Jazz Consumer Guide (23):

This is the surplus file for Jazz Consumer Guide #23. These are short reviews of records that for one reason or another have been dropped from active consideration while working on this column. These reviews will be published in the blog when the column comes out.

Eric Alexander: Revival of the Fittest (2009, High Note): A return to form after a couple of disappointing albums. Harold Mabern is a big help at piano. B+(***)

Rodrigo Amado/Kent Kessler/Paal Nilssen-Love: The Abstract Truth (2008 [2009], European Echoes): Portuguese saxophonist, always a strong presence, working free with a couple of Vandermark associates. Lacks the rough edges and sheer fury of such obvious inspirations as Brötzmann and Vandermark, which makes him marginally more listenable and less inspiring. B+(**)

Bill Anschell/Brent Jensen: We Couldn't Agree More (2008 [2009], Origin): Piano-soprano sax duets, less flush than the previous year's quartet (One More Mile), but the same basic bare-bones, mostly standards where pre-bop is more instantly gratifying than bop-era. Anschell is one of many good mainstream artists this Seattle label (with connections to Chicago and down the West Coast) works regularly. Jensen, Idaho-based, is their one genuine find. B+(***)

Seamus Blake Quartet: Live in Italy (2007 [2009], Jazz Eyes, 2CD): A big-sounding tenor saxophonist, always impressive, leading a conventional sax-piano quartet with always capable David Kikoski on the keys. Good sample of his sound and work. B+(**)

Anthony Branker & Ascent: Blessings (2007 [2009], Origin): A non-playing composer/arranger working with a 7-8 piece group, not quite big band weight -- comparable tools but no extra section oomph. Maria Schneider endorses this, and I think that people who fawn over her should be duly impressed, but what do I know? B+(***)

Burkina Electric: Paspanga (2009 [2010], Cantaloupe): Drummer/electronics wiz Lukas Ligeti sometimes shows up in jazz contexts, which is why I kept this Burkina Faso experiment in the file. But the Afropop dominates, and I already plugged it as a Recycled Goods pick hit, so there's no real need to budget it more space. A-

Francesco Cafiso Quartet: Angelica (2009, CAM Jazz): Young alto saxophonist from Sicily with plenty of chops and a gorgeous tone comes to New York and kicks it up a level. B+(**)

Teddy Charles: Dances With Bulls (2008 [2009], Smalls): An advanced bebop vibraphonist who dropped from sight after making a splash in the 1950s returns with an interesting mix of old-new and new-old players -- Harold Danko on piano, John Mosca on trombone, Chris Byars on alto sax and flute, Ari Roland on bass, Stefan Schatz on drums -- returning pretty much where he left off. B+(**)

Gerald Clayton: Two-Shade (2009, ArtistShare): Debut album, an exceptionally solid piano trio, the sort of thing I rarely find words to describe. B+(***)

Amir ElSaffar/Hafez Modirzadeh: Radif/Suite (2009 [2010], Pi): Iraqi-American trumpeter, Iranian-American tenor saxophonist, respectively; the album split between two long suites, one by each, with Mark Dresser and Alex Cline backing up. Seems like an interesting idea, but both pieces have stretches that lose focus and sink into their details. B+(**)

Stephen Gauci's Basso Continuo: Nididhyasana (2007, Clean Feed): A tenor saxophonist with some growl and bite, but I've let this one sit too long, along with the 2-CD Live at Glenn Miller Café, both interesting but not quite compelling. This one contrasts Nate Wooley's trumpet, and is backed by two bassists -- Mike Bisio and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten -- but no drummer. B+(***)

Brian Groder/Burton Greene: Groder & Greene (2007 [2009], Latham): Maybe half of this album is duo: splotchy clash of the leaders' trumpet and piano, the former a young guy with respect for the 1960s avant-garde, which the latter was part of. The other half or so expands to a quintet, with alto saxist Rob Brown making most of the noise, and bassist Adam Lane keeping things moving. B+(***)

Ken Hatfield and Friends: Play the Music of Bill McCormick: To Be Continued . . . (2008, M/Pub): Neither Hatfield nor McCormick ring a bell, and I don't know whether they ever got around to continuing the encounter, but this is one of the tastier guitar records of the last few years, with Jim Clouse's soprano sax for highlights. Last song is "El Camino Wes," which puts this clearly in the Montgomery school. B+(***)

John Hicks: I Remember You (2006 [2009], High Note): Solo piano, cut shortly before Hicks' death. I could have recommended this as a memorial, but mostly find it nice but less than stellar. On the other hand, the label went back and found another tape that not only does the job, it does double-duty: Twogether, with three Hicks solos and a bunch of Frank Morgan duets. Held that one back for next time, but decided to let this one go. B+(**)

Michael Janisch: Purpose Built (2009 [2010], Whirlwind): Hard to encapsulate this in a short-line. Leader is a bassist who swaps in and out ten musicians for all sorts of postbop vibes, Jim Hart's vibraphone included. You catch moments when a sax or guitar or piano or trumpet takes charge, but none of them last. B+(**)

Keith Jarrett: Paris/London: Testament (2008 [2009], ECM, 3CD): Solo piano, de trop, although the London concert split over the last two discs only totals 93 minutes. Polls regularly rank Jarrett as the world's favorite jazz pianist, and I don't see any point in faulting his exceptional success, but there are lots of other equally fine pianists, and anyone tempted to collect more Jarrett should diversify. B+(**)

Aaron J. Johnson: Songs of Our Fathers (2007 [2009], Bubble-Sun): All originals except for a Joe Henderson piece returning this mainstream set home to the 1960s. Swings a bit, Victor Lewis keeps it lighter than hard bop, Onaje Allan Gumbs waxes eloquent on the piano, Salim Washington slips in some flute and oboe as well as solid tenor sax, and the leader's trombone polishes it off. B+(**)

Nigel Kennedy: Blue Note Sessions (2005 [2007], Blue Note): Bestselling classical violinist, lined up with some impressive jazz musicians -- Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette, Joe Lovano, Kenny Werner -- for some discrete bebop, the tunes from the 1950s and 1960s, probably sanctified in the Blue Note legacy (exceptions are two by Kennedy, and a "bonus track" by DeJohnette). This has been on the HM-candidate list for ages, in part because I haven't found the record the last half-dozen times I looked for it. B+(***)

The Ray Kennedy Trio: Plays the Music of Arthur Schwartz (2006 [2007], Arbors): Piano trio plus Joe Cohn on guitar, a tasty combination. Another fine record that literally got lost in some crack around here somewhere. B+(***)

Ruslan Khain: For Medicinal Purposes Only! (2008, Smalls): Bassist-led hard bop quintet, with dependable Chris Byars the standout on tenor sax (and, uh, flute), and lesser-knowns filling in capably on trumpet (Yoshi Okazaki), piano (Richard Clements), and drums (Phil Stewart). Could pass for a pretty good 1960s Blue Note set. B+(***)

David Kweksilber + Guus Janssen (2003-06 [2006], Geestgronden): Clarinet-piano duets, home-recorded over an extended collaboration -- thin sound, moderately paced, avant-leaning, sometimes tentative and exploratory, except for the closing "Honeysuckle Rose," a treat. . Don't know much about Kweksilber, but Janssen is a pianist deserving of much greater recognition. Another record that sat too long, is around here somewhere but at the moment unlocatable. B+(***)

Tony Malaby's Apparitions: Voladores (2009, Clean Feed): The tenor saxophonist is not just a dependable sideman. He has stolen a dozen or more albums in the last few years, which makes you expect his own albums to be better. This one comes close, but I've never managed to figure out why he needs both Tom Rainey and John Hollenbeck on percussion when he runs right over both. B+(***)

Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar: Devla: Blown Away to Dancefloor Heaven (2009, Piranha): A record I would include if I had the space, but more world (Balkan) than jazz, even though the brass line blows away most big bands, salsa ones included. A-

Michael Occhipinti: The Sicilian Jazz Project (2008 [2009], True North): Folkloric with accordion, strings, vocals, even oud on one cut, but also touched with jazz, mostly in the horns but also in the leader's guitar and brother Roberto's bass. B+(**)

Dafnis Prieto Si O Si Quartet: Live at Jazz Standard NYC (Dafnison Music): Cuban drummer, has blown pretty much everyone away since he arrived in New York. His chops are quite amazing, but I've been slow on the uptake. Of the four records I've heard, this strikes me as a marked advance. Maybe the next will be the charm. B+(**)

Matt Renzi: Lunch Special (2007 [2009], Three P's): Plays saxophone and clarinet in a well-balanced trio, everything thoughtful and centered. Has been all around the world, studying with George Garzone and R.A. Ramamani. Has a previous record I recommended, The Cave, and seems likely to go on forever producing excellent records it's hard to get excited about. B+(***)

The Rocco John Group: Devotion (2008 [2009], Coalition of Creative Artists): Rocco John Iacovone, basically, freebop, with Michael Irwin's trumpet spinning against his alto and soprano sax. Last record was a solid HM, and this one is roughly the same. Seems to have found his level. B+(**)

Karl Seglem: NORSKjazz.no (2009 [2010], Ozella): Having trouble boiling this down, since what we have here is a very attractive but not very unique mainstream sax-piano-bass-drums quartet -- actually, that would be a European variant of mainstream, something Manfred Eicher could easily tune into the ECM catalog, or would fit nicely in the catalogues of other unsung but excellent saxophonists like Arne Domnerus and Bernt Rosengren. Seglem has recorded quite a bit, but this is the first I've heard, so he remains a SFFR. B+(***)

Emilio Solla & the Tango Jazz Conspiracy: Bien Sur! (2009 [2010], Fresh Sound World Jazz): Argentine pianist brings the tango to New York, where yanks like Chris Cheek have fun with it, although Victor Prieto's accordion sounds authentic enough. One odd packaging quirk is that the cover singles out Billy Hart as "special guest": he's a venerable figure but was never a leading name, and he only plays on one cut, displacing Richie Barshay, really the ideal drummer for this kind of fusion. B+(**)

Sorgen-Rust-Stevens Trio: A Scent in Motion (1994 [2009], Konnex): Piano trio, a good example of Michael Jefry Stevens' work, an underappreciated pianist both because he plies the borders of the avant-garde and because his name is rarely up front even on records utterly dependent upon him. B+(**)

Nicolas Thys: Virgo (2008 [2009], Pirouet): The bassist-leader maintains a light, propulsive feel, setting up choice solos from tenor saxophonist Chris Cheek and guitarist Ryan Scott. B+(***)

Ton Trio: The Way (2008 [2009], Singlespeed Music): Alto sax trio, led by Aram Shelton who plays free, rough and raucous, and occasionally muffles his blows by switching to bass clarinet. B+(**)

Ken Vandermark/Pandelis Karayorgis: Foreground Music (2006 [2007], Okka Disk): A favorite saxophonist and a favorite pianist, but with both competing for the foreground I wish this was rounded out a bit better, perhaps with their common bass-drums players, or maybe a couple of the Norwegians Vandermark fancies. B+(**)

Cedar Walton: Voices Deep Within (2009, High Note): Another good record, not quite up to the previous Seasoned Wood, but the trio cuts offer a good showcase for his piano and weight the record a bit that way, and the other four feature Vincent Herring. Walton has always been a superb horn writer, and Herring executes his scripts with elegance and grace. B+(**)

Mark Winkler: Till I Get It Right (2009, Free Ham): Jazz singer, falls neither into the crooner nor the hipster mold although he flirts with both, perhaps because he spent so much time developing musical revues. Nice guest spots from Anthony Wilson on guitar and Bob Sheppard on tenor sax, and a Cheryl Bentyne duet. B+(***)

Other Drops

Also dropping the following. Don't have anything to add to what was previously said in the prospecting notes (for this or some previous Jazz CG cycle).

  • Absolute Ensemble: Absolute Zawinul (2007 [2010], Intuition/Sunnyside) B
  • The American Music Project: On the Bright Side (2004-05 [2009], Inarhyme) B+(*)
  • Michaël Attias: Renku in Coimbra (2008 [2009], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  • Jeff Baker: Of Things Not Seen (2006-07 [2009], OA2) B-
  • Marco Benevento: Me Not Me (2008 [2009], Royal Potato Family) B
  • Marco Benevento: Between the Needles and Nightfall (2010, Royal Potato Family) B+(*)
  • Curt Berg & the Avon Street Quintet: At Stagg Street Studio (2009, Origin) B
  • Sean Bergin's New Mob: Chicken Feet: Live at the Bimhuis (2007 [2010], Pingo) B+(*)
  • The Bickel/Marks Group With Dave Liebman (2009 [2010], Zoho) B+(**)
  • Big Crazy Energy New York Band: Inspirations, Vol. 1 (2008 [2010], Rosa) B-
  • John Blake Jr.: Motherless Child (2010, ARC) B+(**)
  • Theo Bleckmann/Kneebody: Twelve Songs by Charles Ives (2008 [2009], Winter & Winter) B+(**)
  • Salvatore Bonafede Trio: Sicilian Opening (2009 [2010], Jazz Eyes) B+(**)
  • Ralph Bowen: Due Reverence (2009 [2010], Posi-Tone) B+(*)
  • The Wayne Brasel Quartet: If You Would Dance (2009 [2010], Brajazz) B
  • Tom Braxton: Endless Highway (2009, Pacific Coast Jazz) B-
  • John Burr Band: Just Can't Wait (2007 [2009], JBQ, CD+DVD) B+(**)
  • Hadley Caliman: Straight Ahead (2008 [2010], Origin) B+(*)
  • Eddie C. Campbell: Tear This World Up (2008 [2009], Delmark) B+(**)
  • The Ian Carey Quintet: Contextualizin' (2009 [2010], Kabocha) B+(*)
  • Mel Carter: The Heart & Soul of Mel Carter (2008 [2009], CSP) B+(**)
  • Joe Chambers: Horace to Max (2009 [2010], Savant) B
  • Steve Colson: The Untarnished Dream (2009 [2010], Silver Sphinx) B+(*)
  • Marc Copland: Alone (2008-09 [2009], Pirouet) B+(**)
  • George Cotsirilos Trio: Past Present (2009 [2010], OA2) B+(*)
  • Bill Cunliffe/Holly Hofmann: Three's Company (2009 [2010], Capri) B+(*)
  • Darunam/Milan: The Last Angel on Earth (2008 [2009], 64-56 Media) B+(*)
  • Dan Dean: 251 (2009 [2010], Origin) B
  • Graham Dechter: Right on Time (2008 [2009], Capri) B+(**)
  • Tineke de Jong/Albert van Veenendaal/Alan Purves/Hans Hasebos: Midday Moon (2008 [2009], Brokken) B+(**)
  • Jorrit Dijkstra: Pillow Circles (2009 [2010], Clean Feed) B+(*)
  • Lajos Dudas: Chamber Music Live (1990 [2009], Pannon Classic) B
  • Mark Egan: Truth Be Told (2009 [2010], Wavetone) C+
  • John Ellis & Double-Wide: Puppet Mischief (2009 [2010], ObliqSound) B+(*)
  • Damian Erskine: So To Speak (2010, DE) B+(**)
  • Orrin Evans: Faith in Action (2009 [2010], Posi-Tone) B+(**)
  • Alan Ferber: Music for Nonet and Strings/Chamber Songs (2009 [2010], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Ambrose Field/John Potter: Being Dufay (2007 [2009], ECM New Series) B+(**)
  • Carl Fischer & Organic Groove Ensemble: Adverse Times (2009 [2010], Fischmusic) B
  • Roberto Fonseca: Akokan (2008 [2010], Enja/Justin Time) B+(*)
  • Free Unfold Trio: Ballades (2009 [2010], Ayler) B+(*)
  • Hal Galper: E Pluribus Unum: Live in Seattle (2009 [2010], Origin) B+(*)
  • Garaj Mahal: More Mr. Nice Guy (2009 [2010], Owl Studios) B-
  • Garaj Mahal & Fareed Haque: Discovery (2010, Moog Music) B+(*)
  • Maxfield Gast: Eat Your Beats (2009 [2010], Militia Hill) B-
  • Gato Libre: Shiro (2009 [2010], Libra) B+(*)
  • Stephen Gauci's Stockholm Conference: Live at Glenn Miller Café (2007 [2008], Ayler, 2CD) B+(**)
  • Tobias Gebb & Unit 7: Free at Last (2009 [2010], Yummy House) B+(**)
  • Frank Glover: Abacus (2009 [2010], Owl Studios) B-
  • Jon Gold: Brazil Confidential (2010, Zoho) B+(*)
  • Jon Gordon: Evolution (2009, ArtistShare) B
  • Jonathon Haffner: Life on Wednesday (2008 [2009], Cachuma) B+(**)

  • Steve Haines Quintet with Jimmy Cobb: Stickadiboom (2007 [2009], Zoho) B+(**)
  • Dana Hall: Into the Light (2009, Origin) B+(*)
  • Darryl Harper: Stories in Real Time (2009, Hipnotic) B+(*)
  • Tom Harrell: Roman Nights (2009 [2010], High Note) B+(*)
  • Pablo Held: Music (2009 [2010], Pirouet) B+(**)
  • Yaron Herman: Muse (2009, Sunnyside) B+(**)
  • Vivian Houle: Treize (2008 [2009], Drip Audio) B
  • The Inhabitants: A Vacant Lot (2007 [2010], Drip Audio) B+(*)
  • Sherman Irby Quartet: Live at the Otto Club (2008 [2010], Black Warrior) B+(*)
  • Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: One Day in Brooklyn (2009, Kinnara) B
  • Phil Kelly & the Northwest Prevailing Winds: Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles (2009, Origin) B+(*)
  • Dave King: Indelicate (2009 [2010], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Thomson Kneeland: Mazurka for a Modern Man (2007 [2010], Weltschmerz) B+(**)
  • Sofia Rei Koutsovitis: Sube Azul (2009 [2010], World Village/Harmonia Mundi) B+(*)
  • Ralph Lalama Quartet: The Audience (2009 [2010], Mighty Quinn) B+(**)
  • Joëlle Léandre/François Houle/Raymond Strid: Last Seen Headed: Live at Sons D'Hiver (2009 [2010], Ayler) B+(**)
  • Mike LeDonne: The Groover (2009 [2010], Savant) B+(*)
  • Carolyn Leonhart: Tides of Yesterday (2009 [2010], Savant) B+(**)
  • Little Women: Throat (2009 [2010], AUM Fidelity) B
  • Mitch Marcus Quintet: Countdown 2 Meltdown (2009 [2010], Porto Franco) B+(*)
  • The Zeke Martin Project: U4RIA (2009, Zeke Martin Project) B
  • Paul Meyers Quartet: Featuring Frank Wess (2007 [2010], Miles High) B+(**)
  • Sei Miguel: Esfingico (2006 [2010], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  • Melanie Mitrano: All Things Gold (2009 [2010], Big Round) B+(**)
  • Marc Mommaas: Landmarc (2009 [2010], Sunnyside) B+(**)
  • Ben Monder/Bill McHenry: Bloom (2000 [2010], Sunnyside) B
  • Josh Moshier & Mike LeBrun: Joy Not Jaded (2009, OA2) B+(**)
  • Maria Neckam: Deeper (2009 [2010], Sunnyside) C+
  • Dave Nelson & the 32nd Street Quintet: 32nd Street (2007 [2010], Independently Released) B+(*)
  • Sam Newsome: Blue Soliloquy (2009 [2010], Sam Newsome) B+(*)
  • Marius Nordal: Boomer Jazz (2005 [2009], Origin) B
  • Norrbotten Big Band: The Avatar Sessions: The Music of Tim Hagans (2009 [2010], Fuzzy Music) B+(*)
  • Arturo O'Farrill: Risa Negra (2009, Zoho) B+(*)
  • Organissimo: Alive & Kickin' (2008-09 [2010], Big O) B+(*)
  • Michael Pagán Trio: Three for the Ages (2009 [2010], Capri) B+(*)
  • Kat Parra: Dos Amantes (2009 [2010], JazzMa) B-
  • Peggo: In Love (2009 [2010], Big Round) B+(*)
  • Jeremy Pelt: Men of Honor (2009 [2010], High Note) B
  • Ken Peplowski: Noir Blue (2009 [2010], Capri) B+(*)
  • Gail Pettis: Here in the Moment (2008-09 [2010], OA2) B+(*)
  • Jean-Michel Pilc: True Story (2009 [2010], Dreyfus) B+(**)
  • Tineke Postma: The Traveller (2009 [2010], Etcetera Now) B+(*)
  • Chris Potter/Steve Wilson/Terrell Stafford/Keith Javors/Delbert Felix/John Davis: Coming Together (2005 [2009], Inarhyme) B+(**)
  • Q'd Up: Quintessence (2009, Jazz Hang) B
  • Eric Reed & Cyrus Chestnut: Plenty Swing, Plenty Soul (2009 [2010], Savant) B+(**)
  • Rufus Reid: Out Front (2008 [2010], Motema) B+(*)
  • Steven Schoenberg: Live: An Improvisational Journey (2006-08 [2010], Quabbin) B+(*)
  • Dave Sharp's Secret Seven: 7 (2009 [2010], Vortex Jazz) B
  • Lee Shaw Trio: Blossom (2009, ARC) B+(*)
  • Liam Sillery: Phenomenology (2008 [2010], OA2) B+(**)
  • Matt Slocum: Portraits (2009 [2010], Chandra) B+(*)
  • Bob Sneider & Paul Hofmann: Serve and Volley (2008 [2010], Origin) B
  • Somi: If the Rains Come First (2009, ObliqSound) B-
  • Tyshawn Sorey: Koan (2009, 482 Music) B+(**)
  • John Stein: Raising the Roof (2009, Whaling City Sound) B+(**)
  • Kelley Suttenfield: Where Is Love? (2007 [2009], Rhombus) B+(*)
  • Nelda Swiggett: This Time (2009 [2010], OA2) B
  • Tom Tallitsch: Perspective (2009, OA2) B+(*)
  • Rob Thorsen: Lasting Impression (2008 [2009], Pacific Coast Jazz) B+(**)
  • Samuel Torres: Yaoundé (2010, BLC) B+(**)
  • The Trio [Peter Erskine/Chuck Berghofer/Terry Trotter]: Live @ Charlie O's (2009 [2010], Fuzzy Music) B+(**)
  • Chris Tunkel: Grey Matters (2007, Tunk Music) B+(*)
  • The Vinson Valega Group: Biophilia (2009 [2010], Consilience Productions) B+(*)
  • Robin Verheyen: Starbound (2009, Pirouet) B+(**)
  • VW Brothers [Paul van Wageningen/Marc van Wageningen]: Muziek (2010, Patois) B+(*)
  • The Wee Trio: Capitol Diner Vol. 2 Animal Style (2010, Bionic) B
  • Sam Weiser: Sam I Am (2009 [2010], Disappear) B+(*)
  • Dan Weiss Trio: Timshel (2010, Sunnyside) B+(**)
  • White Rocket (2008 [2009], Diatribe) B+(**)
  • Phil Woods with the DePaul University Jazz Ensemble: Solitude (2008 [2010], Jazzed Media) B
  • Aaron Immanuel Wright: Eleven Daughters (2009 [2010], Origin) B
  • Zora Young: The French Connection (2007-08 [2009], Delmark) B+(*)

The following appeared (or soon will) in Recycled Goods:

  • Afghan Star (2009, Silva Screen) B+(**)
  • Jim Guttmann: Bessarabian Breakdown (2009 [2010], Kleztone) B+(**)
  • Pete Lockett's Network of Sparks: One (1999 [2010], Summerfold) B+(*)
  • Ravi Shankar: Rare and Glorious (1962-88 [2010], Times Square, 2CD) A-
  • Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson: New World Flamenco (2009 [2010], Tierra Negra) B+(**)
  • John Vanore & Abstract Truth: Curiosity (1991 [2010], Acoustical Concepts) B+(**)

The following were briefly sampled from download sources (e.g., Rhapsody). They may be revisited if/when I get real copies: noted [**].

  • Svend Asmussen: Makin' Whoopee! . . . and Music! (2009, Arbors) B
  • Peter Bernstein Quartet: Live at Smalls (2008 [2010], Smalls Live) B+(**)
  • Eleanora Fagan (1915-1959): To Billie With Love From Dee Dee Bridgewater (2009 [2010], Emarcy) B+(*)
  • Paul Dunmall/Chris Corsano: Identical Sunsets (2010, ESP-Disk) B+(*)
  • Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy (2010, Telarc) B+(*)
  • The New York Allstars: Count Basie Remembered, Vol. 2 (1996 [1998], Nagel Heyer) B+(**)
  • Nicki Parrott/Rossano Sportiello: Do It Again (2009, Arbors) B+(*)
  • John Pizzarelli: Rockin' in Rhythm: A Tribute to Duke Ellington (2010, Telarc) B+(**)
  • Polar Bear: Peepers (2010, Leaf Label) B+(**) [**]
  • Terry Riley: Autodreamological Tales (2010, Tzadik) B+(*)
  • Christian Scott: Yesterday You Said Tomorrow (2009 [2010], Concord) B
  • Warren Vaché-Tony Coe-Alan Barnes Septet: Shine (1997 [1998], Zephyr) B+(***)
  • Tim Warfield: One for Shirley (2007 [2008], Criss Cross) B+(*)
  • Phil Woods/Lee Konitz 5Tet: Play Woods (2003 [2004], Philology) B+(***)
  • John Zorn: Femina (2008 [2009], Tzadik) B-