Jazz Consumer Guide (26):

This is the surplus file for Jazz Consumer Guide #26. These are short reviews of records that for one reason or another have been dropped from active consideration while working on this column. These reviews will be published in the blog when the column comes out.

Jason Adasiewicz: Sun Rooms (2009 [2010], Delmark): Chicago's go-to vibes guy, shows up everywhere one of his neighbors wants a little extra splash around the percussion, but supported by bass and drums is front and center here, a real calling card. With Nate McBride and Mike Reed -- not just the go-to guy, he know who to go to himself. B+(***)

Aeroplane Trio: Naranja Ha (2010, Drip Audio, CD+DVD): Canadian trio, JP Carter on trumpet should be the focus, but after two-and-a-half replays I'm not finding much focus -- just lots of interesting sound effects. Still haven't watched the DVD. Was tempted to downgrade it a notch, but as I started writing the temptation faded away. B+(***)

BANN: As You Like (2009 [2011], Jazz Eyes): Group name an acronym based on musicians' last names -- all people I recognize as leaders or frequent sidemen, but I can't quite bring myself to call them a supergroup. See how well you do, even if I add the first initial and the instrument: SB (tenor sax), JA (bass), ON (guitar), AN (drums). (Admittedly, recognizing names ia a lot easier than racking your brain for pattern matches.) Pretty good modern postbop, where the guitar leads sonically match the sax, and then some. B+(***)

Roni Ben-Hur: Fortuna (2007 [2009], Motema): Israeli guitarist, does a pretty good Wes Montgomery impression, luxuriously supported by Ronnie Matthews, Rufus Reid, and Lewis Nash, with some extra percussion from Steven Kroon. As much as I like the album, I've been dragging my feet on the review for years, not feeling it says enough to earn the space. B+(***)

Dadi: Bem Aqui (2009 [2010], Sunnyside): Brazilian, seems to have been more songwriter than singer over the years, but steps out here with one of the better Brazilian pop records I've heard in several years -- Tom Zé is the reason I shied away from saying "best" and that's mostly because he's tough to compare to. Bounced it out because it doesn't feel like a jazz album, but lots of certified jazz singers dabble in Brazilian tunes and come up with far less. A-

Dawn of Midi: First (2010, Accretions): Piano trio, from Morocco, India, and Pakistan via Paris -- pianist Amino Balyamani, bassist Aakaash Israni, percussionist Qassim Naqvi, individual names we're going to have trouble remembering but so tight as a group we may not have to. It strikes me that the piano is more rhythm and the bass more melody. Played this many times, and never managed to reduce it to a one-liner. B+(***)

The Dominant 7 and the Jazz Arts Messengers: Fourteen Channels (2009 [2010], Tapestry): Two student groups from Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts (CCJA), directed by Paul Romaine: a septet (plus a guest on one cut) and a nonet. Tightly arranged postbop, but avoids the usual harmonic pitfalls, offering plenty of solo options. No one I've heard of, not the sort of thing I have any predeliction for, a pleasant surprise on almost every level. B+(***)

Ricardo Gallo's Tierra de Nadie: The Great Fine Line (2009 [2010], Clean Feed): Replayed twice and didn't come up with a snappy one-liner, and this label has so many HM-worthy records. The pianist is not as far out as he sometimes gets; just lets his band shoot off interesting feelers, contrasting Dan Blake's sneaky soprano sax with Ray Anderson's bombastic trombone, working around unheralded bassist Mark Helias, with the drums split between Pheeroan Aklaff and Satoshi Takeishi. Very tasty. B+(***)

Theo Jörgensmann/Marcin Oles/Bartlomiej Brat Oles: Live in Poznan 2006 (2006 [2007], Fenomedia): The Oles twins, bass and drums respectively, are as telepathic a rhythm section as one could imagine. One of them sent me a package of three not-too-new discs and the pick of the litter turned out to be their duo, with the bass coming emphatically to the front. The others are trios, this with the bassett clarinetist who as I read their discography is their most frequent collaborator. (Closest competition looks to be Adam Pieronczyk, although the list of saxophonists passing through Poland in need of local support and winding up with records is who's who material, starting with David Murray and Ken Vandermark.) This is exceptionally neat and intimate. B+(***)

Jin Hi Kim/Gerry Hemingway: Pulses (2009 [2010], Auricle): The weaker of Hemingway's batch of three duos -- the ones with Ellery Eskelin and Terrence McManus made my A-section -- not because Kim's electric komungo disappoints but because it crowds the stage with too much sound, and so awes Hemingway that he shies away: not the point of a drummer duo. Nonetheless, a fine way to meet Kim, who in a jazz context gets to break away from classical propriety. B+(***)

Charles Lloyd Quartet: Mirror (2009 [2010], ECM): Same group as his high-polling Rabo de Nube; damn near same record too, and only slipped a bit in the polls, adding to Jason Moran's sweep. Fewer originals, but Monk and trad. make up for that. B+(***)

Oles Brothers with Rob Brown: Live at SJC (2008 [2009], Fenomedia): The third disc in the Oles package, with alto saxophonist Brown -- well known in these parts for his work in William Parker's bands -- in the catbird seat. He's brash and inventive, as usual, but stretched a bit thin, overwhelming a rhythm section that has more to offer. B+(**)

Ivo Perelman/Brian Willson: The Stream of Life (2008 [2010], Leo): Coming into the closing weeks of this round, I had top-section reviews written on 10 A- albums -- close to all I could use -- and had rated another 26 records that high, two more columns worth plus change. I was looking at the prospect of records becoming old and gray before I could ever get the word out. Two tricks I could use to cut back the field: one is to drop an A- record into the high honorable mentions (which is what I did to Ben Syversen's Cracked Vessel; another is to try to gang up multiple reviews. With a cluster of three A- records plus an HM by Perelman -- one that had already slipped a couple of review cycles -- I really cheaped out: wrote a review of the flagship Mind Games where I mentioned the other three. This energetic, intimate duo with drummer Willson is the HM, a bit less well rounded than the sax-bass-drums trio on Mind Games, but Willson is an impressive partner on both discs. Gets his name spelled correctly here. B+(***)

Ivo Perelman/Gerry Hemingway: The Apple in the Dark (2010, Leo): Duos, not just tenor sax/drums but on half of the pieces Perelman switches off to piano, which the liner notes liken to Garner and Monk, but sounds more like Cecil Taylor to me -- a revelation. Hemingway, of course, has his usual touch and wit. A-

Ivo Perelman/Daniel Levin/Torbjörn Zetterberg: Soulstorm (2009 [2010], Clean Feed, 2CD): Tenor sax, cello, and bass -- sort of a sax-with-strings album, dark and moody, rough and tumble, but mostly sensitive and eloquent. Perelman has played some cello in the past, so it's not surprising that he has exceptional insight into how to make this work at length. A-

Archie Shepp: The New York Contemporary Five (1963 [2010], Delmark): One of two John Tchicai groups at the time, both appropriating New York in their names but settled more in Denmark -- the other was New York Art Quartet, with Shepp's trombonist Roswell Rudd. This set has been kicking around in various versions, good to have back in print, especially for Don Cherry's contrasting cornet. B+(***)

Nobu Stowe: Confusion Bleue (2007 [2010], Soul Note): Japanese pianist, based in Baltimore, writes titles on French for a record on an Italian label. Translating roughly, four movement, three intermediaries, an intro and an epilog -- adds up to a fancy layer cake. While Stowe stacks everything neatly together, Ross Bonadonna rips fore and aft, mostly on guitar, but sometimes on alto sax when he wants a rougher sound. B+(***)

Trichotomy: Variations (2007 [2010], Naim Jazz): Australian piano trio, previously known as Misinterprotato, with a brash, beatwise, populist feel. Two tracks are dressed up with extras -- violin, viola, alto sax on one, trumpet and electronics on the other. All those combinations work nicely. B+(***)

Melvin Vines: Harlem Jazz Machine (2010 [2011], Movi): Less Harlem than a worldwide melting pot, as the Ohio-native leader and his Japan-native wife (Kay Mori) run through pieces from Latin-tinged bebop to South African township jive to "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." B+(***)

Doug Webb: Renovations (2009 [2011], Posi-Tone): Journeyman saxophonist, feed him a bunch of juicy standards and he'll turn them into an exquisite quiet storm album. B+(***)

Other Drops

Also dropping the following. Don't have anything to add to what was previously said in the prospecting notes (for this or some previous Jazz CG cycle).

  • Dan Adler/Joey DeFrancesco/Byron Landham: Back to the Bridge (2010, Emdan Music) B+(**)
  • Vijay Anderson: Hardboiled Wonder Land (2008 [2010], Not Two) B+(**)
  • Laurie Antonioli: American Dreams (2009 [2010], Intrinsic Music) B-
  • Patti Austin: Sound Advice (2010 [2011], Shanachie) B
  • Chase Baird: Crosscurrent (2010, Junebeat) B+(**)
  • The Lynn Baker Quartet: Azure Intention (2010, OA2) B+(*)
  • Billy Bang/Bill Cole: Billy Bang/Bill Cole (2009 [2011], Shadrack) B+(*)
  • Matt Bauder: Day in Pictures (2010, Clean Feed) B+(**)
  • Tyler Blanton: Botanic (2010, Ottimo) B+(*)
  • Matt Blostein/Vinnie Sperrazza: Paraphrase (2010 [2011], Yeah-Yeah) B+(**)
  • Blue Cranes: Observatories (2009 [2010], Blue Cranes) B-
  • Anthony Branker & Ascent: Dance Music (2010, Origin) B+(**)
  • David Caceres: David Caceres (2010 [2011], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Roger Cairns and Gary Fukushima: The Dream of Olwen (2010, AHP) B+(*)
  • Andrea Centazzo/Perry Robinson/Nobu Stowe: The Soul in the Mist (2006 [2007], Konnex/Ictus) B+(*)
  • Mina Cho: Originality (2010, Blink Music) B+(*)
  • Fay Claassen: Sing! (2009 [2010], Challenge) B
  • Todd Clouser: A Love Electric (2010 [2011], Ropeadope) B+(**)
  • Richard Cole: Inner Mission (2007 [2010], Origin) B
  • David Cook: Pathway (2010, Bju'ecords) B+(*)
  • Patrick Cornelius: Fierce (2009 [2010], Whirlwind) B+(**)
  • Roxy Coss (2009 [2011], self-released) B-
  • Jacques Coursil: Trails of Tears (2010 [2011], Sunnyside) B+(**)
  • Patty Cronheim: Days Like These (2009 [2010], Say So) B+(**)
  • Tom Culver: I Remember You: Tom Culver Sings Johnny Mercer (2010, Rhombus) B+(*)
  • David's Angels: Substar (2009 [2010], Kopasetic) B
  • Colin Dean: Shiwasu (2010, Roots and Grooves) B+(**)
  • Joey DeFrancesco/Robi Botos/Vito Rezza/Phil Dwyer: One Take: Volume Four (2010, Alma) B+(**)
  • Mike DiRubbo: Chronos (2010 [2011], Posi-Tone) B+(**)
  • Brian Drye: Bizingas (2008 [2010], NCM East) B+(***)
  • Yelena Eckemoff: Cold Sun (2009 [2010], Yelena Music): B+(**)
  • Shauli Einav: Opus One (2010 [2011], Plus Loin Music) B+(*)
  • Erika: Obsession (2009 [2010], Erika) B+(*)
  • Kellylee Evans: Nina (2010, Plus Loin Music) B-
  • Exploding Star Orchestra: Stars Have Shapes (2010, Delmark) B+(**)
  • Andy Farber and His Orchestra: This Could Be the Start of Something Big (2009 [2010], Black Warrior) B+(**)
  • Scott Fields/Matthias Schubert: Minaret Minuets (2010 [2011], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  • Anna Figarova: Sketches (2010, Munich) B+(*)
  • Dave Frank: Portrait of New York (2009 [2010], Jazzheads) B+(*)
  • Paolo Fresu: Mistico Mediterraneo (2010 [2011], ECM) B+(**)
  • Maxfield Gast Trio: Side by Side (2010, Militia Hill) B+(**)
  • Eddie Gomez/Cesarius Alvim: Forever (2010, Plus Loin Music) B+(**)
  • Jim Hall & Joey Baron: Conversations (2010, ArtistShare) B+(**)
  • Joel Harrison: String Choir: The Music of Paul Motian (2010 [2011], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  • Laura Harrison: Now . . . . Here (2010, 59 Steps) B+(**)
  • Yaron Herman Trio: Follow the White Rabbit (2010 [2011], ACT) B+(*)
  • Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica: Presents . . . The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel (2010, Tiki) B
  • John L. Holmes y Los Amigos: The Holmes Stretch (2010, self-released) B+(**)
  • Robert Hurst: Bob Ya Head (2010 [2011], Bebob) B+(**)
  • Raúl Jaurena & His Tango Orchestra: Fuerza Milongnera (2008 [2010], Soundbrush) B+(**)
  • Jazz Folk: Jazz in the Stone Age (2008 [2010], 1 Hr Music) B+(*)
  • Norman Johnson: If Time Stood Still (2010, Pacific Coast Jazz) B
  • Darius Jones/Matthew Shipp: Cosmic Lieder (2010 [2011], AUM Fidelity) B+(*)
  • Matt Jorgensen: Tatooed by Passion: Music Inspired by the Paintings of Dale Chisman (2009 [2010], Origin) B+(*)
  • Majid Khaliq: The Basilisk (2010 [2011], self-released) B
  • The Kora Band: Cascades (2010, Origin) B+(*)
  • Boris Kozlov: Double Standard (2007 [2010], self-released) B
  • Kristy: My Romance (2010, Alma) B+(**)
  • The Brian Landrus Quartet: Traverse (2010 [2011], Blueland) B+(**)
  • Daniel Levin Quartet: Organic Modernism (2010 [2011], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  • Pete Levin: Jump! (2008-10 [2010], Pete Levin Music) B+(*)
  • Elisabeth Lohninger: Songs of Love and Destruction (2009 [2010], Lofish Music) B+(*)
  • Joe Lovano/Us Five: Bird Songs (2010 [2011], Blue Note) B+(**)
  • Dave Liebman Big Band: As Always (2005-07 [2010], MAMA) B
  • The Dave Liebman Group: Turnaround: The Music of Ornette Coleman (2009 [2010], Jazzwerkstatt) B+(**)
  • Karen Marguth (2009, Wayfae Music) B+(**)
  • Marhaug: All Music at Once (2007-08 [2010], Smalltown Superjazz) B+(*)
  • Delfeayo Marsalis: Sweet Thunder (2008 [2011], Troubador Jass) B+(*)
  • Mason Brothers: Two Sides One Story (2010, Archival) B+(*)
  • Lisa Maxwell: Return to Jazz Standards (2010, CDBaby) B
  • Donny McCaslin: Perpetual Motion (2010 [2011], Greenleaf Music) B+(*)
  • Chad McCullough/Michal Vanoucek: The Sky Cries (2009 [2010], Origin) B+(*)
  • Barton McLean: Soundworlds (2010, Innova) B+(**)
  • Terrence McManus: Brooklyn EP (2009 [2010], self-released) B+(*)
  • Stephen Micus: Bold as Light (2007-10 [2010], ECM) B+(**)
  • Soren Moller: Christian X Variations (2009 [2011], Audial) B+(**)
  • Negroni's Trio: Just Three (2010, Mojito) B+(*)
  • Jovino Santos Neto: Veja O Som/See the Sound (2009-10 [2010], Adventure Music, 2CD) B+(**)
  • Margaret Noble: Frakture (2010, Amnesty International) B+(**)
  • Mike Olson: Incidental (2009 [2010], Henceforth) B+(**)
  • Markku Ounaskari/Samuli Mikkonen/Per Jřrgensen: Kuára (2009 [2010], ECM) B+(**)
  • Chris Parrello + Things I Wonder (2010 [2011], Popopomo Music) B+(*)
  • Jeremy Pelt: The Talented Mr. Pelt (2010 [2011], High Note) B+(*)
  • The Pickpocket Ensemble: Memory (2010, Pickpocket Ensemble) B
  • Chico Pinheiro: There's a Storm Inside (2010, Sunnyside) C+
  • Leslie Pintchik: We're Here to Listen (2010, Pintch Hard) B+(*)
  • Suzanne Pittson: Out of the Hub: The Music of Freddie Hubbard (2008 [2010], Vineland) B+(**)
  • Plunge: Tin Fish Tango (2010 [2011], Immersion) B+(**)
  • Noah Preminger: Before the Rain (2010 [2011], Palmetto) B+(**)
  • Gene Pritsker: Varieties of Religious Experience Suite (2010, Innova) B+(**)
  • Eric Reed: The Dancing Monk (2009 [2011], Savant) B
  • Tom Rizzo: Imaginary Numbers (2009 [2010], Origin) B+(*)
  • Mario Romano Quartet: Valentina (2010, Alma) B+(**)
  • Kurt Rosenwinkel and OJM: Our Secret World (2010, Word of Mouth Music) B+(*)
  • Alison Ruble: Ashland (2009 [2010], Origin) B+(*)
  • Salo: Sundial Lotus (2009 [2010], Innova) B+(**)
  • Angelica Sanchez: A Little House (2010 [2011], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  • Antonio Sanchez: Live in New York at Jazz Standard (2008 [2010], CAM Jazz, 2CD) B+(**)
  • Dolores Scozzesi: A Special Taste (2010, Rhombus) B
  • Elliott Sharp: Binibon (2010 [2011], Henceforth) B+(*)
  • Marcus Shelby Orchestra: Soul of the Movement (2010 [2011], Porto Franco) B+(*)
  • Suresh Singaratnam: Lost in New York (2009 [2010], Suresong Music) B+(**)
  • Jeremy Siskind: Simple Songs: For When the World Seems Strange (2010, Bju'ecords) B+(*)
  • Harrison Smith Quartet: Telling Tales (2007 [2008], 33 Records) B+(*)
  • Colin Stranahan: Life Condition (2009 [2010], Tapestry) B+(**)
  • Milton Suggs: Things to Come (2009 [2010], Skiptone Music) B+(*)
  • Will Swindler's Elevenet: Universe B (2010, OA2) B+(*)
  • Dan Tepfer Trio: Five Pedals Deep (2010, Sunnyside) B+(**)
  • Toots Thielemans: European Quartet Live (2006-08 [2010], Challenge) B+(*)
  • Toca Loca: Shed (2010 [2011], Henceforth) B+(*)
  • Gabriele Tranchina: A Song of Love's Color (2008 [2010], Jazzheads) B+(*)
  • Tribecastan: 5 Star Cave (2009 [2010], Evergreene Music) B+(**)
  • Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington: Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Two (2010, OA2) B+(**)
  • Roland Vazquez Band: The Visitor (2010, RVD) B
  • Vlada: All About You (2003-08 [2010], Glad Vlad) B+(**)
  • Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet: To Hear From There (2010 [2011], Patois) B+(*)
  • Bob Wilber: Bob Wilber Is Here! (2010, Arbors) B+(**)
  • Samir Zarif: Starting Point (2010 [2011], Mythology) B+(**)

The following appeared (or soon will) in Recycled Goods:

  • Afrocubism (2010, World Circuit/Nonesuch) B+(***)
  • Natalia Bernal/Mike Eckroth/Jason Ennis: La Voz de Tres (2010, Jota Sete) B+(*)
  • Dave Brubeck: Legacy of a Legend (1955-70 [2010], Columbia/Legacy, 2CD) B+(***)
  • Henry Brun and the Latin Playerz: 20th Anniversary (1992-2010 [2010], Richport) B+(**)
  • Mike Marshall: An Adventure 1999-2009 (1996-2009 [2010], Adventure Music) B+(**)
  • Joan Soriano: El Duque de la Bachata (2010, IASO, CD+DVD) B+(***)

The following were briefly sampled from download sources (e.g., Rhapsody). They may be revisited if/when I get real copies: noted [**].

  • Rahim AlHaj: Little Earth (2010, Ur, 2CD) B+(*)
  • Howard Alden: I Remember Django (2010 [2011], Arbors) B+(*)
  • Geri Allen & Timeline: Live (2009 [2010], Motéma Music) B+(**)
  • Artvark Saxophone Quartet: Truffles (2010, Challenge) B+(**)
  • Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble: The Tide Has Changed (2010, World Village) B+(***)
  • Dmitry Baevsky: Down With It (2010, Sharp Nine) A-
  • Patricia Barber: Monday Night: Live at the Green Mill Vol. 2 (2010 [2011], Fast Atmosphere) B
  • Bedrock: Plastic Temptation (2009 [2010], Winter & Winter) B
  • Han Bennink Trio: Parken (2009, ILK) B+(***)
  • John Bunch: Do Not Disturb (2009 [2010], Arbors) B+(***)
  • Vinicius Cantuária & Bill Frisell: Lágrimas Mexicanas (2011, E1) B+(*)
  • Mike Clark: Carnival of Soul (2010, Owl Studios) B+(***)
  • Avishai Cohen: Introducing Triveni (2009 [2010], Anzic) B+(***)
  • Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman: Oblivia (2009 [2010], Tzadik) B+(*)
  • Neil Cowley Trio: Radio Silence (2009 [2010], Naim Jazz) B+(**)
  • Kenny Dorham: The Flamboyan, Queens, NY, 1963 (1963 [2010], Uptown) B+(***)
  • Dave Douglas & Keystone: Spark of Being: Expand (2010, Greenleaf Music) B+(***)
  • The Dymaxion Quartet: Sympathetic Vibrations (2010, self-released) B+(**)
  • Taylor Eigsti: Daylight at Midnight (2010, Concord) B-
  • Kurt Elling: The Gate (2010 [2011], Concord) B-
  • Lorraine Feather: Ages (2008-09 [2010], Jazzed Media) B+(***)
  • Erik Friedlander: Fifty: Miniatures for Improvising Quintet (2008 [2010], Skipstone) B+(**)
  • Charlie Haden Quartet West: Sophisticated Ladies (2011, Decca) B+(***)

  • Scott Hamilton/Rossano Sportiello: Midnight at NOLA's Penthouse (2010 [2011], Arbors) B+(***)
  • David Hazeltine: Inversions (2010, Criss Cross) B+(**)
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra With Wynton Marsalis: Vitoria Suite (2009 [2010], Decca, 2CD) B+(***)
  • Stacey Kent: Raconte-Moi . . . (2010, Blue Note) B+(*)
  • Soweto Kinch: The New Emancipation (2010, Kinch) B
  • Irene Kral: Second Chance (1975 [2010], Jazzed Media) B+(***)
  • Erik Lawrence's & Hipmotism (2007, CDBaby) B+(*)
  • Russell Malone: Triple Play (2010, MaxJazz) B+(***)
  • Misha Mengelberg Quartet: Four in One (2000 [2001], Songlines) A-
  • Misha Mengelberg: Senne Sing Song (2005, Tzadik) A-
  • Joe Morris/Luther Gray: Creatures (2010, Not Two) B+(**)
  • Ted Nash: Portrait in Seven Shades (2010, Jazz at Lincoln Center) B+(**)
  • Willie Nelson/Wynton Marsalis: Here We Go Again: Celebrating the Music of Ray Charles (2009 [2011], Blue Note) B+(**)
  • Danilo Pérez: Providencia (2010, Mack Avenue) B+(*)
  • Don Pullen: Plays Monk (1984 [2010], Why Not?) B
  • Heikki Sarmanto/The Serious Music Ensemble: A Boston Date (1970 [2008], Porter) A-
  • Heikki Sarmanto Quintet: Counterbalance (1971 [2008], Porter) B+(*)
  • Heikki Sarmanto: Moonflower (2007, Porter) B+(***)
  • The Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra: Exploration (2007, Spartacus) B+(*)
  • Tommy Smith/Scottish National Jazz Orchestra: Torah (2010, Spartacus) B+(**)
  • Chucho Valdes & the Afro-Cuban Messengers: Chucho's Steps (2009 [2010], Four Quarters) B+(***)
  • Walt Weiskopf: See the Pyramid (2010, Criss Cross) B+(*)

  • Matt Wilson: Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O (2010, Palmetto) B+(**)
  • John Zorn: Interzone (2010, Tzadik) A-
  • John Zorn: What Thou Wilt (2009 [2010], Tzadik) B