Metacritic Aggregate: 2020 New Music: Country/Americana/Folk


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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Lucinda Williams: Good Souls Better Angels (Highway 20) {37}: AD:*, AS:*, BB:+, ClR:*, DB:*, EW:*, Ex:*, Fld:*, Gl:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, P:*, Pf:*, PM:*, Q:*, SC:*, SE:+, T:*, U:*, YF:*; xcg:+, xci:+, xej:*, xhs:+, xjdc:+, xjsp:+, xsa:+, xtw:+ -- A:78/12, M:84/15, RC:A, TH:A-
  2. Drive-By Truckers: The Unraveling (ATO) {28}: AM:*, AS:*, ClR:*, CT:*, Gl:*, GTV:*, Mj:*, Q:*, SE:+, Sl:*, Sp:*, TN:*, U:*; xgm:+, xhs:+, xjdc:+, xjsp:+, xsp:+, xtl:+, xtw:+ -- A:75/13, M:80/15, RC:A-, TH:A-
  3. The Chicks: Gaslighter (Columbia) {22}: AD:*, AM:*, AS:*, Cl:*, CS:*, EW:*, Ex:*, G:*, I:*, LAT:*, Mj:*, MO:*, O:*, P:*, PM:*, SC:*, Sl:*, T:*, V:* -- A:85/22, M:85/19, TH:***
  4. Brandy Clark: Your Life Is a Record (Warner Nashville) {17}: AM:*, AS:*, Q:*, SE:+, V:*; scm:*, xgm:+, xjdc:+, xsp:+, xtl:+ -- A:81/4, RC:A-, TH:A-
  5. Margo Price: That's How Rumors Get Started (Loma Vista) {17}: AM:*, AS:*, Cl:*, Ex:*, Fld:*, G:*, Gl:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, PM:*, Q:*, SC:*, SE:+, U:*, V:*; xci:+ -- A:79/15, M:83/13, TH:*
  6. Lori McKenna: The Balladeer (CN) {16}: AM:*, Gl:*, P:*, PM:*, PO:*; scm:*, xci:+ -- A:79/4, M:83/5, RC:A, TH:A-
  7. Ashley McBryde: Never Will (Warner Nashville) {15}: AM:*, AS:*, BB:+, Ex:*, Mj:*, P:*, RS:*, SE:+, Sg:+, V:*; scm:*, xjdc:+, xtl:+ -- A:80/4, TH:**
  8. Steve Earle: Ghosts of West Virginia (New West) {14}: AD:*, AM:*, AS:*, ClR:*, Ex:*, Mj:*, PM:*, PO:*, U:*; xtj:+, xtl:+ -- A:80/8, M:83/8, TH:***
  9. Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band: Just Like Moby Dick (Paradise of Bachelors) {12}: AS:*, Dus:*, Gl:*, Mj:*, PM:*, PO:* -- A:79/3, RC:***, TH:***
  10. Lily Hiatt: Walking Proof (New West) {11}: AM:*, Gl:*, P:*, PM:*, SE:+, Sl:*, U:*; xhs:+, xtl:+ -- A:83/5, M:85/7, TH:**
  11. Courtney Marie Andrews: Old Flowers (Fat Possum) {10}: AM:*, AS:*, Ex:*, Gl:*, Mj:*, NME:*, Q:*, SMH:*, U:*, UR:* -- A:76/16, M:81/13
  12. Sam Hunt: Southside (MCA Nashville) {10}: BB:+, EW:*, SE:+, Sg:+; xjdc:+ -- A:59/7, RC:A-, TH:*
  13. Willie Nelson: First Rose of Spring (Legacy) {10}: AD:*, Gl:*, I:*, Mj:*, SE:+, U:*; xci:+ -- A:73/8, M:75/8, TH:***
  14. The Secret Sisters: Saturn Return (New West) {10}: AM:*, AS:*, Ex:*, RS:*, SE:+, U:*, YF:*; xph:+, xtl:+ -- A:82/5, M:87/5, TH:*
  15. John Anderson: Years (Easy Eye Sound) {9}: AM:*, PO:*, SE:+; scm:*, sci:+, xjdc:+, xtl:+ -- A:80/2, TH:**
  16. Charley Crockett: Welcome to Hard Times (Thirty Tigers) {9}: AM:*, AS:*, Gl:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Sp:*, U:*; scm:* -- A:85/6, M:84/6, TH:*
  17. Tami Neilson: Chicka Boom! (Outside) {9}: AD:*, AS:*, Ex:*, Gl:*, Mj:*; scm:*, xsa:+ -- A:80/2, TH:**
  18. Black Lips: Sing in a World That's Falling Apart (Fire) {8}: AD:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, NME:*, PM:*, Q:*, SE:+, YF:* -- A:69/9, M:76/12
  19. Corb Lund: Agricultural Tragic (New West) {8}: AM:*, EX:*, Gl:*, Mj:*, SE:+; scm:* -- A:85/2, M:80/6, TH:**
  20. Whitney Rose: We Still Go to Rodeos (MCG) {8}: AM:*, AS:*, PM:*, SE:+; xjdc:+, xtl:+ -- A:77/3, M:80/4, TH:**
  21. Elizabeth Cook: Aftermath (Agent Love) {7}: AS:*, PM:*, RS:*, U:* -- M:84/4, TH:***
  22. Honey Harper: Starmaker (ATO) {7}: AM:*, Cl:*, Ex:*, Mj:*, SC:*, Spk:*, U:* -- A:83/4, M:84/6
  23. The Jayhawks: XOXO (Sham) {7}: AD:*, ClR:*, Gl:*, GTV:*, Mj:*, PM:*, U:* -- A:79/8, M:84/5
  24. John Moreland: LP5 (Old Omens) {6}: Gl:*, PM:*, U:*, UR:* -- A:77/5, M:80/7, TH:**
  25. Hailey Whitters: The Dream (Pigasus) {6}: AS:*, P:*; xci:+, xtl:+ -- A:87/2, TH:**
  26. Mary Chapin Carpenter: The Dirt and the Stars (Lambent Light) {5}: AM:*, Gl:*, PM:*, U:*, YF:* -- A:77/4, M:84/4
  27. Kathleen Edwards: Total Freedom (Dualtone) {5}: AM:*, Gl:*, P:*, PM:*, U:* -- A:76/8, M:81/8, TH:B
  28. Shelby Lynne: Shelby Lynne (Thirty Tigers) {5}: AM:*, Gl:*, Mj:*, SE:+, U:* -- A:80/1, M:81/5
  29. Zephaniah OHora: Listening to the Music (Last Roundup) {5}: scm:* -- TH:A-
  30. Orville Peck: Show Pony (Columbia -EP) {5}: Ex:*, LBF:*, NME:*, NT:*, Spk:* -- A:79/8
  31. Jaime Wyatt: Neon Cross (New West) {5}: Gl:*, PM:*, U:*; scm:* -- M:83/4, TH:*
  32. American Aquarium: Lamentations (New West) {4}: scm:*, xsa:+ -- TH:**
  33. Danny Barnes: Man on Fire (ATO) {4}: PO:* -- TH:***
  34. The Cadillac Three: Country Fuzz (Big Machine) {4}: AM:*, ClR:*, Gl:*, SE:+ -- M:79/4
  35. Daniel Donato: A Young Man's Country (Cosmic Country Music) {4}: scm:* -- TH:***
  36. Colter Wall: Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs (La Honda) {4}: Ex:*; scm:* -- A:75/2, TH:**
  37. Kelsea Ballerini: Kelsea (Black River) {3}: I:*, SE:+ -- A:73/3, TH:*
  38. Caitlin Cannon: The TrashCannon Album (Caitlin Cannon) {3}: scm:* -- TH:**
  39. Kenny Chesney: Here and Now (Warner Music) {3}: AM:*, AS:*, SE:+ -- A:85/2
  40. Hot Country Knights: The K Is Silent (Capitol) {3}: AM:*, SE:+; scm:* -- A:70/2
  41. Gabe Lee: Honky Tonk Hell (Torrez Music Group) {3}: scm:* -- TH:**
  42. Little Big Town: Nightfall (Capitol Nashville) {3}: AM:*, EW:*, SE:+ -- A:74/3
  43. Mike and the Moonpies: Touch of You: The Lost Songs of Gary Stewart (Prairie Rose) {3}: SE:+ -- TH:**
  44. Kip Moore: Wild World (MCA Nashville) {3}: AM:*, AS:*, SE:+ -- A:77/3
  45. Cahalen Morrison: Wealth of Sorrow (self-released) {3}: scm:* -- TH:**
  46. Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen: Hold My Beer Vol 2 (Lil' Buddy Toons) {3}: SE:+; xtl:+ -- TH:*
  47. The Texas Gentlemen: Floor It!!! (New West) {3}: AM:*, ClR:*, Gl:* -- M:79/5
  48. Jessi Alexander: Decatur County Red (Lost Creek Music) {2}: scm:* -- TH:*
  49. Hayes Carll: Alone Together Sessions (Dualtone) {2}: -- TH:**
  50. Marshall Chapman: Songs I Can't Live Without (Tall Girl) {2}: -- TH:**
  51. Joe Ely: Love in the Midst of Mayhem (Rack 'Em) {2}: PO:* -- TH:*
  52. Arna Georgia: Yes Girl (Arna Georgia) {2}: scm:* -- TH:*
  53. Arlo McKinley: Die Midwestern (Oh Boy) {2}: Al:*, PM:* -- A:85/2
  54. Reckless Kelly: American Jackpot/American Girls (No Big Deal) {2}: AS:*, Spk:* -- A:80/3
  55. Nora Jane Struthers: Bright Lights, Long Drives, First Words (Blue Pig Music) {2}: scm:* -- TH:*
  56. Pam Tillis: Looking for a Feeling (Stellar Cat) {2}: SE:+; scm:*
  57. Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: All the Good Times Are Past & Gone (Acony) {2}: -- TH:**
  58. Ingrid Andress: Lady Like (Atlantic/Warner Music Nashville) {1}: SE:+
  59. Wayd Battle: Powerless (Wayd Battle Music) {1}: scm:*
  60. John Baumann: Country Shade (The Next Waltz -19) {1}: scm:*
  61. Clint Black: Out of Same (Black Top) {1}: -- TH:*
  62. Jeff Crosby: Northstar (Jeff Crosby) {1}: scm:*
  63. Bo DePena: Bo DePena (Rio Grande Media) {1}: scm:*
  64. Dalton Domino: Feverdreamer (Dalton Domino) {1}: scm:*
  65. Stuart Duncan/Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer/Chris Thile: Not Our First Goat Rodeo (Sony Classical) {1}: AM:*
  66. Nick D'Virgilio: English Electric (06-26) {1}: A:80/1
  67. Eleven Hundred Springs: Here 'Tis (State Fair) {1}: scm:*
  68. Johnny Falstaff: Lost in the City Lights (Johnny Falstaff) {1}: scm:*
  69. Gone West: Canyons (Triple Tigers) {1}: SE:+
  70. SG Goodman: Old Time Feeling (Verve Forecast) {1}: scm:*
  71. Hellbound Glory: Pure Scum (Black Country Rock) {1}: scm:*
  72. TJ Hernandez: Destination Unknown (TJ Hernandez) {1}: scm:*
  73. Hill Country: Hill Country (Hill Country) {1}: scm:*
  74. Sierra Hull: 25 Trips (Rounder) {1}: AS:* -- A:80/1
  75. Paul James: As We Go Wandering (PPJ) {1}: scm:*
  76. Karen Jonas: The Southwest Sky & Other Dreams (Yellow Brick) {1}: scm:*
  77. Anna Lynch: Apples in the Fall (SJ21) {1}: scm:*
  78. Maddie & Tae: The Way It Feels (Mercury Nashville) {1}: SE:+
  79. Lauren Mascitti: God Made a Woman (Lauren Mascitti) {1}: scm:*
  80. McKay & Leigh: McKay & Leigh (Voxhall -19) {1}: scm:*
  81. Arlo McKinley: Die Midwestern (Oh Boy) {1}: scm:* -- TH:B
  82. The Men: Mercy (Sacred Bones) {1}: MO:* -- A:71/4
  83. Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real: Naked Garden (Fantasy) {1}: SE:+
  84. Kyle Nix: Lightning on the Mountain (Kyle Nix) {1}: scm:*
  85. Jonathan Parker: Broken Hearts & Broken Bones (Jonathan Parker Music) {1}: scm:*
  86. Carly Pearce: Carly Pearce (Big Machine) {1}: SE:+
  87. Gretchen Peters: The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs of Mickey Newbury (Proper) {1}: xsa:+
  88. Porter Union: Loved & Lost (Porter Union) {1}: scm:*
  89. Rattlesnake Milk: Rattlesnake Milk (Feels So Good) {1}: scm:*
  90. Rumer: Nashville Tears (Cooking Vinyl) {1}: AM:*
  91. Darrell Scott: Sings the Blues of Hank Williams (Full Light) {1}: AS:* -- TH:B
  92. Sylvie Simmons: Blue on Blue (Compass) {1}: Mj:* -- A:70/3
  93. Scott Southworth: These Old Bones (Flaming Tortuga) {1}: scm:*
  94. The SteelDrivers: Bad for You (Rounder) {1}: scm:*
  95. The Tender Things: How You Make a Fool (Spaceflight) {1}: scm:* -- TH:B
  96. Josh Turner: Country State of Mind (MCA) {1}: scm:*
  97. Joshua Ray Walker: Glad You Made It (State Fair) {1}: scm:*
  98. Westelaken: The Golden Days Are Hard (Westelaken) {1}: Spk:* -- A:100/1
  99. Western Centuries: Call the Captain (Free Dirt) {1}: scm:*
  100. Tessy Lou Williams: Tessy Lou Williams (Tessy Lou Williams) {1}: scm:*