EOY List Aggregate: 2015 New Music: Country/Americana/Folk

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Kacey Musgraves: Pageant Material (Mercury Nashville) {110}: ABC:48, AS:16, AV:+, AY:+, BE:83, Dv:35, EWi:30, Fp:76, JG:72, JM:8, N:50, Nc:31, Nd:7, NoD:16, NS:4, P:27, PA:46, PM:12, Ps:6, RS_c:14, S:8, SiC:3, So:18, Spk:45, StP:17, T_c:36, TL:3, TN:14, Va:17, Yh:4; am_c:+, bc:5, bg_r:4, bm_c:10, bv:+, cct:1, cl:24, cos:11, df:+, ghn:9, la_l:4, la_w:2, mac:+, mj_l:4, npr:+, npr_t:5, ok:7, or:4, pm_c:3, po:+, rrh:10, s_c:1, s_d:10, s_g:2, s_v:15, ti:6, tns:+, vbm:+, vcc:+, vmg:+ -- AM:79, AY:116, V:20-311-33, RC:*, MT:**, TH:***
  2. Chris Stapleton: Traveller (Mercury Nashville) {99}: AbP:24, AS:1, AV:+, AY:42, BB:13, BE:48, CRW:51, EW:7, IM:43, JM:12, N:11, NoD:2, NS:1, PM:5, RS:21, RS_c:3, Sg:43, StP:12, T_c:13, TL:1, Va:10, Yh:8; am_c:+, bg_s:2, bm:10, bm_c:2, bv:+, cl:10, cmg:+, df:+, ew_c:1, gp:+, la_l:5, mj_l:9, npr:+, npr_p:+, opb:+, p:6, pm_c:2, r_c:2, scm:+, sdu:9, sht:13, sjw:+, skm:15, szk:7, tbt:+, tc:1, tns:+, val:+, vam:+, vbm:+, vhh:+, vjw:+, wsj:8 -- AM:69, V:24-288-31, TH:*
  3. James McMurtry: Complicated Game (Complicated Game) {73}: AS:5, AV:+, BE:57, CM:22, DW:35, EWi:2, JG:56, Mc:+, NoD:3, NS:8, RS_F:15, RS_c:22, Sl:9, TG:+; am_s:+, bm_c:14, bot:+, cp:3, ghn:1, gl:a, js:4, noj:+, po:+, pm_u:4, scm:1, se_d:5, sjw:1, vch:+, vcp:+, vjl:+, vjw:+, vmr:+, vmt:+, vrc:+, vtc:+, vth:+ -- AY:12, V:51-163-17, RC:A, TH:A-
  4. Ashley Monroe: The Blade (Warner Music) {60}: AS:18, AV:+, AY:+, HV:16, JG:61, NS:3, P:37, PM:38, PP:46, RS:38, RS_c:5, Sl:22, TL:10, Yh:+; am:+, am_c:+, bm_c:4, df:+, ghn:18, npr:+, pm_c:1, r_c:8, sht:5, tc:2, ti:10, tns:+, vjw:+, vmg:+, vse:+, vti:+, vto:+, vwh:+ -- AM:100, AY:49, V:36-210-22, RC:**, MT:A-, TH:A-
  5. Eric Church: Mr Misunderstood (Capitol Nashville) {42}: CM:27, EW:22, JG:30, Nc:38, NS:5, RS:27, RS_c:4, TL:11; am:+, am_c:+, bg_s:6, bm_c:3, ew_c:2, pm_c:6, ppg:2, r_c:1, tc:6, tns:+, val:+, vce:+, vjo:+, vse:+, vsm:+ -- V:83-103-9, MT:A-, TH:**
  6. Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts: Manhattan (Rough Trade) {31}: C:89, CM:12, EWi:7, JG:21, Zf:30; ath:+, bz:16, cp:1, js:7, mm:+, po:3, vcp:+, vnf:+, vrc:+, vtk:+ -- V:90-95-9, RC:A, TH:A-
  7. Dave Rawlings Machine: Nashville Obsolete (Acony) {30}: A_uk:17, AS:23, He:7, NoD:4, NS:22, RM:54, RS_A:50, RS_c:20, U:38, U_jm:30, Yh:+; am_a:+, ex_c:10, pl_t:4, pm:u:7, rut:8, sht:15, sjw:3, vmg:+ -- V:112-75-8, TH:*
  8. Maddie & Tae: Start Here (Dot) {29}: A_uk:95, DW:76, HV:2, JG:100, NS:10, RS_c:9, T_c:58; am:+, am_c:+, bm_c:5, ew_c:10, npr_p:+, pm_c:7, tc:10, tns:+, vse:+, vti:+ -- AY:196, V:150-55-6, MT:*, TH:*
  9. Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard: Django and Jimmie (Legacy) {26}: JG:107, NoD:48, NS:6, RS_c:16, RTr:25, T_c:31, TG:+, TL:28, Yh:+; am_c:+, ew_c:7, pm_c:9, po:+, r_c:5 -- V:444-16-2, RC:***, TH:A-
  10. Patty Griffin: Servant of Love (PGM) {25}: AS:19, FB:+, NoD:31, T_c:3, ; am_a:+, bm_f:5, gl:h, lp:+, npr:+, npr_t:8, pl_t:6, pm_u:1, sjw:5 -- AY:44, V:278-28-3, TH:**
  11. John Moreland: High on Tulsa Heat (Old Omens) {25}: ASA:6, NoD:5, NS:16, PM:24, RS_c:13, TL:18; ew_c:6, pm_u:6, r_am:2, sht:20, vss:+ -- V:124-68-6, TH:A-
  12. Don Henley: Cass County (Capitol) {23}: He:26, NS:14, RS:20, RS_A:20, RS_c:2, RS_F:29, Su:48, Yh:+; am_c:+, bg_s:1, scm:+, szk:4, ucr:7 -- V:355-20-2, TH:*
  13. Dwight Yoakam: Second Hand Heart (Warner Bros) {21}: AS:31, HV:27, Nc:25, NoD:11, NS:12, RS_c:8, Yh:+; am_c:+, aqd:+, ex_c:9, pm_c:5, po:+, vam:+, vjp:+ -- AY:38, V:176-47-5, TH:B
  14. The Mavericks: Mono (Valory) {20}: A_uk:58, HV:26, NoD:6, NS:9, RS_c:11, TL:27; am_a:+, am_c:+, la_l:6, npr_p:+, vpg:+ -- AY:77, V:137-62-5, TH:**
  15. Daniel Romano: If I've Only One Time Askin' (New West) {18}: DVk:35, LBF:+, RS_c:30, T_c:41; am_a:+, ex_c:5, kxk:22, pl_t:7, r_am:9, sht:14, sjw:6 -- V:1170-5-1, RC:**, MT:**, TH:*
  16. Cam: Untamed (Arista Nashville) {16}: JM:+, NS:13, RS_c:15, Yh:+; am_c:+, ew_c:4, r_c:10, tbt:10, vse:+, vti:+ -- V:146-57-6, TH:**
  17. Gretchen Peters: Blackbirds (Proper) {16}: He:3, NoD:21, T_c:7, TG:+; am_a:+, pm:u:8, szk:1, tns:+ -- TH:*
  18. Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen: Hold My Beer Vol 1 (Lil' Buddy Toons) {15}: NS:17, RS_c:7, TL:20; am_c:+, pm_c:4, scm:+, szk:10 -- TH:***
  19. Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell: The Traveling Kind (Nonesuch) {13}: AS:37, DVk:46, Nc:50, NoD:6, NS:11; am_a:+, la_l:9, nod:10 -- V:251-30-3, TH:*
  20. Allison Moorer: Down to Believing (E1) {13}: NoD:33, NS:25, T_c:20, TG:14; am_c:+, bm_c:7, pl_t:8, pm_u:11 -- AY:31, TH:**
  21. Punch Brothers: The Phosphorescent Blues (Nonesuch) {13}: AS:46, Df:26, NoD:29, T_c:18; am_f:+, nod:5, sdu:1 -- AY:181, V:208-39-4
  22. Asleep at the Wheel: Still The King: Celebrating the Music of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (Bismeaux) {12}: NoD:42, NS:21, RS_c:32, T_c:17, TG:35; am_c:+, sht:17 -- TH:A-
  23. Alan Jackson: Angels and Alcohol (Capitol Nashville) {12}: HV:20, Nd:12, NS:19; am_c:+ -- V:640-10-1, TH:A-
  24. Turnpike Troubadours: Turnpike Troubadours (Bossier City) {12}: NoD:40, NS:15, RS_c:36; am_c:+, ghn:10, scm:+, sdu:13, sht:1 -- V:289-26-3, TH:B
  25. Steve Earle & the Dukes: Terraplane (New West) {11}: AS:25, NoD:35, NS:28; am_a:+, sht:6, vss:+ -- V:234-34-3, RC:**, TH:**
  26. Lindi Ortega: Faded Gloryville (Last Gang) {11}: JM:+, NS:27, RS_c:29; ex_c:8, r_am:3, sjw:10 -- AY:200, TH:***
  27. The Deslondes: The Deslondes (New West) {10}: AS:27, RS_c:37, U_jm:6, YW:57; am_a:+, ob:10, sht:18 -- V:388-20-1, TH:B
  28. Kip Moore: Wild Ones (MCA Nashville) {10}: RS_c:6; bm_c:13, df:+, ew_c:5, r_c:7, tc:7 -- V:640-10-1
  29. Houndmouth: Little Neon Limelight (Rough Trade) {9}: AS:13, PM:26, SiC:8; npr_d:6, sht:9 -- V:640-10-1
  30. Whitey Morgan and the 78's: Sonic Ranch (Whitey Morgan Music) {9}: gw:+, scm:+, sht:10, sjw:9, szk:5 -- TH:***
  31. Joe Ely: Panhandle Rambler (Rack 'Em) {8}: He:24, NoD:30, NS:20; am_a:+ -- V:459-15-2, TH:**
  32. Tom Russell: The Rose of Roscrae (Frontera) {8}: FR:+, T_c:27; am_f:+, fr:1, la_l:10 -- V:1044-9-1
  33. Blackberry Smoke: Holding All the Roses (New Rounder) {7}: ClR:8, He:48, RS_c:34; am_k:+, gw:+
  34. Kinky Friedman: The Loneliest Man I Ever Met (Avenue A) {7}: po:+ -- V:428-17-2, RC:***, TH:**
  35. Ray Wylie Hubbard: The Ruffian's Misfortune (Bordello) {7}: NoD:25; am_a:+ -- V:499-15-1, TH:A-
  36. Old Man Luedecke: Domestic Eccentric (True North) {7}: T_c:45 -- RC:B+, TH:***
  37. Gurf Morlix: Eatin' at Me (Rootball) {7}: vjp:+ -- V:640-10-1, RC:***, TH:**
  38. Sam Outlaw: Angeleno (Six Shooter) {7}: NS:23; pm_c:10, r_am:5, r_c:4 -- V:640-10-1
  39. Carrie Underwood: Storyteller (Arista/Columbia) {7}: RS_c:24; am_c:+, bm_c:16, tc:5, tns:+ -- V:1170-5-1
  40. Cam: Welcome to Cam Country (Arista Nashville -EP) {6}: PM:78; bm_c:1, vjo:+ -- V:296-26-2, TH:B
  41. Iris Dement: The Trackless Woods (Flariella) {6}: AS:47, He:34; mm:+, po:+ -- AY:92, V:626-10-2, MT:C+
  42. Donnie Fritts: Oh My Goodness (Single Lock) {6}: bm_c:6, npr_p:+ -- RC:*, TH:***
  43. Kevin Gordon: Long Gone Time (Crowville Media) {6}: NoD:44; ghn:5, gl:h, nod:9 -- V:606-11-1
  44. Jason James: Jason James (New West) {6}: YW:28; pl_t:5 -- TH:***
  45. Angaleena Presley: American Middle Class (Slate Creek -14) {6}: T_c:1; df:+ -- RC:A, TH:A-
  46. Thomas Rhett: Tangled Up (Valory Music Group) {6}: RS_c:26, StP:25; am_c:+, tc:3 -- V:640-10-1
  47. Anna & Elizabeth: Anna & Elizabeth (Trade Root Music/Free Dirt) {5}: FR:2; npr_f:+
  48. Kelsea Ballerini: The First Time (Black River) {5}: RS_c:27, Yh:+; am_c:+, bm_c:11 -- V:1072-8-1
  49. Kristian Bush: Southern Gravity (Streamsound) {5}: RS_c:10; df:+, tns:+
  50. Larry Campbell/Teresa Williams: Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams (Red House) {5}: am_a:+, nod:3, vto:+ -- V:1170-5-1
  51. Michael Monroe Goodman: The Flag the Bible and Bill Monroe (MammerJam) {5}: szk:2 -- TH:***
  52. Amy Helm: Didn't It Rain (E1) {5}: NoD:35, T_c:50; npr_f:+ -- TH:**
  53. Rickie Lee Jones: The Other Side of Desire (The Other Side of Desire) {5}: He:25, T_c:37; blg:+, npr_p:+ -- V:640-10-1
  54. George Strait: Cold Beer Conversation (MCA Nashville) {5}: NS:26, RS_c:39, Yh:+; am_c:+, bm_c:15
  55. Butch Walker: Afraid of Ghosts (Dangerbird) {5}: AbP:15, Nc:24, T_c:15
  56. Luke Bryan: Kill the Lights (Capitol Nashville) {4}: RS_c:25; am_c:+, bm_c:17, tns:+
  57. Justin Townes Earle: Absent Fathers (Loose Music) {4}: T_c:23, TG:76; am_s:+ -- TH:*
  58. Brett Eldredge: Illinois (Rhino) {4}: Nc:20; am_c:+, pm_c:8
  59. Frazey Ford: Indian Ocean (Nettwerk) {4}: Fp:58, NL:7
  60. Jake Xerxes Fussell: Jake Xerxes Fussell (Paradise of Bachelors) {4}: am:+, am_f:+, iw:23 -- V:208-39-4
  61. Chuck Hawthorne: Silver Line (Three Notches Music) {4}: T_c:6 -- V:558-13-1
  62. Rita Hosking: Frankie and the No-Go Road (self-released) {4}: T_c:5
  63. Chris Janson: Buy Me a Boat (Warner Nashville) {4}: RS_c:17; r_c:9, tns:+
  64. The Lone Bellow: Then Came the Morning (Descendent) {4}: P:25, T_c:35; wsj:7 -- V:459-15-2
  65. Corb Lund: Things That Can't Be Undone (New West) {4}: NS:18; am_c:+ -- V:355-20-2
  66. Old Dominion: Meat and Candy (RCA) {4}: RS_c:40; am_c:+, bm_c:8 -- V:428-17-2
  67. Tom Paxton: Redemption Road (Pax) {4}: T_c:19; fr:4
  68. Rod Picott: Fortune (Welding Rod) {4}: -- V:1170-5-1, TH:***
  69. Pharis and Jason Romero: A Wanderer I'll Stay (Lula) {4}: FR:+, T_c:8
  70. Dale Watson: Call Me Insane () {4}: gw:+, r_am:10, r_c:6 -- V:355-20-2
  71. Ryan Bingham: Fear and Saturday Night (Azater Bingham) {3}: NoD:35; am_a:+, sht:8
  72. Peter Case: HWY 62 (Omnivore) {3}: NoD:23, T_c:54 -- V:606-11-1
  73. Kasey Chambers: Bittersweet (Sugar Hill) {3}: am_s:+ -- V:640-10-1MT:*, TH:B
  74. Kristin Diable: Create Your Own Mythology (Speakeasy) {3}: AS:50; ob:+ -- V:640-10-1, TH:B
  75. Tyler Farr: Suffer in Peace (Columbia) {3}: RS_c:31; vrh:+ -- V:1170-5-1
  76. Grandpa's Cough Medicine: 180 Proof (self-released) {3}: sht:2 -- TH:*
  77. William Clark Green: Ringling Road (Bill Grease) {3}: szk:3 -- TH:*
  78. Will Hoge: Small Town Dreams (Cumberland) {3}: RS_c:12; am_a:+
  79. Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors: Medicine (+180) {3}: TG:66; df:+, rrh:+
  80. The Honeycutters: Me Oh My (Organic) {3}: T_c:39; nymd:+ -- V:640-10-1
  81. Ellen Jewell: Sundown Over Ghost Town (Signature Sounds) {3}: NoD:25; am_c:+ -- V:640-10-1
  82. Kid Rock: First Kiss (Top Dog) {3}: JM:+, RS_c:18
  83. Sam Lewis: Waiting on You (Brash Music) {3}: T_c:47; r_am:4
  84. Shelby Lynne: I Can't Imagine (New Rounder) {3}: He:28; bm_c:9 -- V:640-10-1, TH:B
  85. Striking Matches: Nothing But the Silence (IRS) {3}: df:+, or:17, tc:9
  86. A Thousand Horses: Southernality (Decca) {3}: RS_c:19; ew_c:9
  87. The Wainwright Sisters: Songs in the Dark (Fontana) {3}: T_f:63; am_f:+ -- V:1044-9-1
  88. Dar Williams: Emerald (Bread and Butter Music) {3}: T_c:9
  89. Josh Abbott Band: Front Row Seat (Pretty Damn Tough) {2}: am_c:+, ew_c:8
  90. John Anderson: Goldmine (Bayou Boys Music) {2}: RS_c:38; am_c:+
  91. Zac Brown Band: Jekyl + Hyde (Republic) {2}: RS_c:23; bm_c:20
  92. Amelia Curran: They Promised You Mercy (Blue Rose) {2}: T_c:14
  93. Billy Currington: Summer Forever (Mercury Nashville) {2}: Yh:+; am_c:+
  94. Annie Keating: Make Believing (self-released) {2}: T_c:16
  95. Robert Earl Keen Jr: Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions (Dualtone) {2}: NoD:39, TG:82 -- V:640-10-1
  96. Toby Keith: 35 Mph Town (Show Dog Nashville) {2}: am_c:+, bm_c:18 -- TH:B
  97. Jana Kramer: Thirty One (Elektra Nashville) {2}: bm_c:19 -- V:640-10-1
  98. Jim Lauderdale: Soul Searching: Vol 1 Memphis/Vol 2 Nashville () {2}: sjw:7 -- V:640-10-1
  99. Steve Martin & Edie Brickell: So Familiar (Rounder) {2}: am_f:+ -- RC:*
  100. Whitney Rose: Heartbreaker of the Year (Cameron House) {2}: T_c:55; am_a:+
  101. Ward Thomas: From Where We Stand (WTW Music) {2}: scm:+ -- TH:*
  102. Aaron Watson: The Underdog () {2}: tc:4
  103. Joy Williams: Venus (Columbia/Sensibility) {2}: PP:49 -- V:1135-6-1
  104. Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem: Violets Are Blue (Signature Sounds) {1}: T_c:24
  105. James Blackshaw: Summoning Suns (Important) {1}: am_f:+
  106. Jason Boland & the Stragglers: Squelch (Proud Souls) {1}: RS_c:33
  107. Bob Bradshaw: Whatever You Wanted (Fluke) {1}: T_c:56
  108. Tom Brosseau: Perfect Abandon (Tin Angel) {1}: am_f:+
  109. Bianca Caruso: Bravado (Randm) {1}: TG:+
  110. The Cox Family: Gone Like the Cotton (Rounder) {1}: am_a:+
  111. Della Mae: Della Mae (Concord/Rounder) {1}: T_c:30
  112. Ed Dupas: A Good American Life (Mackinhaw Harvest Music) {1}: T_c:44
  113. Eric Strickland: Revelate () {1}: sht:7
  114. Don Gallardo: Hickory (Clubhouse) {1}: T_c:29
  115. Sam Hunt: Montevallo (MCA Nashville -14) {1}: -- V:640-10-1, TH:B
  116. Martyn Joseph: Sanctuary (Pipe) {1}: T_c:59
  117. Jimmy Lafave: The Night Tribe (Music Road) {1}: T_c:33
  118. The Lake Poets: The Lake Poets (Dave Stewart Entertainment) {1}: owl:+
  119. Jerry Lawson: Just a Mortal Man (Red Beet) {1}: T_c:43
  120. Amos Lee: Live at Red Rocks (ATO) {1}: T_c:48
  121. Jami Lynn: Fall Is a Good Time to Die (Jami Lynn Music) {1}: T_c:32
  122. Reba McEntire: Love Somebody (Nash Icon) {1}: bm_c:12
  123. Mike and the Moonpies: Mockingbird (self-released) {1}: RS_c:35
  124. Willie Nelson and Sister Bobbie: December Day [Willie's Stash Vol 1] (Legacy -14) {1}: po:9 -- RC:A, TH:B
  125. Tami Nielsen: Dynamite! (Outside -14) {1}: rfc:+ -- TH:A-
  126. Courtney Patton: So This Is Life () {1}: szk:9
  127. Kimmie Rhodes: Cowgirl Boudoir (Sunbird) {1}: T_c:21
  128. Jenny Ritter: Raised by Wolves (Fiddle Head) {1}: T_c:28
  129. Canaan Smith: Bronco () {1}: tc:8
  130. Jon Stickley Trio: Lost at Last (self-released) {1}: npr_f:+
  131. Teresa Storch: Come Clean (Medicine Show) {1}: T_c:34
  132. Chip Taylor: The Little Prayers Trilogy (Train Wreck, 3CD) {1}: U:60
  133. Awna Teixeira: Wild One (Hazytales) {1}: T_c:22
  134. Gordi Tentrees: Less Is More (Buckaroo) {1}: T_c:57
  135. The Waifs: Beautiful You (Compass) {1}: T_c:53
  136. Watkins Family Hour: Watkins Family Hour (Family Hour) {1}: T_c:40
  137. Jim White vs the Packway Handle Band: Take It Like a Man (Yep Roc) {1}: am_f:+
  138. William Elliott Whitmore: Radium Death (Anti) {1}: sht:12
  139. Chris Young: I'm Comin' Over (RCA Nashville) {1}: tns:+
  140. Fiddle & Banjo: Tunes From the North, Songs From the South (Kos Green Music) {1}: T_c:38
  141. True Detective: Music From the HBO Series (Harvest) {1}: T_c:42


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