Jazz Consumer Guide:
Artist Index

This is a cumulative list of records reviewed in Jazz Consumer Guide, indexed by artist. In order to better group the records by artist minor differences in artist names have been omitted. Sort within artist is generally by the last year of material included or release date.

Juhani Aaltonen: Conclusions (TUM) A− 

Anders Aarum: First Communion (Jazzaway) *** 

Rez Abbasi:

  • Snake Charmer (Earth Sounds) A− 
  • Things to Come (Sunnyside) ** 

John Abercrombie: The Third Quartet (ECM) B 

Rabih Abou-Khalil:

  • Morton's Foot (Enja/Justin Time) A− 
  • : Journey to the Centre of an Egg (Enja/Justin Time) A− 

Abraham Inc: Tweet Tweet (Table Pounding) *** 

Muhal Richard Abrams: SoundDance (Pi) A− 

Jason Adasiewicz: Rolldown: Varmint (Cuneiform) *** 

: Sonny II: The Music of Sonny Sharrock (Winter & Winter) *** 

Ralph Alessi: Cognitive Dissonance (CAM Jazz) *** 

Eric Alexander:

  • Dead Center (High Note) A− 
  • Temple of Olympic Zeus (High Note) B− 

Monty Alexander: /Ernest Ranglin: Rocksteady (Telarc) C 

Carl Allen: /Rodney Whitaker: Get Ready (Mack Avenue) ** 

Eddie Allen: The Aggregation: Groove's Mood (DBCD) *** 

Geri Allen:

  • /Dave Holland/Jack DeJohnette: The Life of a Song (Telarc) A− 
  • Timeless Portraits and Dreams (Telarc) B− 

Harry Allen:

  • /Joe Cohn: Hey, Look Me Over (Arbors) A− 
  • Hits by Brits (Challenge) *** 
  • /Joe Cohn: Music From Guys and Dolls (Arbors) A− 
  • /Joe Cohn: Plays Music From South Pacific (Arbors) *** 
  • New York State of Mind (Challenge) ** 

Marshall Allen:

  • /Matthew Shipp/Joe Morris: Night Logic (RogueArt) *** 
  • Sun Ra Arkestra: Live at the Paradox (In+Out) *** 

Ben Allison:

  • Cowboy Justice (Palmetto) A− 
  • Man Size Safe: Little Things Run the World (Palmetto) A− 
  • Think Free (Palmetto) A− 

Mose Allison: The Way of the World (Anti-) *** 

: /Albert Van Veenendaal: The Mystery of Guests (Evil Rabbit) ** 

Jimmy Amadie: (TP) *** 

Rodrigo Amado:

  • Motion Trio (European Echoes) *** 
  • Searching for Adam (Not Two) A− 

Amalgam: Prayer for Peace (1969, FMR) A 

Scott Amendola: Believe (Cryptogramophone) A− 

Maria Anadon: A Jazzy Way (Arbors) A− 

Arild Andersen:

  • The Triangle (ECM) *** 
  • Live at Belleville (ECM) A− 
  • Green in Blue: Early Quartets (ECM) *** 

Ernestine Anderson:

  • A Song for You (High Note) ** 
  • Nightlife (High Note) *** 

Fred Anderson:

  • Back at the Velvet Lounge (Delmark) A− 
  • /Hamid Drake: Back Together Again (Thrill Jockey) A− 
  • /Hamid Drake/William Parker: Blue Winter (Eremite) A− 
  • /Hamid Drake: From the River to the Ocean (Thrill Jockey) A− 

Ray Anderson: BassDrumBone: The Line Up (Clean Feed) *** 


  • Every Woman Is a Tree (Clean Feed) *** 
  • Epileptical West: Live in Coimbra (Clean Feed) A 

E.J. Antonio: Rituals in the Marrow (Blue Zygo) *** 

Hugo Antunes: Roll Call (Clean Feed) *** 

Peter Apfelbaum: /New York Heiroglyphics: It Is Written (ACT) B− 

Dan Aran: Breathing (Smalls) ** 

Antonio Arnedo: Colombia (Adventure Music) *** 

Ehud Asherie: Modern Life (Posi-Tone) *** 

Pablo Aslan:

  • Buenos Aires Tango Standards (Zoho) A− 
  • Tango Grill (Zoho) *** 

Mulatu Astatke:

  • New York-Addis-London: The Story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975 (Strut) A− 
  • /The Heliocentrics: Inspiration Information (Strut) A− 

Atomic: /School Days: Distil (Okka Disk) ** 

Omer Avital: The Ancient Art of Giving (Smalls) A− 

Tommy Babin's Benzene: Your Body Is Your Prison (Drip Audio) A− 

The Bad Plus:

  • Give (Columbia) A− 
  • For All I Care (Heads Up) B− 

Donald Bailey: Blueprints of Jazz, Vol. 3 (Talking House) *** 

Billy Bang:

  • /Frank Lowe: Above & Beyond: An Evening in Grand Rapids (Justin Time) A− 
  • Prayer for Peace (TUM) A 

Patricia Barber:

  • A Fortnight in Paris (Blue Note) *** 
  • The Cole Porter Mix (Blue Note) A− 

Scotty Barnhart: Say It Plain (Unity Music) *** 

Jorge Lima Barreto: Zul Zelub (Clean Feed) A− 

Ray Barretto: Time Was - Time Is (O+ Music) *** 


  • Ronin: Stoa (ECM) A− 
  • Ronin: Holon (ECM) A− 
  • Ronin: Rea (Ronin Rhythm) A 
  • Ronin: (ECM) *** 

Count Basie: Mustermesse Basel 1956 Part 1 (TCB) A− 

Batagraf: Statements (ECM) *** 

Michael Bates: Clockwise (Greenleaf Music) *** 

Bayashi: Rock (Jazzaway) *** 

Bob Belden: Three Days of Rain (Original Soundtrack) (Sunnyside) *** 

Louie Bellson: Clark Terry: Louie & Clark Expedition 2 (Percussion Power) *** 

Fernando Benadon: Intuitivo (Innova) ** 

Bryan Beninghove: Organ Trio (CDBaby) *** 

: (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 

Sathima Bea Benjamin: Song Spirit (Ekapa) *** 

George Benson: Irreplaceable (GRP) C− 

Cheryl Bentyne: The Book of Love (Telarc) C− 

Borah Bergman: Luminiscence (Tzadik) A− 

Jerry Bergonzi:

  • Tenorist (Savant) *** 
  • Tenor Talk (Savant) A− 
  • Simply Put (Savant) A− 
  • Three for All (Savant) *** 
  • Convergence (Savant) A− 

Tim Berne:

  • Big Satan: Souls Saved Hear (Thirsty Ear) A− 
  • Paraphrase: Pre-Emptive Denial (Screwgun) A 
  • Bloodcount: Seconds (Screwgun) A− 
  • Buffalo: Collision (Duck) (Screwgun) *** 

Chuck Bernstein: Delta Berimbau Blues (CMB) *** 

Steven Bernstein:

  • Diaspora Hollywood (Tzadik) A− 
  • Diaspora Suite (Tzadik) A− 
  • Millennial Territory Orchestra: We Are MTO (Mowo!) A 
  • /Marcus Rojas/Kresten Osgood: Tattoos and Mushrooms (ILK) *** 

Ignacio Berroa: Codes (Blue Note) A− 

: /Sean Bergin: Mixing It (Pingo) ** 


  • /Lukas Ligeti: Shadowglow (TUM) A− 
  • /William Parker/Hamid Drake: DMG @ the Stone: Volume 2 (DMG/ARC) A− 

Jim Black: Habyor (Winter & Winter) *** 

Terence Blanchard: A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina) (Blue Note) *** 

Michael Blake: /Kresten Osgood: Control This (Clean Feed) ** 

Blink: The Epidemic of Ideas (Thirsty Ear) *** 

Ryan Blotnick: Music Needs You (Songlines) *** 

The Blue Note 7: Mosaic (Blue Note) B 

The Blueprint Project:

  • The Blueprint Project (Creative Nation Music) A− 
  • People I Like (Creative Nation Music) *** 

Jimmy Blythe: Messin' Around Blues (Delmark) *** 

Bo's Art Trio: Live: Jazz Is Free and So Are We! (Icdisc) ** 

Phil Bodner: Once More With Feeling (Arbors) *** 

Mike Boone: Yeah, I Said It . . . (Dreambox Media) *** 

: Quartet B: Crystal Mountain (Fono) A− 

Chris Botti: When I Fall in Love (Columbia) B− 

Ralph Bowen: Dedicated (Posi-Tone) ** 

Boxhead Ensemble: Nocturnes (Atavistic) *** 

Anthony Braxton:

  • 23 Standards (Quartet) (Leo) A− 
  • 20 Standards (Quartet) 2003 (Leo) A 
  • Solo Willisau (Intakt) ** 
  • /Kyle Brenders: Toronto (Duets) 2007 (Barnyard) ** 
  • /Milford Graves/William Parker: Beyond Quantum (Tzadik) A− 
  • /Maral Yakshieva: Improvisations (Duo) 2008 (SoLyd) *** 
  • 19 Standards (Quartet) 2003 (Leo) A− 

Brazilian Trio: Forests (Zoho) *** 

Michael Brecker:

  • /Joe Lovano/Dave Liebman: Saxophone Summit: Gathering of Spirits (Telarc) C+ 
  • Pilgrimage (Heads Up) ** 

Randy Brecker:

  • Nostalgic Journey: Tykocin Jazz Suite/The Music of Wlodek Pawlik (Summit) *** 
  • /Michael Brecker: Some Skunk Funk (Telarc) C 

Wolfert Brederode: Currents (ECM) *** 

Bridge Quartet: Night (Origin) *** 


  • Clarinet Project: Berlin Djungle (1984, Atavistic) *** 
  • /Friis Nielsen/Uuskyla: Medicina (Atavistic) A− 
  • Chicago Tentet: Be Music, Night (Okka Disk) *** 
  • Chicago Tentet: American Landscapes 1 (Okkadisk) *** 
  • Chicago Tentet: American Landscapes 2 (Okkadisk) ** 
  • The Complete Machine Gun Sessions (Atavistic) ** 
  • /Peeter Uuskyla: Born Broke (Atavistic) *** 
  • /Toshinori Kondo/Massimo Pupillo/Paal Nilssen-Love: Hairy Bones (Okka Disk) A− 
  • : Full Blast/Black Hole (Atavistic) *** 
  • /Paal Nilssen-Love: Sweet Sweat (Smalltown Superjazz) ** 
  • Chicago Tentet + 1: 3 Nights in Oslo (Smalltown Superjazz) *** 

Anthony Brown:

  • Asian American Orchestra: Monk's Moods (Water Baby) A− 
  • India & Africa: A Tribute to John Coltrane (Water Baby) A− 

James Brown: Soul on Top (1969, Verve) A 

Rob Brown:

  • Sounds (Clean Feed) ** 
  • Crown Trunk Root Funk (AUM Fidelity) A− 

Dave Brubeck: London Flat London Sharp (Telarc) *** 

Bill Bruford: Earthworks: Random Acts of Happiness (Summerfold) *** 

Bryan and the Haggards: Pretend It's the End of the World (Hot Cup) *** 

Greg Burk: Many Worlds (482 Music) *** 

Burnt Sugar/The Arkestra Chamber: Making Love to the Dark Ages (Live Wired) *** 

Dave Burrell:

  • Expansion (High Two) *** 
  • /Billy Martin: Consequences (Amulet) *** 

Kenny Burrell:

  • 75th Birthday Bash Live! (Blue Note) C+ 

Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra: Where or When (Owl Studios) A− 

Chris Byars: Photos in Black, White and Gray (Smalls) A− 

Uri Caine:

  • /Bedrock: Shelf-Life (Winter & Winter) A− 
  • Plays Mozart (Winter & Winter) *** 

Will Calhoun: Native Lands (Half Note) *** 

Roy Campbell:

  • The Gift: Live at Sangha: Nov 6, 2004 (Bmadish) *** 
  • Akhenaten Suite (AUM Fidelity) A− 

Ila Cantor: Mother Nebula (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 

Frank Carlberg: State of the Union (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 

James Carney: Ways & Means (Songlines) *** 

Ralph Carney:

  • Carneyball Johnson: Carneyball Johnson (Akron Cracker) A− 
  • Serious Jass Project (Akron Cracker) A− 


  • /Dewey Redman: Open Spaces (Spool/Line) *** 
  • Happening (Leo) A− 
  • /Michel Lambert/Jean-Jacques Avenel: Within (Leo) A− 
  • The Digital Box (Ayler) A− 
  • /Alexey Lapin/Michel Lambert: Inner Spire (Leo) *** 
  • /Michel Lambert: Nada (Creative Sources) *** 

Terri Lyne Carrington: More to Say . . . (Koch) C− 

Bill Carrothers: Shine Ball (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Benny Carter: (1960, Capitol Jazz) A− 

James Carter:

  • Gardenias for Lady Day (Columbia) B− 
  • Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge (Warner Bros.) A− 
  • /Cyrus Chestnut/Ali Jackson/Reginald Veal: Gold Sounds (Brown Brothers) B− 
  • Present Tense (Emarcy) *** 
  • Heaven on Earth (Half Note) A− 

Regina Carter: I'll Be Seeing You: A Sentimental Journey (Verve) *** 

Eugene Chadbourne: Jack & Jim Show: Hearing Is Believing (Boxholder) *** 

Eugene Chadbourne: The Hills Have Jazz (Boxholder) *** 

Bill Charlap: /Sandy Stewart: Love Is Here to Stay (Blue Note) B− 

Chicago Underground Trio: Slon (Thrill Jockey) A− 

Tom Christensen: New York School (Playscape) A− 

Nels Cline:

  • Singers: The Giant Pin (Cryptogramophone) *** 
  • Singers: Initiate (Cryptogramophone) A− 
  • Dirty Baby (Cryptogramophone) *** 

Club D'Elf: Now I Understand (Accurate) A− 

Anat Cohen:

  • Place & Time (Anzic) A− 
  • /Anzic Orchestra: Noir (Anzic) *** 
  • Notes From the Village (Anzic) A− 
  • Clarinetwork: Live at the Village Vanguard (Anzic) A− 

Avishai Cohen:

  • At Home (RazDaz/Sunnyside) A− 
  • Continuo (RazDaz/Sunnyside) *** 
  • As Is . . . Live at the Blue Note (Razdaz/Half Note) *** 

Bill Cole: Untempered Ensemble: Proverbs for Sam (2001, Boxholder) A− 

Freddy Cole:

  • The Dreamer in Me (High Note) A− 
  • Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B (High Note) A− 

Steve Cole: Spin (Narada Jazz) C+ 

Ornette Coleman: Sound Grammar (Sound Grammar) A 

Denis Colin: Something in Common (Sunnyside) A− 

George Colligan: Mad Science: Realization (Sirocco Jazz) *** 

Commitment: The Complete Recordings 1981/1983 (1981-83, NoBusiness) A− 

Conference Call: What About . . . . ? (Not Two) A− 

Todd Coolman: Perfect Strangers (ArtistShare) *** 


  • /Assif Tsahar: America (Hopscotch) *** 
  • Triptych Myth: The Beautiful (AUM Fidelity) A− 

Marc Copland: /John Abercrombie/Kenny Wheeler: Brand New (Challenge) *** 

Chick Corea: Elektrik Band: To the Stars (Stretch) C 

Correction: Two Nights in April (Ayler) *** 

Cosmosamatics: Three (Boxholder) *** 

Neil Cowley: Displaced (Hide Inside) A− 

Marilyn Crispell:

  • Storyteller (ECM) A− 
  • /David Rothenberg: One Night I Left My Silent House (ECM) A− 

David Crowell: Spectrum (Innova) *** 

Stephan Crump:

  • Reclamation (Sunnyside) A− 
  • /James Carney: Echo Run Pry (Clean Feed) *** 

Jamie Cullum:

  • Catching Tales (Verve/Forecast) C+ 
  • The Pursuit (Verve) C 

Curlew: 1st Album/Live at CBGB (DMG/ARC) A− 

Chris Dahlgren: Mystic Maze (Jazzwerkstatt) *** 

Lars Danielsson: Tarantella (ACT) A− 

Kenny Davern: /Ken Peplowski: Dialogues (Arbors) *** 

Roger Davidson: : (Soundbrush) *** 

Jamie Davis:

  • It's a Good Thing (Unity Music) *** 
  • Vibe Over Perfection (Unity Music) ** 

Kris Davis:

  • The Slightest Shift (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 
  • Lifespan (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 
  • Rye Eclipse (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Miles Davis:

  • Birdland 1951 (Blue Note) B− 
  • The Complete On the Corner Sessions (Columbia/Legacy) A− 

On Ka'a Davis: Seed of Djuke (Live Wired Music) *** 

Ernest Dawkins:

  • Chicago 12: Misconceptions of a Delusion Shades of a Charace (Dawk) *** 
  • New Horizons Ensemble: The Messenger: Live at the Original Velvet Lounge (Delmark) *** 

Decoy & Joe McPhee: Oto (Bo Weavil) *** 

Joey DeFrancesco: Snap Shot (High Note) *** 

Peter Delano: For Dewey (Sunnyside) *** 

: Phonetics (Songlines) *** 

Todd DelGiudice: Pencil Sketches (OA2) *** 

Les DeMerle:

  • Cookin' at the Corner, Vol. 1 (Origin) *** 
  • Gypsy Rendezvous, Vol. One (Origin) *** 

De Nazaten: /James Carter: Skratyology (Strotbrock) A− 

Ted Des Plantes: Washboard Wizards: Thumpin' and Bumpin' (Stomp Off) A− 

: (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Stacey Dillard: One (Smalls) *** 

Bill Dixon: 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur (AUM Fidelity) B 

: /New Jungle Orchestra: Dancing Cheek to Cheek (Stunt) A− 

Hamid Drake: /Assif Tsahar: (Ayler) *** 

Paquito D'Rivera: Tango Jazz: Live at Jazz at Lincoln Center (Sunnyside) A− 

Dave Douglas:

  • /Louis Sclavis/Peggy Lee/Dylan van der Schyff: Bow River Falls (Premonition) A− 
  • Keystone: Moonshine (Greenleaf Music) A− 
  • Spirit Moves (Greenleaf Music) *** 

Scott DuBois:

  • Banshees (Sunnyside) A− 
  • Black Hawk Dance (Sunnyside) *** 

Lajos Dudas: Jazz on Stage (Jazz Stick) *** 

Gerd Dudek: /Buschi Niebergall/Edward Vesala: Open (1977, Atavistic) A− 

Duo Nueva Finlandia: Short Stories (TUM) *** 

Dominic Duval: /Mark Whitecage: Rules of Engagement, Vol. 1 (Drimala) *** 

Bill Easley: Business Man's Bounce (18th & Vine) *** 

East West Quintet: Vast (Native Language Music) C+ 

EEA: The Dark (Origin) C+ 

Marty Ehrlich: /Myra Melford: Spark! (Palmetto) ** 

Taylor Eigsti: Lucky to Be Me (Concord) B− 

Marty Ehrlich: Line on Love (Palmetto) A− 

Mathias Eick: Skala (ECM) A− 

Nathan Eklund: Trip to the Casbah (Jazz Excursion) *** 

Kurt Elling: Nightmoves (Concord) C+ 

Duke Ellington:

  • The Bubber Miley Era (1924-29, Jazz Legends) A 
  • Ellington Uptown (1947-52, Columbia/Legacy) A 

John Ellis: One Foot in the Swamp (Hyena) *** 

Mike Ellis: Bahia Band (Alpha Pocket) A− 

: /Roberto Rodriguez: Descarga Oriental: The New York Sessions (Piranha) A− 

El-P: /The Blue Series Continuum: High Water (Thirsty Ear) A− 

Amir ElSaffar: Two Rivers (Pi) *** 

Kahil El'Zabar:

  • Infinity Orchestra: Transmigration (Delmark) A− 
  • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Hot 'N' Heavy (Delmark) *** 

Craig Enright: La Belleza . . . (CDBaby) *** 

Peter Epstein: /Brad Shepik/Matt Kilmer: Lingua Franca (Songlines) A− 

Wayne Escoffery: Intuition (Nagel Heyer) B− 

Ellery Eskelin:

  • Quiet Music (Prime Source) *** 
  • /Gerry Hemingway: Inbetween Spaces (Auricle) A− 

E.S.T.: Seven Days of Falling (215 Records) *** 

John Ettinger: /Pete Forbes: Inquatica (Ettinger Music) *** 

Peter Evans: Live in Lisbon (Clean Feed) *** 

Exploding Customer:

  • Live at Tampere Jazz Happening (Ayler) *** 
  • At Your Service (Ayler) *** 

Jon Faddis: Teranga (Koch) A 

Kali Z. Fasteau: /Kidd Jordan: People of the Ninth: New Orleans and the Hurricane 2005 (Flying Note) *** 

Fat Cat Big Band:

  • Meditations on the War for Whose Great God Is the Most High You Are God (Smalls) ** 
  • Angels Praying for Freedom (Smalls) ** 

Avram Fefer:

  • Ritual (Clean Feed) *** 
  • /Eric Revis/Chad Taylor: Eliyahu (Not Two) A− 

Alvin Fielder: A Measure of Vision (Clean Feed) *** 

Joe Fielder: Plays the Music of Albert Mangelsdorff (Clean Feed) *** 

Scott Fields: Freetet: Bitter Love Songs (Clean Feed) A− 

Fight the Big Bull: All Is Gladness in the Kingdom (Clean Feed) *** 

Ken Filiano & Quantum Entanglements: Dreams From a Clown Car (Clean Feed) *** 

James Finn: Plaza de Toros (Clean Feed) *** 

Firehouse: (Ayler) *** 

: Throw Down Your Heart: Tales From the Acoustic Planet Vol. 3: Africa Sessions (Rounder) A− 

Food: Quiet Inlet (ECM) ** 

Anat Fort:

  • A Long Story (ECM) *** 
  • And If (ECM) *** 

Fourplay: Journey (Bluebird) C 

Billy Fox's Blackbirds & Bullets: Dulces (Clean Feed) *** 

Joel Frahm: We Used to Dance (Anzic) *** 

Dominic Frasca: Deviations (Cantaloupe/Serious Music) *** 

Nnenna Freelon: Blueprint of a Lady: Sketches of Billie Holiday (Concord) B− 

Von Freeman:

  • Good Forever (Premonition) *** 
  • The Best of Von Freeman on Premonition (Premonition) A− 

Bob French: Marsalis Music Honors Bob French (Marsalis Music/Rounder) *** 

Erik Friedlander:

  • Prowl (Cryptogramophone) A− 
  • /Mike Sarin/Trevor Dunn: Broken Arm Trio (Skipstone) *** 

Bill Frisell:

  • Richter 858 (Songlines) B− 
  • /Matt Chamberlain/Tucker Martine/Lee Townsend: Floratone (Blue Note) *** 
  • History, Mystery (Nonesuch) A− 
  • Disfarmer (Nonesuch) A− 
  • Beautiful Dreamers (Savoy Jazz) A− 

Dave Frishberg: Retromania: At the Jazz Bakery (Arbors) *** 

Satoko Fujii:

  • Illusion Suite (Libra) *** 
  • Zephyros (NatSat) A− 
  • Orchestra Nagoya: Maru (Bakamo) *** 
  • Junk Box: Fragment (Libra) A− 
  • /Natsuki Tamura: In Krakow in November (Not Two) *** 
  • When We Were There (Libra) A− 
  • Bacchus (Onoff) C+ 
  • Orchestra New York: Summer Suite (Libra) A 
  • Trace a River (Libra) A− 
  • Under the Water (Libra) *** 
  • Junk Box: Sunny Then Cloudy (Libra) ** 
  • Orchestra Nagoya: Sanrei (Bamako) ** 
  • First Meeting: Cut the Rope (Libra) A− 
  • Ma-Do: Desert Ship (Not Two) *** 
  • Orchestra Tokyo: Zakopane (Libra) *** 
  • /Carla Kihlstedt [Minamo]: Kuroi Kawa - Black River (Tzadik) *** 

Curtis Fuller: I Will Tell Her (Capri) *** 

The Fully Celebrated: Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones (AUM Fidelity) A 

Andrea Fultz: The German Projekt: German Songs From the Twenties & Thirties (The German Projekt) A− 

Joel Futterman: /Alvin Fielder/Ike Levin: Resolving Doors (Charles Lester Music) *** 

Kenny G: The Essential Kenny G (1986-2004, Arista/Legacy) C 

Eddie Gale: Afro-Fire (Black Beauty) *** 

Hal Galper: /Reggie Workman/Rashied Ali: Art-Work (Origin) A− 

Garage A Trois: Outre Mer (Telarc) A− 

Jan Garbarek:

  • In Praise of Dreams (ECM) *** 
  • Dresden (ECM) A− 

Kenny Garrett:

  • Beyond the Wall (Nonesuch) B 
  • Sketches of MD (Mack Avenue) A− 

Giacomo Gates: Luminosity (Doubledave Music) *** 

Gaucho: Deep Night (Gaucho) ** 

Stephen Gauci/Kris Davis/Michael Bisio: Three (Clean Feed) *** 

Tobias Gebb: /Trio West: An Upper West Side Story (Yummy House) *** 

Moncef Genoud: Aqua (Savoy Jazz) A− 

Paul Giallorenzo: Get In to Go Out (482 Music) *** 

Joe Giardullo: No Work Today: Nine for Steve Lacy (Drimala) *** 

Melvin Gibbs: Elevated Entity: Ancients Speak (Live Wired Music) A− 

Lafayette Gilchrist: The Music According to Lafayette Gilchrist (Hyena/Shantytone) *** 

Robert Glasper: Double Booked (Blue Note) B− 

The Godforgottens: Never Forgotten, Always Remembered (Clean Feed) A− 

Ben Goldberg:

  • The Door, the Hat, the Chair, the Fact (Cryptogramophone) *** 
  • Go Home (BAG) *** 

Larry Goldings: Quartet (Palmetto) B− 


  • Inspiration Band: Nile River Suite (Daagnim) A− 
  • Spirit Meridian: Idle Wild (Clean Feed) A− 
  • Boston Project: No Photograph Available (Clean Feed) *** 
  • A Matter of Blood (Furthermore) *** 
  • Jnaana Septet: The Gift of Discernment (Not Two) A− 

Jerry Gonzalez: Jerry Gonzalez y los Piratas del Flamenco (Sunnyside) A− 

Jerry Granelli:

  • Sandhills Reunion (Songlines) A− 
  • /V16: The Sonic Temple: Monday and Tuesday (Songlines) *** 

Gordon Grdina:

  • Box Cutter: Unlearn (Spool/Line) *** 
  • . . . If Accident Will (Plunge) *** 

Henry Grimes:

  • Live at the Kerava Jazz Festival (Ayler) *** 
  • /Rashied Ali: Spirits Aloft (Porter) A− 

Marty Grosz: Hot Winds, the Classic Sessions (Arbors) *** 

Grupo Los Santos: Lo Que Somos Lo Que Sea (Deep Tone) A− 

Jostein Gulbrandsen: Twelve (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Mats Gustafsson:

  • The Thing: Garage (Smalltown Superjazz) *** 
  • /Sonic Youth: Hidros 3 (to Patti Smith) (Smalltown Supersound) *** 
  • The Thing: Now and Forever (Smalltown Superjazz) ** 

Tord Gustavsen:

  • The Ground (ECM) *** 
  • Being There (ECM) *** 
  • Restored, Returned (ECM) *** 

Charlie Haden: /Antonio Forcione: Heartplay (Naim) *** 

John Hagen: Segments (Cadence Jazz) A− 

Jim Hall:

  • Magic Meeting (ArtistShare) A− 
  • /Bill Frisell: Hemispheres (ArtistShare) *** 

Rich Halley:

  • Mountains and Plains (Louie) A− 
  • Live at the Penofin Jazz Festival (Pine Eagle) *** 

Mary Halvorson: /Jessica Pavone: Thin Air (Thirsty Ear) B− 

Scott Hamilton:

  • Live in London (Concord) *** 
  • Back in New York (Concord) A− 
  • Nocturnes & Serenades (Concord) A− 

Herbie Hancock:

  • Possibilities (Hear Music) C 
  • River: The Joni Letters (Verve) B− 
  • The Imagine Project (Hancock) B 

Sir Roland Hanna:

  • Tributaries: Reflections on Tommy Flanagan (IPO) A− 
  • /Carrie Smith: I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues: The Songs of Harold Arlen (IPO) A− 

Happy Apple:

  • The Peace Between Our Companies (Sunnyside) A− 
  • Happy Apple Back on Top (Sunnyside) A− 

Billy Harper: Blueprints of Jazz, Vol. 2 (Talking House) ** 

Harriet Tubman: Ascension (Sunnyside) *** 

Antonio Hart: All We Need (Downtown Sound/Chiaroscuro) C+ 

Jon Hassell: Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street (ECM) B− 

Roy Haynes: Fountain of Youth (Dreyfus) *** 

David Hazeltine: Modern Standards (Sharp Nine) *** 

Terra Hazelton: Anybody's Baby (HealeyOphonic) *** 

Jeff Healey:

  • /Jazz Wizards: It's Tight Like That (Stony Plain) A− 
  • Last Call (Stony Plain) *** 

Percy Heath: A Love Song (Daddy Jazz) A− 

Kieran Hebden:

  • /Steve Reid: The Exchange Session Vol. 1 (Domino) A− 
  • /Steve Reid: Tongues (Domino) *** 

Mark Helias: Open Loose: Atomic Clock (Radio Legs Music) *** 

Gerry Hemingway:

  • Double Blues Crossing (Between the Lines) *** 
  • The Whimbler (Clean Feed) A− 

Ian Hendrickson-Smith: Up in Smoke! (Sharp Nine) A− 

Steve Herberman: Ideals (Reach Music) *** 

Benjamin Herman: Hypochristmastreefuzz [Special Edition] (Dox) A 

Fred Hersch:

  • Leaves of Grass (Palmetto) B− 
  • Whirl (Palmetto) A− 

Fred Hess: Crossed Paths (Tapestry) *** 

Frank Hewitt:

  • We Loved You (Smalls) A− 
  • Fresh From the Cooler (1996, Smalls) A− 

John Hicks:

  • Sweet Love of Mine (High Note) *** 
  • /Frank Morgan: Twogether (High Note) A− 

Andrew Hill:

  • Mosaic Select (1967-70, Mosaic) B+ 
  • Pax (1965, Blue Note) A− 

Buck Hill: Relax (Severn) *** 

Maurice Hines: To Nat "King" Cole With Love (Arbors) A− 

Hiromi: Brain (Telarc) *** 

Ron Hockett: Finally Ron (Arbors) *** 

Ari Hoenig: The Painter (Smalls) A− 

Dave Holland:

  • /Gonzalo Rubalcaba/Chris Potter/Eric Harland: The Monterey Quartet: Live at the 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival (Monterey Jazz Festival) *** 
  • Pathways (Dare2) *** 

John Hollenbeck:

  • Claudia Quintet: I, Claudia (Cuneiform) A− 
  • Claudia Quintet: Semi-Formal (Cuneiform) A− 
  • Claudia Quintet: For (Cuneiform) A− 
  • Claudia Quintet/Gary Versace: Royal Toast (Cuneiform) *** 
  • Rainbow Jimmies (GPE) *** 

Honey Ear Trio: Steampunk Serenade (Foxhaven) A− 

William Hooker: Crossing Points (NoBusiness) *** 

Maurice Horsthuis: Elastic Jargon (Data) *** 

Wayne Horvitz: Gravitas Quartet: Way Out East (Songlines) *** 

Jason Kao Hwang:

  • Graphic Evidence (Asian Improv) *** 
  • /Edge: Stories Before Within (Innova) *** 

Dick Hyman: /Chris Hopkins: Teddy Wilson in 4 Hands (Victoria) A− 

I Compani: Mangiare! (Icdisc) *** 

Adrian Iaies: /Michael Zisman: Vals de la 81st & Columbus (Sunnyside) *** 

Abdullah Ibrahim:

  • Senzo (Sunnyside) A− 
  • /WDR Big Band Cologne: Bombella (Sunnyside) *** 
  • Sotho Blue (Sunnyside) A− 

Ibrahim Electric: Meets Ray Anderson (Stunt) A− 

ICP Orchestra: ICP 049 (ICP) A− 

Industrial Jazz Group: Industrial Jazz a Go Go! (Evander Music) *** 

Inzinzac: Inzinzac (High Two) A− 

Jon Irabagon:

  • I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues (Loyal Label) ** 
  • The Observer (Concord) *** 
  • Foxy (Hot Cup) A− 

Sherman Irby: Faith (Black Warrior) *** 

Isotope: Golden Section (Cuneiform) A− 

Vijay Iyer:

  • Fieldwork: Simulated Progress (Pi) A− 
  • /Mike Ladd: Still Life With Commentator (Savoy Jazz) A− 
  • /Rudresh Mahanthappa: Raw Materials (Savoy Jazz) B 
  • Fieldwork: Door (Pi) A− 
  • Tragicomic (Sunnyside) A 
  • Historicity (ACT) A− 
  • Solo (ACT) *** 
  • Tirtha (ACT) *** 

Javon Jackson: Have You Heard (Palmetto) C+ 

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Walking With Giants (Hyena) *** 

Ahmad Jamal: It's Magic (Dreyfus) *** 

Keith Jarrett: /Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette: My Foolish Heart: Live at Montreux (ECM) A− 

Jaruzelski's Dream: Jazz Gawronski (Clean Feed) *** 

The Jazz Passengers: Reunited (Justin Time) *** 

Billy Jenkins: When the Crowds Have Gone (Babel) *** 

Brent Jensen:

  • Trios (Origin) *** 
  • One More Mile (Origin) A− 

Gabriel Johnson: Fra_ctured (Electrofone) *** 

Jeff Johnson: Tall Stranger (Origin) *** 

Marc Johnson: Shades of Jade (ECM) *** 

Darren Johnston:

  • /Fred Frith/Larry Ochs/Devin Hoff/Ches Smith: Reasons for Moving (Not Two) *** 
  • The Edge of the Forest (Clean Feed) A− 

Darius Jones: Man'ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing) (AUM Fidelity) A− 

Hank Jones:

  • Great Jazz Trio: Someday My Prince Will Come (Eighty-Eights/Columbia) *** 
  • For My Father (Justin Time) *** 

Jessica Jones: Nod (New Artists) *** 

Oliver Jones: /Hank Jones: Pleased to Meet You (Justin Time) *** 

Kidd Jordan: /Hamid Drake/William Parker: Palm of Soul (AUM Fidelity) A− 

Sheila Jordan:

  • /Cameron Brown: Celebration (High Note) A− 
  • Winter Sunshine (Justin Time) ** 

Barb Jungr: The Men I Love: The New American Songbook (Naim) *** 

Henry Kaiser: /Wadada Leo Smith: Yo Miles! Sky Garden (Cuneiform) *** 

Lindha Kallerdahl: Gold (ESP-Disk) C+ 

: Neighbourhood (ECM) A− 

Arthur Kell:

  • Traveller (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 
  • Victoria: Live in Germany (Bju'ecords) A− 

Grace Kelly: /Lee Konitz: GraceFulLee (Pazz Productions) *** 

Stacey Kent: Breakfast on the Morning Tram (Blue Note) *** 

Soweto Kinch: A Life in the Day of B19: Tales of the Tower Block (Dune) B− 

Oleg Kireyev:

  • Mandala (Jazzheads) A− 
  • /Keith Javors: Rhyme & Reason (Inarhyme) A− 

Kirk Knuffke: Amnesia Brown (Clean Feed) *** 

Eero Koivistoinen & Co.: 3rd Version (Porter)  

Adam Kolker: Flag Day (Sunnyside) *** 

Lee Konitz: /Minsarah: Deep Lee (Enja) ** 

Alex Kontorovich: Deep Minor (Chamsa) A− 

Diana Krall:

  • From This Moment On (Verve) A− 
  • Quiet Nights (Verve) A− 

Steve Lacy:

  • : One More Time (Leo) A− 
  • Esteem (1975, Atavistic) A− 

Mike Ladd: Negrophilia [The Album] (Thirsty Ear) *** 

Oliver Lake: /Reggie Workman/Andrew Cyrille: Time Being (Intakt) *** 

Andrew Lamb:

  • /Warren Smith: The Dogon Duo (Engine) *** 
  • New Orleans Suite (Engine) *** 

Brian Landrus: Foward (Cadence Jazz) *** 

Adam Lane:

  • Zero Degree Music (CIMP) A− 
  • Music Degree Zero (CIMP) *** 
  • Full Throttle Orchestra: New Magical Kingdom (Clean Feed) A− 
  • /Ken Vandermark/Magnus Broo/Paal Nilssen-Love: 4 Corners (Clean Feed) *** 
  • Full Throttle Orchestra: Ashcan Rantings (Clean Feed) A 
  • /Lou Grassi/Mark Whitecage: Drunk Butterfly (Clean Feed) A− 

Jon Larsen: The Jimmy Carl Black Story (Zonic Entertainment/Hot Club)  

Matt Lavelle:

  • Spiritual Power (Silkheart) A− 
  • Morcilla: The Manifestation Drama (KMB Jazz) *** 

Babatunde Lea: Umbo Weti: A Tribute to Leon Thomas () *** 

Brad Leali:

  • Maria Juanez (TCB) *** 
  • /Claus Raible: D.A.'s Time (TCB) *** 

Led Bib: Sensible Shoes (Cuneiform) ** 

Steve Lehman:

  • Demian as Posthuman (Pi) A− 
  • On Meaning (Pi) *** 
  • Manifold (Clean Feed) *** 
  • Travail, Transformation, and Flow (Pi) A− 

Daniel Levin: Fuhuffah (Clean Feed) ** 

George Lewis: Sequel (For Lester Bowie) (Intakt) *** 

Dave Liebman: Back on the Corner (Tone Center) *** 

Jason Lindner: Ab Aeterno (Fresh Sound World Jazz) *** 

Erica Lindsay/Sumi Tonooka: Initiation (ARC) *** 

Charles Lloyd:

  • /Billy Higgins: Which Way Is East (ECM) A− 
  • Sangam (ECM) A− 
  • Rabo de Nube (ECM) *** 

Joe Locke:

  • /4 Walls of Freedom: Dear Life (Sirocco) *** 
  • Sticks and Strings (Jazz Eyes) *** 

Mark Lomax: The State of Black America (Inarhyme) A 

Fred Lonberg-Holm: Other Valentines (Atavistic) *** 

Luis Lopes:

  • Humanization 4Tet (Clean Feed) *** 
  • /Adam Lane/Igal Foni: What Is When (Clean Feed) *** 
  • Humanization 4tet: Electricity (Ayler) A− 

Russ Lossing: Phrase 6 (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Joe Lovano:

  • Joyous Encounter (Blue Note) *** 
  • /Hank Jones: Kids: Duets Live at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola (Blue Note) A− 
  • Us Five: Folk Art (Blue Note) *** 

Allen Lowe: Jews in Hell: Radical Jewish Acculturation (Spaceout) ** 

Lucky 7s: Pluto Junkyard (Clean Feed) *** 

Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord: Accomplish Jazz (Hot Cup) *** 

Lyambiko: Shades of Delight (Nagel Heyer) A− 

Brian Lynch:

  • /Bill Charlap: Brian Lynch Meets Bill Charlap (Sharp Nine) *** 
  • /Eddie Palmieri: (ArtistShare) A− 

Carl Maguire: Floriculture (Between the Lines) *** 

Rudresh Mahanthappa:

  • Mother Tongue (Pi) *** 
  • Codebook (Pi) A− 
  • Kinsmen (Pi) A− 
  • Indo-Pak Coalition: Apti (Innova) A− 
  • /Steve Lehman: Dual Identity (Clean Feed) A 
  • /Bunky Green: Apex (Pi) *** 

Mike Mainieri: Crescent (NYC) *** 

Tony Malaby: Adobe (Sunnyside) A− 

Raphe Malik:

  • Last Set: Live at the 1369 Club (1984, Boxholder) A− 
  • /Joe McPhee/Donald Robinson: Sympathy (Boxholder) A− 

Rafi Malkiel:

  • My Island (Raftone) A− 
  • Water (Tzadik) *** 

Russell Malone: Live at Jazz Standard: Volume One (MaxJazz) *** 

Denman Maroney: Udentity (Clean Feed) *** 

Branford Marsalis:

  • Eternal (Marsalis Music/Rounder) B− 
  • Metamorphosen (Marsalis Music) *** 

Wynton Marsalis:

  • Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra: Don't Be Afraid . . . The Music of Charles Mingus (Palmetto) B− 
  • From the Plantation to the Penitentiary (Blue Note) B 

Hugh Masekela: Live at the Market Theatre (Times Square/4Q) A− 

Nilson Matta's Brazilian Voyage: Copacabana (Zoho) *** 

Mauger: The Beautiful Enabler (Clean Feed) *** 

Marilyn Mazur: /Jan Garbarek: Elixir (ECM) *** 

Jim McAuley: The Ultimate Frog (Drip Audio) A− 

Christian McBride:

  • Live at Tonic (Ropeadope, 3CD) *** 
  • Insight Straight: Kind of Brown (Mack Avenue) B 

Pete McCann: Most Folks (Omnitone) *** 

Donny McCaslin: Recommended Tools (Greenleaf Music) A− 

Kate McGarry: If Less Is More . . . Nothing Is Everything (Palmetto) C 

Nellie McKay: Normal as Blueberry Pie: A Tribute to Doris Day (Verve) A− 

John McLaughlin: To the One (Abstract Logix) ** 

Terrence McManus:

  • Below the Surface Of (Auricle) 27 
  • Transcendental Numbers (NoBusiness) *** 

John McNeil/Bill McHenry: Chill Morn He Climb Jenny (Sunnyside) *** 

Marian McPartland: /Friends: 85 Candles -- Live in New York (Concord) B 

Joe McPhee:

  • Trio-X: Moods: Playing With the Elements (CIMP) *** 
  • /Paal Nilssen-Love: Tomorrow Came Today (Smalltown Superjazz) A− 
  • : Guts (Okka Disk) *** 

Brad Mehldau: Highway Rider (Nonesuch) ** 

Francisco Mela: Cirio: Live at the Blue Note (Half Note) A− 

Myra Melford:

  • /Mark Dresser/Matt Wilson: Big Picture (Cryptogramophone) A− 
  • Be Bread: The Whole Tree Gone (Firehouse 12) A− 

Helen Merrill: Lilac Wine (Sunnyside) B− 

Pat Metheny: Orchestrion (Nonesuch) ** 

Metropole Orkest: 54 (Emarcy) B− 

Lisa Mezzacappa: What Is Known (Clean Feed) A− 

MI3: Free Advice (Clean Feed) A 

The Microscopic Septet:

  • Lobster Leaps In (Cuneiform) A− 
  • Friday the Thirteenth: The Micros Play Monk (Cuneiform) A− 

Andy Middleton: The European Quartet Live (Q-rious Music) *** 

Allison Miller: Boom Tic Boom (Foxhaven) A− 

Dom Minasi:

  • The Vampire's Revenge (CDM) *** 
  • Dissonance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Konnex) ** 

Charles Mingus: /Eric Dolphy: Cornell 1964 (Blue Note) ** 

Bob Mintzer: Live at MCG With Special Guest Kurt Elling (MCG Jazz) C+ 

Nicole Mitchell:

  • /Harrison Bankhead/Hamid Drake: Indigo Trio: Live in Montreal (Paperback Series Vol. 3) (Greenleaf Music) *** 
  • Black Earth Ensemble: Black Unstoppable (Delmark) B− 

Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory: Far Side (ECM) *** 

Yoko Miwa: Fadeless Flower (PJL) *** 

Soren Moller: Dick Oatts: The Clouds Above (Audial) *** 

Nils Petter Molvaer:

  • Live: Steamer (Sula) *** 
  • An American Compilation (Thirsty Ear) A− 
  • ER (Thirsty Ear) A 
  • Hamada (Thirsty Ear) *** 

Ravish Momin: Trio Tarana: Climbing the Banyan Tree (Clean Feed) A− 

James Moody:

  • /Hank Jones: Our Delight (IPO) ** 
  • 4B (IPO) *** 

Michael Moore:

  • Jewels & Binoculars: Floater (Ramboy) A− 
  • Jewels & Binoculars: Ships With Tattooed Sails (Upshot) A 

Jason Moran: Ten (Blue Note) *** 

Frank Morgan:

  • Reflections (High Note) *** 
  • A Night in the Life (High Note) *** 

Joe Morris:

  • Beautiful Existence (Clean Feed) A− 
  • /Ken Vandermark/Luther Gray: Rebus (Clean Feed) A− 
  • Today on Earth (AUM Fidelity) *** 
  • Wildlife (AUM Fidelity) A− 

Chris Morrissey: The Morning World (Sunnyside) A− 

Sal Mosca: You Go to My Head (Blue Jack Jazz) *** 

Rakalam Bob Moses/Greg Burk: Ecstatic Weanderings (Jazzwerkstatt) *** 

Rob Mosher: Storytime: The Tortoise (Old Mill) B− 

Mostly Other People Do the Killing:

  • Shamokin!!! (Hot Cup) A 
  • This Is Our Moosic (Hot Cup) A− 
  • Forty Fort (Hot Cup) A− 
  • The Coimbra Concert (Clean Feed) *** 

Paul Motian:

  • /Bill Frisell/Joe Lovano: I Have the Room Above Her (ECM) *** 
  • On Broadway Vol. 4 (Winter & Winter) A−  /Chris Potter/Jason Moran: Lost in a Dream (ECM) *** 

Mount Analog: New Skin (Film Guerrero) B− 

Bob Mover: It Amazes Me . . . (Zoho) *** 

Maria Muldaur: Maria Muldaur & Her Garden of Joy (Stony Plain) A− 

Mark Murphy: Love Is What Stays (Verve) D 

David Murray:

  • /Gwo-Ka Masters: Gwotet (Justin Time) A 
  • 4tet & Strings: Waltz Again (Justin Time) B− 
  • Black Saint Quartet: Sacred Ground (Justin Time) A 
  • /Mal Waldron: Silence (Justin Time) A− 
  • Live in Berlin (Jazzwerkstatt) *** 

Sunny Murray: Perles Noires, Vol. I (Eremite) *** 

Michael Musillami: Dialect: Fragile Forms (Playscape) *** 

Wolfgang Muthspiel: Bright Side (Material) A− 

Mylab: Mylab (Terminus) A− 

Zaid Nasser: Escape From New York (Smalls) A− 

Zaid Nasser: Off Minor (Smalls) A− 

Nanette Natal: I Must Be Dreaming (Benyo Music) *** 

Roy Nathanson: Subway Moon (Yellow Bird/Enja) A− 

Ben Neill: Night Science (Thirsty Ear) ** 

Willie Nelson:

  • Nacogdoches (1997, Pedernales) A− 
  • /Wynton Marsalis: Two Men With the Blues (Blue Note) *** 

The New Jazz Composers Octet: The Turning Gate (Motema Music) *** 

David "Fathead" Newman: Life (High Note) C+ 

New York Art Quartet: Old Stuff (Cuneiform) A− 

The Nice Guy Trio: Here Comes . . . the Nice Guy Trio (Porto Franco) *** 

Paal Nilssen-Love:

  • /Ken Vandermark: Dual Pleasure 2 (Smalltown Supersound) *** 
  • /Ken Vandermark: Milwaukee Volume (Smalltown Supersound) A− 
  • /Ken Vandermark: Chicago Volume (Smalltown Supersound) *** 

Anders Nilsson:

  • Aorta: Blood (Kopasetic) A− 
  • AORTA Ensemble (Kopasetic) A− 

Hilary Noble: /Rebecca Cline: Enclave (Zoho) A− 

Gia Notte: Shades (Gnote) *** 

NOW Orchestra: /Marilyn Crispell: Pola (Victo) *** 

Nublu Orchestra: Conducted by Butch Morris (Nublu) A− 

NYNDK: The Hunting of the Snark (Jazzheads) *** 

Larry Ochs:

  • /Sax & Drumming Core: Out Trios Volume Five: Up From Under (Atavistic) A− 
  • Maybe Monday: Unsquare (Intakt) *** 
  • Jones Jones: We All Feel the Same Way (SoLyd) ** 

Arturo O'Farrill: Jazz at Lincoln Center Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra: Noche Inolvidable (Palmetto) B 

Michiko Ogawa Trio: . . . It's All About Love! (Arbors) A− 

Linda Oh: Entry (Linda Oh Music) *** 

Marcin & Bartlomiej Brat Oles: Duo (Fenomedia) A− 

One More: One More: Music of Thad Jones (IPO) A− 

Harold O'Neal: Whirling Mantis (Smalls) *** 

The Onus: Triphony (Hipnotic) *** 

Greg Osby: Channel Three (Blue Note) A− 

Ed Palermo: Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (Cuneiform) C− 

Paradigm Shift: Shifting Times (Nagel Heyer) *** 

Evan Parker:

  • The Snake Decides (1986, Psi) *** 
  • /The Transatlantic Art Ensemble: Boustrophedon (ECM) *** 
  • : The Brewery Tap (Smalltown Superjazz) *** 
  • Townhouse Orchestra: Belle Ville (Clean Feed) *** 
  • Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: The Moment's Energy (ECM) A− 
  • /Barry Guy/Paul Lytton + Peter Evans: Scenes in the House of Music (Clean Feed) *** 

Jeff Parker: The Relatives (Thrill Jockey) *** 

Maceo Parker: Roots & Grooves (Heads Up) A− 

William Parker:

  • Sound Unity (AUM Fidelity) A 
  • Luc's Lantern (Thirsty Ear) A− 
  • /Hamid Drake: First Communion + Piercing the Veil (AUM Fidelity) A− 
  • /Raining on the Moon: Corn Meal Dance (AUM Fidelity) A− 
  • Double Sunrise Over Neptune (AUM Fidelity) A 
  • Petit Oiseau (AUM Fidelity) A− 
  • At Somewhere There (Barnyard) *** 
  • I Plan to Stay a Believer (AUM Fidelity) A 

Nicki Parrott: /Rossano Sportiello: People Will Say We're in Love (Arbors) ** 

John Patitucci: Remembrance (Concord) *** 

Mario Pavone: Deez to Blues (Playscape) A− 

Gary Peacock: /Marc Copland: Insight (Pirouet) *** 

Art Pepper:

  • Mosaic Select (1956-57, Mosaic) A 
  • Unreleased Art, Vol. 1: The Complete Abashiri Concert (1981, Widow's Taste) A− 
  • Unreleased Art, Vol. II: The Last Concert (1982, Widow's Taste) A− 
  • Unreleased Art, Vol. III: The Croydon Concert, May 14, 1981 (Widow's Taste) A− 

Ivo Perelman/Dominic Duval/Brian Willson: Mind Games (Leo) A− 

Ben Perowsky Quartet: Esopus Opus (Skirl) A− 

Houston Person:

  • To Etta With Love (High Note) A− 
  • /Ron Carter: Just Between Friends (High Note) *** 
  • The Art and Soul of Houston Person (High Note) A 
  • Mellow (High Note) ** 

Gianluca Petrella: Indigo 4 (Blue Note) *** 

Flip Phillips: Live at the Beowulf (1977-78, Arbors) *** 

PianoCircus: /Bill Bruford: Skin and Wire (Summerfold) A− 

Enrico Pieranunzi:

  • /Marc Johnson/Joey Baron: Ballads (CAM Jazz) *** 
  • /Marc Johnson/Joey Baron: Dream Dance (CAM Jazz) A− 

Adam Pieronczyk: Amusos (PAO) *** 

Bucky Pizzarelli: 5 for Freddie: Bucky's Tribute to Freddie Green (Arbors) A− 

John Pizzarelli: Bossa Nova (Telarc) B− 

Michel Portal: /Stephen Kent/Mino Cinelu: Burundi (PAO) A− 

Chris Potter:

  • Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard (Sunnyside) A− 
  • Follow the Red Line: Live at the Village Vanguard (Sunnyside) A− 
  • Song for Anyone (Sunnyside) B 
  • Underground: Ultrahang (ArtistShare) *** 

Premier Roeles: Ka Da Ver (Vindu) *** 

Bobby Previte: The New Bump: Set the Alarm for Monday (Palmetto) *** 

Profound Sound Trio: Opus de Life (Porter) A− 

Don Pullen: Mosaic Select (1986-90, Mosaic) A 

Puttin' On the Ritz: White Light/White Heat (Hot Cup) C+ 

Quadro Nuevo: Tango Bitter Sweet (Justin Time) *** 

Quartet Offensive: Carnivore (Morphius) *** 

Alvin Queen: I Ain't Looking at You (Enja/Justin Time) A− 

Sun Ra:

  • Spaceship Lullaby (1954-60, Atavistic) B− 
  • Some Blues but Not the Kind That's Blue (Atavistic) A− 
  • His Astro-Infinity Arkestra: Strange Strings (Atavistic) *** 
  • His Solar Arkestra: Secrets of the Sun (Atavistic) ** 

: Lifelines (Orbis Music) *** 

Radio I-Ching: No Wave Au Go Go (Resonant Music) A− 

Rake-Star: Some Ra (Spool/Line) *** 

Dan Raphael/Rich Halley/Carson Halley: Children of the Blue Supermarket (Pine Eagle) A 

Andrew Rathbun: Where We Are Now (SteepleChase) *** 

Edward Ratliff: Those Moments Before (Strudelmedia) *** 

Enrico Rava:

  • Full of Life (CAM Jazz) *** 
  • The Words and the Days (ECM) *** 
  • /Stefano Bollani: The Third Man (ECM) B 

Joshua Redman: Back East (Nonesuch) A− 

RED Trio: RED Trio (Clean Feed) A− 

Mike Reed:

  • People, Places & Things: Proliferation (482 Music) A− 
  • Loose Assembly: The Speed of Change (482 Music) *** 
  • People, Places & Things: About Us (482 Music) *** 
  • People, Places & Things: Stories and Negotiations (482 Music) *** 

Diane Reeves: Good Night, and Good Luck (Concord) A− 

Steve Reid:

  • Rhythmatism (1976, Universal Sound) A− 
  • Daxaar (Domino) A− 

Randy Reinhart: At the Mill Hill Playhouse: As Long as I Live (Arbors) *** 

Dave Rempis:

  • Triage: American Mythology (Okka Disk) A 
  • 24: Cyrillic (482 Music) *** 


  • Da Alma (Clean Feed) *** 
  • Assim Falava Jazzatustra (Clean Feed) *** 

Bob Reynolds: Can't Wait for Perfect (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Logan Richardson: Cerebral Flow (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Tim Ries: Stones World: The Rolling Stones Project II (Sunnyside) B 

Sam Rivers: /Ben Street/Kresten Osgood: Violet Violets (Stunt) *** 

Duke Robillard: A Swingin' Session With Duke Robillard (Stony Plain) A− 

Jason Robinson:

  • /Anthony Davis: Cerulean Landscapes (Clean Feed) B 
  • The Two Faces of Janus (Cuneiform) ** 

The Rocco John Group: Don't Wait Too Long (COCA Productions) ** 

Bob Rockwell: Bob's Ben: A Salute to Ben Webster (Stunt) A− 

Roberto Rodriguez:

  • Septeto Rodriguez: Baila! Gitano Baila! (Tzadik) A− 
  • Timba Talmud (Tzadik) A− 
  • The First Basket (Tzadik) *** 

Ari Roland: And So I Lived in Old New York . . . (Smalls) A− 

Sonny Rollins:

  • Sonny, Please (Doxy) A− 
  • Road Shows Vol. 1 (Doxy/Emarcy) A− 

Wallace Roney: Jazz (High Note) ** 

Josh Roseman: New Constellations: Live in Vienna (Accurate) *** 

Scott Rosenberg: /Jim Baker/Anton Hatwich/Tim Daisy: New Folk, New Blues (482 Music) *** 


  • The Juke Box Suite (Not Two) A− 
  • /Nels Cline Singers: The Celestial Septet (New World) *** 

Keith Rowe: : A View From the Window (Erstwhile) D 

Gonzalo Rubalcaba: Paseo (Blue Note) A− 

Roswell Rudd: Trombone Tribe (Sunnyside) A− 

Jimmy Rushing: The Scene (High Note) A− 

George Russell: /Living Time Orchestra: The 80th Birthday Concert (Concept Publishing) A− 

Ray Russell: Goodbye Svengali (Cuneiform) *** 

Timucin Sahin: Bafa (Between the Lines) *** 

Michel Sajrawy: Writings on the Wall (Ozella) ** 

Samo Salamon: Two Hours (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 

Randy Sandke:

  • Cliffhanger (Nagel Heyer) *** 
  • /Metatonal Big Band: The Subway Ballet (Evening Star) *** 
  • Unconventional Wisdom (Arbors) A 

Vittor Santos: Renewed Impressions (Adventure Music) A− 

Bernardo Sassetti:

  • Ascent (Clean Feed) A 
  • Motion (Clean Feed) *** 

Matt Savage: Quantum Leap (Savage) C+ 

Cynthia Sayer: Attractions (Plunk) *** 

Scenes: Rinnova (Origin) *** 

Michiel Scheen: Dance, My Dear? (Data) *** 

Jenny Scheinman:

  • Shalagaster (Tzadik) A− 
  • 12 Songs (Cryptogramophone) A− 

Alexander von Schlippenbach: Monk's Casino (Intakt) A− 

Maria Schneider:

  • Concert in the Garden (ArtistShare) B 
  • Sky Blue (ArtistShare) B 

: Portrait (1984-2004, Intakt) A 

Louis Sclavis:

  • L'Imparfait des Langues (ECM) A− 
  • Lost on the Way (ECM) *** 

Christian Scott: Anthem (Concord) B− 

The Second Approach Trio: /Roswell Rudd: The Light (SoLyd) *** 

Trygve Seim:

  • Sangam (ECM) *** 
  • /Andreas Utnem: Purcor (ECM) *** 

Will Sellenraad: Balance (Beeswax) *** 

Vince Seneri: The Prince's Groove (Prince V) *** 

Paul Shapiro: Ribs and Brisket Revue: Essen (Tzadik) A− 

Steve Shapiro: /Pat Bergeson: Low Standards (Sons of Sound) A− 

Steve Shapiro: /Pat Bergeson: Backward Compatible (Apria) *** 

Brad Shepik: Human Activity Suite (Songlines) A− 

Archie Shepp: Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day (PAO) *** 

Andy Sheppard: Movements in Colour (ECM) A− 

John Sheridan: Swing Is Still the King (Arbors) A− 

Matthew Shipp:

  • Harmony and Abyss (Thirsty Ear) A 
  • Harmonic Disorder (Thirsty Ear) A 
  • Art of the Improviser (Thirsty Ear) *** 

Shot x Shot: Shot x Shot (High Two) *** 

Ricardo Silveira: /Luiz Avellar: Live: Play the Music of Milton Nascimento (Adventure Music) *** 

Horace Silver: Live at Newport '58 (1958, Blue Note) A− 

Sonny Simmons:

  • The Complete ESP-Disk' Recordings (1966, ESP-Disk) *** 
  • The Traveller (Jazzaway) A− 
  • I'll See You When You Get There (Jazzaway) *** 

Ted Sirota: Rebel Souls: Breeding Resistance (Delmark) A− 

Ted Sirota: Rebel Souls: Seize the Time (Naim) *** 

Sergi Sirvent:

  • Unexpected: Plays the Blues in Need (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 
  • /Xavi Maureta: Lines Over Rhythm (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 
  • Hat: Hi Ha (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Slow Poke: At Home (Palmetto) A− 

David Smith: Anticipation (Bju'ecords) *** 

Keely Smith: Vegas '58--Today (Concord) *** 

Tommy Smith: /Brian Kellock: Symbiosis (Spartacus) A 

Wadada Leo Smith:

  • Golden Quartet: Tabligi (Cuneiform) ** 
  • Spiritual Dimensions (Cuneiform) A− 
  • /Ed Blackwell: The Blue Mountain's Sun Drummer (1986, Kabell) A− 

Jim Snidero: Crossfire (Savant) A− 

Lisa Sokolov:

  • Presence (Laughing Horse) A− 
  • A Quiet Thing (Laughing Horse) A− 

Martial Solal: Longitude (CAM Jazz) *** 

Sonic Liberation Front:

  • (High Two) A 
  • Change Over Time (High Two) A− 
  • Meets Sunny Murray (High Two) *** 

Sonic Openings Under Pressure: Muhheankuntuk (Clean Feed) *** 

Soprano Summit: In 1975 and More (Arbors) A− 

Sounds of Liberation: Sounds of Liberation (Porter) A− 

Esperanza Spalding: Chamber Music Society (Heads Up) B− 

Tim Sparks: Little Princess (Tzadik) A− 

Gust Spenos: Swing Theory (Swing Theory) A− 

Spring Heel Jack: The Sweetness of the Water (Thirsty Ear) B− 

Spyro Gyra: The Deep End (Heads Up) B− 

Mary Stallings: Remember Love (Half Note) A− 

Tomasz Stanko:

  • Rarum Vol. 17: Selected Recordings (1975-98, ECM) A− 
  • Suspended Night (ECM) A− 
  • Lontano (ECM) *** 
  • Dark Eyes (ECM) A− 

Ben Stapp: Ecstasis (Uqbar) *** 

Billy Stein: Hybrids (Barking Hoop) *** 

Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore: Three Kinds of Happiness (Not Two) *** 

Bobo Stenson: Cantando (ECM) *** 

Joan Stiles: Hurly-Burly (Oo-Bla-Dee) A− 

Marcus Strickland:

  • Quartets: Twi-Life (Strick Muzik) *** 
  • Twi-Life Group: Open Reel Deck (Strick Muzik) *** 

String Trio of New York: /Oliver Lake: Frozen Ropes (Barking Hoop) *** 

: Pohlitz (Rune Grammofon) A− 

The Stryker/Slagle Band: Keeper (Panorama) A− 

Helen Sung: Helenistique (Fresh Sound New Talent) *** 

Ralph Sutton: /Dick Cary: Rendezvous at Sunnie's 1969 (1969, Arbors) A− 

Tierney Sutton: On the Other Side (Telarc) A− 

Steve Swallow: /Ohad Talmor: L'Histoire du Clochard: The Bum's Tale (Palmetto) C+ 

Steve Swell's Slammin' the Infinite: 5000 Poems (Not Two) A− 

Ben Syversen: Cracked Vessel (self-released) A− 

Jamaladeen Tacuma: For the Love of Ornette (Jazzwerkstatt) *** 

Natsuki Tamura:

  • Gato Libre: Nomad (No Man's Land) A− 
  • Gato Libre: Kuro (Libra) *** 
  • /Satoko Fujii: Chun (Libra) *** 

Tarbaby: The End of Fear (Posi-Tone) A− 

Chad Taylor: Circle Down (482 Music) *** 

Tom Teasley: Painting Time (T&T Music) *** 

Julius Tolentino: Just the Beginning (Sharp Nine) *** 

Charles Tolliver: Big Band: With Love (Blue Note/Mosaic) B 

Joe Temperley: /Harry Allen: Cocktails for Two (Sackville) *** 

Dan Tepfer: /Lee Konitz: Duos With Lee (Sunnyside) *** 

Ignasi Terraza: IT's Coming (TCB) *** 

Henry Threadgill:

  • Zooid: This Brings Us To, Volume 1 (Pi) *** 
  • Zooid: This Brings Us To: Volume II (Pi) A− 

3ology: With Ron Miles (Tapestry) A− 

Tin Hat: Foreign Legion (BAG) A− 

David Torn: Prezens (ECM) A− 

Gian Tornatore: Sink or Swim (Fresh Sound New Talent) A− 

Allen Toussaint: The Bright Mississippi (Nonesuch) A− 

Ralph Towner: /Paolo Fresu: Chiaroscuro (ECM) ** 

Tribecastan: Strange Cousin (Evergreene Music) ** 

Triot: /John Tchicai: Sudden Happiness (TUM) *** 

Trombone Shorty: Backatown (Verve Forecast) C+ 

Erik Truffaz: Saloua (Blue Note) *** 

Vassilis Tsabropoulos: /Anja Lechner/U.T. Gandhi: Melos (ECM) *** 

Assif Tsahar:

  • /Cooper-Moore/Hamid Drake: Lost Brother (Hopscotch) A− 
  • /Cooper-Moore/Chad Taylor: Digital Primitives (Hopscotch) A− 
  • Digital Primitives: Hum Crackle & Pop (Hopscotch) A− 

Steve Turre:

  • The Spirits Up Above (High Note) *** 
  • Delicious and Delightful (High Note) *** 

Turtle Island String Quartet: A Love Supreme: The Legacy of John Coltrane (Telarc) C+ 

McCoy Tyner: Quartet (McCoy Tyner Music/Half Note) A− 

Gebhard Ullman:

  • Don't Touch My Music I (Not Two) *** 
  • Don't Touch My Music II (Not Two) ** 
  • /Steve Swell: News? No News! (Jazzwerkstatt) *** 

James Blood Ulmer: In and Out (In+Out) A− 

: /Friends: Ballads, Burners and Blues (Arbors) *** 


  • Dream Dancing (Arbors) A− 
  • /Scottish Ensemble: Don't Look Back (Arbors) B− 
  • /John Allred: Top Shelf (Arbors) *** 

Bebo Valdes: /Javier Colina: Live at the Village Vanguard (Calle 54/Norte) *** 

Johnnie Valentino: Stingy Brim (Omnitone) *** 

Ken Vandermark:

  • /Brian Dibblee: Duets (Future Reference) *** 
  • The Vandermark Five: Elements of Style . . . Exercises in Surprise (Atavistic) A 
  • Tripleplay: Gambit (Clean Feed) A− 
  • Sonore: No One Ever Works Alone (Okka Disk) *** 
  • FME: Underground (Okka Disk) A− 
  • Vandermark 5: Alchemia (Not Two) A− 
  • Vandermark 5: The Color of Memory (Atavistic) A− 
  • FME: Cuts (Okka Disk) A 
  • Vandermark 5: A Discontinuous Line (Atavistic) A− 
  • Vandermark 5: Free Jazz Classics Vols. 3 & 4 (Atavistic) A 
  • Sound in Action Trio: Gate (Atavistic) A− 
  • Powerhouse Sound: Oslo/Chicago Breaks (Atavistic) A 
  • Vandermark 5: Beat Reader (Atavistic) A− 
  • Territory Band-6 w/Fred Anderson: Collide (Okka Disk) *** 
  • Fire Room: Broken Music (Atavistic) B 
  • Collected Fiction (Okka Disk) A− 
  • Vandermark 5: Annular Gift (Not Two) A− 
  • Lean Left: The Ex Guitars Meet Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo, Volume 1 (Smalltown Superjazz) A− 
  • Lean Left: The Ex Guitars Meet Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo, Volume 2 (Smalltown Superjazz) ***  Free Fall: Gray Scale (Smalltown Superjazz) A− 

Albert van Veenendaal: /Meinrad Kneer/Yonga Sun: Predictable Point of Impact (Evil Rabbit) A− 

Johnny Varro: /Ken Peplowski: Two Legends of Jazz (Arbors) ** 

Fay Victor: Cartwheels Through the Cosmos (ArtistShare) A− 

Frank Vignola:

  • The Frank and Joe Show: 33 1/3 (Hyena) A− 
  • The Frank and Joe Show: 66 2/3 (Hyena) B 

Miroslav Vitous:

  • Universal Syncopations II (ECM) B− 
  • /Michel Portal: Remembering Weather Report (ECM) *** 

Rob Wagner/Hamid Drake/Nobu Ozaki: Trio (Valid) A− 

Ulf Wakenius:

  • Notes From the Heart (ACT) A− 
  • (ACT) A− 

Mike Walbridge: Chicago Footwarmers: Crazy Rhythm (Delmark) A− 

Chris Walden: No Bounds (Origin) C+ 

Torben Waldorff: Afterburn (ArtistShare) *** 

Bennie Wallace: The Nearness of You (Enja/Justin Time) A− 

Per Henrik Wallin: Burning in Stockholm (1981, Atavistic) A− 

Cedar Walton: Seasoned Wood (High Note) A− 

Doug Wamble: Bluestate (Marsalis Music/Rounder) B− 

David S. Ware:

  • Renunciation (AUM Fidelity) A− 
  • Shakti (AUM Fidelity) A− 
  • Saturnian (AUM Fidelity) *** 
  • Onecept (AUM Fidelity) A− 
  • /Cooper-Moore/William Parker/Muhammad Ali: Planetary Unknown (AUM Fidelity)  

Marcin Wasilewski: January (ECM) *** 

Kim Waters: In the Name of Love (Shanachie) C+ 

Bobby Watson: /Horizon: Horizon Reassembled (Palmetto) *** 

Aaron Weinstein: A Handful of Stars (Arbors) *** 

Mark Weinstein: Algo Mas (Jazzheads) *** 

David Weiss & Point of Departure: Snuck In (Sunnyside) *** 

Mort Weiss:

  • /Ron Eschete: All Too Soon (SMS Jazz) ** 
  • Raising the Bar (SMS Jazz) *** 

Kenny Wheeler: What Now? (Cam Jazz) *** 

Harry Whitaker: One Who Sees All Things (Smalls) *** 

Mark Whitecage: /Bi-Coastal Orchestra: BushWacked: A Spoken Opera (Acoustics) A− 

Wolter Wierbos: 3 Trombone Solos (Dolfjin) *** 

Corey Wilkes: Drop It (Delmark) *** 

Mary Lou Williams: A Grand Night for Swinging (High Note) A− 

Cassandra Wilson: Loverly (Blue Note) A− 

Gerald Wilson: Detroit (Mack Avenue) A− 

Matt Wilson: That's Gonna Leave a Mark (Palmetto) A− 

Francis Wong: Legends & Legacies (Asian Improv) A− 

Phil Woods: American Songbook II (Kind of Blue) ** 

World Saxophone Quartet:

  • Political Blues (Justin Time) A 
  • Yes We Can (Jazzwerkstatt) *** 

Brandon Wright: 24: Boiling Point (Posi-Tone) *** 

Frank Wright: Unity (1974, ESP-Disk) A− 

Yeah No: Swell Henry (Squealer) *** 

Yerba Buena Stompers: The Yama-Yama Man (Stomp Off) A− 

Jacob Young: Evening Falls (ECM) *** 

Larry Young: Of Love and Peace (1966, Blue Note) A− 

Paul Zauners: Blue Brass: Soil (PAO/BluJazz) *** 

: (Marsalis Music/Rounder) A− 

Zentralquartett: 11 Songs -- Aus Teutschen Landen (Intakt) A− 

ZMF Trio: Circle the Path (Drip Audio) *** 

John Zorn: Alhambra Love Songs (Tzadik) A− 

Zu: /Spaceways Inc.: Radiale (Atavistic) A 

[various artists]:

  • Mizell: The Mizell Brothers at Blue Note (Blue Note) C+ 
  • That Devilin' Tune: A Jazz History [1895-1950] (WHRA) A 

Total artist records reviewed: 1013