssou N'Dour: Dakar-Kingston [Universal/Emarcy]: RC:*
  2177. Ivo Neame: Caught in the Light of the Day
  2178. Maria Neckam: Deeper [Sunnyside]: TH:C+
  2179. Necks: Stillwater [ReR]
  2180. Negura Bunget: Virstele Pamintului [Code666] {5}
  2181. Negura Bunget: Maiestrit/Maiastru Sfetnic
  2182. Nelly: 5.0 [Universal Motown] {2}: MC(64), BG:80; TH:**
  2183. Matt Nelson: Nostalgiamaniac [Chicago Sessions]
  2184. Neon Trees: Habits [Mercury] {3}: V[758-1-14]
  2185. Nest: Retold {2}
  2186. Jovino Santos Neto: Veja O Som/See the Sound [Adventure Music, 2CD] {2}: TH:**
  2187. Netsky: Netsky [Hospital] {2}
  2188. Never Again: Year One [Holy Roar]: DS:80
  2189. Never Shout Never: What Is Love? {2}
  2190. Aaron Neville: I Know I've Been Changed [Tell It All] {4}: V[570-2-20]; DB, SP:70
  2191. The New World Jazz Composers Octet: Big & Phat [DB]: J
  2192. Ne-Yo: Libra Scale [Island Def Jam] {9}: V[1134-1-10]; MC(74*), AM, AV:B+, EW:B+, RS:80
  2193. Nguzunguzu: Mirage [Silverback (EP)]
  2194. Nice Face: Immer Etwas [Sacred Bones] {2}
  2195. Nice Nice: Extra Wow [Warp] {4}: V[837-1-11]; AM, URB:80
  2196. Franz Nicolay: Luck & Courage {2}
  2197. Jerrod Niemann: Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury [Sea Gayle/Arista Nashville] {5}: V[1480-1-10]
  2198. Nightmares for a Week: Don't Die {2}: AV:A-
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  2200. BJ Nilsen: The Invisible City [Touch] {2}
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  2204. Bo Ningen: Bo Ningen [Stolen] {2}
  2205. Hailey Niswanger: Confeddie [self-released]
  2206. Nitzer Ebb: Industrial Complex {3}: V[1082-1-10]
  2207. NiyoRah: Feel Your Presence [Denkenesh] {2}
  2208. NLF3: Beautiful Is the Way to the World Beyond [Prohibited]: DS:80
  2209. Nocando: Jimmy the Lock [Alpha Pup] {3}: URB:90
  2210. NoGod: Kakera [CLJ]
  2211. Noisia: Split the Atom {3}
  2212. No Joy: Ghost Blonde [Mexican Summer] {7}
  2213. No More Shapes: Creesus Crisis [Drip Audio]: TH:**
  2214. No Mor Musik: No Mor Musik [ugExplode]
  2215. None More Black: Icons [Fat Wreck] {2}
  2216. Norrbotten Big Band: The Avatar Sessions: The Music of Tim Hagans [Fuzzy Music] {2}: TH:*
  2217. Mike Nord/Georg Hofmann: The Flow: Music for Improvised Dance [Leo]: SG
  2218. Norma Jean: Meridional [Razor & Tie] {6}
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  2222. The North Sea: Bloodlines
  2223. The Notes: Wishing Well {2}
  2224. Alva Noto: ANBB: Mimikry [Raster-Norton] {5}: JL
  2225. Alva Noto: For 2 [Line] {2}
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  2227. Gia Notte: Shades [Gnote]: TH:***
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  2229. Noveller: Desert Fires [Saffron] {2}: V[362-4-31]
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  2232. Nybakat!: Happy Land [Mindoors]: JM
  2233. Dick Oatts: Two Hearts [Steeplechase]: DB
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  2237. Fenn O'Berg: In Stereo [Editions Mego] {2}
  2238. Tim O'Brien: Chicken & Egg [Howdy Skies] {2}
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  2240. The Ocean: Anthropocentric [Metal Blade] {7}: V[737-1-15]
  2241. O Children: O Children {8}
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  2248. Oh Land: Oh Land
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  2255. Olan Mill: Pine [Serein] {4}
  2256. Old 97s: Mimeograph [New West (EP)] {2}: RC:B+, MT:*, TH:*
  2257. Old Man Luedecke: My Hands Are on Fire and Other Love Songs {2}
  2258. Mark O'Leary: Snow [TIBProd]: SG
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  2260. Oles Brothers/Rob Brown: Live at SJC [Fenomedia -09]: TH:**
  2261. Stéphan Oliva: The Lives of Bernard Hermann [Sans Bruit]: SG
  2262. Andrew Oliver Sextet: 82% Chance of Rain [OA2]: TH:**
  2263. Angel Olsen: Strange Cacti
  2264. OM: Willisau
  2265. Don Omar: Don Omar Presents: Meet the Orphans [Machete] {2}
  2266. Omarion: Ollusion [Starworld Entertainment]: MC(71), AM
  2267. The Once: The Once [Borealis]
  2268. One for All: One for All [Jazz Legacy] {2}
  2269. One for the Team: Ghosts [Afternoon] {2}
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  2271. Junko Onishi: Baroque [Verve] {4}
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  2274. oOoOO: oOoOO [Tri Angle (EP)] {7}
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  2276. Open Mike Eagle: Unapologetic Art Rap [Mush]
  2277. Opshop: Until the End of Time
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  2282. Oregon: In Stride [CAM Jazz] {2}
  2283. Organissimo: Alive & Kickin' [Big O] {2}: TH:*
  2284. Originalljudet: Originalljudet [Kalligrammofon]: SG
  2285. Oriole Post: Silver City
  2286. Orion: Orion [Pax-Am]
  2287. The Orkustra: Adventures in Experimental Electric Orchestra From the San Francisco Underground {2}
  2288. Jim O'Rourke: All Kinds of People [Awdr/Lr2/BJL] {3}: V[681-1-15]
  2289. Orphaned Land: The Never Ending Way of Orwarrior {3}
  2290. Aruan Ortiz Quartet: Alameda [Fresh Sound New Talent] {2}: DB, TH:**
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  2292. Oryx and Crake: Oryx and Crake
  2293. Sinichi Osawa: SO2
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  2297. M Ostermeier: Chance Reconstruction [Tench]
  2298. Otouto: Pip [Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control] {2}
  2299. Markku Ounaskari/Samuli Mikkonen: Kuara [ECM]: TH:U
  2300. Our Broken Garden: Golden Sea {2}
  2301. Jamie Ousley: Back Home [Tie]: TH:B-
  2302. Ous Mal: Nuojuva Halava [Preservation]
  2303. Out to Lunch: Melvin's Rockpile [Accurate]: TH:**
  2304. Over the Rhine: The Long Surrender {2}
  2305. The Owl Service: The View From a Hill
  2306. Oz: Rouge [CLJ]
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  2308. Paban Das Baul: Music of the Honey Gatherers
  2309. The Pack: Wolfpack Party: SP:70
  2310. The Pack AD: We Kill Computers {3}
  2311. PackFM: I F*cking Hate Rappers [QN5] {3}
  2312. Padang Food Tigers: Born Music
  2313. Pagan Wanderer Lu: European Monsoon [Brainlove] {2}: DS:90, MO:80
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  2325. Liz Pappademas & the Level: Television City
  2326. Parades: Foreign Tapes {5}: {SPK}
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  2328. Pariah: Safehouses [R&S (EP)] {2}: {XL}
  2329. Paris Troika: Paris Troika
  2330. Evan Parker/Sten Sandell: Psalms [Psi] {2}: SG
  2331. Evan Parker/John Wiese: C-Section
  2332. Evan Parker: Set [Psi] {3}: JM
  2333. Evan Parker: Whitstable Solo [Psi] {3}: SG
  2334. Graham Parker: Imaginary Television [Bloodshot]: V[1707-1-5]
  2335. Lewis Parker & John Robinson: International Summers [Project Mooncircle] {2}
  2336. William Parker: At Somewhere There [Barnyard] {3}: SG, TH:***
  2337. William Parker/Gianni Lenoci/Vittorino Curci/Marcello Magliocchi: Serving an Evolving Humanity [Silta]: SG
  2338. Parlovr: Parlovr [Universal Can/Zoom]
  2339. Charlie Parr: When the Devil Goes Blind [Nero's Neptune] {2}
  2340. Parralox: Metropolis [Conzoom] {2}: TH:***
  2341. JD Parran: Window Spirits [Mutable] {2}: SG
  2342. Partikel: Partikel [F-ire]: JM
  2343. The Parting Gifts: Strychnine Dandelion [In the Red] {8}: V[928-1-10]; AM
  2344. Chris Pasin: Detour Ahead [H20]
  2345. The Pass: Burst {6}
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  2353. Peasant: Shady Retreat
  2354. Peder: Dirt & Gold [Fake Diamond]
  2355. Pedestrian Deposit: East Fork/North Fork {2}
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  2357. Jeremy Pelt: Men of Honor [High Note] {6}: DB; FD, TH:B
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  2359. Pendulum: Immersion [Warners] {8}
  2360. Melanie Penn: Wake Up Love
  2361. People Like Us & Wobbly: Music for the Fire [Illegal Art] {3}: URB:80
  2362. Ken Peplowski: Noir Blue [Capri] {3}: DB; TH:*
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  2368. Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony [Cantaloupe Music] {5}: JL
  2369. Periphery: Periphery {8}
  2370. Houston Person: Moment to Moment [High Note] {6}: TH:B
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  2375. Philippe Petit & Friends: A Scent of Garmambrosia [Aagoo]
  2376. Gail Pettis: Here in the Moment [OA2] {3}: DB, TH:*
  2377. Pinetop Perkins & Willie "Big Eyes" Smith: Joined at the Hip [Telarc] {3}: DB
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  2379. Lee "Scratch" Perry & the Upsetters: Sound System Scratch [Pressure Sounds]
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  2389. Jay Phelps: Jay Walkin' [Specific Jazz] {2}: TH:**
  2390. Phew: Five Finger Discount
  2391. Flip Philipp & Ed Partyka Dectet: Hair of the Dog [ATS]: DB
  2392. Barre Phillips: Portraits [Kadima]: SG
  2393. Dave Phillips: ?
  2394. Sam Phillips: Long Play {2}
  2395. Phish: 10/31/2010
  2396. Phoenix Foundation: Buffalo [EMI] {2}
  2397. Phonique: Kissing Stranger [Dessous]: {DJ:9}
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  2408. Pill Wonder: Jungle/Surf [Underwater Peoples] {3}: V[1559-1-8]
  2409. Pimp C: The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones [Rap-a-Lot] {2}
  2410. The Pineapple Thief: Someone Here Is Missing {2}
  2411. Chico Pinheiro: There's a Storm Inside [Sunnyside]: DB; TH:U
  2412. Rodrigo Pinheiro/Hernani Faustino/Gabriel Ferrandini: RED Trio [Clean Feed] {2}: SG, TH:A-
  2413. Pink Freud: Monster of Jazz
  2414. Pink Martini: Splendor in the Grass
  2415. The Pipettes: Earth vs. The Pipettes [Fortuna Pop] {7}: AM
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  2417. Pit Er Pat: The Flexible Entertainer [Thrill Jockey] {2}: MC(64), AM, BBC:80
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  2419. Janet Planet: Sings the Bob Dylan Songbook Volume 1 [Stellar]
  2420. Planning for Burial: Leaving
  2421. Jeff Platz Quartet: Panoramic [Skycap]: SG
  2422. Connor Pledger: Detours
  2423. Conrad Plymouth: Conrad Plymouth [(EP)] {3}
  2424. PMToday: In Media Res {4}
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  2426. Poirier: Running High [Ninja Tune] {2}: PX:80, URB:90
  2427. The Poison Control Center: Sad Sour Future [Afternoon] {2}: PF:74
  2428. Polar Bear with Jyager: Common Ground: MO:80
  2429. Julian Waterfall Pollack: Infinite Playground {2}
  2430. Robert Pollard: We All Got Out of the Army [Guided by Voices]: V[765-2-14]; FL:85
  2431. Robert Pollard: Moses on a Snail [GbV]
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  2434. Marco Polo: The Stupendous Adventures of Marco Polo [Duck Down] {3}
  2435. Polock: Getting Down From the Trees [Nacional]
  2436. Steve Poltz: Dreamhouse [New Scotland] {2}: NOW:80
  2437. Pomegranates: One of Us [Afternoon] {9}: V[328-3-35]; SP:70
  2438. Pond: Frond {2}
  2439. Pontiak: Living [Thrill Jockey] {3}: FL:84
  2440. Moe Pope: Life After God [Brick]: URB:80
  2441. Pop Winds: The Turqoise [Arbutus] {2}
  2442. Porcelain Raft: Collection of Porcelain [(EP)]
  2443. Porcupine Tree: Atlanta
  2444. Gregory Porter: Water [Motema] {5}: V[1313-1-10]; TH:*
  2445. Travis Porter: Proud to Be a Problem [Porter House]: V[1637-1-5]
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  2448. Brian Posehn: Fart and Wiener Jokes
  2449. The Posies: Blood/Candy [Rykodisc] {9}: V[190-7-63]; MT:X
  2450. Mike Posner: 31 Minutes to Takeoff {5}
  2451. Possessed by Paul James: Feed the Family [Hillgrass Bluebilly] {3}: V[878-1-10]
  2452. Postdata: Postdata {2}
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  2454. Tineke Postma: The Traveller [Etcetera Now]: AM; TH:*
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  2456. Powerhouse Sound: Overlap [Laurence Family]: SG
  2457. Michael Powers: Urban Ukulele [Wet-Note]
  2458. Dan Pratt Organ Quartet: Toe the Line [Posi-Tone] {2}: TH:**
  2459. Prefab Sprout: Let's Change the World with Music [Ministry of Sound] {4}: V[506-2-21]; AM, AV:B+, SP:80
  2460. Pregnant: Pregnant [Burn Books]
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  2462. Pretty Lights: Spilling Over Every Side [Pretty Lights Music] {2}: V[1500-1-10]
  2463. The Pretty Reckless: Light Me Up {3}
  2464. The Len Price 3: Pictures [Wicked Cool] {7}: V[743-1-15]; MC(72), AM, RS:70, U:80
  2465. Mike Pride's From Bacteria to Boys: Betweenwhile [AUM Fidelity] {5}: TH:*
  2466. The Prids: Chronosynclastic
  2467. Priestess: Prior to the Fire [Tee Pee] {7}: V[488-2-23]; MC(68), AM, RKS:80, Q:80, SP:80
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  2472. Prince Royce: Prince Royce
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  2809. Harrison Smith Quartet: Telling Tales [33]: JM
  2810. Dr Lonnie Smith: Spiral [Palmetto] {6}: AM; TH:**
  2811. April Smith and the Great Picture Show: Songs for a Sinking Ship {5}: V[572-2-20]
  2812. Sahara Smith: Myth of the Heart [Playing in Traffic]: V[1325-1-10]
  2813. Sean Smith: Eternal
  2814. Steve Smith/George Brooks/Prasanna: Raga Bop Trio [Abstract Logix] {2}: DB
  2815. Tommy Smith: Torah [Spartacus] {2}: TH:**
  2816. Walter Smith III: III [Criss Cross] {3}
  2817. Smith Westerns: Smith Westerns [Fat Possum] {5}: AM, SP:80
  2818. Smoke Fairies: Through Low Light and Trees [V2] {7}: V[1594-1-7] {RT}
  2819. The Smoking Hearts: Pride of Nowhere [George Street]: NME:80
  2820. Sarah Kirkland Snider: Penelope [New Amsterdam] {2}: V[549-1-20] {EM}
  2821. Nadav Snir-Zelniker: Thinking Out Loud [OA2]: TH:***
  2822. Snowblink: Long Live: MO:80
  2823. Snowden: Slow Soft Syrup [self-released (EP)] {3}: NOW:80
  2824. Soars: Soars {3}
  2825. Soft Cat: Wildspace
  2826. Soft Machine Legacy: Live Adventures [Moonjune]
  2827. The Soft Moon: The Soft Moon [Captured Tracks] {7}: V[1557-1-8]
  2828. Soft Powers: Bad Pop [self-released]
  2829. Soil & Pimp Sessions: 6 [Brownswood]
  2830. Solex vs Cristina Martinez & Jon Spencer: Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown! [Bronzerat] {2}: V[1678-1-5]; AM
  2831. Emilio Solla & the Tango Jazz Conspiracy: Bien Sur! [Fresh Sound World Jazz] {2}: DB, TH:**
  2832. Solo Andata: Ritual [Desire Path] {2}
  2833. Lew Soloff/Steve Richman: Sketches of Spain [Sheffield Lab] {2}: DB
  2834. Son Lux: Weapons [(EP)]
  2835. Sonny & the Sunsets: Tomorrow Is Alright [Soft Abuse/Fat Possum] {8}: V[613-2-18]
  2836. Sonnymoon: Golden Age {2}
  2837. So Percussion/Matmos: Treasure State [Cantaloupe Music] {4}: V[1713-1-5]; URB:100; TH:**
  2838. Joan Soriano: El Duque de la Bachata [Iaso]: V[1405-1-10]
  2839. Sorrows: Bad Times Good Times [Bomp!]: AM
  2840. Omar Sosa & NDR Bigband: Ceremony [Ota] {6}
  2841. The So So Glos: Low Back Chain Lift [Green Owl (EP)] {2}: CM
  2842. Soul Center: General Eclectics [Shitkatapult]
  2843. Soulfire: The Road Ahead
  2844. Soulfly: Omen {6}
  2845. Soulja Boy and Lil B: Pretty Boy Millionaires [SOD Money Gang]: NOW:80
  2846. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em: The DeAndre Way [Collipark Music]: V[1647-1-5]
  2847. The Souljazz Orchestra: Rising Sun [Strut] {2}: V[1237-1-10]
  2848. Soundcarriers: Celeste [Melodic] {6}
  2849. Soundpool: Mirrors in Your Eyes {2}
  2850. Sourpatch: Crushin' [HHBTM] {2}
  2851. Carmen Souza: Protegid [Galileo Music]: TH:*
  2852. Space Dimension Controller: Temporary Thrillz [R&S (EP)] {3}: {XL}
  2853. Space Invadas: Soul:Fi
  2854. Spanish Harlem Orchestra: Viva La Tradicion [Concord Picante] {2}
  2855. Sparks: The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman [Lil Beethoven]: V[490-2-22]
  2856. K Sparks & GC: A Day in the Life [HiPNOTT]: URB:80
  2857. Sparrow and the Workshop: Crystals Fall {4}: MO:80, U:80
  2858. Dave Specter: Spectified [Fret] {2}: DB
  2859. Spectrals: A Spectrals Extended Play [Moshi Moshi (EP)] {2}: DS:80
  2860. Spectres: Last Days
  2861. Speed Caravan: Kalashnik Love
  2862. Regina Spektor: Live in London
  2863. Stellar OM Source: Trilogy Select [Olde English Spelling Be]
  2864. Sam Spence: Sam Spence Sounds [Finders Keepers]
  2865. Spock's Beard: X
  2866. Rae Spoon: Love Is a Hunter {2}
  2867. Rossano Sportiello: Lucky to Be Me [Arbors]
  2868. Squarepusher: Shobaleader One: d'Demonstrator [Warp] {2}: DS:80
  2869. Stained Glass Heroes: Big Guns at Dawn [Fred]
  2870. Mary Stallings: Dream [High Note] {4}: TH:B
  2871. Tasos Stamou & Ilan Manouach: Tasos Stamou & Ilan Manouach [Absurd]: SG
  2872. Peter Stampfel: Dook of the Beatniks [Piety Street Files & Archaic] {4}: V[648-2-16]; RC:A-(9)
  2873. Chris Standring: Blue Bolero [Ultimate Vibe]
  2874. Dave Stapleton Quintet: Between the Lines [Edition] {3}: JM
  2875. Starflyer 59: The Changing of the Guard [Tooth & Nail] {3}: V[1814-1-5]
  2876. StarGazer: A Great Work of Ages [Profound Lore]: V[1290-1-10]
  2877. Star One: Victims of the Modern Age {3}
  2878. Ringo Starr: Y Not [Hip-O] {2}: MC(60), BG:80
  2879. Riva Starr: If Life Gives You Lemons [Made to Play]
  2880. The State Lottery: When the Night Comes
  2881. Statik Selektah & Termanology: 1982 [Showoff/Brick] {2}
  2882. The John Steel Singers: Tangalooma {2}
  2883. Steel Train: Steel Train [Ingrooves/Terrible Thrills] {9}: V[1230-1-10]; MC(79), AL:80, AP:87, BG:80
  2884. Duane Stephenson: Black Gold [VP]
  2885. Stereo Total: Baby Ouh! [Kill Rock Stars]: V[682-1-15]; AM
  2886. Michael Jefry Stevens/Tim Siegel/Jeff Ferguson: Six [Konnex] {2}
  2887. Ben Stevenson & the Wondertones: Ben Stevenson & the Wondertones: NOW:80
  2888. Grant Stewart: Around the Corner [Sharp Nine] {2}: AM; TH:***
  2889. Sting: Symphonicities [Deutsche Grammophon]: MC(62), RS:70
  2890. Mike Stinson: The Jukebox in Your Heart {3}
  2891. DM Stith: Heavy Ghost Appendices [Asthmatic Kitty] {3}: DS:80
  2892. St Lola in the Fields: High Atop the houses and the Towns [Nettwerk] {2}
  2893. Angie Stone: Unexpected [Stax]: CL:80
  2894. Julia Stone: The Memory Machine [Null] {2}
  2895. Stonehoney: The Cedar Creek Sessions [Music Road]
  2896. CW Stoneking: Jungle Blues {2}
  2897. The Stone Foxes: Bears and Bulls {2}
  2898. Stone River Boys: Can I Change My Mind
  2899. Stone Sour: Audio Secrecy [Roadrunner] {8}: {K}; MC(66), AM, RKS:90
  2900. Story of the Year: The Constant [Epitaph]: MC(65)
  2901. Nobu Stowe: Confusion Bleue [Soulnote] {3}: SG+, TH:***
  2902. Colin Stranahan: Life Condition [Tapestry]: TH:**
  2903. The Strange Death of Liberal England: Drown Your Heart Again
  2904. Will Stratton: New Vanguard Blues
  2905. Barbra Streisand: One Night Only: Live With Quartet at the Village Vanguard
  2906. Sylvia Striplin: Give Me Your Love [Soul Jazz]: AM
  2907. STS9: Axe the Cables {2}
  2908. Sudden Infant: My Life's a Gunshot
  2909. Sugarland: The Incredible Machine [Mercury Nashville] {2}: V[1531-1-9]
  2910. Milton Suggs: Things to Come [Skiptone] {2}: TH:U
  2911. Sum: Invenio Ergo [Matchless]
  2912. Sumsun: Samo Milagro [Leaving]
  2913. Sun Circle: Lessness
  2914. Sun Ra Arkestra/Marshall Allen: Live at the Paradox [In+Out]: TH:***
  2915. Sundowner: We Chase the Waves {2}
  2916. Superpitcher: Kilmanjiro {4}
  2917. Supersilent: 10 [Rune Grammofon] {6}: V[757-1-14]
  2918. Supersilent: 11 [Rune Grammofon]
  2919. Tinchy Stryder: Third Strike {2}
  2920. The Stryker/Slagle Band: Keeper [Panorama]: TH:A-
  2921. Studebaker John's Maxwell Street Kings: That's the Way You Do: J
  2922. Sug: Tokyo Muzical Hotel [CLJ]
  2923. Tomoko Sugawara: Along the Silk Road
  2924. Sugar & Gold: Get Wet! [Antenna Farm]: URB:80
  2925. Summer Camp: Young [Moshi Moshi Music (EP)] {7}: AM, DS:80, MO:80
  2926. Summer Fiction: Summer Fiction
  2927. Sun Airway: Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier [Dead Oceans] {8}: V[668-1-15]
  2928. Sun Araw: Off Duty/Boat Trip [Woodsist] {6}: TMT:80
  2929. Susanne Sundfor: The Brothel {7}
  2930. Sun Hotel: Coast
  2931. A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Nitetime Rainbows [Mis Ojos (EP)] {5}: MC(70), PF:70
  2932. A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Autumn, Again [Mis Ojos] {2}: V[853-1-10]
  2933. The Sunshine Underground: Nobody's Coming to Save You {2}
  2934. Superpitcher: Kilimanjaro [Kompakt]: SP:80
  2935. Super Wild Horses: Fifteen [Hozac] {3}: V[1746-1-5]
  2936. Surf City: Kudos [Fire] {6}: V[789-2-12]; DS:80
  2937. Surgeon: Fabric 53 [Fabric] {2}: {RA}
  2938. Suuns: Zeroe QC [Secretly Canadian] {7}: V[1722-1-5]
  2939. The Suzan: Golden Week for the Poco Poco Beat [Fool's Gold] {2}: URB:80
  2940. Skuli Sverrisson: Seria II [self-released] {2}: V[1216-1-10]
  2941. Swahili Blonde: Man Meat
  2942. Swedish Azz: Pazz På Svenska [Not Two]: SG
  2943. Sweet Apple: Love & Desperation [Tee Pee] {7}: MC(69), DU:80, FL:80, SP:70, U:80
  2944. Steve Swell Slammin' the Infinite: 5000 Poems [Not Two] {5}: CM, TH:A-
  2945. Swimsuit: Demo
  2946. Rob Swift: The Architect [Ipecac Records]: AM
  2947. Sword Heaven: Gone [Load]: V[1719-1-5]
  2948. The Swyves: The Swyves [Blocks Recording Club]: NOW:80
  2949. David Sylvian: Sleepwalkers {2}: MO:80
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  2951. System Syn: Strangers
  2952. Syriana: The Road to Damascus [Real World]
  2953. Ben Syversen: Cracked Vessel [Ben Syversen] {3}: SG, TH:A-
  2954. Nicholas Szczepanik: Dear Dad {2}
  2955. T++: Wireless
  2956. Jamaaladeen Tacuma: For the Love of Ornette [Jazzwerkstatt -11]: TH:U
  2957. David Tagg: Pentecost
  2958. Rachid Taha: Bonjour [Wrasse/Knitting Factory Works] {7}: V[453-3-25]; RC:A(4), MT:A-, TH:**
  2959. Tahita Boy and the Palmtree Family: Good Children Go to Heaven [Third Side]: URB:80
  2960. Yuji Takahashi: The Portrait of Yuji Takahashi [Avex Entertainment]
  2961. Tail Dragger: Live at Rooster's [Delmark]
  2962. Aki Takase: A Week Went By [Psi] {3}: SG
  2963. Aki Takase/Louis Sclavis: Yokohama [Intakt]
  2964. Ta-Ku: Tribute: Dilla [independent]
  2965. Tall Ships: Chemistry
  2966. Talons: Hollow Realm [Soundcloud] {4}
  2967. The Tamborines: Camera and Tremor
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  2975. Gregory Tardy: The Strongest Love [Steeplechase]
  2976. Taro: Flaechten: SG
  2977. Bela Tarr: Pulsar
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  2983. Teada: Ceol & Cuimhne (Music & Memory)
  2984. Tea Leaf Green: Looking West
  2985. Team Dynamite: The Demo Tape
  2986. Team Ghost: You Never Did Anything Wrong to Me [Sonic Cathedral (EP)] {2}: DS:80
  2987. Team Ghost: Celebrate What You Can't See [(EP)]: MO:80
  2988. James Teej: Evening Harvest [Rekids]
  2989. Teenagersintokyo: Sacrifice
  2990. Teen Daze: Beach Dreams [(EP)] {4}
  2991. Teen Daze: Four More Years [Arcade Sound (EP)] {4}
  2992. Teeth of the Sea: Your Mercury [Rocket] {6}: V[833-1-11] {FB:5, QT:8}; U:80
  2993. Telekenisis: Telekinesis {2}
  2994. Erik Telford: Kinetic [EJT] {2}
  2995. Tempest: Another Dawn [Magna Carta]: V[962-1-10]
  2996. Ten City Nation: At the Still Point [Sturm und Drang]
  2997. Tender Forever: No Snare [K] {2}: AM
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  3000. Ten Million Lights: Ten Million Lights
  3001. Tennis: Baltimore [Underwater Peoples (EP)] {2}
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  3004. Tera Melos: Patagoniain Rats [Sargent House] {7}: V[451-2-25]
  3005. Tenth Avenue North: The Light Meets the Dark
  3006. Dan Tepfer Trio: Five Pedals Deep [Sunnyside] {2}: TH:U
  3007. Jacky Terrasson: Push [Concord] {7}: AM; TH:*
  3008. Terror: Keepers of the Faith
  3009. Terror Danjah: Undeniable [Hyperdub] {7}: V[1493-1-10]; TH:**
  3010. Texas Tornados: ¡Esta Bueno! [Bismeaux] {2}: RC:**, TH:*
  3011. Julian F Thayer/Jarmo Savolainen/Scott Robinson/Klaus Suonsari: Norwegian Invention [KS Jazz] {2}
  3012. Thee Attacks: That's Mister Attack to You [Crunchy Frog]
  3013. THEESatisfaction: Loves the Sa-Ra Creative Partners: URB:80
  3014. Theodore: Hold You Like a Lover [Misra]: V[814-1-12]
  3015. Ruth Theodore: White Holes of Mole Hills [River Rat]
  3016. These Monsters: Call Me Dragon [Brew] {2}: DS:80
  3017. These United States: What Lasts [United Interests]: MC(62)
  3018. The Third Eye Foundation: The Dark [Ici d'Ailleurs] {5}: V[481-1-23]; U:80
  3019. JG Thirlwell: Manorexia: The Mesopelagic Waters [Tzadik] {4}: {BW}
  3020. The Thirteenth Assembly: The Thirteenth Assembly
  3021. Toots Thielemans: European Quartet Live [Challenge]: AM; TH:*
  3022. This Moment in Black History: Public Square [Smog Veil] {3}: V[702-2-15]; TH:**
  3023. This or the Apocalypse: Haunt What's Left
  3024. Oluyemi Thomas/Sirone/Michael Wimberly: Beneath Tones Floor
  3025. Ken Thomson and Slow/Fast: It Would Be Easier If [Intuition] {4}: TH:*
  3026. Richard Thompson: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [Arabesque]
  3027. Tracey Thorn: Opposites EP [Merge (EP)]: URB:80
  3028. Jon Thorne & Danny Thompson: Watching the Well: MO:90
  3029. Those Chosen: 5ive [Savannah Boogie Music and Song]: URB:100
  3030. Three Mile Pilot: The Inevitable Past Is the Future Forgotten [Temporary Residence] {7}: MC(74), BBC:80, DA:80, PF:72, PM:80
  3031. Three Spivs: Taped Up
  3032. Thrift Store Cowboys: Light Fighter [Thrift Store Cowboys]
  3033. Throats: Throats {3}
  3034. Throes of Dawn: The Great Fleet of Echoes {2}
  3035. Thus:Owls: Cardiac Malformations {2}
  3036. TI: No Mercy [Grand Hustle] {8}: V[1826-1-5] {V:6}; TH:A-
  3037. Steve Tibbetts: Natural Causes [ECM] {3}: V[1591-1-7]; DB; TH:**
  3038. Tides of Man: Dreamhouse {2}
  3039. Tide Tables: Lost Birdsongs [Prefecture -09]: TH:**
  3040. Tiefschwarz: Chocolate [Souvenir]: URB:80
  3041. Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson: New World Flamenco [Tiera Negra]: TH:**
  3042. Yann Tiersen: Dust Lane [Anti-] {9}: DS:80, SP:70
  3043. Tiger Tape: I Woke Up in Hokarangen [Lo and Behold/Cosy] {2}
  3044. Ana Tijoux: 1977 [Nacional] {5}: V[286-3-40]; TH:**
  3045. Tiken Jah Fakoly: African Revolution
  3046. Tilbury/Duch/Davies: Cornelius Cardew: Works 1960-1970
  3047. J Tillman: Singing Ax {4}
  3048. Timber Timbre: Timber Timbre {8}
  3049. Timbila: Remembering the Future [Timbila]: RC:**
  3050. Tinashe: Saved
  3051. Tin Hat: Foreign Legion [BAG] {3}: DB; SG, TH:A-
  3052. Tinyela: African Drums & Voices
  3053. Tipper: Broken Soul Jamboree [Tippermusic] {5}: V[1677-1-5]
  3054. Keith and Julie Tippett: Couple in Spirit [Ogun]
  3055. Tired Pony: The Place We Ran From [Mom & Pop Music] {7}: V[469-2-25]; MC(64), Q:80, U:80
  3056. TiRon: MSTRD [Mixtape] {2}: URB:80
  3057. Wayman Tisdale: Fonk Record: Featuring Tiz and the Fonkie Planetarians [Mack Avenue]: AM
  3058. Title Tracks: It Was Easy [Ernest Jenning Record Co.] {4}: V[548-3-20]; AM
  3059. Toadies: Feeler [Kirtland] {4}: SP:70
  3060. Tobacco: LA UTI: AV:A-
  3061. Christine Tobin & Liam Noble: Tapestry Unravelled [Trail Belle]
  3062. Tocotronic: Schall & Wahn {9}
  3063. Maylee Todd: Choose Your Own Adventure [Do Right!]: NOW:80
  3064. Tokimonsta: Midnight Menu {2}
  3065. Shugo Tokumaru: Port Entropy [Souterrain Transmissions] {9}: V[603-1-20]; AM
  3066. Mads Tolling: The Playmaker [Madsman -09]: DB
  3067. Tomo: Ceremonial Music in Sheol
  3068. Ton3x: Unspoken [Battery/Zomba]: RC:*
  3069. Tiziano Tononi: Vertical Invaders [Black Saint]: SG
  3070. David Toop: Sinister Resonances [podcast]
  3071. Rafael Toral: Space Elements Vol II [Taiga]: SG
  3072. To Rococo Rot: Speculation [Domino] {4}: V[1176-1-10]
  3073. Samuel Torres: Yaoundé [BLC]: TH:**
  3074. Emiliana Torrini: Rarities: MO:80
  3075. Total Abuse: Mutt
  3076. Vieux Farka Toure: Live [Six Degrees] {3}: V[1461-1-10]
  3077. Toussaint: Black Gold [I Grade] {4}
  3078. Train: Save Me, San Francisco [Golden Gate Edition]
  3079. Trampled by Turtles: Palomino [Banjado] {9}
  3080. Trans AM: Thing [Thrill Jockey] {8}: MC(72), AM, DS:90, U:80
  3081. Transatlantic: Whirld Tour 2010 [Radiant/Metal Blade] {2}
  3082. Lobi Traore: Rainy Season Blues [Glitterhouse] {2}: MO:80
  3083. Trap Them: Filth Rations [(EP)]
  3084. Trapt: No Apologies
  3085. Trashcan Sinatras: In the Music [LoFive] {2}: V[546-2-20]
  3086. Trash Kit: Trash Kit [Upset the Rhythm] {6}: MO:80, NME:80
  3087. Travel by Sea: Two States and the Blindness That Follows
  3088. Treecreeper: Juniper {2}
  3089. Trembling Bells: Abandoned Love [Honest Jon's] {4}: MO:80, U:80
  3090. Trembling Blue Stars: Fast Trains & Telegraph Wires/Cicely Tonight, Vol 1 [Elefant, 2CD] {2}: AM
  3091. Trentemoller: Into the Great Wide Yonder [In My Room] {6}: V[1551-1-8]; FL:84
  3092. Trey Songz: Passion, Pain & Pleasure [Atlantic] {9}: V[730-2-15]; AM
  3093. Triangulo de Amor Bizarro: Ano Santo [Mushroom Pillow] {7}: V[448-3-25]
  3094. Tribe: Rebirth [Planet E]
  3095. Tribecastan: 5 Star Cave [Evergreene Music] {2}: AM; TH:**
  3096. Trichotomy: Variations [Naim Jazz] {2}: JM, TH:***
  3097. Michael Trieb: Again and Again
  3098. Trina: Amazin'
  3099. The Trio [Peter Erskine/Chuck Berghofer/Terry Trotter]: Live @ Charlie O's [Fuzzy Music]: TH:**
  3100. Trio Braam DeJoode Vatcher: Quartet [BBB]
  3101. Trio de Paz & Joe Locke: Live at Jazzbaltica [MaxJazz]
  3102. Trio This: That [GM]: DB
  3103. Trio X: Live on Tour 2008 [CIMP] {4}: JL; SG
  3104. Francesco Tristano: Idiosynkrasia
  3105. Trondheim Jazz Orchestra: Stems and Cages [MNJ] {2}
  3106. Trondheim Jazz Orchestra: Triads and More [MNJ]
  3107. Trondheim Voices: Improvoicing [MNJ]
  3108. Baptiste Trotignon: Suite . . . [Naive]
  3109. Walter Trout: Common Ground {2}
  3110. Seth Troxler: Boogybytes Vol 05 [BPitch Control] {2}: {RA}
  3111. Thomas Truax: Sonic Dreamer [SL]: DS:80
  3112. Derek Trucks: Roadsongs [Sony Legacy] {5}
  3113. Truckstop Darlin': Truckstop Darlin' {3}
  3114. Truth and Salvage Co: Truth and Salvage Co [Silver Arrow/Megaforce] {4}: V[1132-1-10]; RS:70
  3115. Tubers: Anachronous [No Idea]
  3116. Tu Fawning: Hearts on Hold
  3117. Tulipa Ruiz: Efemera {4}
  3118. Scott Tuma: Dandelion [Digitalis] {4}: V[366-3-30]
  3119. Turnpike Troubadours: Diamonds and Gasoline
  3120. Steve Turre: Delicious and Delightful [High Note] {5}: DB; TH:***
  3121. Turin Brakes: Outbursts [Cooking Vinyl] {5}: MC(66), AM, CL:80, MJ:80, MO:80, Q:80
  3122. Josh Turner: Haywire [MCA Nashville] {4}: MC(63)
  3123. John Turville Trio: Midas [F-ire]: JM
  3124. Tweak Bird: Tweak Bird [Souterrain Transmissions] {8}: DS:80
  3125. Twilight: Still Loving You [Luv N' Haight] {3}: AM
  3126. Twilight: Monument to Time End [Southern Lord] {4}
  3127. Dwight Twilley: Green Blimp [Big Oak]
  3128. Twins: The Other Side Of [Ruralfaune]
  3129. Twin Tigers: Gray Waves {2}
  3130. Twista: The Perfect Storm [Get Gang Money] {2}: TH:***
  3131. Two Cow Garage: Sweet Saint Me {6}
  3132. The Two Man Gentlemen Band: Dos Amigos Una Fiesta! [Serious Business]: V[1028-1-10]
  3133. William Tyler: Behold the Spirit [Tompkins Square] {5}: V[647-3-16]
  3134. Typhoon: Hunger and Thirst [Tender Loving Empire] {6}
  3135. U2: Wide Awake in Europe
  3136. Ulaan Khol: III
  3137. The Ullmann/Swell 4: News? No News! [Jazzwerkstatt] {5}: TH:***
  3138. James Blood Ulmer: In and Out [In+Out]: TH:A-
  3139. Umek: Responding to Dynamic [1605]
  3140. Unburnt: Moon Food
  3141. Uncle Skeleton: Warm Under the Covers [YK]: {NS:10}
  3142. Undivided: The Passion [Multikulti]: SG
  3143. The Unholy Two: Skum of the Earth [Columbus Discount] {5}
  3144. Uniform Motion: Life
  3145. Univers Zero: Clivages
  3146. Unleashed: As Yggdrasil Trembles
  3147. Unnatural Helpers: Cracked Love & Other Drugs [Hardly Art] {3}: V[368-2-30]
  3148. Hans Unstern: Kratz Dich Raus [Staatsakt] {2}
  3149. The Unthanks: Here's the Tender Coming [Rough Trade/EMI] {2}: V[1612-1-6]
  3150. Untied States: Instant Everything, Constant Nothing [Distile]: NR:80
  3151. Ulwelcome Guests: Don't Go Swimming [Kiss of Death]
  3152. The Unwinding Hours: The Unwinding Hours {8}
  3153. The Upsidedown: The Town With Bad Wiring [Reverb]: V[1565-1-8]
  3154. Keith Urban: Get Closer [Capitol] {5}: MC(81), AM
  3155. Urban Tribe: Urban Tribe [AKA Program 1-12] [Mahogani Music] {4}: V[1663-1-5]
  3156. Urfaust: Der Freiwillige Bettler {2}
  3157. US Christmas: Run Thick in the Night {2}
  3158. Usher: Raymond v Raymond [LaFace] {3}: V[558-2-20]; MT:X, TH:*
  3159. Usher: Versus [LaFace (EP)] {7}: MC(65), BB:85, BG:80, EW:A-; TH:*
  3160. Galina Ustvolskaya: Piano Sonatas 1-6 [Hat Art]: JL
  3161. Warren Vaché/John Allred Quintet: Top Shelf [Arbors] {5}: DB
  3162. Vado: Slime Flu [E1/Diplomat]
  3163. Valient Thorr: Stranger
  3164. Marcos Valle: Estatica {2}
  3165. Valley Maker: Valley Maker [self-released]
  3166. Armin van Buuren: Mirage [Ultra] {3}
  3167. Vandaveer: Divide & Conquer
  3168. John Vanderslice: Green Grow the Rushes [(EP)] {4}
  3169. Mark Van Hoen: Where Is the Truth [City Centre Offices] {2}
  3170. Peter Van Hoesen: Entropic City [Time to Express] {2}: V[1187-1-10] {RA}
  3171. Van Hove/Dunmall/Rogers/Lytton: Asychronous [Slam] {2}
  3172. Bas van Huizen: Plooibars [self-released]
  3173. Petra van Nuis/Andy Brown: Far Away Places [String Damper]: TH:**
  3174. Chavela Vargas: Por Mi Culpa [Discos Corason]
  3175. Jenni Vartiainen: Seili
  3176. The Vasco Era: Lucille
  3177. Jimmie Vaughan: Blues, Ballads and Favorites [Shout Factory] {3}: V[1095-1-10]
  3178. Lars Vaular: Helt Om Natten, Helt Om Dagen [Bonnier/Cosmos] {3}: CM
  3179. Roland Vazquez: The Visitor [RVD]: DB
  3180. Anibal Velasquez y Su Conjunto: Mambo Loco [Analog Africa]
  3181. Velella Velella: Atlantis Massif [self-released]
  3182. Julieta Venegas: Otra Cosa [Sony Latin] {3}: V[1487-1-10]
  3183. Venetian Snares: My So Called Life {2}
  3184. Versus: On the Ones and Threes [Merge] {5}: V[517-2-20]; MC(74), AV:A-, FL:84, SP:70, UR:80
  3185. Very Be Careful: Escape Room [Barbes] {2}: V[1152-1-10]
  3186. The Very Best: Warm Heart of Africa
  3187. Vex\d: Cloud Seed [Planet Mu] {4}
  3188. VHS Head: Treadmark Ribbons of Gold [Skam] {3}: V[560-2-20]
  3189. Via Audio: Animalore [Undertow] {4}: MC(67), AL:80, AP:86, DA:80
  3190. Vibracathedral Orchestra: Smoke Song [VHF]
  3191. Diana Vickers: Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree [Sony UK]
  3192. The Victorian English Gentlemens Club: The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
  3193. Kurt Vile: Square Shells [Matador (EP)] {5}: DS:80
  3194. Villa Nah: Origin [Keys of Life] {3}
  3195. Rhonda Vincent: Taken
  3196. Will Vinson: Stockholm Syndrome [Criss Cross]
  3197. Violent Soho: Violent Soho {3}
  3198. Violin Jazz: The Music of Eddie South [Dorian Sono Luminus] {2}: AM, DB
  3199. Romain Virgo: Romain Virgo [VP] {3}
  3200. Hristo Vitchev/Weber Iago: The Secrets of an Angel [First Orbit Sounds Music]: JM
  3201. Voices Voices: Origins [Manimal (EP)] {3}: MC(79), BBC:80, SPK:100, URB:90
  3202. Wolfgang Voigt: Freiland Klaviermusik [Profan]: V[1798-1-5]; DS:80
  3203. The Volebeats: The Volebeats [Rainbow Quartz] {2}: AM; TH:*
  3204. Vomit: Resonance
  3205. Anna von Hausswolff: Singing From the Grave
  3206. Moritz Von Oswald Trio: Live in New York [Honest Jon's] {5}: V[1334-1-10]
  3207. Rocky Votolato: True Devotion [Barsuk] {4}: V[969-1-10]
  3208. Vox Arcana: Aerial Age [Allos Documents] {5}
  3209. Roger Alan Wade: Deguello Motel
  3210. Loudon Wainwright III: 10 Songs for the New Depression [Second Story Sound] {3}: MT:**, TH:A-
  3211. The Waitiki 7: New Sounds of Exotica [Pass Out]: V[1577-1-8]; TH:B
  3212. Nasheet Waits: Equality: Live at MPI [Fresh Sound New Talent -09]: TH:A-
  3213. Wakey! Wakey!: Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You [Family/Timber Street]
  3214. Myron Walden in This World: To Feel [Demi Sound]: DB, TH:B
  3215. Myron Walden in This World: What We Share [Demi Sound]: DB, TH:*
  3216. Myron Walden: Countryfied [Demi Sound]: DB; TH:*
  3217. Torben Waldorff: American Rock Beauty [ArtistShare] {3}: TH:**
  3218. Wale: More About Nothing [The Board Administration] {8}: mixtape
  3219. Paul Wall: Heart of a Champion [Swishahouse/Asylum]: SP:70
  3220. Christian Wallumrød Ensemble: Fabula Suite Lugano [ECM]: TH:B-
  3221. The Wanted: The Wanted {2}
  3222. Greg Ward's Fitted Shards: South Side Story [19-8] {4}: DB; TH:B
  3223. Leni Ward: Hope
  3224. Bill Ware: Played Right
  3225. Tim Warfield: A Sentimental Journey [Criss Cross]: TH:B
  3226. Warm Ghost: Claws Overhead
  3227. Chris Washburne & the SYOTOS Band: Fields of Moons [Jazzheads]: TH:U
  3228. Washed Out: Life of Leisure [Mexican Summer] {7}: V[1088-1-10]; DS:80, NR:80
  3229. Aaron Watson: The Road and the Rodeo {2}
  3230. Bobby Watson: The Gates BBQ Suite {2}
  3231. Dale Watson: Carryin' On {6}
  3232. The Watson Twins: Talking to You, Talking to Me [Vanguard] {7}: V[1085-1-10]; MC(60), SP:80, U:80; TH:B-
  3233. Mike Watt: Hyphenated-Man [Parabolica] {2}: V[1204-1-10]
  3234. Ernie Watts Quartet: Four Plus Four [Flying Dolphin]: DB
  3235. Reggie Watts: Why Shit So Crazy? [Comedy Central]: AM
  3236. The Wave Pictures: Sweetheart [Moshi Moshi Music]: DS:90
  3237. The Way: Live in Woodstock One [Ictus]: SG
  3238. The Way: Live in Woodstock Two [Ictus]: SG
  3239. Wbeeza: Void [Third Ear] {2}
  3240. Weapon: From the Devil's Tomb [ANJA Offensive]: V[461-3-25]
  3241. We Are the Fallen: Tear the World Down [Universal] {2}: MC(63), RKS:80
  3242. We Are Scientists: Barbara [Red] {8}: MC(64), BBC:80, NME:80
  3243. We Are Wolves: Invisible Violence [+1] {2}: MC(69), AL:80, NOW:80
  3244. Weasel Walter: Invasion [ugExplode] {3}: J
  3245. A Weather: Everyday Balloons [Team Love] {2}: V[1411-1-10]
  3246. Jane Weaver Septieme Souer: The Fallen by Watch Bird [Bird] {8}: V[1268-1-10]
  3247. Doug Webb: Midnight [Posi-Tone]: TH:***
  3248. Jimmy Webb: Just Across the River {2}: RS:70
  3249. The Weepies: Be My Thrill {6}
  3250. The Wee Trio: Capitol Diner Vol. 2 Animal Style [Bionic] {2}: TH:B
  3251. We Have Band: WHB [Naive] {7}: MO:80
  3252. Christian Weidner: The Inward Song [Pirouet] {2}: JL; TH:U
  3253. Scott Weinrich: Adrift {2}
  3254. Walt Weiskopf: See the Pyramid [Criss Cross]
  3255. Kurt Weisman: Orange [Autumn] {3}: V[700-2-15]
  3256. Dan Weiss Trio: Timshel [Sunnyside] {7}: V[1520-1-9]; TH:**
  3257. David Weiss & Point of Departure: Snuck In [Sunnyside] {6}: DB, TH:***
  3258. Mort Weiss: Raising the Bar [SMS Jazz]: TH:***
  3259. We Landed on the Moon: This Will Be One for the Books
  3260. Kevin Welch: A Patch of Blue Sky [Music Road] {3}: V[753-1-14]
  3261. We'll Die Smiling: Avant Garde [Holy Roar]: DS:80
  3262. Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider: Pianotapes [Karaoke Kalk] {2}
  3263. Wellstone Conspiracy: Motives [Origin]: TH:**
  3264. Kenny Werner: No Beginning, No End [Half Note] {5}: AM; TH:B-
  3265. Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance: Impressions of a City [Chicago Sessions -09]: DB
  3266. Kanye West: VH1 Storytellers [Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella] {6}: MC(66), EW:A, PM:80
  3267. Stian Westerhus: Pitch Black Star Spangled [Rune Grammofon] {3}
  3268. Wetdog: Frauhaus! [Captured Tracks] {3}: V[801-1-12]; MC(64); RC:**
  3269. Kirk Whalum: Everything Is Everything; The Music of Donny Hathaway [Rendezvous]: DB
  3270. The Whigs: In the Dark [ATO] {8}: V[1465-1-10]; FL:80, RS:70
  3271. The Whines: Hell to Play [Meds] {3}
  3272. The Whiskers: War of Currents
  3273. Chip White: More Dedications [Dark Colors]: DB
  3274. Emily Jane White: Victorian America [Talitres|Milan] {3}: AM, PF:71
  3275. Josh White: Achor
  3276. Tony Joe White: The Shine [Swamp] {2}
  3277. White Apple Tree: Velvet Mustache
  3278. White Fence: White Fence [Make a Mess] {5}
  3279. Tim Whitehead: Colour Beginnings [Home Made]
  3280. White Moth: White Moth [Angel Oven]: SP:70
  3281. White Mystery: White Mystery {3}
  3282. White Noise Sound: White Noise Sound [Alive] {2}
  3283. White Pines: The Falls {2}
  3284. White Rabbits: It's Frightening {2}
  3285. White Lung: It's the Evil [Deranged] {2}
  3286. White Wires: WWII [Dirtnap] {3}
  3287. Keith Fullerton Whitman: Generator [Root Strata] {5}: V[1382-1-10]
  3288. Pharez Whitted: Transient Journey [Owl Studios] {2}: TH:B
  3289. Whole Sky Monitor: Twisted Little Piggies
  3290. The Wide Hive Players: The Wide Hive Players
  3291. Widespread Panic: Dirty Side Down [ATO] {5}: MC(74), AM, BG:80
  3292. Bob Wilber: Bob Wilber Is Here [Arbors] {3}
  3293. Wildbirds & Peacedrums: Retina EP [Leaf]: DS:80
  3294. Wild Wild Geese: Sorry, Earth [Odessa] {2}
  3295. Wiley: Avalanche Music I: Wiley Instrumentals [Avalanche Music]
  3296. Howard Wiley and the Angola Project: 12 Gates to the City [HNIC Music] {8}: V[763-2-14]; TH:***
  3297. Abigail Williams: In the Absence of Light [Candlelight]
  3298. Dar Williams: Many Great Companions [Razor & Tie]: SL:80
  3299. Hank Williams III: Rebel Within [Curb] {5}: SL:80; TH:**
  3300. Hype Williams: Untitled [Carnivals] {5}
  3301. Hype Williams: Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, and Start Gettin' Reel [De Stijl] {2}
  3302. Jessica Williams: Touch [Origin] {5}: TH:*
  3303. Josh Williams: Down Home [Pinecastle]
  3304. Kathryn Williams: The Quickening [One Little Indian]
  3305. Bruce Williamson Quartet: Standard Transmission [Origin]: TH:**
  3306. Willis: Uncle Treacle
  3307. Willie McBlind: Bad Thing [Free Note]: DB
  3308. Christopher Willits: Tiger Flower Circle Sun [Ghostly International] {2}: URB:80
  3309. Brian Wilsson: Border Crossing [Not Two]
  3310. Alex Wilson: Mali Latino [Alex Wilson]
  3311. Gretchen Wilson: I Got Your Country Right Here [Redneck]: AM; TH:B-
  3312. Jenny Wilson: Hardships! [Gold Medal] {3}: {SL}; SL:90, SP:70
  3313. Matt Wilson: Christmas Tree-O [Palmetto] {5}: AM; TH:**
  3314. Phil Wilson: God Bless Jim Kennedy [Slumberland] {2}: AM
  3315. Reuben Wilson: Azure Te [18th & Vine]: DB
  3316. Sarah Wilson: Trapeze Project [Brass Logic] {7}: DB; FD, TH:**
  3317. The Tony Wilson Sextet: The People Look Like Flowers at Last [Drip Audio -09]: NOW:80; TH:B
  3318. Wino: Adrift [Exile on Mainstream] {2}
  3319. Paul Winter: Miho: Journey to the Mountain [Living Music]
  3320. Wintersleep: New Inheritors [Labwork] {5}: NOW:80
  3321. Norma Winstone: Stories Yet to Tell [ECM] {6}: JM, TH:**
  3322. Wir Sind Helden: Bring Me Nach Hause {2}
  3323. Wirepony: Right Hook of Love
  3324. Wires Under Tension: Light Science [Western Vinyl]
  3325. Witchery: Witchkrieg [Century Media] {4}
  3326. Witness: The Everafter LP
  3327. Woebot: Moanad [Hollow Earth] {3}
  3328. Woima Collective: Tezeta {2}
  3329. Josiah Wolf: Jet Lag [Anticon]: MC(62), URB:90
  3330. Wolf + Lamb: Love Someone [Wolf + Lamb] {2}: {MX:5}
  3331. Wolf People: Tidings [Jagjaguwar] {4}: V[1141-1-10]; MC(71), AM, DS:80, TMT:80
  3332. Wolf People: Steeple [Jagjaguwar] {9}: V[402-3-30]; MC(77), BBC:80, MJ:80, PX:80, U:80
  3333. Nils Wogram's Root 70: Listen to Your Woman [nWog]
  3334. Chris Wood: Handmade Life [Ruf] {3}
  3335. Ronnie Wood: I Feel Lke Playing {2}
  3336. Wooden Wand: Death Seat [Young God] {7}: V[717-1-15]; MC(67), AM, MO:80
  3337. Woodpigeon: Die Stadt Muzikanten {4}: MO:80
  3338. Phil Woods/DePaul University Jazz Ensemble: Solitude [Jazzed Media]: DB; TH:B
  3339. Nate Wooley: Amplifier [Smeraldina-Rima] {3}
  3340. Nate Wooley & Paul Lytton: Creak Above 33 [Psi] {3}: V[995-1-10]; SG
  3341. Working for a Nuclear Free City: Jojo Burger Tempest [Melodic] {6}: MC(68), PF:77, SP:70, U:80
  3342. World's End Girlfriend: Seven Idiots [Virgin Babylon] {4}
  3343. Wormrot: Abuse [Earache] {2}
  3344. Wounded Lion: Wounded Lion [In the Red] {4}: V[1734-1-5]
  3345. The Wraiths: Welcome, Stranger, to This Place
  3346. Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby: Two Way Family Favorites [Southern Domestic] {3}: V[1473-1-10]
  3347. Brandon Wright: Boiling Point [Posi-Tone]: TH:***
  3348. Chely Wright: Lifted Off the Ground [Vanguard] {6}: V[231-5-51]
  3349. Lizz Wright: Fellowship [Verve] {5}: V[459-2-25] {SL}; SL:90
  3350. Wu-Tang Clan: Return of the Wu & Friends [Gold Dust] {2}: MC(68), BBC:80, URB:80
  3351. Wuthering Heights: Salt
  3352. Wye Oak: My Neighbor/My Creator [Merge (EP)] {3}: V[1771-1-5]; PX:80
  3353. Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3: Northern Aggression [Yep Roc] {8}: V[209-6-57] {BL}; TH:**
  3354. The Xcerts: Scatterbrain [Xtra Mile] {3}: V[870-1-10]
  3355. Xeno & Oaklander: Sentinelle
  3356. Yakuza: Of Seismic Consequence [Profound Lore]: V[727-2-15]
  3357. Eri Yamamoto: In Each Day, Something Good [AUM Fidelity] {2}: TH:*
  3358. Savina Yannatou/Barry Guy: Attikos [Maya]
  3359. Nikki Yanofsky: Nikki [Decca]: DB; TH:B
  3360. Yuri Yaremchuk/Ilia Belorukov/Andrij Orel: Conditions [Re:konstrukt]: SG
  3361. Yahzarah: The Ballad of Purple Saint James [Foreign Exchange Music] {8}: V[1356-1-10]; AM
  3362. Yazoo: Reconnected Live
  3363. Year of No Light: Ausserwelt [Conspiracy] {5}
  3364. Yellow Ostrich: The Mistress [self-released (EP)] {8}: V[1119-1-10]
  3365. Joel Yennior Trio: Big City Circus [Brass Wheel]: TH:U
  3366. Y La Bamba: Lupon [Tender Loving Empire] {2}: FL:88
  3367. Alper Yilmaz: Over the Clouds [Kayique] {3}: TH:**
  3368. Otomo Yohishide: Lonely Woman [Doubtmusic]: SG
  3369. Susumu Yokota: Kaleidoscope [Lo] {6}: MO:80
  3370. Michael Yonkers: Lovely Gold: PX:80
  3371. You Am I: You Am I [Other Tongues] {3}
  3372. You Had Me at Hello: Meet Ab Baars & Michael Moore [Tonometer]: SG
  3373. You Had Me at Hello: Meet Oliver Lake [Tonometer]: SG
  3374. Gabby Young & Other Animals: We're All in This Together {2}
  3375. The Young: Voyagers of Legend [Mexican Summer] {5}: V[497-3-22]
  3376. Young Dro: Freeze Me
  3377. Young Guns: All Our Kings Are Dead [Pias] {3}
  3378. Young Jazz Rebels [Madlib]: Slave Riot
  3379. Young Jeezy: Trap or Die II: By Any Means Necessary [Def Jam] {3}: NOW:80, SL:80
  3380. Young L: L-E-N {2}
  3381. Young Livers: Of Misery and Toil {2}
  3382. Young Sinclairs: Chimeys [Chimney Sweep]
  3383. Young the Giant: Young the Giant [Roadrunner] {7}
  3384. The Young Veins: Take a Vacation! [One Haven] {2}: V[665-2-15]; SP:70
  3385. Richard Youngs: Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits [Jagjaguwar] {2}: AM
  3386. Richard Youngs: Inceptor [Volcanic Tongue]: V[1019-1-10]
  3387. Richard Youngs: Urban Parable [Sonic Oyster]
  3388. Your Demise: The Kids We Used to Be [Visible Noise] {4}
  3389. You Say Party! We Say Die!: XXXX [Paper Bag] {7}: MC(75), AM, AC:89, HP:80, NOW:80, PF:70, U:80
  3390. You the Symphony: Empty Room Philosophies
  3391. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson: Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson {4}
  3392. YRSEL: Requiem for the Three Kharites {2}: MO:80
  3393. yU: Before Taxes [Mello Music Group] {4}: TH:*
  3394. Yu(c)k: Weakend [Mirror Universe Tapes, EP]: DS:80
  3395. Yuganaut: Sharks [Engine]: SG
  3396. Yugen: Iridule {2}
  3397. James Yuill: Movement in a Storm {5}: MO:80
  3398. Yukon Blonde: Yukon Blonde [Bumstead] {2}: V[985-1-10]
  3399. Rachel Z/Omar Hakim: Trio of OZ [OZmosis] {4}: TH:**
  3400. Ingar Zach: MOS [Sofa]: SG
  3401. Hindi Zahra: Hand Made {3}
  3402. Zanussi Five: Ghost Dance [Moserobie]
  3403. Jennifer Zarine: Fresh Made Cuppa Tea
  3404. Zaz: Zaz
  3405. Tom Ze: Estudando a Bossa: Nordeste Plaza [Luaka Bop] {9}: V[181-7-66]; AM, RS:80; RC:A(4), MT:A, TH:A-
  3406. Denny Zeitlin: Precipice [Sunnyside] {6}: DB, TH:**
  3407. Spohie Zelmani: I'm the Rain {2}
  3408. Zero 7: Record [Atlantic] {4}: MC(69), AM, BBC:80, HP:80, MO:80
  3409. Zeus: Say Us [Arts & Crafts] {7}: V[1207-1-10]
  3410. Itamar Ziegler: Memories of Now
  3411. Ziggurat Quartet: Calculated Gestures [AM; TH:***] {2}: J
  3412. Waclaw Zimpel/Pawel Posteremczak/Ksawery Wojcinski/Pawel Szpura: Hera [MultiKulti] {2}: SG+
  3413. Zion I: Atomic Clock [Gold Dust Media] {3}: V[799-1-12]
  3414. Zo!: Sunstorm [Foreign Exchange] {4}: AM
  3415. Zola Jesus: Valusia [Sacred Bones (EP)] {3}: V[413-3-29] {OM:3}
  3416. Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe II [Roadrunner] {7}: MC(63), LAT:88
  3417. John Zorn: Dictée/Liber Novus [Tzadik]: SG, TH:*
  3418. John Zorn: The Goddess: Music for the Ancient of Days [Tzadik] {3}: AM; TH:**
  3419. John Zorn: In Search of the Miraculous [Tzadik] {2}: TH:***
  3420. John Zorn: Interzone [Tzadik] {7}: AM; TH:A-
  3421. John Zorn: Ipsissimus [Tzadik] {3}
  3422. John Zorn: What Thou Wilt [Tzadik]: TH:B

Lists Consulted

During the year, I collected grades/ratings from various sources. They were generally listed using Metacritic conversions, which made it easier to pick them up from Metacritic. At this point, the results were listed in order: Metacritic(score), publication ratings; select critic grades, with myself (TH) last. The publication ratings were hit-and-miss, but at least started to provide an idea of what is going on.

When year-end lists started to appear, I started to rewrite the lines. I kept the old counts as seeds, and started adding the year end list rankings at the head, in braces. List mentions are simply counted; there is no weighting (which would overwhelm my ability to do this list with this technology).

Metacritic's 2010 album list was consulted Nov. 20-23 for all records with Metacritic scores of 61 and better (695 albums), as well as for selected albums lower than that.

Year-end lists. Where three numbers are listed (e.g., 10/30/100) the first are listed by place (1-10), the second by abbrev only, the third are counted but not noted. Genre or sub-lists also noted:

  • About.com []: jazz piano (7), folk (8), r&b/soul (20), rap (10), rock (16), alternative (30)
  • All Music Guide [AM]: albums, blues, box sets, country, electronic, folk, hip-hop, indie pop & rock, jazz, latin, metal, r&b, reggae, pop, reissues, rock, soundtracks and scores (-U), world, world comps; Tim Sendra (21-50), editors lists (-U)
  • Amazon.com [AZ]: 10/20/100: alternative and indie rock, blues, country, electronic, folk, hard rock and metal, jazz, latin, pop, rap and hip-hop, r&b, rediscoveries, rock, world, albums you might have missed
  • American Songwriter [AS]: 10/20/50
  • Austin Town Hall [ATH]: 10/20/50
  • AV Club [AV]: 10/20/25: Scott Gordon, Marc Hawthorne, Jason Heller, Steven Hyden, Spencer Kornhaber, Genevieve Koski, Chris Martins, Michaelangelo Matos, Chris Mincher, Josh Modell, Noel Murray, Sean O'Neal, Keith Phipps, Nathan Rabin, Kyle Ryan, Christian Williams
  • Best Ever Albums [BEA]: 10/20/100
  • Billboard [BB]: 10, reader poll
  • Blurt [BL]: 10/20/50; writers (-U)
  • Brainwashed [BW]: 10/20/100; EPs, reissues (-U)
  • Clash [CL]: 10/20/40
  • CokeMachineGlow [CMG]: 10/20/50
  • Consequence of Sound [CS]: 10/20/100
  • Crawdaddy [CD]: 10/20/50; James Greene Jr, Jocelyn Hoppa, Andres Jauregui, Denise Sullivan, Howard Wyman (10 -U)
  • Delusions of Adequacy [DA]: 10/20/50
  • Drowned in Sound [DS]: 10/20/75
  • Dusted []: Daniel Levin Becker, Andrew Beckerman, Brandon Bussolini, Tobias Carroll, Talya Cooper, John Dale, Emerson Dameron, Ben Donnelly, Benjamin Ewing, Cole Goins, Evan Hanlon, Otis Hart, Miki Kaneda, Jennifer Kelly (10+), Nate Knaebel, Brad LaBonte, Daniel Martin-McCormick, Patrick Masterson, Doug Mosurock, Derek Taylor, Matthew Wuethrich (15) (10 each unless noted, some -U)
  • eMusic [EM]: 10/20/80 (-U)
  • EU Mega-Critic [EU] 10/20/150 -U
  • Entertainment Weekly [EW]: 10 [Leah Greenblatt]
  • Exclaim [EX]: 10/20; metal, hip-hop, punk, folk & country, electronic, soul & r&b, improv/avant-garde
  • Fact [F]: 10/20/40; box sets (10), collectables (20 -U), compilations (20), reissues (I: 31-40)
  • Fast 'n' Bulbous [FB]: 10/20/100; genre lists
  • Filter [FL]: 10; staff picks
  • Fly [FLY]: 10/20/50
  • Gigwise [GW]: 10/20/50
  • Guardian [G]: 10/20/40; 33 critics lists (-U)
  • Guardian Observer []: ; pop [Kitty Empire]
  • Hot Press [HP]: 10/20/30
  • JazzTimes []: 41 critics ballots
  • Kerrang [K]: 10/20
  • Lost at Sea [LS]: 10/20/30
  • Magnet [MG]: 10/20; hidden treasures, reissues, collections (10)
  • Mixmag [MX]: 10/20/50; comps (10)
  • Mojo [MJ]: 10/20/50; reissues (20), jazz (10), reggae reissues (10), blues (10), folk (10), electronica (10), Americana (10), world (10), underground (10)
  • MusicOHM [MO]: 10/20/50
  • Nashville Scene [NS]: 10
  • NME [NME]: 10/20/75; readers' top 10, editors' underrated
  • No Ripchord [NR]: 10/20/50
  • NOW [NOW]: 10; Jordan Bimm, Joshua Errett, Sarah Greene, Kevin Hegge, Joanne Huffa, Jason Keller, Graeme Phillips, Andrew Rennie, Jason Richards, Kevin Ritchie, Richard Trapunski (-U)
  • One Thirty BPM [OTB]: 10/20/50
  • Other Music [OM]: 10/20/25; reissues (25)
  • Paste [P]: 10/20/50
  • Pitchfork [PF]: 10/20/50; honorable mention; readers poll (50)
  • PopMatters [PM]: 10/20/70; genre lists (10 each): americana, bluegrass, country, electronic (10+), experimental, fantastical, female (11), free, hip-hop (12+10 mixtapes -U), indie pop, indie rock, jazz (14), live, metal (20), punk, r&b, reissues (20), world
  • Prefix [PX]: 10/20/40; staff lists [-U]
  • Pretty Much Amazing [PMA]: 10/20/40
  • Q [Q]: 10/20/50
  • Quietus [QT]: 10/20/40; comps/reissues
  • Rate Your Music [RYM]: 10/20/300 (-U); user lists below
  • Resident Advisor [RA]: 10/20, 0/20 compilations
  • Rhapsody [RH]: 10/20/50; alt-indie, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, latin, pop, reissues and compilations, rock
  • Rolling Stone [RS]: 10/20/30; reissues, David Fricke, Will Hermes, Christian Hoard, Jody Rosen, Rob Sheffield
  • Rough Trade [RT]: 10/40/100
  • Slant [SL]: 10/20/25
  • Spin [SP]: 10/20/40; albums you may have missed (10)
  • Spinner [SPR]: 10/20/30; box sets, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, metal, world; country: The Boot
  • Sputnik [SPK]: 10/20/50
  • Stereogum [SG]: 10/20/50
  • Sunday Times UK [ST]: 10/20 [rock-only]; don't have other lists yet: New Artists, Left-field, World, Jazz
  • Tiny Mix Tapes [TMT]: 10/20/50
  • Treble [TR]: 10/20/50
  • Uncut [U]: 10/20/50
  • Under the Radar [UR]: 10/20/50
  • Vibe [V]: 10
  • Village Voice: jazz critics ballots (minus JazzTimes voters, -U)
  • XLR8R [XL]: 10/20/25+
  • The Wire [W]: 10/20/50; avant rock, electronica, hip hop, outer limits
  • Zoho:Lab [ZL]: 10/20/50 - list aggregate [link]

Some additional year-end lists were just counted but not marked above (-U means I ignored any unknown records, rather than adding them to the list, I: means list is incomplete, including only numbers shown, mostly because it isn't a list but a bunch of separate posts; I should return, but don't count on it): #1 Hits From Another Planet (10 -U) (I'm) Not a Fanboy (5); 100 Greatest Songs of the Noughties (20); 105.5 Triple M (10); 20,000 Leagues Under the Radar (17); 2FATCREW (10 -U); 30 Days Out (10 -U); 31st & Chi (50 -U); 3:AM Magazine (8 -U); 3news.co.za (-U); 4 to the Floor (5); 4x4=12 (10); 5 Score Pachyderm (5); 65 Degrees Music Cafe (8 -U); 70 Miles to Empty (10+); 77 Square (10); 78s [Switzerland] (10 -U); 9513 Country: albums, staff lists (10 -U); A Blonde, a Brunette, and a Redhead: Red (6); A Bob Baker Fish Blog (10); A Brief Pitt Stop (10); A Dose of Dread (25 -U); A Doubting Thomas (5); A Fire in the Attic (20); A Has Been That Never Was (10); A Heart Is a Spade (10); A Journalist in the Making (5); A Kid Who Tells on Another Kid Is a Dead Kid (10 -U); A Little Boy Waits (10); A Mighty Fine Blog (10); A Mindful Earful (15); A Photographic Adventure (3); A Shout in the Street (10+); A Talentless Tragic Kid's Cattle List (10); a very JAYded blog (10); A View from the Underground (10); Aaron Whitaker (10 -U); aaronwk (8-10); ABC News: Allan Raible (50); Abolish Confusion (5); Abundant Ramblings (4 -U); Ace to Ace: Camille (6); Achis' Reggae Blog (10); Acres of Anchors (40-21 -U); Action Recon (15 -U); Ad Fontes (8); Adam Eck (10); Adopted (30 -U); Adrift in Space (20); Aftenposten [NO] (25 -U); Agit Reader: albums (20), reissues, writers: Eric Davidson, Kevin J Elliott, Jennifer Farmer, Phil Goldberg, Dorian S Ham, David Holmes, Alexandra Kelley, Michael P O'Shaughnessy, Matt Slaybaugh, Stephen Slaybaugh, Ron Wadlinger, Luke Winkie (10 -U); Al's Music Rant (I: 11-20); Albion (10); ALIAS/Il Manifesto [Italy] (50 -U); All About Jazz: Hrayr Attarian, C Michael Bailey, Dan Bilawsky, Troy Collins, Mark Corroto, Eyal Hareuveni, John Kelman, Bruce Lindsay, Chris May, Dan McClenaghan, Mark F Turner (-U); All Metal Resource (10 -U); All Songs Considered [NPR]: Bob Boilen, Carrie Brownstein, Robin Hilton, Stephen Thompson, Ken Tucker (10); All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands (10); All the Way Live (10+); All the Young Punks (10); All Things Country (5); All Things Go (10 -U); AllHipHop (40 -U); Already & Not Yet (15); Alter the Press (10 -U); Altered Zones (10); Alternative Ulster (10); Always Alive (10); Amazon.co.uk (20); American Music Association: airplay (20 -U); American Twang: country, not quite country (10 -U); AnAvidOpinion's Blog (50+); andrewdsweeney (12); Animal Noises: John (30), Matt (10); Annoyingly Boring? (10 -U); Antivenin (10 -U); Ants in My Trance (15), (25 + off-topic, comps -U); Any Colour You Like (I: 11-30); Any Decent Music? (100: 7.5+), Any Major Dude with Half a Heart (20); AP: Nekesa Mumbi Moody (10); Arbitrary Judgment (10+); Are the Hills Going to March Off? (28 -U); Are.Oh!Why? (5); Arjan Writes (10+); Artrocker (30 -U); As Air Grows Thin, Our Minds Grow with Wonder (5+3); As Soon Go Kindle Fire with Snow (8 -U); Asheq (20, incomplete); AskOmar (10); At the Expense of the Listener (10 -U); Atlanta's A-List: Alex (13); Atlantic City Weekly (15+); Audio Diva (30 -U); Audio Muffin: Frank, Bootsy, Train (5); Audio Overflow (30); Audionugs (10 -U); Audiopleasures (20 -U); Auditor Records (25); Auftouren (50 -U); Austin Chronicle: Austin Powell, National Top 10s (-U); Autumn Souvenir (10); Avant/Chicago: Brent Kado (10); Awesome Sound (10+); AZLTRON (20 -U); Background Music (10 -U); Backseat Sandbar (25); Bad Education (16); Baltimore City Paper (10+ballots -U); Banal Leakage (12+); Band-Aid (10); Bang Potential (10); Barrelhouse: Mike Ingram, Dave Housley (10); Battle of the Midwestern Housewives (11 -U), Bazookaluca (15+); BBC 6 Radio (10); BBC Music: Martin Aston, Matthew Bennett, Gideon Coe, Mike Diver, Rob da Bank, John Doran, Mike Harding, Kevin Le Gendre, Paul Lester, Stuart Maconie, Gary Mulholland, Gilles Peterson, Chris Roberts, Wendy Roby, June Rogers, Natalie Shaw, Huw Stephens, David Stubbs (5 each); BBC Radio Blog (5); BBC: Vic Galloway (75); Bearlikemouse (25); Beat the Indie Drum (25 -U); Beautiful Buzz (10); Bedwetting Cosmonaut (14); Beefer Blog (12); Been There, Dunne That (10 -U); Behind Punk (20 -U); Behind the Music (10); Being Ryan Bird (25 -U); Bellowhead (5); Bend Bulletin: (5), folk/twang, hip-hop/soul, indie pop, rock/psych/punk, miscellaneous (3+); BenLog (10); BenzAndABackpack: Clutch, Dizzy (-U); Berekvam (70 -U); Berkeley Place (15+); Beta Party (10); Better Propaganda (25 -U); Between the Lines (20 -U); Beware the Sax Solo (10); Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (15 -U); BIFF BAM POP! (5 -U); Big Sexy Reviews (10); Big Ugly Yellow Couch: Donald, Carlyle (5); Bigblog (5); Biggryan04's Blog (10); Bigmouthery (10+); Binge Cringe Whinge (15); BingeListening (50); Biomusicosophy [Elliot Sharp] (15); Black Youth Project (10); Black&White: Hunter Keene, Andrew Wyner (-U); Blah Blah Blah (30), Blare (37); Bleep (10); Blissblog (10+); Blitz [Portugal] (50); Blog-O-Fun (10); Bloggerhouse Hip Hop (25 -U); Blogging About Architecture (20); Bloggity Blog (10); Blow Up [Italy] (10 -U); Bluegrass Notes (10); Blurred Clarity (10); Board of Hi Five (10); Boise Weekly (5); Boomkat: new (100 -U), reissues (50 -U); Boston Globe: Julian Benbow, Michael Brodeur, Steve Greenlee, Siddhartha Mitter, James Reed, Sarah Rodman, records you didn't hear (10); Boston Music Spotlight: Eli Badra, Kelly Boyle, Rory Flynn, Kevin McSheffrey (10 -U); Bottle Rocket Glasgow (25); Bottom of the Glass (9); Bourbon Milk Punch (20); Bowlegs (20); Boycotting Trends (10); Brain Pickings (10); Brainwashed (100 -U); Brand New Kind of Photography (25); Brasky: +staff (-U); Breakfast for the Block (10); Breaking New Waves (I: 5-10); Bridging the Verse (5+); broganjane (5 -U); Brokenbranches (10); Bron-y-Aur Stomp (20); Brook Buchanan (10); Brutalitopia: Jack, Mick (10); Bubblegum Cage III (10); Bucketfull of Brains (10+); Building International Coalitions Through Beer and Pavement (10); Built on a Weak Spot (20 -U); Bullz-Eye [Eat Sleep Drink Music]: Ted Asregardo (10), James Eldred (10), Mike Farley (10), Will Harris (11), Mike Heyliger (10), Scott Malchus (20), David Medsker (10), Carlos Ramirez (6), Greg M Schwartz (10) (-U); Bunyip Voodoo (20+); Burger with Relish: Tim, Lisa (20 -U) Burgersmoke (10); Burgo's Music Blog (12); Butch Slap (20); Buttons and Unbuttons (10); Buttons in a Jar (5); BuzzFeed: Melismashable (50 -U); Buzzlegoose: Alexandra Fletcher, Chris Franklin, Samantha Hatfield, Aaron Hefelfinger, Victor Koressel, Heather Schwartz, Adam Shephard (10); by osmosis (5+); Ca Va Cool (20); Cajun Tomato (10); Caleb Barber Blog (10); Calgary Herald (10); Call Me DB (10); Cam's Blog (10); Campus Times (10+6); Cans of Rainwater (10); Capital New York: Collins, Colin (10); Captain_Easychord (10 -U); Captains Dead (11); Casket Crash Vigil (15); Catalyst (10); Catfish Vegas (10); Cats and Gliter Unicorns (10); Center Your Health (15+ -U); Centuries (50): Wesley Eason (25); Cerebral Core Meltdown (50); Cerebral Pop (21); CF Forum (20 -U); Chaotisch und Charmant (50 -U); Chart Attack [Canada] (10); Chase March (10); Chew the Rag (10); Chewing Gum for the Ears (25 -U); Chi-Tunes (20); Chicago Addick (5 -U); Chicago Jam Scene (10); Chicago Reader: Peter Margasak, Miles Raymer, Gossip Wolf (10); Chicago Sun-Times: Thomas Conner (10); Chicago Tribune: jazz [Howard Reich], Turn It Up [Greg Kot] (10); Chicago Tunes (10); Chickrawker (10+); Chief Commie Music Blog (10 -U); Chinoisdead (10); Choke on Your Pop Culture (10); Chris Sisson (20 -U); Chromatist (24 -U); Chromewaves (10); Chronicart [France] (10 -U); Chronicart [France] (10); Chunklet: 5 staff (10 -U); Circle of Fits (17 -U); Circles in My Head (10); Citizen Ghost Town (25); CKTK: CK (10); Classic Rock (50 -U); Cleveland Plain Dealer: John Soeder (10); Click & Dagger (10); Clicky Clicky (10 -U); Close-Up [Sweden] (20 -U); Club Fonograma (40 -U); Columbia Daily Tribune (40-31); Comics-and-More (10); Complex (25); Construx Nunchux (10); Contemplations of the Modern Rudeboy (5 -U); Contraindicator (10); Corn-Fed Critic (comedy albums) Count Me Out (50 -U); Countpopula's Blog of Truth (40+); Country California: in progress, still in progress, underloved (-U); Country Universe: Kevin John Coyne (20); Crave (10 -U); Crave (top metal albums) Craven Cottage Newsround (6); Creative Brief (12 -U); Critics at Large (11); Crustcake (10 -U); Cuddlefish (27 -U); Culch.ie: Bryano, Dermot, Eilish, Elaine, John, Sweary (3+); Culture Bully (22); Culture Mob: Nathan Collins (25), James Germain (10); CultureDeLuxe [UK] (32); Cyanide Breathmint: AlmostAGhost (I: 24-50); DADA (31); Dagbladet [Norway] (30+20 -U); Dagensskiva [Sweden] (55 -U); Dagsavisen [Norway] (40 -U); Daily Athenaeum (4); DailyBeatz (20); Dan Crafton (65+7); Daniel James (10 -U); Danko Jones (5); daveherring (10 -U); David Edward Johnson (11); David Schweitzer (10); DC9 at Night (10); De Standaard [Belgium] (10); Dead Press (15 -U); Dear Spatzi (6); Death By Vinyl (6); death_metal (20 -U); Decibel (40 -U); Deckfight (10); Delicious Marmolade (15); Dennis Cooper (15 -U); Denver Post (10); Derek Ohanesian (10); Descarga (25); Desi in Toronto (10+); Destination:Out (); Detroit Free Press: Brian McCollum (10); Digg [Belgium] (30 -U); Dirtbag Journalism (12); Disco Dojo (10); Discogs: disc303, FULLDOZER, modwonka (100) (-U); Disquiet (10 -U); Disquiet Ambient/Electronica: commercial ambient/electronic (10); DIY (50); DJ Squints (5); Do You Know How to Waltz? (50 -U); Do You Speak Cilantro? (5+); Dog Gone Blog (10); Dog Is Blue (10 -U); Don't Burn the Day Away (10); Don't Talk It's Easier This Way (10 -U); Donewaiting: Robert Duffy, Jill Ebeneezer, Chip Midnight, Adriana Mundy, Joel Oliphint (10 -U); Dose of Metal (10); Dots & Dashes (20); dougkochmanski.com (10 -U); Doves & Serpents (15); Downtown Music Gallery: Bruce Lee Gallanter (25), Chuck Bettis, Stephan Moore, Mike Panico, Bret Sjerven; Draw Us Lines (10); Drawer B: Eric Greenwood, Robert J Howell, K, Logan K Young (10+); Dreams & Landscapes (10 -U); Dreysay (1-16); Drone (20); Duane Moody (14); Duke Answers to Archduke (50 -U); Dummy (61); Dying Scene: Jamie, Taron, Tommy (10 -U); dylancx2 (10); dysonsound (10); e-quality music (10); Each Note Secure [ENS]: Joe Long (20), John Crowell (10+), Dave Tobias (20); Ear Buddy (10); Ear-Tyme: roots (10+10 -U); Eardrums (28: no unkowns); East Bay Express (Ellen Cushing, J Poet, Kathleen Richards, Nate Seltenrich, Rachel Swan); East Village Radio (10 -U) Eclectic Grooves (20); Eclectically Challenged (10); Elephanttrance (10); Embassy Row (20); Emily Louise (10+); Emorywheel (9); Emotional Drumming (25 -U); End-to-End Burner (15); Endtroducing (10); Enlarge Your Playlist (5x5 -U); Enter the Shell: Mailo, Richard, Sara (10 -U); EQ Music Blog (I: 1-13); Eric's Trip (10); Erol Sabadosh (10); Escalation (10+HM); Esoteric Mumblings (25 -U); Eve's Apple (6); Everybody Taste (30); Everything and Nothing (10); Everything Is Pop (25); Evigshed (5); Examiner.com: Melissa Fossum, Neil Tesser (20); Excursions of a Pop Renegade (10); Exister (10); Extrawack! (10); Fairbanks News-Miner: Glen BurnSilver, Suzanna Caldwell (10); Falter [Austria] (10 -U); Fan Off (20); Farce the Music (40 -U); Faster Louder (10 [50 clicks]); Fat Roland on Electronica (10); Faux (35); Feed the Dog (26 -U); Feel the Spin (10); FemaleFirst (10 -U); ferociousboyy (10); Fishpork (20); Flannel Enigma (25 -U); Flavorwire: Reissues (10+), Underrated (-U); Flowers in the Concrete (10); Fluctuat.net [France] (10); Fokkawolfe (10 -U); Folk Hive (10 -U); Folk Roots/Folk Branches: Mike Regenstreif (10); Folly of Youth (10 -U); Forest Gospel (10); Fort Worth Star-Telegram: world (5); Forward Music (10); Frequency: Ben Salmon (50 -U); Fresh Heirs (25); From a Mess to the Masses (20); Front Porch Musings (10); Frontier Psychiatrist (40); fRoots [UK] (19); Fuzzy Thoughts (50 -U); Gaffa [Denmark] (30 -U); Gareth Campesinos (12); Gears of Rock (10); Geography of Hope (10); Georgetown Voice (10); Georgia Ave (10); Get Off the Coast (25); Getintothis (50); Giant Bomb (10); Gimme Noise: Ray Cummings, Andrew Flanagan, Nikki Miller, Pat O'Brien, Andrea Swensson (10 -U); Gimme Tinnitus (15 -U); Ginger Rock (5 -U); Girlysounds (10); Give My Regards to Blogway (10); GlamRock.com (10); Glasswerk Blog (10); Glide (20+25); Go Mag [Spain] (40); God Is in the TV (20 -U); Golden Bloggen (10); Good Fella Media (10); Gorilla vs Bear (30); Goute mes disques [France] (30); Graffiti Lips (30); Gramophony (10); Grand Rapids Press: John Sinkevics (11+9); Grant's Music Blog (10 -U); Graveyard Parade (10 -U); Gravy and Biscuits (10); Great Music You Haven't Heard (11); Guerrilla Candy: Lori (10 -U); Guilt Free Pleasures (10); Guitar Noize (10 -U); Gypsies with Knives (30 -U); Haley's Blog (I: 9-10); Harmless Noise (10 -U); Hartford Courant: Eric R Danton (10); Hate Something Beautiful (30 -U); Hatesexy (10); Headbanging Linebackers (25); Headphonenaught's Nanolog (10 -U); Heartache with Hard Work (25 -U); Heartbreak Trail (10); HearYa (10); Heaven [Netherlands] (50 -U); Heavier Than Air (I: 21-30); Heavy Blog Is Heavy (10); Hectic But Eclectic (50 -U); Heidelbergerin (10 -U); Heineken Musica [Spain] (20); hellohelicopter (10); Herokids (20 -U); Hi My Name is Hip Hop (5); Hidden Track: albums (25), archival (10); HiFashion (6); Higher Ed Music Critics (50+); Hip Hop Is Not Dead (5+5 -U); HipHopDX (25); HitFix/Immaculate Noise: Katie Hasty, Melinda Newman (10); Holden Richards (10); Hongkie Town (26); Hope and Anchor (25); Hospital Food (10 -U); Hotcakes (40); hottracks [South Korea] (30); How Do I Blog? (10); HSS (20 -U); Huffington Post: Mark Morford (10); HughShows (10 -U); Humo [Belgium] (20 -U); I Am the Crime (10 -U); I Guess I'm Floating (I: 21-30 -U); I Have 19 Voices (50 -U); I Heart AU (40+); I Like the Cut of Your Jib (10); I Listen, So You Don't Have To: (25), electronic, metal (10); I Read Something the Other Day (20); I Rock Cleveland (10); I'd Rather Be Fat Than Be Confused (10 -U); i(heart)music (15 -U); Ian T Thomas (20); Ibiza Spotlight (10); Idolator (10); If You Want to Sing Out (30 -U); IGN (25); Ignorant Review (4); IMA: Independent Music Appreciation (10); Impose (25); In League With Paton (100+); In My Head In My Memory (60); In Place of Real Insight (5); In Review Online: albums (20), Jordan Cronk, Sam C Mac, Chris Nowling (10); In the Company of Wolves (10 -U); Inarguable Review (10 -U); Incoherentmumblings (20); Indie for Bunnies (150 -U); Indie for Bunnies: Enrico Amendola, Andrea Tabellini, Giovanni Venditti (10 -U); Indie Music Filter (11); Indie Rock [Italian webzine] (); Indie Wiretap (8); IndieBlend (29); Indiepoprock [France] (20 -U); INDIeREKTE (100 -U); Inertia (20); Infinity Yeah (10); inrainbowshoes (10); InRevu (10 -U); Insert Clever Pun Here (10); InsideVandy (10); Internal Rhyme of the Restless Mind (10); Into the Void (25); Intro [Germany] (50 -U); Irish Times (10 x 10 -U); Is This Music? (30 -U); It's a Trap: 3 contributors (10 -U); It's Pop (30 -U); It's Raining Planes and Helicopters (50 -U); It's Time to Play B-Sides (20 -U); Its Easy to Get Buried in the Past (13; unranked, first post only); Jason Shadrick (11); Jason Toney (10+); Jazz Wrap (10); Jenesaispop [Spain] (50 -U); JeremyFeistXXX (21); Jim Plachy (10 -U); jimcofer.com (10 -U); Joe (5); John Consterdine (25 -U); JohnThrasher.net (10 -U); Jonk Music (30); Joshua Zamrycki's Weblog (10 -U); JP's Music Blog (10); JRM (Delmark): Josh Berman, RT Edwards, Chad Henderson, David Humphries, Kevin Johnson, Steve Marquette (10); Junkie Pop: Ghibo, Giorgio, Grillo, Pistakulfi (10-20 -U); Just Press Play: albums, compilations/reissues (18); JustLeftOfTheMainstream (18); JWC (10); K Mag (20 -U); K'Brocking Entertainment (10); Kalporz [Italy] (30 -U); KAMmentary (10); Karmic Life (10); Kata Rokkar (25 -U); Katie Arbuthnot (20); Kaylaporter (10); kDamo (10); Keep It Like a Secret (I: 11-20+); Keep on Your Fashion Side (10); Kickin' Out the Jams, Mofo!: archival (15); Kids Like You and Me: Glen (10); Kill Rock Music (10); Kingblind (15); Kleeb Versus the World (10 -U); Knox Road (25); KRJB's Music Blog (10); LA Music Blog: Allan Stackhouse (10); La Quenelle Culturelle (50); LA Record: Poobah Record Shop (10 -U); La Vie Musicale (10 -U); La Villa Recordings (I: 10); Largehearted Boy (); Larry Koestler (10 -U); Las Vegas Review-Journal (10); last.fm: materialboi2606 (20-11), pamento (-U); Late Night Wallflower (10+); Laughing Is Loving (10); laut.de [Germany] (30); Le Monde [France] (10); Leading Us Absurd (5); Leave the Hall (10 -U); Leaving the Silver City (10); Lemons Is Lemons (6); Les Inrockuptibles [France] (50 -U); Letters Home from Camp: Annie, Abby Beeeee, Carl, Cassies, Chad, CJ, Matty B, Erv, Andrew G, Steven Hyden, Erin Heath, Jay, Maitre DK, Marshall, Andrew Meddaugh, Daniel Meddaugh, Mel, Andy Nelson, Matthew Phillip Mentele, Ryan Miller, Shanimal, George Soteropoulos, Jeff Tyree, RuPaul Von Smaxwill, Matthew Webber, Sarah V, Wolfman, Erin Wolf, Brian Wooldridge (10); Lexington Herald-Leader: Rich Copley (10); Lexrob.com (10); Liberation [France] (9x3 -U); Life Is Noise: Dave Cutbush (10); Life Seems But a Quick Succession of Busy Nothings (10+); Life, Faith, and Theology (5); Light Sound Dimension (10); Lightyears (I: 1-4); Linden Pomeroy (20); Liner Notes [Hypervocal]: J Freitag, Owen Milbury (20); Listen Before You Buy (31); Little Fascist Panties (10); Little Flaming Cocktail (5); Little White Earbuds (10); Live to Hear (20); LivingEars (30); London Evening Standard: David Smyth (30); Los Angeles Times: August Brown, Gerrick D Kennedy, Randy Lewis, Todd Martens, Ann Powers, Randall Roberts, Margaret Wappler, Jeff Weiss (10); losanjealous (10); Lost in LoC (10); Lost in the Cloud (10+); Louder Than War (80 -U); Loudloop Press (10 -U); Loudloop Press: Andy Kondrat (10 -U); Loudouni (10); Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (10); Lucid Culture (100 -U); Luke Physioc (20 -U); Lunar Boulevard (10); Mac McCaughan [Portastatic] (18+8); Macleans.ca (10 -U); Magic [FR] (30 -U); Magiska (40); Man Descending (9+); Mapsadaisical (20); Mark Davison (10); Mark's Place to Post (10+5); Mastering Things (10); Mat's Music Blog (10+10 -U) Me, and All My Friends (10 -U); Mecca Lecca (50 -U); Mediaeater (40); Medialoper (30 -U); Medium Fidelity (30); Meghan Bender (3); Mekong Delta (10); Melophobe: (20), electronic, hip-hop (10); Memo (30-3); Metal Hammer (50 -U); Metal Injection: Gruhamed (10 -U); Metalholics (30 -U); Metro.co.uk (10); MetroActive (10 -U); Metromix (25 -U); Mexican Summer: Abe, Jeff, Keith, Miss Jess, Tommy (10 -U); MFR (Minneapolis Fucking Rocks) (10); mg (5); Michael Patrick Brady (6); Michigan Daily (10); mike dominice dot com (7 -U); Minds Like Knives (25); Mister Fusty (14); MisterMusic (20); Mitchellblack (15); Mixtape Muse: Brett, Simon, Quinn (10); Mixtapes for the iPod Generation (10 -U); MJ Butterworth (5); MOG (17); MOGs [Music Over Gunz] (20); Mondosonoro [Spain] (40); Monkeyinabox (12); Moore Than This (15); More Cowbelle (10 -U); More Than Mary (10 -U); Mosaic (30); Most Likely To (20); Mostly About Music (10 -U); Mostly Armless (I:11-50); Mostly on a Music Tip (7 -U); Mostly Unfinished Thoughts (10); Motel de Moka (10); Mountain Goat (5); MouthForWar (10 -U); Movie City News (10); Mowno [France] (50 -U); MP3PO: Taylor (10); MP3s Don't Spin (10); Mr Douglas Anderson (12); MSN Expert Witness comment threads: Joey Daniewicz, mark926 (25-30); MSN: Robert Christgau (10), Sam Sutherland (14); MSU Reporter (10); MTV/Bigger Than the Sound: James Montgomery (20); Mud N Waffles (10 -U); Multitracking: Melissa, Smashley (12+ -U); Muruch (25 -U); Music Between Friends (10); Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (25 +HM); Music for Misanthropes (10 -U); Music From Big Pink (20 -U); Music Is the Heart of Our Soul (5); Music Liberation (10); Music on My Balls (10); Music Review: Palmer Sturman, Sergio Pereira, Bret Dugmore (10 each); Music Snobbery (10); Music Universe (20); Music When the Lights Go Out (10); Music Zeitgeist (50 -U); Music2LiveBy (10 -U); Musical Mathematics (10); MusicRooms.net (10); Musikexpress [Germany] (50 -U); Muso's Guide [UK] (40); MuuMuse (40 -U); Muzicalia [Spain]: international (25), national (25 -U); Muzzle of Bees (20 -U); My Heart's Beat (20 -U); My Ironic Moustache (5); My Kind of Country: Occasional Hope (10); My Old Kentucky Blog: Dodge, Luftmensch (10); My Poproks (21); My World (10 -U); My Writing Zone: DA-Professor (9 -U); MyFox Boston: Mike Cloherty, Jeff Israel, Maraithe Thomas (10); MySpace (50); Nappy Headed Pro (8); Narrowcast (50 -U); Nashville Nights (10); Neon Musical Insight (25); Nerve (10); NetPierre (5); New Earth Music (10); New England Show Reviews (10); New Music Michael (10); New Noise [France] (50 -U); New York Daily News: Jim Farber (16 -U); New York Entertainment: Nitsuh Abebe (10); New York Post: Dan Aquilante (10); New York Times: Jon Caramanica, Nate Chinen, Jon Pareles, Ben Ratliff (10); NewsOK: George Lang, Nathan Poppe (10); Ngandu (I: 3-10); Nick Hennies (10 -U); NickCummings (10); 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Random Old Records (1-17 -U); Random Thoughts From the Revolution (10); Rant-a-bit by Scott Hudson (20); Rarities, B-Sides & Other Stuff (10); Rave Magazine: Chris Harms, et al (10 -U); Rawkblog (50 -U); Razor X (10); Real Music Blog (10); Red Devil in the Kitchen (9); Redeye USA (10); Reevo's Blog (5); Reggaemani (10 -U); Rehearsing the Blues (10); Reid-views (30 -U); Reno News & Review (15); Repeat and Fade (30); RevThom (10+3); Rhombus (10); Rhythm of Our Lives (5); Rickard's Music Blog (10 -U); Ricky Lee Potts: country, electronic, hip hop & r&b, pop, rock & roll (5); Right Hear (50); Riot Reflection (10 -U); Riot Studios (10); Rise of Teh Silly Pplz (3); Rjominn [IS] (10 -U); Robert Hilburn (10); Rocco's Modern Life (10); Rock Minutes (10); Rock NYC: Wyatt Marshal (15 -U); Rock'n'Roll Means Well (10 -U); Rock-A-Rolla (40 -U), Rockdelux [Spain] (50 -U); RockNRolly (10 -U); Rockol [Italy] (5+); Rocksound (75 -U); Rolling Stone [Germany] (25 -U); Rollo & Grady (30 -U), lots of artists (10 -U); 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The Boot: country (10); The Bygone Bureau: Daniel Adler, Jordan Barber, Tim Lehman, Nick Martens, Kevin Nguyen, David Tveite (10 each); The Castlegar Source (10); The Click of a Light (10); The Clink (10); The Collegian: Jose Alvares (10); The Columbian (10 -U); The Cookblog by Brian Cook (10 -U); The Cover Up (10); The Culturephiles (10); The Dadada (20 -U); The Daily Record (10); The Days of Lore (15 -U); The Decibel Tolls (30 -U); The Dirt Is Red! (10); The Drive-In Bingo (10); The Dumbing of America (10); The Early Nerd (5); The Echo Seduction (15); The Echoes Blog (25 -U); The Eclecticist Blog (5); The Essential with D. Marley (20); The Finer Things Blog (10); The Finest Kiss (25+); The Fire and the Rose (50); The Fire Note (50); The Fox Is Black (16); The Frontloader (10); The Gauntlet (10); The Gentry Entry (10); The Good, the Bad, and the Hipster (6) The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown: me (55), readers (111); The Graduate Times: reggae (10); The Guardian [University of California, San Diego] (10); The Hanging Tree (30); The Hofstra Chronicle (10); The Homegrown Snob (10); The Hurst Review (15+5); The Independent [UK]: Andy Gill (5); The Intellectual Thicket (20 -U); The Invisible Promise (6); The Jeopardy of Contentment (50); The Kitchen Sink (10 -U); The L Magazine (25); The Lavin Rant (10); The Lefort Report (11); The Lesser Column (10+); The Lifetime Student (10); The Liminal (10+); The Line of Best Fit (50); The Literary Blog of Amanda Earl (10); The Lumberjack (10); The Maine Campus (25); The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (10+); The Mayward Blog (10+); The Milk Factory [UK] (50 -U); The Mind of a Harper (10); The Misadventure of Sean Moore (10 -U); The Modern Music (8); The Modern Wax (10); The Montclarion (5); The Morning News (10); The Muse in Music (8); The Music Box: John Metzger (10+), Pete (10); The Music Fix (30); The Music Slut (25 -U); The Nagging Sense of Infancy (15); The Needle Drop (50 -U); The New Adventures of SuperMackin: parts 1-4 (); The New Beat (10); The Night Mail (10); The Normal Christian Blog (10 -U); The OCMD (Obsessive Compulsive Music Disorder) (25 -U); The Oklahoma Daily (25); The Other Dani (10); The Owl Mag (24); The Pansentient League: synthpop (10 -U); The Pattern Pony Report (10); The Planet Pluto (50); The Point of Everything (20 -U); The Pop Cop (10); The Province (10); The Public Servant (10 -U); The Radeblogs (5 -U); The Real Christi Kay (10 -U); The Recommender (20); The Record Store Blog (30); The Red Collision (10 -U); The Red Haired Hipster (10); The Riots Travel Guide (8); The Rock and Roll Guru (10 -U); The Runner (10); The Sala-Blog (10); The ScoliosisRacoon (11); The Scott Collection (9 -U); The Search (10+); The Secret Portobello Musrhroom (20); The Semantic Verses (8); The Sentence Salvo (10 -U); The Sentient Deli (5 -U); The Separation (11); The Signal (10); The Silent Ballet (100 -U); The Sirens Sound (50 -U); The Skinny (10); The Sleepy Sun (15); The Sloppy Dog (10); The Smoking Section (15); The Soapbox (5 -U); The Soda Shop (20 -U); The Sonic Radio of Voices (5); The Sound of a Cicada (10); The Sound of Indie (10 -U); The Sound Opinion (10 -U); The Sounding Post (10); The Spider Hill (10 -U); The Stay Spun (10); The Steel Daffodil (5); The Styrofoam Drone (25 -U); The Sun [UK] (50 -U); The Swollen Fox (10); The Tale of the Tape (20); The Telegraph [UK]: Neil McCormick (10); The Tower Pulse: Eric Huebner (10); The Truth AboutMusic (10); The Urban Daily (10 -U); The Vancouver Sun: Francois Marchand (10); The View (9); The View From Yoorp (30); The Vine [Australia] (10); The Vinyl Anachronist (10 -U); The Voice of Energy (10 -U); The Wannabe (10); The War on Pop (20); The Waster (10); The Wild Honey Pie (20); The World Forgot (10); The Wounded Jukebox (20); The Written Truth (10); The Yellowbird Project (20 -U); Theft Liable to Prosecution (10); Their Bated Breath (15); Theology and Culture (10); There Goes the Fear (5+); TheSageofStockwell (10); Thin Line Between Stupid and Clever (7); Things (10); Things I Think About Music and Stuff (25 -U); This Is 50 (10); This Is Book's Music (10 -U); This Is My Book (10); This Is the First Day of My Life (10 -U); This Is the Universe (10); This Will Only Take a Second (10+); Thomasmj99's Music Blog (10); Those Who Dig (10+); Thought Catalog: Leor Galil (10); Thought Porridge (10); Three More Minutes (10); Thwacked (11); Tidal Wave of Indifference (1-5,16-20 -U); Tillane's Scribblings (10); Timber and Steel (6x5 -U); Time (10); Toast 'N Jams (10); ToeZoo (10); Together in Digital Dreams (15); Tom's Insomnia Blog (11); Tomatrax (10); Tonight We Dance (10); Tonight We Dance, Tomorrow We Cry. (10 -U); Too Much Music (10); Too Roads (10); Total Blindness vs Blinding Light (15); Town Full of Losers (20); Tracks in Stacks (30); Transcendental Waterfall (10); Tranzcontinental (10); Tranzmission (I: 1); Trespass (10 -U); Trials + Tribulations (10); Triple J: 14 DJs (10 each -U); True Genius Requires Insanity (50); Trumblog (10); Trust Me on This (10 -U); Tsururadio (25); Tufts Daily (10); Tulane Hullabaloo (13); Tuneful Ruminations (I: 23-25+5); Tupelo Honey (20 -U); Turn It Up [Greg Kot] (20); Twangville (10), Tom (60 -U); Tyronewarner.com (10); Ultra 8201 (25); Uncle Patrick and the Beerable Lightness of Being (11); Under the Counter or a Flutter in the Dovecot (6); Undercover: Tim Cashmere, Andres Tijs (10 -U); Underdog of Perfection (5); United Monkee (10 -U); Unrescuable Schizo (10); Untitled Records (6+); Urban Eyez (I: 11-20); Urban Outfitters (20); Useless Chamber (5); UTG Review (-U); Vegas Seven (7); Ventvox (30); Vibrations [Switzerland] (3+); Village Voice: Zach Baron, Rob Harvilla (10); Vinyl District: Chris Faulkner, Pete Matthews, Tim Regan (10 -U); Visible Voice (11); Viva La Glam (5); Volantes de Privados (20 -U); Wall Street Journal: Jim Fusilli (10 -U); Waller Not Weller (); WAN2 [Hungary] (20 -U); WAN2 [Hungary] (20 -U); War at 33 1/3 (20+); Warehouse Songs and Stories: Jaime, Kelly (15); Warm Sound, Aqueous Transmission (10); Washington City Paper (10 -U); Washington Post: David Malitz, Chris Richards, Allison Stewart (10); Waterloo Sunset (10 -U); WBEZ: Jim DeRogatis (20+); We All Want Someone to Shout For (40); We Are What We Believe (7); We Got This Covered (10); We Listen For You: WLFY (10), Hank (25), Zach (25); We Love Metal (15 -U); We Write Lists (20); We're Losing Our Edge (15); Web in Front (20+); Web Pen Blog (20); Weekend (20); Weird Hipster (10); weiv [South Korea] (13); West Coast Fix (10); Whale in a Cubicle (21+); What a Wonderful World (); When Words Attack (21 -U); When Words Meet Heartbeats (16 -U); Where Do You Think These Stairs Go? (7); Where the Girls Go (15); Where Worlds Collide (10 -U); Whiney G Weingarten (100 -U); Whiskey Teeth (10); williamlee_v01 (10); Winnie Cooper (20); With This I Think I Am Officially a Yuppie (10+); Within the Whiteness of the Womb (9); WKNC (5); WNYC Soundcheck: Jake Paine, Will Layman, Ann Powers, Anastasia Tsioulcas (5); Word Is Bond (10 -U); Worlds in a Grain of Sand (10 -U); WPGU (5); Ye Wei Blog [Jason Gross] (); Yellow Bird Project (20); Yet Another Diatribe of Nonsense (10); You Ain't No Picasso (30 -U); You May Listen, But You Don't Hear (10); You Set the Scene (20 -U); Your Third Ear (10); Zach the Ripper (15); ZackMoody.com (10 -U); Zeitgeisty Report (I: 19-20); Zena Metal Wants to Conquer the World (20 -U); Zoinks! Online (10 -U); Zundfunk [Germany] (20); Also: JJA (Jazz Journalists Association): David R Adler (20+6), Bridget Arnwine, Larry Applebaum, Nancy Barell, Nick Bewsey, Paul Blair, Philip Booth, Marcela Breton, John Chacona, Thomas Conrad, RJ DeLuke, Laurence Donohue-Greene, Ken Dryden (10+16), Tim DuRoche, Steve Feeney, David Franklin, Alain Drouot, Ken Franckling, Andrew Gilbert, George Grella, James Hale, Andrey Henkin, Marcia Hillman, Geoffrey Himes (20+5+10), Lyn Horton, Thomas Jacobsen, Willard Jenkins, Bill King, Elzy Kolb, Kiyoshi Koyama, Joe Lang, Art Lange, Howard Mandell, Gordon Marshall, Matt Marshall, Bill Milkowski, Ralph A Miriello, Theodore H Panken, Bob Porter, Bob Protzman, Robert Putignano, Doug Ramsey, Frank Schindelbeck, Hank Shteamer, W Royal Stokes, Ron Sweetman, John Szwed, Neil Tesser, Michael J West, (most 10, many + reissues); Rate Your Music lists (sampling; no idea how many there are): add_den, Alphadj, analogue_crash (25), Anja_Ny (10), Artanis12, AtleticodeRafaela, bloco, boxingwithstars, BringHomeTheBacon, Buckio (25), buryuntime, costello3001, crit, Desiderius, Distortzion, ealof, estoesimposible, ghandi3030, Hammer9, Helen_Keller_666 (25), hotcrosser, houdini, HumbleGold, interpolb, isthismusic, judeyamakawa, justinstacy, Kanyba, Kodan, kptknutsen (25), Krautrick, kyokoku, Larvi (16), lfilippi, malkuth82, mpugh3030, Murgen, muzzleofbees, Nachkebia (41), neutralmilkboo, Nicanor, no1sia, oddmoon (25), Okawoa, ookunoki, Orecchio_Assoluto, paulsmith, PepperMagik, peturbeikon (25), ReasonableHate, second_skin, shanks, SonicPixies, stalk3r, sun_st (25), Tampax, teh1234, themorningbell4, thevagrant88, timeoutofmind, Tyler_Revolution, ukkonen, ulinvodnaar (25), Un_ingorgo_recente, wago, yourhero34 (25) (-U).

Publications consulted for grades (inevitably hit and miss; some make it more difficult than others depending on how easy they are to collect -- many are just scraped from Metacritic):

  • All Music Guide [AM]: min [MC:80], monthly critics picks and/or ****(*)
  • Absolute Punk [AP]: min [MC:80]
  • AV Club (Onion) [AV]: min B+ [MC:83]
  • Clash Music [CL]: min 8 [MC:80] - incomplete
  • DJ [DJ]: 10/20/40
  • Dot Music [DM]
  • Downbeat [DB]: min 4 stars {3,5-6,8-12} or editor's choice {3-12+1}
  • Drowned in Sound [DS]: min 8 [MC: 80] - incomplete
  • Dusted [DU]: min [MC:80]
  • Entertainment Weekly [EW]: min B+ [MC: 83] - incomplete
  • Filter [FL]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • Mojo [MJ]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • musicOMH.com [MO]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • NME [NME]: min 8 [MC:80] - incomplete
  • NOW Magazine [NOW]: min [MC:80]
  • No Ripchord [NR]: min 8 [MC:80]
  • Paste [P]: min 80 [MC:80]
  • Pitchfork [PF]: min 70 [MC:70] - incomplete
  • Phoenix [PH]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • PopMatters [PM]: min 8 [MC:80] - incomplete
  • Prefix [PX]: min 8 [MC:80]
  • Q Magazine [Q]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • Rolling Stone [RS]: min ***(*) [MC:70]
  • Slant [SL]: min [MC: 80] - incomplete
  • Spin [SP]: min ***(*) [MC:70]
  • Tiny Mix Tapes [TMT]: min [MC: 80] - incomplete
  • Uncut [U]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • Under the Radar [UR]: [MC: 80] - incomplete
  • Urb [URB]: min **** [MC:80]

Other publications surveyed by Metacritic are counted [80+], although they are very hard to access/evaluated except through Metacritic: Alternative Press [AL], American Songwriter [AS], Austin Chronicle [AC], BBC Music [BBC], Billboard.com [BB], Boston Globe [BG], Chicago Tribune [CT], cokemachineglow [CMG], Delusions of Adequacy [DA], Guardian [G], Hartford Courant [HC], Kerrang! [K], Hot Press [HP], Los Angeles Times [LAT], Lost at Sea [LS], New York Times [NYT], Observer Music Monthly [OMM], Phoenix [PH], RapReviews.com [RR], Revolver [RV], Rock Sound [RKS], Sputnikmusic [SPK], Trouser Press [TP], Village Voice [VV], The Wire [W], XLR8r [XLR], XXL [XXL].

Then, some individual critics lists, and for Christgau and myself grades.

  • Robert Christgau [RC]: all grades noted, counted ≥ *
  • Francis Davis [FD]: top 10 plus
  • Stef Gijssels (Free Jazz) [SG]: **** up, to 01-01 [was 12-10]; + indicates EOY list
  • Ian Mann (Jazz Mann: thejazzmann.com) [JM]: **** up
  • Michaelangelo Matos [MM]: 10 from [AV]
  • Chris Monsen [CM]: year-end list (in progress); also counted Dec. 21 jazz faves post
  • Michael Tatum [MT]: downloader's diary (HM up)
  • Tom Hull: A-list [TH]: all grades noted, counted ≥ **