Jazz Consumer Guide (10):

This is the surplus file for Jazz Consumer Guide #10. These are short reviews of records that for one reason or another have been dropped from active consideration while working on this column. These reviews will be published in the blog when the column comes out.

Michel Camilo: Rhapsody in Blue (2005 [2006], Telarc): This drags Gershwin back to classical music hell, with a symphony orch that annoys me to no end, leaving me indifferent or worse to the pianist. Still, I was reluctant to flag this as a dud -- figured my prejudices are so automatic here the world hardly needs a reminder. Then Francis Davis wrote up a sidebar admiring this, so I kept it as a dud candidate. But in the end I decided this isn't worth any more space than I'm using here. C-

Hard Cell (Berne+Taborn+Rainey): Feign (2005, Screwgun): This came out before Berne's Paraphrase album, which I made a Pick Hit, but I didn't hear it until later. Had I had it at the time, it would have been an Honorable Mention. Much the same idea, but the keyboard is more often in the way than Drew Gress' bass was, and that slows Berne and Rainey down a bit. Taborn himself is very engaged, and he's worth focusing on. B+(***)

The Roy Hargrove Quintet: Nothing Serious (2006, Verve): Sometimes I keep a B record around as a possible Dud du Jour, but I haven't used one yet. But at most I only need to hang on to one, and for now that's Cassandra Wilson. This one's too forgettable not to be forgotten. B

Lena Horne: Seasons of a Life (1994-2000 [2006], Blue Note): Got an advance copy a long time ago, but never got a final. Looks like it got delayed, then finally released in Jan. 2006, but at this point I've lost interest. As I understand it these were outtakes from her '90s albums. Ten songs, four by Billy Strayhorn, "Stormy Weather" to close. No surprises, no gaffes, not much point. B

Lee Konitz: Jonquil (2003 [2005], Blue Jack Jazz): Present at Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool sessions, which he topped with his brilliant debut, Subconscious-Lee. More than fifty years later, he's still active, still recording for labels so obscure I can't even track them down. I just jotted his name down on the Downbeat Reader's Poll ballot under "Hall of Fame," so I mean no disrespect. I'd love to hear something new-ish from him I can write about. But I'd rather not remember him for a strings album, even one finessed reasonably well. B+(**)

Brian Lynch: 24/7 (2002 [2005], Nagel Heyer): Crackling trumpet here, in a sharp, hard bop matrix, with a Latin tinge, again a bebop throwback. Miguel Zenón plays Bird to his Diz. Very solid, but it's been on the shelves quite a while. B+(***)

Eivind Opsvik: Oversaes II (2005, Fresh Sound New Talent): Unlike most bassist albums, this doesn't showcase the leader very well. In fact, two pieces are celeste solos, with different keyboardists, and were improvised as filler. Others vary the keyboards and two saxophones, with Tony Malaby appearing on half and making his usual fine impression. B+(**)

Dafnis Prieto: About the Monks (2005, Zoho): Cuban percussionist, hot shit ever since he hit New York. Real fast, with Luis Perdomo's piano racing the percussion, and two horns that rub me the wrong way -- Brian Lynch and Yosvany Terry, two guys I like quite a bit in other contexts. This record got terrific reviews, which got me thinking it might be worthwhile to flag my dissent, but I never built up the confidence to go out on that limb. Since then he's released Absolute Quintet, which strikes me as better, but not enough to send me back to this one. He's likely to be an important figure for a long time. B-

Sergi Sirvent: Free Quartet (2003 [2005], Fresh Sound New Talent). More like a piano trio with a double dose of drums, the extra set accenting the angularity of the rhythms. I've enjoyed this pianist all along, finally getting him an Honorable Mention for the Unexpected, Play the Blues in Need. That's the best, but this and others come close. B+(**)

Trio East: Stop-Start (2005, Sons of Sound): Trumpet-bass-drums, with trumpeter Clay Jenkins the probable leader, even though drummer Rich Thompson gets first billing. Three originals, six covers from Diz to Ornette, sharply played, just inside of out. Another should-be honorable mention that timed out. B+(**)

Bebo Valdés: Bebo de Cuba (2002 [2005], Calle 54, 2CD): Got this late, after Francis Davis had written about it. Wrote it up in Recycled Goods, which will have to suffice. It is a terrific record, the best Cuban jazz I've heard in a few years -- probably since one of his son Chucho's records. I still need to dig up his '50s records. A-

Vibrational Therapists: The Radius of the Mind (2002 [2003], Vibrational Therapists): Another album I liked but never got back to: avant trio, alto sax or clarinet over block chord piano and freewheeling drums. Saxophonist Henry P. Warner is the senior member. He's done work before with William Parker and Billy Bang, and will appeal to fans of both. B+(***)

Zu: The Way of the Animal Powers (2005, Xeng): I'm ambivalent on arguments about CD length. Certainly many are too long, but at 25:47 this is uncommonly short -- especially in a jazz guide. Anyhow, that's the main reason why this slipped through. The group is a bass-drums-sax trio, with Luca favoring baritone over alto sax. Cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm guests. I like the deep rumble and edgy rhythms, and the spoken piece at the end is a fine coda. B+(***)

Other Drops

Also dropping the following. Don't have anything to add to what was previously said in the prospecting notes (for this or some previous Jazz CG cycle).

  1. Mindi Abair: Life Less Ordinary (2006, GRP) B
  2. Ben Adams Quintet: Old Thoughts for a New Day (2005 [2006], Lunar Module) B+(*)
  3. Eric Alexander: It's All in the Game (2005 [2006], HighNote) B+(**)
  4. Lisa B: What's New Pussycat? Tunes & Tales About Cool Cats (2006, Piece of Pie) C-
  5. Jeff Barnhart: In My Solitude (Arbors Piano Series, Volume 16) (2005 [2006], Arbors) B
  6. Ray Barretto: Standards Rican-ditioned (2005 [2006], Zoho) B+(*)
  7. Stefano Battaglia: Raccolto (2003 [2006], ECM, 2CD) B+(**)
  8. Beans (featuring William Parker and Hamid Drake): Only (2006, Thirsty Ear) B+(*)
  9. Louie Bellson: The Sacred Music of Louie Bellson and the Jazz Ballet (2000 [2005], Percusion Power) C+
  10. David Berger & the Sultans of Swing: Hindustan (2005 [2006], Such Sweet Thunder) B
  11. Jerry Bergonzi: Tenor of the Times (2006, Savant) B+(**)
  12. David Bixler: Call It a Good Deal (2005 [2006], Zoho) B+(*)
  13. Ran Blake: All That Is Tied (2006, Tompkins Square) B+(**)
  14. Michael Bolton: Bolton Swings Sinatra (2006, Concord) C+
  15. The Chris Byars Octet: Night Owls (2001-02 [2006], Smalls) B+(**)
  16. Elliott Caine Quintet: Blues From Mars (2005 [2006], EJC Music) B
  17. Marc Cary: Focus (2006, Motema Music) B+(**)
  18. Gilbert Castellanos: Underground (2005 [2006], Seedling) B+(**)
  19. Joe Chambers: The Outlaw (2005 [2006], Savant) B+(**)
  20. Chris Cheek: Blues Cruise (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  21. Chicago Underground Duo: In Praise of Shadows (2005 [2006], Thrill Jockey) B
  22. Jimmy Cobb: Marsalis Music Honors Jimmy Cobb (2005 [2006], Marsalis Music/Rounder) B+(**)
  23. Bill Coon/Oliver Gannon: Two Much Guitar (2004 [2005], Cellar Live) B+(**)
  24. Chick Corea: The Ultimate Adventure (2006, Stretch) B
  25. Roger Davidson: Pensando En Ti (2005 [2006], Soundbrush) B+(*)
  26. Guillaume de Chassy/Daniel Yvinec: Wonderful World (2004-05 [2006], Sunnyside) B+(*)
  27. Sugar Pie DeSanto: Refined Sugar (2005 [2006], Jasman) B+(*)
  28. Philip Dizack: Beyond a Dream (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(**)
  29. Dr. John: Mercenary (2006, Blue Note) B+(*)
  30. The Miles Donahue Quintet: In the Pocket (1999 [2006], Amerigo) B+(*)
  31. Miles Donahue: Bounce (2004 [2006], Amerigo) B
  32. Anne Ducros: Piano, Piano (2004 [2006], Dreyfus) B
  33. Mark Elf: Liftoff (2005 [2006], Jen Bay) B+(*)
  34. John Ellis: By a Thread (2006, Hyena) B+(**)
  35. Amanda Ford: On Fire (2006, Alanna) B
  36. Frequency (2006, Thrill Jockey) B+(*)
  37. The Bob Gallo Quintet: Wake-Up Call (2005 [2006], CD Baby) B
  38. Laszlo Gardony: Natural Instinct (2006, Sunnyside) B+(*)
  39. Charles Gayle: Time Zones (2006, Tompkins Square) B+(*)
  40. Jay Geils-Gerry Beaudoin and the Kings of Strings (2005 [2006], Arbors) B+(**)
  41. Shawn Glyde: Alternate Rhythm (2006, Imuso) B+(*)
  42. Gnappy: Unloaded (2006, Bean Pie) B
  43. Vinny Golia Quartet: Sfumato (2003 [2006], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  44. Brad Goode: Hypnotic Suggestion (2005 [2006], Delmark) B
  45. Grismore/Scea Group: Well Behaved Fish (2004 [2006], Accurate) B+(*)
  46. Marty Grosz and His Hot Combination (2005 [2006], Arbors) B+(**)
  47. Winard Harper Sextet: Make It Happen (2006, Piadrum) B+(**)
  48. Heernt: Locked in a Basement (2005 [2006], RazDaz/Sunnyside) <>B+(*)
  49. Stevie Holland: More Than Words Can Say (2006, 150 Music) B+(*)
  50. Will Holshouser Trio: Singing to a Bee (2004 [2006], Clean Feed) B
  51. Ron Horton: Everything in a Dream (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  52. Susi Hyldgaard: Blush (2004 [2006], Enja/Justin Time) C+
  53. Aaron Irwin Group: Into the Light (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B
  54. Nancy Kelly: Born to Swing (2005 [2006], Amherst) B+(**)
  55. Frank Kimbrough: Play (2005 [2006], Palmetto) B
  56. Toby Koenigsberg Trio: Sense (2005 [2006], Origin) B+(**)
  57. KTU: 8 Armed Monkey (2004 [2005], Thirsty Ear) B+(**)
  58. Art Lillard's Heavenly Band: Reasons to Be Thankful (2000 [2006], Summit) B+(**)
  59. Joe Locke-Geoffrey Keezer Group: Live in Seattle (2005 [2006], Origin) B-
  60. Pamela Luss: There's Something About You I Don't Know (2006, Savant) B+(**)
  61. Pete Malinverni: Joyful! (2005 [2006], ArtistShare) B
  62. Ray Mantilla: Good Vibrations (2006, Savant) B+(*)
  63. Klemens Marktl: Ocean Avenue (2004 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(**)
  64. Billy Martin & Grant Calvin Weston: Live at Houston Hall (2002 [2006], Amulet) B+(***)
  65. Jordi Matas Quintet: Racons (2004-05 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  66. The Bennie Maupin Ensemble: Penumbra (2003 [2006], Cryptogramophone) B+(*)
  67. Jason Miles: What's Going On? Songs of Marvin Gaye (2006, Narada Jazz) B-
  68. Mold: Rotten in Rødby (2005 [2006], ILK) B+(**)
  69. Monk's Music Trio: Monk's Bones (2004 [2006], CMB) B+(**)
  70. Monsieur Dubois: Ruff (2004 [2006], Challenge) B
  71. John Moulder: Trinity (2005 [2006], Origin) B
  72. Mujician: There's No Going Back Now (2005 [2006], Cuneiform) B
  73. Roy Nathanson: Sotto Voce (2005 [2006], AUM Fidelity) B+(*)
  74. Kevin Norton's Bauhaus Quartet: Time-Space Modulator (2003-04 [2004], Barking Hoop) B+(**)
  75. Anita O'Day: Indestructible! (2004-05 [2006], Kayo Stereophonic) B+(**)
  76. Open Door: So Close So Beautiful (2006, Hipbone/Kindred Rhythm) B+(*)
  77. Brian Owen: Unmei (2005 [2006], OA2) B+(*)
  78. Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: The Eleventh Hour (2004 [2005], ECM) B+(**)
  79. Dave Peck: Good Road (2003 [2005], Let's Play Stella) B+(**)
  80. John Pizzarelli/The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra: Dear Mr. Sinatra (2005 [2006], Telarc) B
  81. Planet Jazz: In Orbit (2005 [2006], Sharp Nine) B
  82. Odean Pope Saxophone Choir: Locked & Loaded: Live at the Blue Note (2004 [2006], Half Note) B+(**)
  83. Bobby Previte: The Coalition of the Willing (2005 [2006], Ropeadope) B+(**)
  84. Dafnis Prieto: Absolute Quintet (2005 [2006], Zoho) B+(*)
  85. Andrew Rathbun/George Colligan: Renderings: The Art of the Duo (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  86. Chuck Redd: Remembers Barney Kessel: Happy All the Time (2005 [2006], Arbors) B+(**)
  87. The RH Factor: Distractions (2005 [2006], Verve) B
  88. Pete Robbins: Waits & Measures (2004 [2006], Playscape) B+(**)
  89. Ari Roland: Sketches From a Bassist's Album (2005 [2006], Smalls) B+(**)
  90. Carl Hancock Rux: Good Bread Alley (2006, Thirsty Ear) B
  91. Terje Rypdal: Vossabrygg (2003 [2006], ECM) B+(**)
  92. Paul Shapiro: It's in the Twilight (2005 [2006], Tzadik) B+(**)
  93. Matthew Shipp: One (2005 [2006], Thirsty Ear) B+(*)
  94. Sergi Sirvent/Santi Careta: Anacrònics (2005 [2006], Fresh Sound New Talent) B+(*)
  95. Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet: Husky (2004 [2006], Hyena) B+(*)
  96. Dr. Lonnie Smith: Jungle Soul (2005 [2006], Palmetto) B+(**)
  97. The Bob Sneider & Joe Locke Film Noir Project: Fallen Angel (2005 [2006], Sons of Sound) B+(*)
  98. Sonando: Tres (2006, Origin) B+(**)
  99. Esperanza Spalding: Junjo (2005 [2006], Ayva) B+(*)
  100. Melvin Sparks: Groove On Up (2005 [2006], Savant) B-
  101. Rossano Sportiello: Heart and Soul (2005 [2006], Arbors) B+(*)
  102. Harri Stojka: A Tribute to Gypsy Swing (2004 [2006], Zoho) B-
  103. Colin Stranahan: Transformation (2005 [2006], Capri) B+(*)
  104. Aki Takase/Lauren Newton: Spring in Bangkok (2004 [2006], Intakt) B+(*)
  105. Toots Thielemans: One for the Road (2006, Verve) B
  106. The Thing: Live at Blå (2003 [2005], Smalltown Superjazz) B+(**)
  107. Thirsty Ear Presents: Nu Jazz Today (2002-06 [2006], Thirsty Ear) B-
  108. Trio Beyond: Saudades (2004 [2006], ECM, 2CD) B+(*)
  109. Gebhard Ullmann/Chris Dahlgren/Jay Rosen: Cut It Out (2000 [2006], Leo) B+(*)
  110. The Uptown Quintet: Live in New York (2004 [2006], Cellar Live) B+(*)
  111. Diego Urcola: Viva (2005 [2006], Cam Jazz) B+(*)
  112. Jerry Vivino: Walkin'; With the Wazmo (2006, Zoho) B
  113. Cuong Vu: It's Mostly Residual (2005, ArtistShare) B
  114. Fred Wesley & the Swing'N Jazz All-Stars: It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing (2005 [2006], Sons of Sound) B+(*)
  115. Carla White: A Voice in the Night (2001 [2006], Bright Moon) B+(**)
  116. Jens Winther European Quintet: Concord (2005, Stunt) B+(**)
  117. Yellowjackets: Twenty Five (2005 [2006], Heads Up) B+(*)
  118. Bobby Zankel & the Warriors of the Wonderful Sound: Ceremonies of Forgiveness (2005 [2006], Dreambox Media) B+(**)
  119. Pete Zimmer Quintet: Burnin' Live at the Jazz Standard (2006, Tippin') B+(*)
  120. Zu/Mats Gustafsson: How to Raise an Ox (2005, Atavistic) B+(*)

Finally, the following appeared (or soon will) in Recycled Goods:

  1. Angá: Echu Mingua (2006, World Circuit/Nonesuch) B
  2. Ardecore (2005, Il Manifesto) A-
  3. George Benson: The Essential George Benson (1963-80 [2006] Columbia/Legacy, 2CD) B
  4. Lou Blackburn: The Complete Imperial Sessions (1963 [2006], Blue Note) B+(***)
  5. Art Blakey: Holiday for Skins (1958 [2006], Blue Note) B+(*)
  6. Cooper-Moore: Outtakes 1978 (1978 [2005], Hopscotch) B+(**)
  7. The Essential George Duke (1977-90 [2006], Epic/Legacy, 2CD) B
  8. Gil Evans: The Complete Pacific Jazz Sessions (1958-59 [2006], Blue Note) B+(***)
  9. Free Range Rat: Nut Club (1999 [2006], Clean Feed) B+(**)
  10. Linton Garner Trio: Quiet Nights (2002 [2006], Cellar Live) B+(**)
  11. Dexter Gordon: Gettin' Around (1965 [2006], Blue Note) B+(**)
  12. Tsegué-Maryam Guèbro: Éthiopiques 21: Ethiopia Song (1963-96 [2006], Buda Musique) A-
  13. Kip Hanrahan: Every Child Is Born a Poet: The Life & Work of Piri Thomas (1992-2002 [2006], American Clavé) B+(*)
  14. Jeff Healey: Among Friends (2002 [2006], Stony Plain) B+(*)
  15. Andrew Hill: Smoke Stack (1963 [2006], Blue Note) A-
  16. Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Brotherman in the Fatherland (1972 [2006], Hyena) B+(**)
  17. Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Compliments of the Mysterious Phantom (1974 [2003], Hyena) B+(**)
  18. Rahsaan Roland Kirk: The Man Who Cried Fire (1973-77 [2002], Hyena) B+(*)
  19. Jackie McLean: It's Time (1964 [2006], Blue Note) B+(***)
  20. Hank Mobley: Dippin' (1965 [2006], Blue Note) B+(*)
  21. Ben Monder Trio: Dust (1996 [2006], Sunnyside) B+(**)
  22. Ben Monder: Excavation (1999 [2006], Sunnyside) B
  23. Lee Morgan: Tom Cat (1964 [2006], Blue Note) B
  24. Lee Morgan: The Gigolo (1965 [2006], Blue Note) B+(*)
  25. William Parker: Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (2005 [2006], AUM Fidelity) B+(**)
  26. Red Rodney/Herman Schoonderwalt Quintet: Scrapple From the Apple (1975 [2005], Blue Jack Jazz) B+(***)
  27. Horace Silver: Silver's Serenade (1963 [2006], Blue Note) B
  28. Jimmy Smith: Softly as a Summer Breeze (1958 [2006], Blue Note) B
  29. Sonido Isleño: ¡Vive Jazz! (2005, Tresero) B+(***)
  30. The Best of Martin Taylor (1978-2004 [2006], The Guitar Label, 2CD) B
  31. Saadet Türköz: Urumchi (2005 [2006], Intakt) B+(*)