Jazz Consumer Guide (12):

This is the surplus file for Jazz Consumer Guide #12. These are short reviews of records that for one reason or another have been dropped from active consideration while working on this column. These reviews will be published in the blog when the column comes out.

Omer Avital Group: Room to Grow (1997 [2007], Smalls): The second volume of archival tapes from the Israeli bassist's long residence at Smalls, a legendary NYC afterhours club, where he held a long residence riding herd over a bunch of tough young saxophonists: Greg Tardy, Grant Stewart, Charles Owens, Myron Walden, names worth looking out for. B+(***)

Serge Chaloff: Boston Blow-Up! (1955 [2006], Capitol Jazz): The ill-fated baritone saxophonist's masterpiece was Blue Serge (1956), an elegant quartet where everything goes right. This earlier sextet is much sloppier but nearly as impressive -- the three horns achieving a balance of raw power and feather light touch that producer Stan Kenton often aimed for and rarely achieved. A-

Conjure: Bad Mouth (2005 [2006], American Clavé, 2CD): Long after two '80s albums, another helping of Ishmael Reed texts, read by the man over Kip Hanrahan's music. The first was called Conjure: Music for the Texts of Ishmael Reed, the title becoming a virtual group of sorts. I dig the concept, admire the man, only wish the music was a bit better -- especially from what looks on paper to be a Latin percussion dream team. Only David Murray truly rises to the occasion. B+(**)

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid: The Exchange Session Vol. 2 (2005 [2006], Domino): Enough of a fall-off this didn't quite merit an Honorable Mention to go along with Vol. 1's A-. Same ideas, but some experiments works better than others. B+(**)

Jay McShann: Hootie Blues (2006, Stony Plain): Last album by the Kansas City bandleader, who lasted way beyond his standard 15 minutes of fame, reinventing himself as one of the last whorehouse piano players and surviving Ralph Sutton to claim the title. Seems like a typical album, but worth a spin when you read his obit. B+(**)

Harry Miller's Isipingo: Which Way Now (1975 [2006], Cuneiform): A sextet, half South African exiles, half English avants, roaring through a 75-minute Radio Bremen air shot. Trombonist Nick Evans is especially noteworthy, and Keith Tippett's piano get a good airing out, but most of the interest focuses on two South Africans who died tragically young, leaving us with little: trumpeter Mongezi Feza and leader-bassist Miller. A-

Nils Petter Molvaer: Live: Streamer (2002 [2006], Thirsty Ear): I gave this an Honorable Mention when it originally came out on Molvaer's own Sula label, and liked it even more when I heard the reissue. But not as much as my Pick Hit ER, a review that at least mentions this. Live electronica always seems like an oxymoron, but the chance to revisit older material often points up some interesting new twists, and perhaps more importantly lets you choose stronger pieces. A-

Odyssey the Band: Back in Town (2005 [2006], Pi): Third time around for James Blood Ulmer, Charles Burnham, and Warren Wenbow, whose original Odyssey tour de force is still striking enough to knock our ears. Francis Davis praised this. Robert Christgau Consumer Guided it. I had it in my top ten list, and revisited it in Recycled Goods. Seems redundant to keep plugging it at this point, unless I find myself hard up for a Pick Hit. A-

I should also note that I've weeded out another handful of records that Francis Davis praised in the Voice. As the grades indicate, I'm quite fond of most of these. It's just that given the space squeeze I have little to add (see the prospecting notes) and too many others to try to squeeze in:

  • Fred Anderson: Timeless: Live at the Velvet Lounge (2005 [2006], Delmark) A-
  • Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra: MTO Volume 1 (2005 [2006], Sunnyside) A-
  • The Andy Biskin Quartet: Early American: The Melodies of Stephen Foster (2000 [2006], Strudelmedia) B+(***)
  • Houston Person/Bill Charlap: You Taught My Heart to Sing (2004 [2006], High Note) B+(***)
  • The Source (2005 [2006], ECM) B+(***)
  • Steve Swallow With Robert Creeley: So There (2001-05 [2006], ECM/XtraWatt) B+(***)
  • The David S. Ware Quartet: BalladWare (1999 [2006], Thirsty Ear) A-

Other Drops

Also dropping the following. Don't have anything to add to what was previously said in the prospecting notes (for this or some previous Jazz CG cycle).

  • Muhal Richard Abrams/George Lewis/Roscoe Mitchell: Streaming (2005 [2006], Pi) B+(*)
  • All Ones: Bloom (2006, Number) B+(*)
  • Among 3 (2004-06 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B
  • Bill Anschell: More to the Ear Than Meets the Eye (2006, Origin) B+(*)
  • Bruce Arkin Quartet: Wake Up! (2006, Fresh Sound New Talent) B
  • Jeff Baker: Shopping for Your Heart (2007, OA2) B
  • The Benevento Russo Duo: Best Reason to Buy the Sun (2005, Ropeadope) B
  • Benevento/Russo Duo: Play Pause Stop (2006, Butter Problems/Reincarnate Music) B-
  • Gorka Benítez: Bilbao (2003 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  • David Berger and the Sultans of Swing: The Harlem Nutcracker (1996 [1999], Such Sweet Thunder) B+(*)
  • Jordi Berni Trio/Santi de la Rubia: Afinke (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  • Tyrone Birkett: In the Fullness of Time (2006 [2007], Convergence) C+
  • Janice Borla: From Every Angle (2006, Blujazz) B
  • Bridge 61: Journal (2005 [2006], Atavistic) B+(*)
  • John Bunch: At the Nola Penthouse: Salutes Jimmy Van Heusen (2006, Arbors) B
  • John Butcher/Paal Nilssen-Love: Concentric (2001 [2006], Clean Feed) B
  • The Paul Carlon Octet: Other Tongues (2005-06 [2006], Deep Tone) B+(*)
  • Christmas Break: Relaxing Jazz for the Holidays (1992-98 [2006], Telarc) B
  • Fay Claassen: Sings Two Portraits of Chet Baker (2005 [2006], Jazz 'N Pulz, 2CD) B+(*)
  • George Colligan Trio: Blood Pressure (2006, Ultimatum) B+(*)
  • François Couturier: Nostalgia: Song for Tarkovsky (2005 [2006], ECM) B+(*)
  • Greg Davis/Steven Hess: Decisions (2003 [2005], Longbox) B+(*)
  • Mel Davis: It's About Time! (2006 [2007], TomTom) C+
  • Eli Degibri: Emotionally Available (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B
  • Diane Delin: Offerings for a Peaceable Season (2005 [2006], Blujazz) B-
  • Whit Dickey: Sacred Ground (2004 [2006], Clean Feed) B+(***)
  • Al Di Meola: Consequence of Chaos (2006, Telarc) B
  • Dominique Eade/Jed Wilson: Open (2004-05 [2006], Jazz Project) B+(*)
  • Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Black: One Great Day (1996 [1997], Hatology) A-
  • Ellery Eskelin: Five Other Pieces (+2) (1998 [1998], Hatology) B+(***)
  • Ellery Eskelin: Ramifications (1999 [2000], Hatology) B+(***)
  • Ellery Eskelin: Vanishing Point (2000 [2001], Hatology) B+(**)
  • Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Black: 12 (+1) Imaginary Views (2001 [2002], Hatology) A-
  • Miguel Fdez-Vallejo Meets Miguel Villar: El Perro (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(**)
  • Michael Felberbaum: Sweetsalt (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  • The Frankenstein Consort: Classical A-Go-Go (2006, Sfz) B
  • Janice Friedman Trio: Swingin' for the Ride (2006, Janika Music) B+(*)
  • Tia Fuller: Healing Space (2006 [2007], Mack Avenue) B+(*)
  • Charles Gayle Trio: Consider the Lilies . . . (2005 [2006], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  • Charles Gayle Trio: Live at Glenn Miller Café (2006, Ayler) B+(***)
  • Ned Goold: March of the Malcontents (2005 [2007], Smalls) B+(*)
  • J.A. Granelli and Mr. Lucky: Homing (2005 [2006], Love Slave) B+(**)
  • Lou Grassi's PoBand: Infinite POtential (2005 [2006], CIMP) B+(*)
  • Brian Groder: Torque (2006, Latham) B+(**)
  • Groundtruther: Longitude (2004 [2005], Thirsty Ear) B+(***)
  • Russell Gunn: Plays Miles (2006 [2007], High Note) B+(*)
  • Gypsy Schaeffer: Portamental (2005 [2006], PeaceTime) B
  • Lafayette Harris Jr.: In the Middle of the Night (2003-04 [2007], Airmen) B
  • Mike Holober: Wish List (2004-05 [2006], Sons of Sound) B
  • Honolulu Jazz Quartet: Tenacity (2006 [2007], HJQ) B+(*)
  • Bruno Hubert Trio/B3 Kings: A Cellar Live Christmas (2005 [2006], Cellar Live) B-
  • Incognito: Beer + Things + Flowers (2006, Narada Jazz) C+
  • Jazz Yule Love II (2006, Mack Avenue) B-
  • JC and the Jazz Hoppers: Chillin' at Home (2004 [2006], Jazz-Hop) B-
  • Phil Kelly & the SW Santa Ana Winds: My Museum (2006, Origin) B
  • Nancy King: Live at Jazz Standard With Fred Hersch (2004 [2006], MaxJazz) B+(*)
  • Norm Kubrin: I Thought About You (2006, Arbors) B
  • Pete Levin: Deacon Blues (2007, Motema) B+(*)
  • Jacques Loussier Trio: Bach: The Brandenburgs (2006, Telarc) B+(*)
  • Joe Lovano Ensemble: Streams of Expression (2005 [2006], Blue Note) B+(*)
  • Mike Marshall/Hamilton de Holanda: New Worlds/Novas Palavras (2005 [2006], Adventure Music) B+(*)
  • Nando Michelin Trio: Duende (2006, Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  • Bob Mintzer Quartet: In the Moment (2004 [2007], Art of Life) B+(*)
  • Stanton Moore: III (2006, Telarc) B+(*)
  • Nick Moran Trio: The Messenger (2006, CAP) B+(*)
  • Steve Oliver: Snowfall (2006, Koch) C
  • Oscar Peñas Group: The Return of Astronautus (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B
  • Alain Pérez: En El Aire (2005 [2007], AYVA) B
  • Jonathan Poretz: A Lot of Livin' to Do (2006 [2007], Pacific Coast Jazz) B+(**)
  • Peter Primamore: Grancia (2006 [2007], Blue Apples Music) B-
  • Puttanesca (2006, Catasonic) B+(*)
  • Tad Robinson: A New Point of View (2006 [2007], Severn) B
  • Luis Rodríguez: U-Turn (2006, Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(**)
  • Hironobu Saito: The Sea (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B-
  • Kendra Shank: A Spirit Free: Abbey Lincoln Songbook (2005 [2007], Challenge) B+(*)
  • Elliott Sharp's Terraplane: Secret Life (2005, Intuition) B+(*)
  • Brad Shepik Trio: Places You Go (2005-06 [2007], Songlines) B
  • Daryl Sherman: Guess Who's in Town (2006, Arbors) B+(*)
  • Liam Sillery With the David Sills Quartet: On the Fly (2005 [2006], OA2) B-
  • Grant Stewart: In the Still of the Night (2006 [2007], Sharp Nine) B+(*)
  • Melissa Stylianou: Sliding Down (2006, Festival) B
  • Natsuki Tamura Quartet: Exit (2003 [2004], Libra) B
  • David Taylor-Steve Swell Quintet: Not Just . . . (2005 [2006], CIMP) B
  • Ximo Tebar & Fourlights: Eclipse (2005 [2006], Omix/Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Steve Turre: Keep Searchin' (2006, High Note) B+(**)
  • Dave Valentin: Come Fly With Me (2006, High Note) B-
  • Wayne Wallace: Dedication (2006 [2007], Patois) B
  • Wayne Wallace: The Reckless Search for Beauty (2006 [2007], Patois) B+(**)
  • Larry Willis: Blue Fable (2006 [2007], High Note) B+(**)

Finally, the following appeared (or soon will) in Recycled Goods:

  • Cannonball Adderley: Riverside Profiles (1958-62 [2006], Riverside) B+(**)
  • Mario Adnet: Jobim Jazz (2006 [2007], Adventure Music) B+(*)
  • Nanny Assis: Double Rainbow (2006, Blue Toucan) B
  • Chet Baker: Riverside Profiles (1958-59 [2006], Riverside) A-
  • Peter Brötzmann/Albert Mangelsdorff/Günter Sommer: Pica Pica (1982 [2006], Atavistic) B+(*)
  • Thomas Chapin Trio: Ride (1995 [2006], Playscape) B+(***)
  • Billy Cobham's Glassmenagerie: Stratus (1981 [2006], Inak) B
  • Corbett Vs. Dempsey: Eye & Ear (1943-2004 [2006], Atavistic) B
  • Kenny Dorham: Trompeta Toccata (1964 [2006], Blue Note) B+(*)
  • Bill Evans: Riverside Profiles (1958-63 [2006], Riverside) A
  • Explorations: Classic Picante Regrooved, Vol. 1 (Concord Picante) B+(**)
  • Frank Foster: Well Water (1977 [2007], Piadrum) B
  • The Free Zen Society (2003 [2007], Thirsty Ear) B
  • Christoph Gallio/Urs Voerkel/Peter K Frey: Tiegel (1981 [2006], Atavistic) B+(**)
  • Johnny Griffin: The Congregation (1957 [2006], Blue Note) A-
  • Freddie Hubbard: Here to Stay (1962 [2006], Blue Note) B+(***)
  • Bobby Hutcherson: Happenings (1966 [2006], Blue Note) A-
  • Kayhan Kalhor/Erdal Erzincan: The Wind (2004 [2006], ECM) B+(*)
  • Martirio & Chano Domínguez: Acoplados (2004 [2006], Sunnyside) B
  • Jackie McLean: Demon's Dance (1967 [2006], Blue Note) B+(***)
  • Thelonious Monk: Riverside Profiles (1955-59 [2006], Riverside) A-
  • Wes Montgomery: Riverside Profiles (1959-63 [2006], Riverside) B+(***)
  • Lee Morgan: The Cooker (1957 [2006], Blue Note) B+(**)
  • New Ghost: Live Upstairs at Nick's (1998 [2006], ESP-Disk) B+(*)
  • Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown and Milt Jackson: What's Up? The Very Tall Band (1998 [2007], Telarc) B+(**)
  • John Pisano's Guitar Night (1997-2006 [2007], Mel Bay, 2CD) B+(*)
  • Ike Quebec: It Might as Well Be Spring (1961 [2006], Blue Note) A-
  • Saborit: Que Linda Es Mi Cuba (2006, Tumi) A-
  • Sonny Stitt: Stitt's Bits: The Bebop Recordings (1949-52 [2006], Prestige, 3CD) B+(**)
  • Yma Sumac: Recital (1961 [2006], ESP-Disk) B-
  • Thirsty Ear Blue Series Sampler (2002-06 [2006], Thirsty Ear) B+(**)
  • Weather Report: Forecast: Tomorrow (1969-85, Columbia/Legacy, 3CD+DVD) B+(**)