Jazz Consumer Guide

Jazz Consumer Guide Notebooks

The idea here is to get more mileage out of the research that goes into my Village Voice Jazz Consumer Guide (JCG) column. JCG manages to cover 30-35 records per column, with the columns coming out four times per year. I consider many more records than I write about, so most of those wind up slipping through the cracks. These notebooks will try to catch some of them. Work on this starts in July 2005. It seems likely that the JCG Notebooks will be somewhat thematic -- at least the first one will be on singers.

These notebooks will follow Christgau's original Consumer Guide style. Expect most records to be B/B+, since that's where most jazz sort out. (The plum items go into the real Jazz CG.) Writing should be simpler. There may be an Introduction and/or Additional Consumer News.