Metacritic Aggregate: 2022 New Music: Hip-Hop


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  1. Kendrick Lamar: Mr Morale & the Big Steppers (Top Dawg/Aftermath/Interscope -2CD) {358}: 3v:19, AD:*, Al:2*, AM:*, AS:+, AU:12, AV:+, BB:4, Bin:23, BPM:6*, BV:4, BV_r:1, C:11*, Ch:17, Cl:10*, Cmp:1, Crh:12, CS:25*, D:*, DaB:4, DIY:12*, DJ:3, DMY:14, DW:+, Dz:3, EE:8, Ev:*, EWi:44, Ex:6*, Fld:14, FO:5, G:2*, GC:4, Gf:7, GMA:12, GQ:+, GTV:19, Gw:17*, HDX:1*, HG:17, HP:2, HV:23, I:3*, Ind:8, Jp:8, Kp:3, LBF:4*, LI:3, LQ:7*, Lt:9, LW:27, Mc:34, Mj:34*, MO:5*, Ms:3, Mus:6, Mx:4, Ne:34*, Ni:6, NME:5*, NPR:20, NT:23*, O:*, Okp:6, Oo:10, P:32*, PAM:+, Pc:11, Pf:13, PJ:10, PM:20*, PO:*, PT:41, PW:9, Qt:7, RC:11, Rdx:1, Rf:16, Rg:2, Ri:8, RR:*, RS:11, RS_h:7, RT:97, RTU:+, Rx:52, S:+, Sbd:19, SC:12, Sg:20, Sk:3, Sl:7*, SMH:*, STi:3, T:3*, TL:49, TO:16, TomC:2, Tr:26, Trk:41, Tu:9, U:8*, Up:+, UR:22, V:+*, Vb_h:2, Vi:23, VMP:+, Why:4, XCI:34; am:+, ap:+, aqd:+, atw:+, bb6:1, bn:+, cs_r:6, elg:14, ha:+, hc:2, hr:3, hs:+, hyb:+, i:8, ir:10, it:1, js:+, kc:1, mc:+, ny_p:+, ny_z:+, p:4, rsbe:1, rsbh:9, rsch:10, rsdg:8, rsem:3, scw:*, sfc:+, te:+, ti:8, tr_h:+, ts:+, up_h:+, v_ja:4, wo:+, xci:*, xjd:+, xtc:2, yds:4, yh:5, yjv:8, yjw:1 -- A:(89/26), RC:A-, TH:***
  2. Danger Mouse & Black Thought: Cheat Codes (BMG) {178}: AD:*, Al:12*, AM:*, BV_r:21, C:*, Cl:18*, Crh:5, CS:32, DIY:*, DJ:38, DVk:5, Ev:*, Ex:*, EWi:16, FB:+, Fld:7, G:46*, GC:41, Gl:+*, GMA:2, HDX:2*, HG:1, Hi:29, Kp:20, LBF:7, LI:15, LQ:17*, Lt:13, Mj:3*, Mxm:8, Ne:42*, Ni:27, NME:34*, No:11, NR:26, NT:8*, O:*, Oo:16, Pc:2, PJ:14, PM:63, PT:29, RC:24, Rdx:45, Rf:25, Ri:16, RM:+, RR:*, RT:27, RTU:+, Rx:35, S:+, Sbd:45, Sp:*, SR:3, STi:12, TO:10, TomC:35, Tr:12, Trk:5, U:*, UR:82, Vb_h:15, Vi:43, VMP:+, Why:7, WX:5, XCI:16; am:+, ap:+, atw:+, bb6:8, cs_r:11, g_e:2, js:6, muk:6, npr_nc:+, pi:3, scw:*, so_k:3, st_r:4, tr_h:+, up_h:+, wsj:+, xbp:2, xbw:+, xci:*, xhs:8, xjdc:10, xjdo:5, xtc:+, xwb:+, yjed:+, ykm:2 -- A:(83/24), RC:A, TH:A-
  3. Sudan Archives: Natural Brown Prom Queen (Stones Throw) {173}: 45:5, AM:*, BPM:19*, BV:12, C:24*, Cl:2*, Cmp:19, Crz:25, CS:8*, EWi:18, Ex:10*, Fa:4, Fld:3, G:14, Gl:+*, Ind:44, Jp:35, Kp:2, LBF:*, Mc:9, Mj:*, MO:28*, Ms:40, NBG:+, Ne:8*, Ni:18, No:37, NPR:6, NR:10*, NT:22*, O:*, OC:8, P:13, PAM:+, Pf:2*, PJ:11, PM:29, PO:*, PW:1, R:9, Rdx:7, Rg:36, RM:+, RSh:9, RT:39, RTU:+, Rx:66, S:+, SC:5*, Sl:35, SpL:4, T:*, TL:79, TO:2, TomC:47, Tu:2, U:33*, UR:67, VMP:+, XCI:42; am:+, ap:+, bc:+, blw:2, dw:7, kc:14, ncpr:5, npr_r:+, ny_p:4, ny_z:8, pf_p:+, ra:+, sl:++, vu:9, xbw:+, xci:*, xcw:*, xej:8, xjd:3, xmv:9, ygo:1, yjb:+, yjc:4 -- A:(81/19), RC:A-, TH:A-
  4. Pusha T: It's Almost Dry (GOOD Music/Def Jam) {145}: AM:*, AU:13, AV:+, BB:12, Bin:17, BPM:*, BV_r:25, C:21, Cl:13*, Cmp:3, CS:1*, DVk:19, DW:+, EW:8, EWi:40, Ex:16, G:31, GC:20, Gf:28, HDX:3, HG:59, Hi:33, HV:14, LBF:*, LI:52, LQ:18, Lt:16, Ne:26*, Ni:13, NME:17*, NPR:10, NR:35, Okp:12, P:21, Pf:+, PJ:98, PO:*, PW:11, Qt:+, Rf:61, Ri:10, RR:*, RS:6*, RS_h:1, RSh:19, S:+*, Sbd:54, Sg:+, Sl:14, TO:17, TomC:4, Up:+, Vb_h:4, Why:21; blw:1, cs_r:1, hr:7, hyb:+, rsbe:2, rsem:10, rsoh:1, rssv:2, rswa:6, scw:*, sjm:9, te:+, ti:5, up_h:+, vu:+, xci:*, xjd:16, xjdc:+, xsc:8, xtc:4, ysp:* -- A:(81/9), RC:***, TH:A-
  5. Billy Woods: Aethiopes (Backwoodz Studioz) {112}: Alt:14, BPM:2*, BV:26, BV_r:4, Cmp:+, DW:+, EWi:13, Fa:1, FB:+, GB:2, HG:2, Hi:41, Ind:49, LQ:31, Ne:16*, Ni:5, NR:19, NT:30, OC:13, Pf:28*, PJ:44, PO:*, PW:5, PT:1, Ri:3, RS_h:21, S:+, SC:*, Sg:5, Spk:18*, Sp:L5, TomC:1, Tr:1, Tu:7, W:7, XCI:52; bc:+, ny_p:9, scw:*, so_k:9, tr_h:+, xci:*, xgh:2, xss:10, xtc:1, xyd:7, yjc:8 -- A:(82/5), RC:**, TH:***
  6. Denzel Curry: Melt My Eyez, See Your Future (PH/Loma Vista/Concord) {80}: Alt:49, AM:*, AV:+, BPM:26*, BV:+, BV_r:13, Cl:21*, Cmp:10, CS:43, D:*, DaB:29, DIY:*, GC:6, Gf:20, GMA:11, GTV:45, Gw:46, HDX:+, HG:56, HV:8, K:22*, LBF:18*, LI:25, LQ:35, Lt:10, Mc:40, Ne:31*, NME:22*, No:18, Okp:11, PM:35, Rf:30, Rg:19, RS_h:16, RT:99, RTU:+, S:+, SC:14, Sg:+, Tr:4, Up:+, Vb_h:7, VMP:+; am:+, ap:+, cs_r:9, te:+, tr_h:+, up_h:+, xci:*, xsp:+ -- A:(86/9), TH:**
  7. JID: The Forever Story (Dreamville/Interscope) {76}: BS:7, Cl:*, Cmp:9, CS:13, EWi:+, GC:1, HG:7, LBF:21, Ne:2*, NPR:46, Okp:1, PJ:91, PO:*, PT:39, Rg:28, Ri:14, RS:82, RS_h:3, RSh:11, S:+, Spk:47*, TomC:27, Up:+, Vb_h:9, W:*, Why:3, XCI:44; am:+, atw:+, cs_r:2, hc:3, rsmj:3, sl:+, up_h:+, tr_h:+, tvo:7, wi:12, xci:*, xcw:*, xjd:+, yjb:+ -- A:(84/4), TH:**
  8. Steve Lacy: Gemini Rights (RCA) {75}: Al:80, AM:*, AU:21, BB:7, Cl:49, Cmp:7, Ex:35*, G:18, Ga:16, GB:20, GC:14, LBF:13, LI:53, Ms:43, Mus:24, NME:27*, NPR:8, NT:*, O:*, Okp:3, PB:13, PO:*, Rf:24, Rg:27, RS:14*, S:+, Sg:12, TL:95, Up:+, Vb_r:18, VMP:+, XSN:15; am:+, ap:+, atl:7, g_e:7, hc_h:3, hpo:+, mw:10, npr_r:+, nyl:+, rsmc:3, rsmj:1, sl:++, vu:6, wi:3, wo:+, wsj:+ -- A:(76/10), TH:B
  9. Earl Sweatshirt: Sick! (Tan Cressida/Warner -EP) {73}: AD:*, Al:37, AM:*, Al:*, BB:+, BPM:49*, BV:36, BV_r:7, Cl:*, Cmp:40, CS:*, Esq:+, Ex:33*, FO:34, G:47*, GB:30, GQ:+, HDX:+*, HV:25, Mc:31, Ni:19, NME:*, NR:*, NT:37, O:*, OC:44, Okp:13, P:48*, Pf:17*, PM:+, PO:*, PW:14, R:*, RR:*, RS:29*, RS_h:12, Sbd:11, Sg:47*, Sl:42, TomC:77, Tr:+, VMP:+, W:*; ap:+, blw:8, hyb:+, mc:+, npr_sp:+, ny_c:+, rsms:6, sg_h:3, ti:+, tr_h:+, up_h:+, vu:+ -- A:(80/21), TH:*
  10. Vince Staples: Ramona Park Broke My Heart (Blacksmith/Motown) {70}: AM:*, AU:4, BB:+, BPM:*, BV_r:10, C:*, Cl:5*, Cmp:5, Ex:*, Fa:37, Gl:*, Gw:*, HDX:+*, HG:58, Ms:20, NME:*, Pf:+*, Ri:33, RS:19, RS_h:5, RSh:13, Rx:76, S:+, Sbd:50, Sg:+, TomC:64, Up:+, Vb_h:8; cs_r:14, hyb:+, npr_ap:16, rsdg:1, rsem:8, ts:+, up_h:+, vu:2, wi:2, xjd:+ -- A:(79/13), RC:A-, TH:**
  11. Little Simz: No Thank You (Age 101/Awal/Forever Living Originals) {58}: Al:*, BPM:8, BV_r:14, Cmp_U:7, Ev:*, EWi:24, FB:+, G:*, Gw:43*, HG:10, Mc:26, MO:*, Ni:7, NME:*, PAM:+, PJ:65, PO:9*, RS:*, RS_h:14, Rx:44, Sk:*, Spk:*, T:8*, Why:5, YW:22; wo:+, xcb:6, xmv:5, yds:3, yjc:+ -- A:(85/13), RC:A-, TH:A-
  12. Shygirl: Nymph (Because Music) {58}: 45:3, BPM:35, C:9*, Cl:58, Crz:26, DJM:+, DMY:3, G:11, GC:45, Gf:8, Ind:34, Jp:23, Kp:15, LBF:30*, LI:10, LQ:16, Ms:10, NME:*, NR:28, NT:*, O:56*, PB:11, RT:43, RTU:+, Sk:*, T:*, TomC:49, Up:+, VMP:+, YW:47; am:+, ap:+, pf_p:+, ra:+, rte:14 -- A:(83/7), TH:*
  13. Bob Vylan: Bob Vylan Presents the Price of Life (Ghost Theatre) {52}: Cl:*, ClR:*, CM:+, D:*, DIY:18*, EWi:36, GTV:72, Gw:6*, K:3*, LBF:*, LW:43*, Mj:*, NME:*, PJ:56, PO:*, Pu:7, T:*, Ups:9, VLR:3, W:*, XCI:26; scw:*, voh:9, xcb:9, xci:*, xem:4, xss:9, ysm:1 -- A:(84/14), TH:A-
  14. Nas: King's Disease III (Mass Appeal) {50}: Al:33, AV:*, Cl:*, Cmp:14, CS:*, FB:+, GMA:5, HDX:4*, HG:5, Lt:36, Mc:16, MO:*, Ne:28*, NME:*, Rdx:49, Rf:7, Ri:22, RS_h:2, T:*, Vb_h:1; cs_r:12, rsmj:9, scw:*, sjm:5 -- A:(81/8), TH:***
  15. Moor Mother: Jazz Codes (Anti-) {49}: AM:*, BV_r:26, Fld:25, G:*, JC:30, LQ:*, LW:98, Mj:50*, On:17, PO:*, RC:*, Rdx:12, S:+, SC:*, Tr:37, U:*, VMP:+, W:2*; aqd:+, jbbr:1, jgg:3, jjo:5, jkm:1, jlb:10, jlbi:7, jrw:9, jse:6, jssm:3, jth:9, ny_u:7, tr_h:+ -- A:(81/8), TH:A-
  16. Kae Tempest: The Line Is a Curve (Republic) {49}: 45:39, AM:*, Bin:27, C:*, D:*, DaB:12, DIY:*, DJ:25, Gw:*, HP:13, Jp:4, L4:17, Lt:50, LW:*, Mj:72*, MO:41*, Mus:21, NME:*, O:*, On:10, RC:*, Rdx:44, RM:+, RT:35, SC:*, Sk:13*, T:*, U:*; bb6:3, elg:17, scw:*, xci:* -- A:(82/18), TH:A-
  17. Saba: Few Good Things (Saba Pivot) {45}: BV:+, C:*, Cl:34*, Cmp:44, CS:17*, EWi:+, Ex:*, Fa:44, GC:29, HDX:+, LQ:*, NME:+*, NPR:16, NT:*, PM:80, Qt:72*, RS:74, RS_h:17, S:+, SC:*, Spk:*, TomC:98, Vb_h:11; atl:5, cs_r:7, scw:*, so_d:19, so_k:12, up_h:+, vu:+, xci:*, xjl:6 -- A:(79/13), TH:A-
  18. Loyle Carner: Hugo (EMI) {44}: AM:*, Al:22*, Cl:*, Crh:16, D:*, DaB:2, DIY:*, DJ:34, FB:+, FO:13, Gf:21, GQ:+, GTV:58, Gw:38*, LBF:29*, LW:51, Mc:24, MO:34, Ni:11, NME:26*, O:*, Pc:30, RC:*, RM:+, Sbd:39, T:*, Trk:4, Why:13 -- A:(81/12), TH:**
  19. Freddie Gibbs: $oul $old $eparately (Warner/ESGN) {40}: BV_r:23, Cl:29*, Cmp:22, CS:23, Ex:23, Fa:12, HDX:5*, HG:55, LBF:33*, Ne:*, Rf:22, Rg:10, Ri:18, RS_h:15, S:+, SR:20, T:*, Up:+, Vb_h:18; cs_r:8, rsoh:5, te:+, up_h:+ -- A:(77/6), TH:***
  20. Roc Marciano & the Alchemist: The Elephant Man's Bones (ALC/Marci/Empire) {40}: BV:19, BV_r:3, Cmp:11, HDX:++, HG:4, Lt:45, Okp:10, Pf:*, PW:2, Rdx:34, Ri:7, RS_h:4, Sg:41, W:38; npr_sp:+, sg_h:4, so_k:14, tr_h:+ -- A:(82/1), TH:**
  21. Megan Thee Stallion: Traumazine (1501 Certified/300 Entertainment) {36}: 45:15, AS:+, BV_r:22, Cl:*, CS:*, G:*, GC:26, LW:40, MO:*, NME:47*, RS:17*, RS_h:8, Sbd:30, SpL:22, T:*, V:*, XSN:35; ap:+, hg_g:4, hpo:+, hyb:+, rsbe:6, scw:*, txm:+, up_h:+ -- A:(75/11), TH:A-
  22. Conway the Machine: God Don't Make Mistakes (Griselda/Interscope) {32}: AM:*, BB:+, BPM:16*, BV:32, BV_r:5, Cl:*, Cmp:41, Ex:*, GC:28, HDX:+*, HG:20, Ne:6*, Rg:41, RR:*, Sg:+, Vb_h:25, Why:17; am:+ -- A:(84/7), TH:***
  23. Homeboy Sandman: I Can't Sell These (self-released) {29}: EWi:20, PO:*, Rx:15, SpL:23, TomC:15, XCI:11; scw:3, xbp:1, xci:*, xcw:*, xem:8, xgh:10, xtc:+ -- RC:A, TH:A-
  24. Leikeli47: Shape Up (Hardcover/RCA) {27}: AM:*, BV:35, BV_r:6, Cmp:+, EW:+, Ex:*, FB:+, Ne:29*, NPR:+, Pf:+*, PO:*, Up:+; am:+, kc:22, up_h:+, wi:8, xci:*, ysp:* -- A:(82/5), RC:***, TH:**
  25. Kojey Radical: Reason to Smile (Atlantic) {27}: Cl:22*, Cmp_U:6, DIY:*, DJ:22, DMY:15, FB:+, G:48, Gw:27, LBF:*, LQ:*, NME:35*, NPR:+, O:*, PAM:+, PM:33, RM:+, RT:79, T:*; npr_sp:+ -- A:(80/8), TH:***
  26. Billy Woods: Church (Backwoodz Studioz) {27}: BPM:38*, BV:26, BV_r:4, FB:+, GC:40, HG:9, NR:19, Sbd:22, TomC:17; so_k:9, tr_h:+, xci:*, xjd:+ -- A:(83/1), RC:B+, TH:***
  27. Sampa the Great: As Above, So Below (Loma Vista) {26}: 45:10, Cl:*, DIY:*, DJ:7, Ex:*, G:*, Gw:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, PAM:+, PM:4*, Sk:*, T:*, Up:+; up_h:+ -- A:(79/15), TH:**
  28. Buck 65: King of Drums (self-released) {25}: EWi:25, PO:*, Rx:7, TomC:39, XCI:4; scw:7, xci:*, xjdc:+, xtc:+, ysp:+* -- RC:A, TH:A-
  29. Drake: Honestly, Nevermind (OVO Sound/Republic) {25}: AM:*, BB:27, Cmp:13, CS:*, GQ:+, NYT:*, Okp:14, Ri:20, RS:22*, Sl:29, VMP:+; hpo:+, ir:5, ny_c:3, nyl:+, rsbs:6, rsdg:10, rswa:7 -- A:(67/10), TH:*
  30. Open Mike Eagle: Component System With the Auto Reverse (Auto Reverse) {25}: AM:*, BPM:*, BV_r:30, Fa:30, Gl:*, HG:19, NT:*, PM:40, PO:*, PW:32, Ri:31, Sbd:72, TomC:46, XCI:35; npr_sp:+, scw:*, xci:* -- A:(79/5), RC:***, TH:A-
  31. Stormzy: This Is What I Mean (Def Jam) {24}: AD:*, Cl:20*, Cmp_U:10, DIY:*, Dz:20, Ev:*, G:47*, GQ:+, I:11*, NME:*, RS_h:9, T:*; rsmc:5 -- A:(79/10), TH:B
  32. They Hate Change: Finally, New (Jagjaguwar) {23}: AM:*, C:14, Cl:30*, DJM:+, Fld:22, LQ:10*, No:33, NT:34, Pf:*Qt:+, RT:46, RTU:15; cs_r:3, rsjb:2 -- A:(78/6), TH:*
  33. Lupe Fiasco: Drill Music in Zion (1st & 15th) {21}: Cmp:18, HDX:++*, HG:28, Ne:24*, Okp:18, Rf:3; rsag:5, tvo:5 -- A:(73/7), TH:***
  34. Fly Anakin: Frank (Lex) {20}: Cmp:+, HDX:++*, HG:50, LBF:27*, Qt:+*, RTU:+, S:*, Tr:+, VMP:+, W:*; rsag:4, tr_h:+, up_h:+ -- A:(78/4), TH:**
  35. MIA: Mata (Island) {20}: AM:*, GTV:26, HV:+, PO:*, Rx:38, Sl:28*, TomC:12; scw:*, xcs:4 -- A:(65/2), RC:A-, TH:A-
  36. Backxwash: His Happiness Shall Come First Even Though We Are Suffering (Ugly Hag) {19}: BPM:12*, Ex:26, FB:+, Hi:1, K:31*, LQ:*, Ne:47*, PO:*; tr_h:+ -- A:(85/5), TH:**
  37. Black Star: No Fear of Time (self-released) {19}: Al:54, Cmp:+, CS:*, DW:+, FB:+, HDX:+, HG:38, RS:+*, RSh:15, TomC:58, Vb_h:5 -- A:(73/4), RC:B+
  38. Knucks: Alpha Place (Nodaysoff) {19}: Cl:7*, Cmp_U:1, DJ:43, DJM:+, DMY:1, PW:30 -- A:(80/1), TH:**
  39. 070 Shake: You Can't Kill Me (GOOD Music/Def Jam) {17}: Cl:*, Cmp:17, GB:23, HDX:+, LBF:34*, NT:*, Rg:18, Why:18; ti:9, xci:* -- A:(72/7), TH:***
  40. Burna Boy: Love, Damini (Atlantic) {17}: Cl:28*, Cmp_U:4, CS:39*, NYT:*, PAM:+, T:*, Up:+, V:*, Why:23; hpo:+ -- A:(73/6), TH:**
  41. EarthGang: Ghetto Gods (Dreamville/Interscope) {17}: BS:4, Cmp:47, CS:46*, NME:*, PO:*, RS:+; cs_r:4, rsns:9, up_h:+, vce:+ -- A:(67/8), TH:**
  42. Mavi: Laughing So Hard, It Hurts (United Masters) {17}: BV_r:15, NPR:36, Okp:9, Pf:34*, RS:47, RS_h:10, Sbd:76, TomC:96; ny_c:+ -- A:(82/1), TH:**
  43. Flo Milli: You Still Here, Ho? (RCA) {17}: BV_r:12, Cmp:42, G:*, Gw:*, Okp:21, RS_h:22, S:13, W:*; cs_r:15, hpo:+, rswa:5, up_h:+ -- A:(72/5), TH:**
  44. 700 Bliss: Nothing to Declare (Hyperdub) {16}: BPM:*, BV_r:16, C:33*, DJM:+, LBF:*, Pf:42*, PM:23, Qt:+, RA:*, Sbd:64, W:*; ra:+ -- A:(76/6), TH:*
  45. Future: I Never Liked You (Epic/Freebandz) {15}: BB:29, Cmp:32, GC:18, HDX:+, NME:*, RS:72, Up:+, Vb_h:13; mc:+, rsdg:5, rsoh:8, up_h:+ -- A:(66/7)
  46. $ilkmoney: I Don't Give a Fuck About This Rap Shit, Imma Just Drop Until I Don't Feel Like It Anymore (DB$B) {14}: BV_r:20, GQ:+, Pf:*, Rx:80, TomC:24; npr_sp:+, xpb:8 -- A:(84/1), RC:A-, TH:**
  47. Benny the Butcher: Tana Talk 4 (Griselda/Empire) {14}: AM:*, BV_r:24, Cmp:27, Ex:*, GC:32, HDX:+, HG:11, Ne:*; gcn:+, tr_h:+, yse:+ -- A:(77/6), TH:**
  48. Bladee & Ecco2k: Crest (Year0001) {14}: Dz:10, Fa:22, GC:36, Ind:18, Ne:48*, NPR:+, Pf:*, Sl:26; pf_p:+ -- A:(80/2), TH:*
  49. Central Cee: 23 (self-released) {14}: Cl:*, Cmp_U:17, Ev:*, G:*, Gw:*, LQ:*, NME:*, PAM:+, RS_h:11 -- A:(78/8), TH:***
  50. Drake & 21 Savage: Her Loss (OVO Sound/Republic) {14}: Cmp:8, CS:*, Ex:*, RS:66, RS_h:25, Vb_h:10; hc:2, rsdg:3 -- A:(63/8), TH:B
  51. Gunna: DS4EVER (YSL/300 Entertainment) {14}: BB:22, Cmp:20, GC:43, GQ:+, HDX:+, Up:+, Vb_h:12; rsdg:6, rsoh:9, up_h:+ -- TH:**
  52. Smino: Luv 4 Rent (Zero Fatigue/Motown) {14}: Cmp:33, GC:22, Ne:37*, RS_h:18, S:+, Up:+, Vb_h:17; up_h:+wi:10 -- A:(79/2), TH:**
  53. Brian Ennels & Infinity Knives: King Cobra (Phantom Limb) {13}: HD:24, LQ:1*, PW:24, Qt:+, S:5 -- A:(80/1)
  54. Latto: 777 (RCA) {13}: BB:+, Cl:*, Cmp:+, NME:*, RS:76, RS_h:13, Up:+, Vb_h:23; hpo:+, up_h:+ -- A:(75/3), TH:**
  55. Joey Bada$$: 2000 (Pro Era/Cinematic/Columbia) {12}: Cl:*, Cmp:39, Ex:*, HDX:++, HG:60, PM:*, Vb_h:3; up_h:+ -- A:(73/9)
  56. Homeboy Sandman: There in Spirit (Mello Music Group -EP) {12}: TomC:56, XCI:38; js:+, xci:*, xjdc:+, xsp:+ -- A:(69/2), RC:A-, TH:**
  57. J-Hope: Jack in the Box (HYBE) {12}: CS:*, GC:35, NME:42*, RS:9*, YF:*; rsbe:5 -- A:(78/5), TH:*
  58. Brockhampton: The Family (Question Everything/RCA) {11}: AM:*, BS:20, Cl:*, Esq:+, LBF:*, NME:*, RS:*, T:*, Tu:25; err:9 -- A:(78/8)
  59. Che Noir: Food for Thought (TCF Music Publishing) {11}: Cmp:21; cs_r:10, rsag:1 -- A:(55/2), RC:***, TH:***
  60. Elucid: I Told Bessie (Backwoodz Studioz) {11}: BV_r:17, HG:22, PW:43, RS_h:20; tr_h:+ -- RC:**, TH:**
  61. Larry June: Spaceships on the Blade (Empire) {11}: BB:34, HDX:*, Ri:30, Vb_h:19; apn:5, asp:+, rsmj:5, up_h:+ -- A:(75/3)
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