Metacritic Aggregate: 2021 New Music: Hip-Hop


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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Little Simz: Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (Age 101) {483}: 25:4, 3v:2, 45:3, AD:+, Al:1, AV:9+, AZ:7, BB:19, BBN:1, BIB:2, Bq:1, Btz:9, BV:5, BV_r:2, C:+, Cl:1+, CM:+, Cmp_U:3, Cos:34, Crh:7, Crz:1, CS:5, CX:8, D:8, DaB:1, Di:43, DIY:4+, DJ:2, DJM:+, Du:1, Dz:2, EWi:37, Ex:1, Fa:10, FO:8, G:3+, GC:18, Gf:14, Gf_D:12, Gg:7, Gg_h:2, GMA:3, Gw:8+, HDX:*+, HG:1, Hi:8, HNH:30, HP:24, I:1+, IR:+, IS:3, Jp:5, LBF:1, LI:38, LQ:9, Lt:1, LW:3, Mc:18, Mj:28, Ms:1, Mx:4, Mz:8, NBH:1, Ne:8+, Ni:4, NME:2, No:34, NPR:2, NPR_l:12, NR:27+, NT:4, OC:8, On:18, Oo:1, P:4, PAM:4, PB:8, Pc:2, Pf:29, Pf_r:5, PJ:12, Plt:14, PM:1+, PO:7+, Qt:27, RC:12, Rf:7, RM:4, RS:36, RS_D:3, RS_h:18, RT:3, RTU:3, Sbd:19, Si:13, Sk:1+, Sl:23, Snz:3, So:7, Spk:46, SR:11, STi:2, T:1+, Top:7, Tr:17, Trk:1, U:21+, Up:+, UPC:12, UR:26, VF:2, Vib:5, WG:17, XSN:5, YW:1, Zf:1; afg:+, am_h:+, ap:+, av_am:20, av_bk:1, av_lm:2, av_nh:17, azr:7, bz:10, 1l:6, am:+, bb_h:7, bb6:1, blw:6, ca_d:7, crm:+, daq:2, dcs:1, dg:4, e:+, dw:2, ec:+, g_e:6, hyb:+, i:10, kc:2, key:+, kf:1, les:+, m_jh:1, nat:8, ncpr:1, npr_as:4, npr_h:+, npr_lh:2, npr_rh:5, otw:+, p_h:+, pm_h:5, ppg:5, rf_h:1, rmr:5, rrv:+, rte:18, sjm:8, sl_h:+, so_k:3, st_r:3, std:1, stu:4, tr_h:+, tss_h:9, ud:+, up_h:+, v_cw:6, vg:3, vmp:+, wi:+, wk:+, wla:5, xbw:+, xco:1, xde:3, xjd:+, xxl:+, yb_h:2, yds:2 -- TH:***
  2. Tyler, the Creator: Call Me if You Get Lost (Columbia) {370}: 25:30, 3v:6, 45:14, Al:55, Alt:36, AV:4, BB:2, BBN:6, BPM:10+, BV:4, BV_r:1, C:31, Cl:5+, Cmp:1, Cos:2, Crz:3, CS:1, CX:10, D:14, DaB:16, DIY:+, DW:74, EW:4, Ex:4, Fa:2, Fld:4, FO:19, G:5+, GB:29, GC:16, Gf_D:14, Gg:1, Gg_h:1, Gw:26+, HDX:1+, HG:20, HNH:1, HP:35, HV:33, I:5+, Ins:3, IS:6, Joe:18, Jp:41, L4:6, LAT:6, LBF:16, LI:2, LQ:30, Lt:33, Mc:19, Mgn:6, Mj:47, Ms:20, Mx:10, NBH:7, Ne:14+, Ni:7, NME:5, NPR:13, NPR_l:6, NR:10, NT:8, OC:18, Okp:8, Oo:14, P:6+, Pf:3+, Pf_r:1, PJ:22, PW:7, RC:16, Rf:3, RS:4+, RS_h:3, S:6, Sbd:28, Sg:16, Sl:14, Snv:4, So:13, Top:9, Up:+, UPC:3, Vib:1, WG:24, WHP:12, YF:29+, YW:17, Zf:57; 1l:17, am:+, am_h:+, ap:+, atl:4, atw:+, aur:1, av_bk:10, av_cp:1, av_cs:9, av_gs:7, av_mf:8, av_nh:19, bb:1, bg:+, blw:8, cl:1, crm:+, cw:7, dcs:2, dg:1, dik:6, do:+, dtm:7, e:+, hyb:+, i:6, kc:7, key:+, kf:7, m_jh:4, men:5, nat:1, n_sp:+, npr_h:+, npr_nb:10, nst:+, ny_c:8, ny_p:10, ny_z:2, nyl:+, p_h:+, p106:8, pi:10, pm_h:14, ppg:4, rf_h:7, ri:1, rmr:8, rsch:1, rsjb:8, rtv:+, sg_e:7, sl:++, sl_h:+, sr:2, std:2, stu:17, tr_h:+, tss_h:1, ud:+, up_h:+, v_ja:1, vmp:+, vu:7, wi:+, wwl:+, yh:7, xbw:++, xjd:+, xxl:+, yal:+, yb_h:3, ycp:1, yds:+ -- TH:***
  3. Lil Nas X: Montero (Columbia) {186}: 25:12, 3v:8, Alt:27, BB:3, BBN:9, BS:9, BV_r:20, C:50, Ch:26, Cl:17+, Cmp:35, Cos:7, Crz:44, CS:8, CX:13, D:21, DIY:20+, Dz:1, EW:8+, EWi:+, Fa:18, G:14+, GC:43, Gf:8, Gf_D:20, Gg:35, Gg_h:25, GMA:41, Gw:24+, HNH:28, I:6+, Ins:12, Joe:19, LAT:4, LBF:4, Mc:54, MO:12+, Mx:6, NME:20, NPR:30, NPR_l:4, PB:10, Pf_r:32, PJ:98, PM:9, Rf:18, RS:6, RS_D:20, RS_h:7, Sbd:3, Sk:10, Tab:9, TL:39, Up:+, UPC:29, Vib:18, WHP:21, YF:50, Zf:43; 1l:10, am:+, am_h:+, aur:+, av_bk:18, av_cs:2, av_gs:17, av_nh:18, bbc:+, bg:+, bh:+, blw:12, dg:12, hc_g:7, hpo:+, i:3, mw:5, npr_cs:2, nst:+, nzh:+, p:1, p_p:+, p106:3, pm_p:2, rf_h:9, rsch:10, rssv:8, sl_h:+, stu:10, tr_h:+, up_h:+, ust_m:2, vmp:+, wwl:+, xem:10, xjd:16, xnf:4, xxl:+, yb_h:11, yds:+, yh:5 -- RC:***, TH:*
  4. Jazmine Sullivan: Heaux Tales (RCA) {186}: 25:47, 45:6, AV:2, BB:9, BBN:5, BPM:+, BV:2, Cl:12+, CM:+, Cmp:5, Cos:6, DW:32, Dz:9, EW:1, EWi:+, Fa:4, Fld:3, G:12, GC:32, Gg:2, GMA:26, Gw:18, Ins:8, IR:+, IS:39, LAT:1, LBF:2, Ne:45+, NPR:1, Okp:6, P:24, PB:7, Pf:1+, Pf_r:37, PO:+, RS:7+, RSh:7, Sbd:48, Sl:49, So:9, Tab:13, TL:27, Tr:34, Up:+, UPC:5, WG:11, YF:30; am_r:+, atl:9, ap:+, av_am:17, av_bk:3, av_cs:4, av_gs:6, av_mf:7, av_nh:14, bg:+, dg:5, do:+, e:+, hc_g:6, hpo:+, lar:6, n_sp:+, npr_lh:1, npr_oh:1, npr_r:+, npr_sh:8, npr_st:2, ny_p:+, ny_z:4, nyl:+, pi:4, ri:2, rsbs:8, rsch:4, sr:5, st_b:5, ti:10, tss_h:7, ud:+, up_r:+, vg:8, vmp:+, vrj:6, vu:1, wi:1, wwl:+, xde:2, xjd:15, xpb:9, yb_r:1 -- TH:*
  5. Mach-Hommy: Pray for Haiti (Griselda) {128}: 25:21, 3v:10, AZ:4, Btz:7, BV:34, BV_r:11, C:44, CM:+, Cmp:8, CS:36, DW:3, EWi:+, Ex:25, Fa:6, GB:5, Gg:18, Gg_h:7, HDX:*+, HG:9, IS:41, JDC:10, Mc:48, NPR:18, Okp:2, P:22, PAM:20, Pf:20+, PJ:63, PW:3, RS_h:2, Rx:45, Sg:47, UPC:43, Vib:6, WG:3, YF:16; afh:+, am_h:+, av_bk:7, av_cp:14, av_nh:15, azr:4, cab:5, cl:5, crm:+, daq:10, dik:11, e:+, js:+, lar:7, m_jh:8, n_sp:+, npr_h:+, p_h:+, pm_h:11, ri:9, rsch:8, rtv:+, sg_h:6, sl_h:+, std:14, tr_h:+, tss_h:6, up_h:+, vew:1, vu:6, xci:23, xjd:23, xjdc:10, xxl:+, yb_h:16 -- RC:A-, TH:***
  6. Dave: We're All Alone in This Together (Neighbourhood) {124}: Al:26, BV:25, BV_r:8, C:37, Cl:2+, Cmp_U:1, CX:1, DIY:+, Du:6, DW:71, Dz:15, G:19+, GC:30, Gg_h:20, Gw:+, HDX:**+, HG:22, HNH:27, HV:27, I:3+, Jp:26, L4:14, LBF:7, LQ:32, Lt:12, Mc:4, Mgn:8, MO:5+, Ms:16, NME:18, PM:8, PO:+, Rf:36, Rx:35, Sbd:15, So:8, STi:8, T:10+, U:69, UPC:+, VF:7, YW:4; am_h:+, av_bk:14, ca_d:3, cw:+, gcn:+, les:+, n_sp:+, ny_c:+, pm_h:9, rsjb:10, sl:+, tss_h:12, wk:+, xci:24, yb_h:5 -- RC:A-, TH:A-
  7. Doja Cat: Planet Her (Kemosabe/RCA) {118}: 45:41, BB:5, BV_r:9, Cmp:4, Cos:28, CS:13, CX:2, Du:12, Dz:4, EW:+, Fa:7, GC:12, Gg:26, Gg_h:13, Gw:45, HNH:5, I:24, Ins:9, IR:+, Jp:8, LAT:8, NME:50, NPR:31, Okp:5, PB:6, Pf_r:31, PW:28, Rf:26, RS:21+, RS_h:6, Rx:51, Sl:29, Tab:16, Up:+, UPC:21, Vib:12, WHP:29; 1l:9, am_p:+, atw:+, aur:+, av_cs:13, av_gs:14, av_nh:5, bbc:+, blw:3, dik:8, hpo:+, key:+, npr_cs:10, npr_lh:5, ny_c:12, nyl:+, nzh:+, p:7, p_p:+, p106:4, rmr:14, rsch:7, sl_h:+, st_r:9, tv:+, up_p:+, vg:6, wi:+, wwl:+, xxl:+, yh:8 -- RC:A-, TH:A-
  8. Vince Staples: Vince Staples (Blacksmith/Motown) {100}: 25:46, AZ:11, BB:34, BPM:24+, BV:22, BV_r:7, Ch:16, Cl:54+, Cmp:19, Cos:19, DIY:+, Du:24, Ex:28, Fa:21, FO:41, G:+, Gg_h:37, HDX:**, HNH:20, I:12+, Ins:17, Joe:5, LAT:10, Mc:74, Mgn:15, MO:35+, Ni:29, NME:42, NPR:9, Okp:11, P:+, Pf_r:50, PM:53+, PO:+, Rf:47, RS:+, Sbd:46, Sl:45, Tr:22, Up:+, UPC:37, Vib:2; am_h:+, av_bb_h:6, bk:15, dik:4, hyb:+, n_sp:+, npr_h:+, nyl:+, p_h:+, rf_h:11, rmr:+, rrv:+, sl_h:+, std:6, stu:16, ti:2, tr_h:+, tss_h:5, ud:+, up_h:+, wi:6, xxl:+, yb_h:1, yds:6 -- TH:**
  9. Madlib: Sound Ancestors (Madlib Invazion) {93}: Al:49, AV:17, AZ:8, Bc:+, BPM:+, Btz:18, Cl:37, CM:+, Crh:27, DaB:34, Di:21, DW:78, G:25+, GB:27, Gg:15, Gg_h:38, GMA:35, IS:37, Mc:28, Mgn:7, Mj:+, Ni:16, No:9, P:19, PAM:6, Pc:32, PJ:55, PO:+, PW:9, RC:9, Rf:32, RS:31+, RT:10, RTU:12, S:3, Sg:34, SR:9, U:38, UPC:48, VF:3, W:31, WG:18, YF:41; am_h:+, aqd:+, av_am:7, av_cp:2, azr:8, bc_b:+, crm:+, daq:11, p_h:+, rsjd:5, rte:7, rte_k:+, vu:5, ws_b:3, wsj:+ -- TH:*
  10. Silk Sonic: An Evening With Silk Sonic (Aftermath/Atlantic) {86}: 25:26, 3v:20, Al:76, AV:11, BB:7, Cl:52+, Cmp:14, CX:11, DaB:11, DW:21, EW:+, FO:30, GC:17, Gg:33, GMA:6, GTV:78, Gw:16+, HP:25, I:36+, IS:26, Lt:41, Mc:86, Ms:32, Ne:48, NME:22, NPR:50, NPR_l:8, On:22, Oo:19, Rf:39, RS:35+, RS_D:27, S:30, TL:26, Up:+, UPC:19, UR:+, WG:32, WHP:18, YF:13; 1l:7, am_r:+, atw:+, av_bk:11, av_gs:12, av_lm:1, ncpr:10, npr_nb:9, p106:11, ppg:8, tss_h:3, ud:+, up_r:+, ws_s:3, xxl:+, yb_r:2, yh:2 -- TH:**
  11. Kanye West: Donda (GOOD Music/Def Jam) {77}: 25:29, BB:39, Cmp:6, CX:12, GC:27, Gf:16, Gf_D:10, Gg:48, Gg_h:8, HDX:*, HNH:6, IR:1, Joe:7, Lt:3, Mw:32, Pf_r:6, PJ:94, RS_h:13, Sl:31+, So:23, UPC:17, Vib:13; afg:6, ap:+, aur:5, bb_h:10, cl:8, daq:3, dik:2, hyb:+, min_m:4, ny_c:10, p106:2, ri:6, rmr:6, rtv:+, sl_h:+, std:4, stu:8, ti:7, wla:3, xsm:1, xxl:+ -- TH:C+
  12. Isaiah Rashad: The House Is Burning (Top Dawg Entertainment/Warner) {74}: AV:8, BB:21, BS:18, Cl:9+, Cmp:17, CS:33, Fa:25, Fld:21, Gg:51, Gg_h:5, HDX:**+, HG:55, HNH:7, Mc:97, Okp:1, PW:14, Rf:56, Snv:19, Up:+, UPC:26, Vib:11; aur:7, av_bk:2, av_cp:3, av_nh:11, bb_h:3, bg:+, crm:+, dik:10, hyb:+, m_jh:+, n_sp:+, npr_h:+, npr_lh:9, npr_sh:5, p_h:+, rf_h:18, rmr:10, rtv:+, sl_h:+, std:11, tr_h:+, tss_h:4, , ud:+, up_h:+, xxl:+, yb_h:17 -- TH:*
  13. Armand Hammer & the Alchemist: Haram (Backwoodz Studioz) {73}: Bc:++, BPM:8+, BV:31, BV_r:10, Cmp:28, CS:9, DW:57, Fa:15, GB:15, Gg:23, Gg_h:6, HG:2, Ne:39+, Okp:17, P:16, Pf:26, PW:5, S:16, Sg:37, Sl:47+, So:24, Tr:4, UPC:40, WG:19; afh:+, am_h:+, av_cp:6, bc_h:+, cab:11, crm:+, daq:15, lar:4, p_h:+, pm_h:4, sg_h:4, sl_h:5, so_k:13, stu:5, tr_h:+, vmp:+ -- TH:**
  14. J Cole: The Off-Season (Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope) {64}: 25:31, BB:32, Cl:11+, Cmp:2, CX:9, GC:8, Gg_h:3, HDX:*, HNH:4, Pc:84, Rf:17, RS_h:20, Up:+, UPC:54, Vib:4; afh:+, aur:2, bb_h:5, bg:+, daq:6, dik:5, hyb:+, m_jh:3, npr_h:+, p106:5, rf_h:14, rmr:13, rtv:+, std:7, stu:21, tss_h:13, up_h:+, xxl:+, yb_h:6, yh:9 -- RC:***, TH:*
  15. Genesis Owusu: Smiling With No Teeth (Ourness/House Anxiety) {64}: 25:17, AD:+, AZ:2, DaB:49, DIY:13+, DJ:11, DW:63, EWi:29, GC:45, HV:8, I:+, Jp:28, LBF:39, Mc:38, Mj:+, MO:+, Ms:24, Ne:16+, NME:29, NR:41, P:50, PJ:71, PM:29, PO:+, Rf:51, Spk:35, YF:26; am_h:+, atw:+, av_bk:4, azr:2, daq:13, kc:18, p_h:+, pm_s:5, stu:1, tm:+, xbw:++, xci:18, xem:2, xjd:+, xpb:4 -- TH:***
  16. Nas: King's Disease II (Mass Appeal) {60}: 25:14, Al:24, Cmp:32, DJ:33, Du:19, Ex:39, GC:33, Gg_h:4, GMA:17, HDX:*, HG:18, HNH:9, I:16+, Mc:33, Ne:37+, UPC:+, Vib:3; afh:+, am_h:+, aur:4, bb_h:13, bg:+, crm:+, dik:12, dtm:9, m_jh:6, p_h:+, p106:6, rf_h:5, rmr:16, rtv:+, stu:19, ud:+, xci:29, xsm:3, xxl:+, yb_h:7, yds:+ -- RC:B+, TH:*
  17. Injury Reserve: By the Time I Get to Phoenix (self-released) {59}: 25:8, AZ:6, Bc:++, BPM:39+, BV_r:14, Cl:+, CS:41, DaB:15, Gg_h:19, HDX:+, HG:14, Hi:36, IS:43, Ne:11+, NPR:20, Pf_r:34, PM:11, PW:46, Rf:53, S:19, Sbd:21, Spk:4, UPC:65, WG:21; azr:6, crm:+, cw:+, do:1, npr_h:+, p_h:+, pm_h:10, rf_h:15, rmr:3, sl:+, stu:20, tgl:+, tr_h:+ -- TH:*
  18. Boldy James & the Alchemist: Bo Jackson (ALC) {59}: BPM:+, BV_r:18, Cmp:43, Crz:37, CS:18, Fa:29, Gg:49, Gg_h:9, HDX:*+, HG:4, HNH:24, No:44, P:34, Pf:+, PW:2, RS:45, RS_h:4, Sbd:5, Sg:31, So:21, Tr:25, Vib:10, WG:31; crm:+, dik:3, p_h:+, pm_h:1, rmr:9, sg_h:3, std:5, tr_h:+, tss_h:+, up_h:+, yb_h:12 -- TH:*
  19. Ka: A Martyr's Reward (Iron Works) {46}: BPM:11+, BV_r:27, Cmp:40, Gg:50, Gg_h:14, HG:3, Hi:18, HV:34, JDC:50, Pf:48+, PO:6+, PW:26, S:26, Sg:22; am_h:+, av_cp:9, crm:+, n_sp:+, ny_p:+, p_h:+, sg_h:2, sl_h:+, so_k:20, tr_h:+, xsm:13, xxl:+, yng:5 -- RC:***, TH:***
  20. Slowthai: Tyron (Method) {46}: 25:7, 45:43, BPM:+, BV_r:+, Cl:+, Cmp:39, Cmp_U:10, CS:+, DIY:+, Du:18, FO:40, GC:35, Gg_h:42, Gw:+, IS:50, LI:28, Lt:9, Mj:+, Ms:33, Mw:37, Ne:34+, NME:31, Pc:43, PM:+, RT:87, Top:25, WG:38, YW:118, Zf:66; am_h:+, bb_h:12, p_h:+, rmr:11, std:8, stu:7, tr_h:+, tss_h:10 -- TH:*
  21. Baby Keem: The Melodic Blue (PgLang/Columbia) {45}: BB:11, BV_r:+, C:5, Cl:55, Cmp:13, GC:31, Gg_h:11, HNH:2, IR:+, NPR:16, Vib:17; bb_h:2, daq:1, dik:+, hyb:+, m_jh:+, npr_h:+, npr_rc:8, otw:+, p_h:+, p106:9, pf_u:+, rmr:1, rtv:+, std:23, stu:13, tss_h:11, xxl:+ -- TH:*
  22. Ghetts: Conflict of Interest (Warner) {45}: 45:34, AD:+, C:5, Cl:13+, Cmp_U:4, CX:5, Du:4, G:+, I:11, LBF:9, LQ:21, Mc:1, NME:13, Sbd:43, So:6, STi:20; daq:12, npr_oh:4 -- TH:*
  23. Playboi Carti: Whole Lotta Red (AWGE/Interscope -20) {43}: Fa:45, GC:3, HDX:**, HV:9, IR:7, Pf:9, PW:+, RS:11, RS_h:1, Snv:11, Up:+, UPC:53; am:+, am_h:+, ny_c:9, p_h:+, sg_h:5, sr:6, up_h:+, wp:1, xsm:2 -- TH:**
  24. JPEGMafia: LP! (Republic) {42}: 25:10, Cl:+, DaB:28, GB:40, Gg_h:41, GC:11, Gw:35, HG:8, IR:21, IS:22, LBF:19, Ne:6+, PO:+, SC:16, Spk:32, Tr:30, WG:14, YF:45; av_cp:15, bg:+, dtm:3, rf_h:13, rmr:2, std:24, stu:6, tr_h:+, yb_h:15 -- TH:**
  25. Drake: Certified Lover Boy (OVO/Republic) {40}: BB:18, Cmp:12, CX:6, Gf_D:15, Gg_h:10, HDX:*, HNH:3, HP:49, RS:48, RS_h:10, UPC:41, Vib:14; aur:6, bb_h:8, daq:4, dik:7, hyb:+, nst:+, ny_c:+, p106:1, rmr:15, rtv:+, wwl:+, xxl:+ -- TH:B
  26. Polo G: Hall of Fame (Columbia/Only Dreamers Achieve) {39}: BV:29, BV_r:5, Cmp:26, CX:20, DW:49, Gg_h:22, HDX:+, HV:14, Rf:22, RS:14, RS_h:19, RSh:12, Sg:9, Up:+; blw:13, dik:9, e:+, npr_h:+, rf_h:2, sg_h:1, sjm:4, up_h:+, xci:54, xxl:+, yb_h:10 -- TH:*
  27. Maxo Kream: Weight of the World (Big Persona/RCA) {38}: BV:13, BV_r:3, C:8, Cmp:23, EW:9, Gg_h:12, HDX:*+, HNH:13, Pf:+, PW:27, RS_h:14, UPC:70; bb_h:14, bg:+, hyb:+, men:13, npr_h:+, ri:5, rmr:21, std:3, xxl:+, yb_h:22 -- TH:**
  28. Wiki: Half God (Wikset Enterprise) {35}: BV:17, BV_r:6, DW:+, Gg_h:16, HG:19, Lt:29, Ne:21+, P:45, Pf:31+, PW:21, Sbd:77, UPC:+; am_h:+, av_cp:7, cab:1, crm:+, e:+, n_ap:6, ny_c:+, p_h:+, sg_h:9, std:17, stu:14, tr_h:+ -- TH:**
  29. Backxwash: I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dress (Ugly Hag) {33}: 25:13, Bc:++, BPM:23+, BV_r:19, Ex:3, Gg_h:33, HG:48, Hi:24, IS:47, Ne:20+, PM:41, PO:47+, Sbd:38, Tr:26, UPC:+; am_h:+, p_h:+, rf_h:16, sg_h:8, stu:2, tr_h:+ -- TH:*
  30. McKinley Dixon: For My Mama and Anyone Who Look Like Her (Spacebomb) {32}: 25:18, Bc:++, BPM:+, CS:23+, EWi:34, Gw:6, HG:5, PO:+, UPC:92; av_am:9, av_bk:8, key:+, npr_ap:7, p_h:+, rrv:+, xbl:10, xem:6, xjd:8, xci:10 -- RC:*, TH:***
  31. Pink Siifu: Gumbo'! (Field-Left) {32}: Bc:+, BPM:18+, BV_r:+, C:12, Gg_h:15, HDX:*+, HG:54, Ne:36+, NPR:48, Okp:9, P:48, PO:+, PW:17, WG:35; n_sp:+, npr_h:+, npr_lg:6, std:16, stu:22, tr_h:+, vmp:+ -- TH:**
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