EOY List Aggregate: 2015 New Music: Blues/Gospel/R&B

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Miguel: Wildheart (RCA) {165}: ABC:43, Af:17, Am_g:16, Am_s:21, AV:*2, AY:20, BE:86, Btz:13, C:4, DM:49, DW:16, Eb:35, ER:18, Ero:50, EW:12, EWi:31, FB:+, FL:28, G:11, Ge:15, GTV:34, HV:3, IM:16, IT:24, JD:21, JG:65, JM:28, Jp:32, KQ:10, LM:9, Ma:5, Mc:21, N:10, Nc:15, Nd:4, PA:13, Pf:8, Pf_r:30, Pg:26, PM:30, PW:28, Q:16, RS:28, RS_A:28, S:14, Sl:6, Soh:6, Std:32, StP:3, T:13, TN:9, Tr:29, U:47, Va:30, WT:37, Yh:+, YW:2; am_r:+, az:8, bae:8, bbn:10, bg_r:3, bv:+, cl:16, cmg:+, ct:16, ex_r:2, ftw:5, gm:16, ht:+, id:4, jd:8, js:14, m:6, mac:7, mm:+, nw:13, ny_p:10, rfc:10, s_b:7, s_v:10, st:+, ti:1, vac:+, vak:+, vbw:+, vcm:+, vg:+, vjc:+, vjg:+, vjm:+, vnf:+, vrm:+, vto:+ -- ADM:18, AM:30, AY:53, V:14-490-50, RC:A-, MT:A-, TH:***
  2. Boz Scaggs: A Fool to Cure (429) {27}: He:13, Mj:42, NoD:48, RS:18; am_l:+, js:11, mm:+, po:+, se_e:3, vjl:+ -- V:538-14-2, RC:A-, MT:A, TH:A-
  3. Pops Staples: Don't Lose This (1999, dBpm) {22}: A_uk:83, AV:*2, P:47, TL:25, U_jm:131, YW:3; aqd:+, ecs:6, ghn:20, pl_s:8, po:+, vtl:+ -- AY:75, V:278-28-3, MT:**, TH:**
  4. Gary Clark Jr: The Story of Sonny Boy Slim (Warner Bros) {17}: AV:+, EW:38, SiC:1, Soh:12, Yh:+; am_l:+, gl:h, gw:+, kxk:13, r_r:5, st_i:25
  5. Jill Scott: Woman (Atlantic) {15}: ABC:33, DW:44, Yh:+; am_r:+, rt:8, st:+, vda:+ -- V:196-40-5MT:A-, TH:***
  6. Daniel Bachman: River (Three Lobed) {10}: Mrg:25, TG:3, U_jm:52; aqd:+, iw:10, s_a:7 -- V:640-10-1
  7. Barrence Whitfield & the Savages: Under the Savage Sky (Bloodshot) {7}: He:10; mj:10, sht:11 -- V:343-21-2, TH:*
  8. The Foreign Exchange: Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey (Foreign Exchange Music) {6}: Soh:15; am_r:+, iw:9, st:+, vak:+ -- V:1044-9-1
  9. Gregg Allman: Greg Allman Live: Back to Macon GA (Rounder) {5}: -- V:640-10-1, TH:***
  10. Babyface: Return of the Tender Lover (Def Jam) {5}: am_r:+ -- V:1170-5-1, TH:***
  11. Nigel Hall: Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Nigel Hall (Feel Music Group) {5}: YW:48; ob:+ -- TH:***
  12. Charlie Parr: Stumpjumper (Red House) {5}: am_l:+, gl:h, sjw:8 -- TH:**
  13. Leo Welch: I Don't Prefer No Blues (Big Legal Mess) {5}: am_l:+, po:+ -- TH:***
  14. Columbia Nights: In All Things (Record Breakin') {4}: am_r:+, st:+, vak:+ -- V:1170-5-1
  15. Shemekia Copeland: Outskirts of Love (Alligator) {4}: TG:+; am_l:+, se_a:+, se_f:9
  16. Guy Davis: Kokomo Kidd (MC) {4}: fr:12 -- RC:**, TH:*
  17. Galactic: Into the Deep (Provogue) {4}: am_r:+, ft:+, ob:4
  18. Duke Garwood: Heavy Love (Heavenly) {4}: U_jm:119, Yh:+; am_l:+ -- V:442-17-1
  19. Teedra Moses: Congnac & Conversation (Shanachie) {4}: Nc:33; am_r:+, st:+ -- V:1044-9-1
  20. Mavis Staples: Your Good Fortune (Anti -EP) {4}: JG:118 -- TH:***
  21. Otis Taylor: Hey Joe Opus: Red Meat (Trance Blues Festival) {4}: TG:+; RC:***
  22. Walter Trout: Battle Scars (Provogue) {4}: ClR:39, He:46, TmR:39; se_e:7
  23. Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne: Never No More Blues (Ripple) {4}: fr:15; RC:***
  24. Eric Bibb & JJ Milteau: Lead Belly's Gold (Stony Plain) {3}: T_j:38; fr:2
  25. Sonny Landreth: Bound by the Blues (Mascot Label Group) {3}: TG:96; am_l:+, ob:+
  26. Left Lane Cruiser: Dirty Spliff Blues (Alive Naturalsound) {3}: sht:16 -- V:640-10-1, TH:*
  27. Swamp Dogg: The White Man Made Me Do It (Alive/SDEG) {3}: am_l:+, po:+ -- TH:*
  28. Tyrese: Black Rose (Voltron) {3}: am_r:+, st:+ -- V:1170-5-1
  29. Stacy Barthe: BEcoming (Motown) {2}: Yh:*2
  30. Escort: Animal Nature (Escort) {2}: am_r:+ -- V:499-15-1
  31. Vivian Green: Vivid (Make Noise) {2}: ABC:47; am_r:+
  32. Buddy Guy: Born to Play Guitar (RCA) {2}: RS_F:30; gw:+
  33. Kenny Lattimore: Anatomy of a Love Song (EOne) {2}: am_r:+, st:+
  34. Ne-Yo: Non-Fiction (Motown) {2}: am_r:+ -- V:640-10-1, MT:B
  35. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015 (Mom + Pop Music) {2}: U_jm:97; am_k:+ -- V:640-10-1
  36. Rasheed Ali: 1968: Soul Power (Digital Rain Factory) {1}: st:+
  37. Sonny Black: Heart and Soul (Blues Archive) {1}: TG:+
  38. Elijah Blake: Shadows & Diamonds (Def Jam) {1}: am_r:+
  39. Blinddog Smokin': High Steppin (City Hall/Silver Talon) {1}: am_l:+
  40. Tamar Braxton: Calling All Lovers (Epic) {1}: am_r:+
  41. Tina Campbell: It's Personal (Gee Tree) {1}: Yh:+
  42. Tommy Castro & the Painkillers: Method to My Madness (Alligator) {1}: am_l:+
  43. Eric Clapton: Forever Man (GC/Reprice/Rhino, 2CD) {1}: RS_F:25
  44. Cool Million: Sumthin' Like This (Sedsoul) {1}: st:+
  45. Robert Cray: 4 Nights of 40 Years Live (Provogue, 2CD) {1}: am_l:+
  46. Andra Day: Cheers to the Fall (Warner Bros) {1}: am_r:+ -- V:1135-6-1
  47. The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers: Heavenly Fire (Ba Da Bing) {1}: TG:+
  48. Tinsley Ellis: Tough Love (Landslide) {1}: am_l:+
  49. Estelle: True Romance (Established 1980) {1}: Nc:45
  50. Robben Ford: Into the Sun (Provogue) {1}: se_e:9
  51. JJ Grey & Mofro: Ol' Glory (Relativity) {1}: TG:+
  52. Lalah Hathaway: Lalah Hathaway Live (EOne) {1}: am_r:+
  53. Maysa: Back 2 Love (Shanachie) {1}: am_r:+
  54. John Newman: Revolve (Island) {1}: T:24
  55. Danielle Nicole: Danielle Nicole (Concord, EP) {1}: TG:+
  56. North Mississippi Allstars/Anders Osborne: Freedom & Dreams (NMO) {1}: TG:92
  57. The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band: So Delicious (Shanachie) {1}: TG:83
  58. Carmen Rodgers: Stargazer (Candigirl) {1}: am_r:+
  59. Angie Stone: Dream (Shanachie) {1}: am_r:+
  60. Tamia: Love Life (Def Jam) {1}: am_r:+
  61. Charlie Wilson: Forever Charlie (RCA) {1}: am_r:+
  62. Bessie [Music from the HBO Film] (Legacy) {1}: TG:+


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