Jazz Consumer Guide (17):

This is the surplus file for Jazz Consumer Guide #17. These are short reviews of records that for one reason or another have been dropped from active consideration while working on this column. These reviews will be published in the blog when the column comes out.

The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet: Stompin' the Blues (2007 [2008], Arbors): Good enough it should have made the list of Harry Allen HMs, but it didn't, mostly because I found it a bit of a letdown -- just not enough to make the Duds list. Scott Hamilton guests but doesn't add much -- he never has played well with Allen even though they are by far the twin peaks of the swing revival niche. Trombonist John Allred adds a lot. Cohn remains a likable foil. B+(**)

JD Allen Trio: I Am I Am (2008, Sunnyside): Played this rated record again figuring I'd jot down a honorable mention line and that would be that. Came out with very little to say other than it's a very solid tenor sax trio outing with little extra to distinguish it, and that I may have overrated it a tad. Neither is a good sign during a pruning exercise. B+(***)

Louis Armstrong All Stars: Live in Zurich, Switzerland 18.10.1949 (1949 [2007], TCB): Previously unreleased live concert recording, with real All Stars -- Jack Teagarden, Barney Bigard, Earl Hines, Arvell Shaw, Cozy Cole, Velma Middleton. You've heard most of it elsewhere -- like on The Complete Town Hall Concert (1947) or the first half of the 4-CD The California Concerts (1951-55), the latter one of the best investments you can ever make -- although the Hines spotlights stand out. Cutting this means throwing away a HM line: "A good will tour for Hines, Bigard, Teagarden, et al., jumpin' those good ol' good 'uns." Easy come, easy go. B+(***)

Paul Bley: Solo in Mondsee (2001 [2007], ECM): One of more than a dozen solo piano albums in his vast discography. Not even the most recent one, as the 2007-recorded About Time has since been released on Justin Time. I think this one is better; at any rate it is more thematic, which sometimes counts for something. I think he probably ranks as one of the five greatest living pianists, but he doesn't generally get that recognition. (He came in 12th in Downbeat 2008 Critics Poll, so he gets a little.) But I always have trouble with solo piano. B+(**)

The Paul Carlon Octet: Roots Propaganda (2008, Deep Tone): I got a lot of flack a while back when I touted an album by Hilary Noble and Rebecca Cline (Enclave) with a joke about yanks making breakthroughs in Latin music. Carlon is another example -- in fact, I come up with a lot of them (the best this round being Mike Ellis). Self-consciousness on this point may be why I slipped Lo Que Somos Lo Que Sea by Carlon's Grupos Los Santos in as an HM instead of giving it the full A-list treatment, but I would also point out that I was short for words and short for space and an HM in hand this column might be better than hoping for better next time. This record is a notch below, a marginal HM that lost its hook. Carlon's not a flashy saxophonist, but he has good sense and he's always in the game. B+(**)

Joe Cohn: Restless (2006 [2007], Arbors): A nice effort by Al Cohn's guitarist son to step out into the spotlight away from his regular band senior partner Harry Allen, but alto saxophonist Dmitry Baevsky didn't provide enough juice on his cuts, so back comes . . . Harry Allen, for half a great album plus some pretty nice filler. Again, I could have/should have worked this in. B+(***)

Lars Danielsson & Leszek Mozdzer: Pasodoble (2006-07 [2007], ACT): Bass-piano duet, seems like a pretty self-limiting formula, but Danielsson's sound looms huge, and Mozdzer is bright and flashy, with the usual Polish attention to Chopin. B+(***)

Dave Douglas Quintet: Live at the Jazz Standard (2006 [2007], Greenleaf/Koch, 2CD): OK, I'm just being pissy here, but this is a problem in information management and I give up. Douglas originally decided editing was for wusses and released his full 12-hour stand as download only, like he was Miles Davis or something. (He is, but let's not go there, for now anyway.) I was offered a chance to listen in, but didn't take it up, figuring I don't have time to tether myself to the computer for that long, and that I wouldn't make much sense of it anyway. Then I found this 2-CD edit in the local library. Asked the publicist for a copy, which he denied existed. Wrote up a note on it, which said things like: "His pieces explode, scintillate, dumbfound." Gave it an approximate rating, which is probably right but could be low. Don't have a copy. When/if I do I'll reconsider. Logically, it is at least an HM, and would cluster nicely with Moonshine, held back for next JCG. B+(***)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: Live in Zurich, Switzerland 2.5.1950 (1950 [2007], TCB): Another live shot that came out along with the Armstrong (see above). Not quite as surefire, but actually has more historical interest: this wasn't one of Ellington's golden ages, so there's not a lot of live material from this period, and the lineup is pretty jumbled, although Don Byas is a treat in the tenor chair, and Johnny Hodges made the trip. B+(***)

The Engines (2006 [2007], Okka Disk): Seems like such a great group on paper, with three-fifths of the best edition of the Vandermark 5 plus Boston bassist Nate McBride (also in MI3 and the funkier Vandermark projects like Spaceways Inc. and Power Play). But it didn't quite jell, with Dave Rempis prone to a lot of nasty squawking, and Jeb Bishop's dirty swathes of trombone short on grease. My notes singled out Tim Daisy for praise. Should revisit it some day now that my expectations have been reset, but I haven't found time, much less inclination. There's actually quite a bit of stuff that Rempis and/or Daisy have done that I haven't heard and would like to check out: their two Triage albums are very impressive (the second was a pick hit). B+(**)

Erik Friedlander: Block Ice & Propane (2005 [2007], Skipstone): Solo cello, something of a tour de force if you're open to that sort of thing. I got it late, lost it for a while, never got all that comfortable with it, may have cut him too much slack, by now don't even remember clearly. Friedlander is one of maybe a dozen players putting cello on the jazz map, and he's probably the most successful of the bunch. He's made the JCG A-list before. Maybe I didn't cut him enough slack. B+(***)

Dennis González NY Quartet: At Tonic: Dance of the Soothsayer's Tongue (2003-04 [2007], Clean Feed): A prequel or sequel -- don't remember which right now -- to NY Midnight Suite, which is a shade better, but still not as satisfying as Nile River Suite from the same time or Idle Wild shortly later, which makes these otherwise fine sets -- only half actually recorded at Tonic -- something of a mop up operation. B+(**)

Jason Kao Hwang/Sang Won Park: Local Lingo (2006 [2007], Euonymus): Another opportunity for a mini-cluster, with Hwang's Stories Before Within on the HM list, but this is more marginal, or at least a lot more difficult. I have no idea how closely Park's zithers and voice follow Korean folk and/or classical norms -- for all I know this may sound as avant there as here. Hwang's violin negotiates this terrain with the skill and aplomb he always shows. B+(**)

Omer Klein: Introducing Omer Klein (2007 [2008], Smalls): Talented young Israeli pianist in a trio plus percussion, mostly upbeat, thoughtful with some nice texture. Album is a bit of a misnomer: my introduction was an earlier Duet with bassist Haggai Cohen Milo, on Fresh Sound New Talent, charming in its simplicity and nearly as good. I've been keeping it in play as well, but not having moved on it feel like clearing both out. We'll hear more from him. B+(***)

Joachim Kühn/Majid Bekkas/Ramon Lopez: Kalimba (2006 [2007], ACT): Content-wise, this belongs to Bekkas, whose voice, guembri, oud, and kalimba center everything. Kühn gives the Moroccan folk/pop/whatever some jazz cred, mostly with his piano, but he also plays more than respectable Ornette-ish alto sax. Lopez drums, and that helps too. B+(***)

Steve Kuhn Trio: Live at Birdland (2006 [2007], Blue Note): With Ron Carter and Al Foster, thoroughly enjoyable piano trio. Runs a little long, but never wears out its welcome. Still, it's been sitting too long, and the picture is further clouded by another Kuhn trio, Pastorale, nearly as good. Kuhn is one of those second-tier pianists who always seems good but never gets a lot of attention. Goes to show. B+(***)

Lisbon Improvisation Players: Spiritualized (2006, Clean Feed): Rodrigo Amado-led sax trio, plus guest trumpeter Dennis González -- probably responsible for the spirit theme -- and a spare cello on two of six cuts. Amado is a worthwhile saxophonist who has tempted me on a number of occasions but still hasn't lucked out. González has appeared a number of times. Terrific player; lifts the spirits of everyone he meets. B+(***)

Mat Marucci-Doug Webb Trio: Change-Up (2006 [2007], CIMP): A drummer and a saxophonist with widely scattered session credits get a shot to play free in Cadence's for-audiophiles-only studio, and make the most of it. I've managed to hustle Cadence into sending a couple of CIMP batches (they released 5 CDs four times a year), but keep missing their rare gems. This was the best of the batch, and slipped through the cracks. The missing trio name, by the way, is bassist Ken Filiano -- practically the gold star stamp of quality on left-of-center jazz records. B+(***)

Ravish Momin's Trio Tarana: Miren (A Longing) (2006 [2007], Clean Feed): Indian percussionist, I liked his previous Climbing the Banyan Tree a lot, his follow up less so. Difference is the trio, where the violin slot went from Jason Kao Hwang to Sam Bardfeld and the bass-oud slot from Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz to Brandon Terzic, each trading a unique view of the world for more conventional jazz chops. Admirers of the former record will like this one and hope for more. I still hope for a reunion. B+(***)

Stanton Moore Trio: Emphasis on Parenthesis (2007 [2008], Telarc): Should have added this to the dud list, but it would have cost me an honorable mention. Moore is one of the better fusion drummers around, and his trio mates are solid frontliners: guitarist Will Bernard and organ pumper Robert Walter. The organ trio is overdone today as retro, but even worse as postmodern: just melts down to a sticky mess. Walter's Cure All (Palmetto) and Bernard's Night for Day (Bju'ecords) wound up low B+, so they got no ink either. B-

Dave Mullen and Butta: Mahoney's Way (2006 [2007], Roberts Music Group): Interesting ambitions; he comes off looking like an American Courtney Pine, which is to say he wants to be massively successful as well as creatively brilliant, but the way things work over here is that that's an either/or proposition at best -- even in England the combo is only achieved by people like Pine who aren't really either no matter what they dream. But for now he has a synthesis that sort of works, especially when he covers Stevie Wonder and gets help from Nile Rodgers. B+(**)

Bernardo Sassetti: Unreal: Sidewalk Cartoon (2005-06 [2007], Clean Feed): An honorable disappointment after his pick hit Ascent. Sassetti is a Portugese pianist who tends to work in soundtrack motifs anyway, and that's where he goes with this, adding all sorts of guests for marginal effects -- the percussion can be especially intriguing. B+(**)

Matthew Shipp: Piano Vortex (2007, Thirsty Ear): After several very successful jazz + electronics records, you sense that Shipp felt the need to reestablish his credentials as a serious avant-garde jazz pianist, first with his solo album One, then with this trio. No complaints, other than that I got this so late that it had already been written up by Francis Davis and Gary Giddins and every other jazz critic of note, many putting it on their year-end lists. I don't have much to add to that. A-

Speak in Tones: Subaro (2003-04 [2005], Alpha Pocket, 2CD): Got three Mike Ellis records, a natural cluster with Bahia Band the choice, the other two marginal HMs, but managed to drop their names in the main review. This is actually the big project, a collaboration with percussionist Daniel Moreno, recorded in New York with a 16-piece group including Brazilians and Malians as well as local internationalists like Jerry Gonzalez and Adam Rudolph. Long groove pieces; some edge to the horns. B+(**)

Dan Willis: Velvet Gentlemen (2003 [2006], Omnitone): A fairly amazing album that I never really understood and never got back to, although it's been lingering on my list for over two years. Willis plays tenor sax and ten other wind instruments in a 7-piece group with a lot of options, including some impressive guitar from Pete McCann and percussion from John Hollenbeck. Liner notes play off Satie, quantum mechanics, and psychedelia, so there's plenty to be confused about. B+(***)

Saco Yasuma: Another Rain (2006 [2007], Leaf Note): First album, a Japanese alto saxophonist in New York, she has a cutting tone that sounded especially liberating when I put it on after a long series of now-forgotten dreck. Now I'm not sure how good she really is, but she rounded up a superior group with Roy Campbell stealing her spotlight and Michael TA Thompson on drums, and gave Golda Solomon a spoken word guest shot that sent me in search of Solomon's records (not as good as here). B+(***)

Other Drops

Also dropping the following. Don't have anything to add to what was previously said in the prospecting notes (for this or some previous Jazz CG cycle).

  • Jason Ajemian: The Art of Dying (2007 [2008], Delmark) B+(*)
  • Ambrose Akinmusire: Prelude (2008, Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  • Jorge Albuquerque/Marcos Amorim/Rafael Barata: Revolving Landscapes (2005 [2008], Adventure Music) B+(**)
  • Steve Allee Trio: Dragonfly (2008, Owl Studios) B+(**)
  • Susie Arioli Band: Live at Le Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (2006 [2008], Justin Time, CD+DVD) B+(**)
  • The Joe Ascione Quartet: Movin' Up (2007 [2008], Arbors) B+(*)
  • Barnyard Drama: I'm a Navvy (2005 [2006], Barnyard) B+(*)
  • Jamie Baum Septet: Solace (2007 [2008], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Nicolas Bearde: Live at Yoshi's: A Salute to Lou (2007 [2008], Right Groove) B+(*)
  • Joe Beck & John Abercrombie: Coincidence (2007 [2008], Mixed Media) B+(**)
  • Bob Belden: Miles . . . From India (2007 [2008], Times Square/4Q, 2CD) B+(**)
  • Sylvia Bennett: Songs From the Heart (2007 [2008], Out of Sight Music) B+(**)
  • David Berger Octet: I Had the Craziest Dream: The Music of Harry Warren (2008, Such Sweet Thunder) B+(**)
  • Bernard Emer Lackner Ferber: Night for Day (2007 [2008], Bju'ecords) B+(*)
  • Gene Bertoncini: Concerti (2005 [2008], Ambient) C+
  • Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band: Season of Changes (2008, Verve) B+(**)
  • Jon Balke: Book of Velocities (2006 [2008], ECM) B
  • Carla Bley: The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu (2007, Watt) B+(**)
  • Paul Bley: About Time (2007 [2008], Justin Time) B+(*)
  • Jane Ira Bloom: Mental Weather (2007 [2008], Outline) B+(**)
  • Boston Horns: Shibuya Gumbo (2008, Boston Horns) B
  • Geof Bradfield: Urban Nomad (2007 [2008], Origin) B+(*)
  • Georg Breinschmid & Friends: Wien Bleibt Krk (2008, Zappel Music) B+(**)
  • Bridge Quartet: Day (2007 [2008], Origin) B+(**)
  • Howard Britz: Here I Stand (2007 [2008], Tee Zee) B
  • Bobby Broom: The Way I Play (2007 [2008], Origin) B+(*)
  • The Amazing World of Arthur Brown: The Voice of Love (2007 [2008], Zoho Roots) B
  • Brownout: Homenaje (2005-07 [2008], Freestyle) B
  • Cannon Re-Loaded: An All-Star Celebration of Cannonball Adderley (2006 [2008], Concord) B+(**)
  • Caribbean Jazz Project: Afro Bop Alliance (2008, Heads Up) B-
  • Frank Catalano: Bang! (2008, Savoy Jazz) B+(**)
  • Yoon Sun Choi/Jacob Sacks: Imagination: The Music of Joe Raposo (2008, Yeah-Yeah) B-
  • Evan Christopher: Delta Bound (2006 [2007], Arbors) B+(**)
  • Antonio Ciacca Quintet: Rush Life (2008, Motéma) B+(*)
  • Gerald Cleaver: Gerald Cleaver's Detroit (2006 [2008], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  • Dawn Clement: Break (2007 [2008], Origin) B+(*)
  • CNY Jazz Orchestra: Then, Now & Again (2007 [2008], CNY) B+(*)
  • Nick Colionne: No Limits (2008, Koch) B-
  • Tim Collins: Fade (2004-07 [2008], Ropeadope) B
  • Sheila Cooper: Tales of Love and Longing (2006 [2007], Panorama) B+(*)
  • CRAM: For a Dog (2008, Broken) B+(**)
  • Marilyn Crispell: Vignettes (2007 [2008], ECM) B+(**)
  • Alexis Cuadrado: Puzzles (2007 [2008], Bju'ecords) B+(**)
  • Dapp Theory: Layers of Chance (2008, Contrology/ObliqSound) B+(**)
  • The Roger Davidson Trio: Bom Dia (2007 [2008], Soundbrush) B+(**)
  • Hamilton de Holanda & André Mehmari: Continuous Friendship (2007 [2008], Adventure Music) B+(**)
  • Tom Dempsey & Tim Ferguson: What's Going On? (2007 [2008], City Tone) B+(**)
  • Michael Dessen Trio: Between Shadow and Space (2007 [2008], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  • DJ Logic/Jason Miles: Global Noize (2008, Shanachie) B+(*)
  • Bryan Doherty Band: Rigamarole (2007 [2008], Origin) B+(*)
  • Taylor Eigsti: Let It Come to You (2008, Concord) B
  • Mike Ellis: Chicago Spontaneous Combustion Suite (2000 [2008], Alpha Pocket) B+(**)
  • The Steve Elmer Trio: Fire Down Below (2008, Steve Elmer) B+(*)
  • Empty Cage Quartet: Stratostrophic (2008, Clean Feed) B+(*)
  • Alessandro D'Episcopo Trio: Meraviglioso (2005 [2007], Altrisuoni) B+(**)
  • Wayne Escoffery and Veneration: Hopes and Dreams (2007 [2008], Savant) B+(*)
  • The Alon Farber Hagiga Sextet: Optimistic View (2006 [2008], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(**)
  • Fight the Big Bull: Dying Will Be Easy (2006 [2008], Clean Feed) B+(*)
  • Chris Flory: For You (2007 [2008], Arbors) B+(**)
  • Al Foster Quartet: Love, Peace and Jazz! (2007 [2008], Jazz Eyes) B+(**)
  • Lori Freedman & Scott Thomson: Plumb (2007 [2008], Barnyard) B+(*)
  • Paolo Fresu/Richard Galliano/Jan Lundgren: Mare Nostrum (2007 [2008], ACT) B+(**)
  • The Joel Futterman/Alvin Fielder/Ike Levin Trio: Traveling Through Now (2007 [2008], Charles Lester Music) B+(*)
  • Ricardo Gallo Cuarteto: Urdimbres y Maranas (2007 [2008], Ladistrito) B+(*)
  • Derrick Gardner and the Jazz Prophets: A Ride to the Other Side . . . of Infinity (2007 [2008], Owl Studios) B+(**)
  • Amos Garrett: Get Way Back: A Tribute to Percy Mayfield (2008, Stony Plain) B+(*)
  • Gato Libre: Kuro (2007 [2008], Libra) B+(*)
  • The Jeff Gauthier Goatette: House of Return (2008, Cryptogramophone) B+(*)
  • Alex Graham: Brand New (2007 [2008], Origin) B
  • Enrico Granafei: In Search of the Third Dimension (2008, Miles High) B
  • Grand Pianoramax: The Biggest Piano in Town (2008, ObliqSound) B
  • Tony Grey: Chasing Shadows (2008, Abstract Logix) B+(*)
  • Grupa Janke Randalu: Live (2007 [2008], Jazz 'n' Arts) B+(*)
  • Rigmor Gustafsson: Alone With You (2007 [2008], ACT) B-
  • Larry Ham: Just Me, Just You (2007 [2008], Arbors) B
  • Long Ago and Far Away: Kelly Harland Sings Jerome Kern (2006-07 [2008], Origin) B+(**)
  • Joel Harrison: The Wheel (2008, Innova) B+(*)
  • Conrad Herwig: The Latin Side of Wayne Shorter (2007 [2008], Half Note) B+(**)
  • Wayne Horvitz and Sweeter Than the Day: A Walk in the Dark (2007 [2008], [no label]) B+(**)
  • Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet: One Dance Alone (2007 [2008], Songlines) B+(*)
  • Freddie Hubbard & the New Jazz Composers Octet: On the Real Side (2007 [2008], 4Q/Times Square) B
  • Charlie Hunter Trio: Mistico (2007, Fantasy) B+(**)
  • Industrial Jazz Group: Leef (2008, Evander Music) B+(*)
  • Jon Irabagon's Outright! (2007 [2008], Innova) B+(*)
  • Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Lil' Tae Rides Again (2007 [2008], Hyena) B+(*)
  • Jessica Jones Quartet: Word (2005 [2008], New Artists) B+(**)
  • Matt Jorgensen + 451: Another Morning (2007 [2008], Origin) B
  • The Spencer Katzman Threeo: 5 Is the New 3 (2006 [2008], 6V6) B+(**)
  • Katie King: Harry's Fight (2007 [2008], OA2) B+(*)
  • Guillermo Klein/Los Guachos: Filtros (2007 [2008], Sunnyside) B+(**)
  • Omer Klein/Haggai Cohen Milo: Duet (2006, Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(**)
  • Kirk Knuffke Quartet: Bigwig (2007 [2008], Clean Feed) B+(*)
  • Lee Konitz-Ohad Talmor Big Band: Portology (2006 [2007], Omnitone) B+(**)
  • Steve Kuhn: Pastorale (2002 [2007], Sunnyside) B+(***)
  • Benjamin Lapidus: Herencia Judía (2007 [2008], Tresero) B+(**)
  • Pete Levin: Certified Organic (2008, P Lev) B
  • David Liebman/Roberto Tarenzi/Paolo Benedettini/Tony Arco: Negative Space (2005 [2008], Verve) B+(**)
  • Gene Ludwig Trio with the Bill Warfield Big Band: Duff's Blues (2008, 18th & Vine) B+(*)
  • Carmen Lundy: Come Home (2007 [2008], Afrasia) B+(*)
  • The Malchicks: To Kill a Mockingbird (2007 [2008], Zoho Roots) B+(**)
  • Phil Markowitz: Catalysis (2006 [2008], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Ellis Marsalis Quartet: An Open Letter to Thelonious (2007 [2008], ELM) B
  • Jean Martin/Colin Fisher: Little Man on the Boat (2007, Barnyard) B+(*)
  • Jean Martin/Evan Shaw: Piano Music (2007, Barnyard) B+(**)
  • Louis Mazetier: Tributes, Portraits and Other Stories (2007 [2008], Arbors) B+(**)
  • Tom McDermott and Connie Jones: Creole Nocturne (2007 [2008], Arbors) B+(*)
  • Kate McGarry: The Target (2007, Palmetto) B-
  • The Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra: First Flight (2006 [2007], Summit) B+(**)
  • Robin McKelle: Modern Antique (2007 [2008], Cheap Lullaby) B-
  • John McLaughlin: Floating Point (2008, Abstract Logix) B+(**)
  • John McNeil/Bill McHenry: Rediscovery (2007 [2008], Sunnyside) B+(**)
  • Doug Miller: Regeneration (2005-06 [2008], Origin) B
  • Moss (2008, Sunnyside) C+
  • Michael Moore Trio: Holocene (2004-05 [2008], Ramboy) B+(*)
  • Gary Morgan & PanAmericana!: Felicidade (Happiness) (2007 [2008], CAP) B+(**)
  • Paul Motian Trio 2000 + Two: Live at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 1 (2006 [2007], Winter & Winter) B+(**)
  • Doug Munro: Big Boss Bossa Nova 2.0 (2007 [2008], Chase Music Group) B+(*)
  • Jovino Santos Neto: Alma do Nordeste (Soul of the Northeast) (2008, Adventure Music) B+(**)
  • Bill O'Connell: Triple Play (2007 [2008], Savant) B+(*)
  • Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada: The Alchemist Manifesto (2008, ESL Music) B+(*)
  • Arturo O'Farrill and the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra: Song for Chico (2006 [2008], Zoho) B+(**)
  • Paradigm: Melodies for Uncertain Robots (2008, Ropeadope) B-
  • Joanna Pascale: Through My Eyes (2008, Stiletto) B+(**)
  • Nicholas Payton: Into the Blue (2007 [2008], Nonesuch) B
  • Peloton: Selected Recordings (2007, Parallel) B+(**)
  • Perez: It's Happenin' (2007 [2008], Zoho) B+(**)
  • Enrico Pieranunzi: As Never Before (2004 [2008], CAM Jazz) B+(**)
  • Public Record: Public Record (2006-08 [2008], High Two) B
  • Pam Purvis: I Had a Ball! (2007 [2008], Progressive Winds) B
  • Ed Reed: The Song Is You (2008, Blue Shorts) B+(**)
  • Pete Robbins: Do the Hate Laugh Shimmy (2007 [2008], Fresh Sound New Talent) B
  • Claudio Roditi: Impressions (2006 [2008], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Thom Rotella 4tet: Out of the Blues (2007 [2008], Four Bar Music) B+(*)
  • Alison Ruble: This Is a Bird (2008, Origin) B
  • Roswell Rudd Quartet: Keep Your Heart Right (2007 [2008], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Sălongo (2007, DBCD) B+(**)
  • Sten Sandell/Mattias Stĺhl: Grann Musik (Neighbour Music) (2007 [2008], Clean Feed) B
  • Saxophone Summit: Seraphic Light: Dedicated to Michael Brecker (2007 [2008], Telarc) B
  • Elliott Sharp: Octal Book One (2007 [2008], Clean Feed) B+(*)
  • Elliott Sharp/Scott Fields: Scharfefelder (2007 [2008], Clean Feed) B-
  • Mark Sherman Quartet: Live @ the Bird's Eye (2008, Miles High, 2CD) B+(*)
  • Matt Shulman: So It Goes (2006 [2007], Jaggo) B
  • Todd Sickafoose: Tiny Resistors (2007 [2008], Cryptogramophone) B+(*)
  • Emilio Solla y Afines: Conversas (Al Lado del Agua) (2007 [2008], Fresh Sound World Jazz) B+(*)
  • Esperalda Spalding: Esperanza (2008, Heads Up) B+(*)
  • The Stance Brothers: Kind Soul (2008, Ricky Tick) B
  • Stebmo (2008, Mount Analog) B+(*)
  • Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore: A Calculus of Loss (2006 [2008], Clean Feed) B+(*)
  • The Stein Brothers Quintet: Quixotic (2007 [2008], Jazzed Media) B+(*)
  • Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet: For the Children (1995 [2008], Cadence Jazz) B+(**)
  • Bill Stewart: Incandescence (2006 [2008], Pirouet) B
  • Rave Tesar Trio: You Decide (2006 [2008], Tesar Music) B+(**)
  • The Michael Thomas Quintet: It Is What It Is (2006, JazHead Entertainment) B
  • Wayman Tisdale: Rebound (2008, Rendezvous) B
  • Tone Dialing: Rigop Me (2006 [2008], Evil Rabbit) B+(**)
  • Giulia Valle Group: Danza Imprevista (2006 [2007], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(**)
  • Larry Vuckovich Trio: High Wall (2007 [2008], Tetrachord Music) B+(**)
  • Wayne Wallace: The Nature of the Beat (2008, Patois) B
  • Robert Walter: Cure All (2007 [2008], Palmetto) B+(*)
  • Walter "Wolfman" Washington: Doin' the Funky Thing (2008, Zoho Roots) B
  • Bobby Watson: From the Heart (2007 [2008], Palmetto) B
  • Aaron Weinstein & John Pizzarelli: Blue Too (2007 [2008], Arbors) B+(**)
  • Mark Weinstein: Straight No Chaser (2008, Jazzheads) B
  • Shea Breaux Wells: A Blind Date (2007 [2008], Ultimate) B+(**)
  • Kenny Wheeler: Other People (2005 [2008], CAM Jazz) B+(*)
  • Glenn White: Sacred Machines (2007 [2008], OA2) B
  • Norma Winstone: Distances (2007 [2008], ECM) B+(**)

  • Yellowjackets: Lifesycle (2008, Heads Up) B-

The following appeared (or soon will) in Recycled Goods:

  • Albert Ayler: New York Eye and Ear Control (1964 [2008], ESP-Disk) B+(*)
  • The Cannonball Adderley Sextet: In New York (Keepnews Collection) (1962 [2008], Riverside) B
  • Nat Adderley: Work Song (1960 [2008], Riverside/Keepnews Collection) A-
  • Paul Bley Trio: Closer (1965 [2008], ESP-Disk) A-
  • George Cables: Morning Song (1980 [2008], High Note) B+(*)
  • Don Cherry: Live at Café Montmartre 1966: Volume Two (1966 [2008], ESP-Disk) B
  • Ornette Coleman: Town Hall, 1962 (1962 [2008], ESP-Disk) B+(***)
  • Dominique Cravic & Les Primitifs du Futur: Tribal Musette (2007-08 [2008], Sunnyside) A-
  • Toumani Diabaté: The Mandé Variations (2008, World Circuit/Nonesuch) B+(**)
  • Droppin' Science: Greatest Samples From the Blue Note Lab (1966-74 [2008], Blue Note) C+
  • Bill Evans Trio: Portrait in Jazz (Keepnews Collection) (1959 [2008], Riverside) A-
  • Coleman Hawkins: The Hawk Flies High (1957 [2008], Riverside/Keepnews Collection) A-
  • Milt Jackson/Wes Montgomery: Bags Meets Wes! (Keepnews Collection) (1961 [2008], Riverside) B+(**)
  • Bob James Trio: Explosions (1965 [2008], ESP-Disk) B+(***)
  • Steve Lacy: The Forest and the Zoo (1966 [2008], ESP-Disk) A-
  • Frank Lowe: Black Beings (1973 [2008], ESP-Disk) B-
  • Gabi Lunca: Sounds From a Bygone Age, Vol. 5 (1956-78 [2008], Asphalt Tango) A-
  • Wynton Marsalis: Standards & Ballads (1983-98 [2008], Columbia/Legacy) B
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The following were briefly sampled from download sources (e.g., Rhapsody). They may be revisited if/when I get real copies.

  • Bill Frisell: History, Mystery (2002-07 [2008], Nonesuch, 2CD) A-
  • Charlie Haden: The Best of Quartet West (1986-96 [2007], Verve) B+(*)
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