Metacritic Aggregate: 2020 New Music: Blues/Gospel/R&B


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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Kehlani: It Was Good Until It Wasn't (TSNMI/Atlantic) {17}: BB:+, Cl:*, Cmp:+, G:*, I:*, LBF:*, PO:*, Sg:+, T:* -- A:74/11, RC:A-, TH:A-
  2. Swamp Dogg: Sorry You Couldn't Make It (Joyful Noise) {12}: ClR:*, DB:*, GTV:*, Mj:*, P:*, PM:*, PO:*, SE:+, Sp:*, U:* -- A:76/5, M:79/8, TH:**
  3. Robert Cray Band: That's What I Heard (Nozzle) {8}: AM:*, ClR:*, Gl:*, PM:*, U:* -- M:83/6, RC:***
  4. Chloe x Halle: Ungodly Hour (Columbia) {6}: Cl:*, EW:*, G:*, LBF:*, Ne:*, T:* -- A:81/7, M:80/4
  5. Fantastic Negrito: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? (Cooking Vinyl/Blackball Universe) {6}: AD:*, AS:*, Gl:*, Mj:*, MO:*, U:* -- A:77/7, M:77/8
  6. Don Bryant: You Make Me Feel (Fat Possum) {5}: AM:*, AS:*, Mj:*, PM:*; xtl:+ -- A:85/2, M:83/7
  7. Victoria Monet: Jaguar (Tribe) {5}: Cl:*, G:*, I:*, LBF:*, NME:* -- A:80/6, M:82/6
  8. Bobby Rush: Rawer Than Raw (Deep Rush) {5}: AM:*, PO:* -- TH:***
  9. Teyana Taylor: The Album (Def Jam) {5}: AM:*, Cl:*, EW:*, NME:*, YF:* -- A:75/8, M:77/4
  10. 79rs Gang: Expect the Unexpected (Sinking City) {4}: PO:* -- A:70/1, TH:***
  11. Dion: Blues With Friends (KTBA) {4}: AD:*, AS:*, ClR:* -- A:87/3, TH:*
  12. Al Gold: Al Gold's Paradise (self-released) {4}: -- TH:A-
  13. Sonny Landreth: Blacktop Run (Provogue) {4}: CS:*, ClR:*, Mj:*, U:* -- M:77/4
  14. Son Little: Aloha (Anti/Epitaph) {4}: Mj:*, PM:*, U:*; xsa:+ -- A:70/2, M:80/5
  15. Brandy: B7 (Brand Nu/Entertainment One) {3}: Al:*, Cl:*, O:* -- A:75/6, M:72/4
  16. Billy Childish: Kings of the Medway Delta (Damaged Goods) {2}: Mj:*, Q:* -- M:78/4
  17. Brent Faiyaz: Fuck the World (Lost Kids) {2}: Cmp:+, Em:* -- A:78/3
  18. Johnny Iguana: Johnny Iguana's Chicago Spectacular (Delmark) {2}: -- TH:**
  19. JoJo: Good to Know (Warner) {2}: G:*, MO:* -- A:80/2
  20. Summer Walker: Life on Earth (LVRN/Interscope -EP) {2}: Cl:*, NME:* -- A:76/3
  21. Quinton Barnes: Aarupa (Grimalkin) {1}: Bc:*
  22. Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid (Nola Blue) {1}: DB:*
  23. Toni Braxton: Spell My Name (Island) {1}: G:* -- A:70/2
  24. Jacob Collier: Djesse (Vol 3) (Hajanga) {1}: Al:* -- A:90/1
  25. Lonnie Holley: National Freedom (Jagjaguwar) {1}: LQ:*, Pf:* -- A:81/3
  26. Jimmy Johnson: Every Day of Your Life (Delmark -19) {1}: DB:*
  27. Ledisi: The Wild Card (Listen Back Entertainment) {1}: AM:*
  28. Harold Lopez-Nussa: Te Lo Dije (Mack Avenue) {1}:
  29. Gerald McClendon: Can't Nobody Stop Me Now (Delta Roots) {1}: DB:*
  30. K Michelle: All Monsters Are Human (eOne) {1}: PO:*
  31. Angela Munoz: Adrian Younge Presents Angela Munoz Inspection (Linear Labs) {1}: Bc:*
  32. Dan Penn: Living on Mercy (The Last Music Company) {1}: AM:*
  33. Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado: Come On In (Ruf) {1}: AM:* -- A:80/1
  34. Roomful of Blues: In a Roomful of Blues (Alligator) {1}: DB:*
  35. Sectiontoo: Cascade Effect (self-released) {1}: bc_s:*
  36. Dave Specter: Blues From the Inside Out (Delmark -19) {1}: DB:*
  37. Walter Trout: Ordinary Madness (Provogue) {1}: AM:* -- A:75/2
  38. Sunny War: Can I Sit With You? (Hen House Studios -EP) {1}: bc_s:*